An Earth Day Decision

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This story is fiction. Any real people or events that this story describes are purely coincidental. This story is the sole property of the author, with non-exclusive rights granted to Literotica to publish it on their website. Please do not share or redistribute this story in any way without the approval of the author and/or Literotica. Thank you.


The day my relationship with my mother changed all began with one fateful Earth Day decision.

Hi, I’m Max Travers. I’m a 19 year-old 5’8″ 145-pound male who, on one fateful day, had my whole world change for the best. You see, the company my mother Melanie works for hosts an “Earth Week” every year to demonstrate how “earth-friendly” they are. They have various eco-friendly and vegan groups come to their facility and give presentations on how to live more earth-friendly, as well as sponsoring other events that promote the same thing. They start on Monday and go for the whole week surrounding Earth Day, which happened to fall on a Monday this year. My mother, whose “coming of age” stage of her life came during the time when the first environmental measures were coming to be in the mid ’70’s, was enthusiastic to say the least about these Earth Week festivities. She was very big about the environment and did as much as she could to live in an eco-friendly way.

However, on that fateful Earth Day, I thought she had gone completely overboard with her dedication. At least, I did at first. I had just gotten home from a pick-up basketball game with friends and heard my mom yell at me to come inside and help her set the table for dinner. I walked into the kitchen to the biggest (and best) surprise of my life. My mother was standing there completely bare-assed naked! From her head to her feet, she was naked! “Mom!” I sputtered loudly in surprise. “You’re bare as- I mean buck naked! What the-” She interrupted before I could continue. “Well, I’m naked for a very important reason. I heard a presentation today at work about the harmful environmental contributions of textile factories and the amount of pollution they actually put out. I was so disturbed about this information that I made a new resolution about myself and this household. I’ve resolved to live textile-free for the good of the environment and to protest the environmental hazard of textile factories. That means a clothing-free life for me whenever and wherever possible from now on. As far as my household is concerned, I would ask that they support me by doing the same, at least while they stay in my household.” I opened my mouth in shock as I realized what she was asking me to do. She wanted me to get naked with her and live like that from now on!

The shock passed as I took in my mother’s naked body. Now, I’m no slouch in the looks department. I know people expect a young Adonis to star in these stories, but I’m not quite there…yet. However, my mother is truly a Venus! She was nearing 50, but you would never tell by looking at her. My father died three years ago in a car accident, but she didn’t let that stand as an excuse to let herself go. She worked out fairly regularly and kept a voluptuous figure. She had wavy raven black hair that had no grey in it, beautiful hazel eyes, and a gorgeous face with fine facial features and clear ivory hued skin. I had caught fleeting glimpses of my mother’s body in varying degrees of undress before, but now I studied her unabashedly. She had large full breasts, which I knew to be 38DD from snooping in her underwear drawers, capped off by big gum-drop nipples. She also had the perfect hour-glass shape, with full wide hips and just a bit of soft fleshiness on her stomach that showed a hint of her middle age but really only added to her voluptuous appearance. I also saw her pussy for the first time and that she shaved it. I began to realize that, mother or not, she was a very beautiful, sexy woman and I presently began to feel that certain effect of such a woman begin to occur in my pants. Yes, I decided, I could do this and definitely get used to it.

I mutely nodded my assent to her request and dutifully began undressing. I quickly slid off my socks and shrugged out of my shirt and was in the process of removing my pants and boxers in one swoop when I came to the realization that my cock was hard as a rock. I had a brief moment of panic at the idea of so exposing myself in front of my mother when I thought fuck it, she’s seen dad’s anyways. I whipped my pants and boxers off and I heard an involuntary gasp as I straightened upright. I looked to see my mother with a hand to her mouth and a blush on her face. “I’m sorry”, she said, “I just haven’t seen one since your father, especially one like your fathers'”. She giggled then.

Now, I’m not exactly huge, but my mother seemed to think I at least took after my father. I’m about six inches soft and about eight istanbul escort fully hard, so I couldn’t complain and it seemed like my mother wouldn’t either. “Sorry,” I said with a grin, “It’s just that you’re such a gorgeous woman, even if you are my mother.” She laughed and said “Well, thanks for flattering an old woman.” “You’re not old, just refined,” I retorted with a laugh.

