An Ebony Wife’s first step to sluthood part: 2

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Alexis Fawx

On my drive home my hands were shaking as I tried to calm down, adrenaline still pumping through my veins. All I could think about was the faceless stranger, his big dick throbbing in my married slut mouth. The rush it had been to pleasure a complete and anonymous stranger. The slutty feeling of walking out of the store, cum still fresh on my chin. My mind was racing, thinking of all kinds of nasty encounters I could have, thinking of how my husband would react if he ever found out. I don’t remember the drive home. I was drunk on the sheer thrill of being a pure sexual slut. And while I felt it was wrong of me, maybe even a little sick, i loved it.

I checked my face in the mirror of my car before exiting in our garage. Since I always wore minimum make-up I had very little to be smudged. I grabbed my purse and work bag and headed into the house, walking quickly to grab an express shower. I unlocked the deadbolt and knob, the door swung open, and standing just inside was my husband.
“oh shit!” I let out as a small gasp, having been startled to see his handsome face standing there over me as I entered.
“umm hey babe, home early today?” I asked, the answer being completely obvious.
My heart was racing a mile a minute, wondering if there was anyway he could have know what I’d done not even 30 minutes earlier. What seemed like a hundred different scenarios raced through my mind, even going as far as what if HE was the stranger on the other side of the thin wall. I pulled myself together mentally and dismissed my paranoia. Even in my tunnel vision lust drunken state, I would have know my own husbands cock. I looked up at him and smiled sweetly, genuinely glad to see him. He looked back at me with his cool blue eyes, and gave me the warm loving smile he always did. Wrapping his arms around my waist, he snuggled his face into my neck, kissing and nibbling it gently.
“mmmmmm” I dug my nails down his back through his button up shirt. I realized the shock of him awaiting me had sent my heart racing and stomach swirling again. Biting my lip, I giggled slightly and decided to continue my evening of debauchery.

Without saying a word I slid down to my knees in front of Mike. He moaned deep, loving seeing me there in front of him. He reached over my head to close the still open back door of our home. “leave it.” I said flatly, looking lustfully up at him as I roughly yanked his half hard cock out of his dress pants. He gave me a half surprised, half worried look as if to ask “really?” I shook my head yes, and smacked his thick ivory dick against my face and tongue.
As his meat started to swell more I swirled my wet tongue all around the head as I massaged his ball sack just the way I know he likes. “damnnnn baby, why the special attention right away?” he asks in a smooth deep tone looking down at me. Looking up at him like a dirty bitch I fake innocence.
“cause I need my medicine mr. Johnson!” he laughs a little, but it changes quickly to a long moan as I take his now rock hard dick all in my mouth. My hands quickly grab his ass through his pants pulling him deep into my mouth.
“mmmmm ughhhh damn baby!” he exclaims as I go to town sucking his cock in front of the open door. The thought of a neighbor walking Their dog, or the boys walking to football practice, or some random passer by seeing me feverishly sucking his dick sends a chill of excitement down my spine. Through my loud slurping and sucking sounds I can hear him, moaning louder and louuder.

I’m so into my work I barley realize what’s happening as his cock is pulled quickly from my mouth. It slaps wetly against my neck as I realize he’s pulling me off my knees by my hair. Without a word he forcefully bends me over the island in the middle of our kitchen and pulls my form fitting skirt up over my fat round caramel ass. He smacks it hard and I let out a slutty gasp.
“oh! Mmughhh spank my naughty ass!” and he does. Harder. I can feel the whelp rising on my cheek. It burns from his hand print, and I like it.
I look out the back door excitedly almost hoping to lock eyes with some passer by. I bite my lip hard as mike finds my cunt already gooey. “mmmmmm ready for me i see” he says as I feel him pushing his dick head just inside of my tight pussy. My knuckles turn white as I wrap my fingers around the edge of the stainless steel counter top bracing myself against his growing pumps into me. With each thrust it feels as if he is deeper and deeper inside of my churning guts. I gasp loudly as I rip and tear at my blouse exposing my heaving breasts, the cool steel pressing against my erect nipples.
Grabbing my shoulders with both hands my husband drives me to the brink of an orgasm. My mouth hangs wide as I try to fill my lungs with oxygen, and I realize how badly I wish there was a cock in my mouth as well as my cunt. My carnal daydream is swept aside by the reality that I’m having a massive orgasm. I let myself lose control and scream for my hubby to finish me off at the top of my lungs. My entire body shakes and quivers as I realize he too has reached his climax. I hear him behind me groaning through clenched teeth as I feel his warmness flowing all through my womb.
After what seems like a long time, he finally collapses next to me on the cool counter top, both of us breathing heavily and soaked in sweat. I look into his eyes and kiss him deeply. “wow baby, u really were I’m the mood…” he says smiling. “yea, u just do that too me babe.. ” I say giggling as my mind drifts for a moment back to my impromptu encounter earlier that day.
For the first week to week and a half after the “incident” as I had started calling it to myself, I rarely had a real slutty urge. Mike and I had as much or more sex than we had recently in and week, and I had convinced myself I had had a one time serious moment of weakness.
I soon realized though that my slut experience was still very fresh in my mind. I had a dream about it one thursday night. I awoke on Friday with a huge wet spot in the bed under me. My stomach was twisted in the tight knots of sheer lust. I had a quick “me time” session lying in the wet spot before work that day, hoping to curtail the continued aching. For the first half of the day, I thought it worked.
As I was leaving for my lunch break that day I saw a young man, maybe 18 or 19 years old, walking into our building. He had tattoo’s clear up his neck and and all over his forearms. He was wearing a plain white v-neck T-Shirt and jeans. His blue Yankees cap was pulled low over his eyes, but I caught a flash of them anyway. As our eyes connected I felt the