We both giggled at that and began to set the table. Several times we found ourselves accidentally running into each other or brushing up against one another and that did nothing to help my arousal at all. I laughed softly as I sat down. I would’ve never imagined that before now, I would be sitting naked at a table with my equally naked foxy mother with plans to do much more of it in the future. Her voice interrupted my thoughts and we began to talk about our day as if sitting naked together and talking was nothing out of the ordinary for us. However, the bizarreness of the situation was never far from my mind and it only served to fuel my arousal. Looking over at my mother, I could see her nipples were pointed and hard and I could only imagine what she was thinking about this situation.

As the meal finished, I could hardly stand to get my plate in the sink and run to my room to relieve myself from the tension that had been building all night. As I was placing my dish in the sink, my mother stepped into the sink at the same time and I collided with the back of her body head on. My plate clattered into the sink as I reached out to brace myself. As I did, I felt the peculiar feeling of the whole front of my body slamming into the whole back of her body. My mother is just about as tall as I am, so the end result of our collision meant that my hard cock had snugly slid into the crevice of her shapely ass cheeks and rested against her puckered asshole. My hands, searching for something to brace myself with, magically found her breasts to suffice. We both froze, our breath coming in pants. Then my left hand, as if having a will of its own, found its way down to her shaven pussy. She moaned when I touched it and I found that she was as soaking wet as I was painfully hard. We stood there in a daze as my hand continued to rub her wet pussy, finding her hard clit and fingering it vigorously. Suddenly, she spoke “Stop……. go to your room.” Her voice was raspy and I groaned in protest, trying to goad her arousal to override her objections as I rubbed her clit even harder and faster. “Max, please.” Her voice had an aroused pleading tone to it that I found irresistible. “I’m your mother for God’s sake!”

Suddenly, as if those were the magic words to break the spell, I came back to reality and released my mother. She turned her head and looked up to me with lust-filled eyes. I stared back in shock and then turned away and called “I’m sorry!” over my shoulder as I ran to my room, my hard straining cock leading the way. I didn’t even pause to close my door as I scurried to the trash can beside the desk in my room and clutched my throbbing cock. Overcome with lust, I jacked it furiously with my clenched fist as I replayed the events that had occurred in the kitchen. Only, my mind played events as if my mother had accepted my advances, as if she had told me “Yes son, give it to Mommy. Fuck Mommy good son!” My fist flew over my cock as my fantasy encounter expanded in my mind to me taking my mother in the pussy, then in the ass over the kitchen sink and her finishing me with the most amazing blow job I’d ever experienced, which I’d had several of from ex-girlfriends.

I couldn’t take any more as my cock exploded and shot out my heavy load of cum in thick ropes into the trash can. I roared in ecstasy, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard another scream of ecstasy. I lazily looked up in the midst of the fog of my orgasm to find my mother, one hand twisting a nipple cruelly, the other forcing three fingers in her wet pussy and the thumb rubbing her clit fiercely, wailing out in her own explosive orgasm. As our orgasms passed, we stared at each other in shock at what had just passed between us. Suddenly, she bolted from the room, echoing the earlier “I’m sorry!” that I had uttered earlier in the evening. My mind reeled with everything that had happened between us and, overcome with the intensity of it all, I stumbled into bed and promptly passed out in slumber.

The sound of birds chirping woke me up the next morning and it took me a moment to realize why I had fallen asleep naked, as I usually never did that. The bizarre events of the previous night came rushing back into my mind, but before I could contemplate it any further, the need to pee came to my mind. I walked to my bathroom, observing that my morning piss hard-on was ever present. As I emptied my bladder, my mind continued to turn over the events of the night before and I wondered avrupa yakası escort if my mother had reneged on her decision to live textile-free after what happened. Thoughts of her naked body immediately brought back my hard-on and I quickly but quietly made my way downstairs to find the answer to my question.

I walked through the living room to the kitchen and was greeted by the sight of my mother’s lovely bare back and round bubble ass as she washed dishes at the sink. I noticed her clothes for the day laying on the vanity in the adjoining dining room. The image of her naked backside made my cock twitch. What the hell, I thought, after last night, I might be able to make my fantasy come true. I’d never had a sexual thought about my mother before. I mean, sure I’d admired her as a hot, sexy woman and I did the stereotypical things like snoop in her panties and bras and use them to jack off, but this was the first time I’d truly lusted after my mother and wanted something sexual with her. Why the hell not? The thought came to mind. I mean, look at her! Why didn’t I want this before?

With my mind firmly made up, I quietly walked up behind my mother and assumed the position I had found myself in the previous night in the kitchen, with my hard cock snug in the crevice of her ass cheeks and against her asshole and my hands firmly cupping her breasts as I said “Good morning Mother”. I heard her pant with arousal as she said “Max, please no” with that aroused pleading tone. “Why not Mother? After last night, I don’t think we can live this new lifestyle and not give in to this way we feel.” “Last night was….I mean, I haven’t been with a man since….and you’re my son” she rasped.

I guess I could see her point. After last night, I could imagine that she hadn’t had sex since my father died because I knew she had rarely dated since then and wasn’t really into “friends with benefits”, so suddenly being confronted with a sexual situation after having gone without for so long had made her vulnerable to my advances. That, plus she still objected on the ground that I was her son and it was wrong. Instead of argue the point, I moved my left hand down to her now moist pussy, rubbing it and then pushing two fingers into it and rubbing her clit roughly, while at the same time kneading her right breast with my right hand and pinching the nipple with my fingers. She moaned loudly and I began working her more vigorously. I also began thrusting my cock into her ass crevice and was almost inside her asshole when she pushed me off her with a surge of strength I didn’t know she possessed. “No, I can’t….not with my own son…it’s so wrong!”

She rushed into the dining room and hurriedly dressed, throwing on a red silk blouse and a black thigh-length skirt and stuffing her feet into three-inch stilettos. “No underwear?” I asked offhandedly. She didn’t even look back as she said “I have a duty as a responsible earth-friendly citizen to be as textile-free as possible. I won’t betray that, no matter what.” She made for the door when I called out “Mom wait!” She stopped and turned around to look at me. “It’s not that late yet. Stay for a little while longer.” She opened her mouth to protest, but before I could say anything, I continued to speak. “C’mon, watch me…just like you did last night.” With that, I strode over to the empty garbage container and grabbed hold of my straining cock and slowly began to stroke it. I heard her gasp and, almost as if hypnotized by what she saw, robotically move to come back into the kitchen, not taking her eyes off my masturbatory show for a moment.

She sat down on one of the chairs next to the kitchen table and then, to my surprise, began to hike her skirt up to the waist to expose her now soaked pussy and then pull her blouse to her shoulders and expose her breasts and hard nipples. She then took her right hand and inserted three fingers into her wet pussy and began rubbing her clit viciously with her thumb, while attacking her breasts with her free hand, kneading them roughly and pinching the nipples cruelly. She let out a loud moan of arousal and the erotic show in front of me caused me to stroke my cock faster. “Yes, that’s it baby; stroke that big hard cock for me! Stroke it faster!” I heard her voice rasp out and I rushed to obey her lusty command. “O my God yes! This feels so good!” I heard her whine.

She now seemed to work herself more vigorously as well; her fingers and thumb were a blur in her pussy and on her clit, while her other hand’s fingers pulled her nipples viciously in all directions. We stared at each other in a lust-filled cloud as the sight of each other spurred us on to orgasm. After a few minutes of grunting, groaning, moaning, and squealing from the both of us, she finally succumbed to her climax. “O fuck I’m coming! bahçelievler escort Watch me come for you baby!” I finally couldn’t take it anymore as I watched the erotic sight of her surrender to her orgasm. “O shit yeah, I’m coming for you too Mommy!” My cock started spurting long thick ropes of my cum into the garbage container as I heard her scream with passion at the sight.

Finally, our orgasms subsided and, as if she had just been woken up from her hypnotic state, my mother snapped to attention, jumping up and rushing to the door, buttoning her blouse along the way. “I have to go!” she called back to me, throwing open the door and sprinting off to her car. I stood there in surprise at her sudden behavior change for a moment before shrugging it off as I began to focus on getting ready for my day. However, as I went through my day, I couldn’t get the thought of what happened that morning or the previous day out of my head and I needed to visit a restroom quite a few times to relieve the tension those thoughts brought.

When it came time for my mother to get home, I couldn’t get back there soon enough. I raced home and threw open the door. “Mom, I’m home!” I called once I got inside. I hurriedly started undressing, hoping that my mother had stayed true to her cause and my nudity wouldn’t be out of place. Once I was naked (and my cock fully hard), I began the search for my mother. I didn’t have to go very far, as she was again in the kitchen with her bare back and ass to me as I entered. I breathed a sigh of relief that she was as naked as I. She was cutting up something that I assumed was for dinner. I walked up quietly behind her and assumed the now familiar position that had started us on this path. “We really need to stop meeting like this” I said glibly. She only mewled in response as my fingers entered her wet pussy and my thumb rubbed her clit. I began to thrust my cock between her ass cheeks and pinch her nipples with the fingers of my other hand and she moaned in response. I began moving more frantically when she jerked upright and away from my body.

Thinking that this would be a replay of the morning, I was shocked to see her bend over the countertop on her forearms, offering me a full frontal view of her drenched shaved pussy, and then throwing her head back to give a lust-filled look. “I can’t take it anymore. Son or not, I need this. I need you. Do it! Take me! Fuck me! Fuck your mother!” With a cry of joy, I set about fulfilling her demand as I promptly shoved my hard cock into her soaking pussy. She let out a wail of ecstasy as I filled her completely and began thrusting into her with a vengeance. “That’s it fill me up! Fuck me harder! Fuck Mommy!” She began moaning and crying out loudly in her passion. I was thrusting into with all of my being while twisting her left nipple harshly and rubbing her clit savagely, grunting the whole time. This was incredible! “O Mommy your pussy feels so good! It’s so tight and wet!”

I guess three years alone takes its toll because Mom’s pussy was the tightest thing I’d ever felt, and that was saying a lot because I’d been with some really tight girls from school. “O yes baby, you’re doing so good! Give it to Mommy! Do it to me harder! Make me come! Make Mommy come hard!” I renewed my efforts to make that a reality as I rubbed her clit and pinched her nipples harder, while thrusting into her faster and harder. “O sweetie here it comes! You’re doing it! You’re going to make Mommy come so hard! O God it’s going to be big! The fact that I would be giving her such joy and the taboo of her calling herself mommy while I was fucking her spurred me on to even greater passion and enthusiasm. “OOOOOOO FUUUUUCCCKKK!” My mother screamed in ecstasy as I felt her pussy spasm and then clamp onto my cock with a vice-like grip. “I’M CUUUUUMMMMIIINNGGG!” Her pussy’s grip on my cock was too much as the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had exploded out of my and I roared as I felt my cock shoot more cum out of me than I’d thought possible into her eager pussy.

We bucked and writhed and shook together for what seemed like forever until, finally, we settled down from our mutual climaxes. I felt her giggle gaily as she looked behind me. “Wow. I can’t believe we’ve never done that before. That was awesome honey.” Our eyes locked and, as we noticed a newfound love in each other’s gaze, we kissed passionately for the first time. The kiss was so steamy that I found my cock beginning to respond again. When we finally pulled apart, my mother asked “Okay what do we do now?” I looked at her wistfully and said “Well, I think I want to finish what we started before.” When she looked at me in confusion, I pulled my resurging cock from her pussy (with a groan of disappointment from her) and repositioned it between her ass cheeks against her puckered asshole. She gave a little squeak said “O yeah do it! Take Mommy’s ass! Fuck Mommy’s ass good!” I laughed as I slide my cock home into her ass, eliciting a moan of passion in response.


Well, that’s how my new relationship with my mother came to be. It all started with her strange commitment on one wild Earth Day.

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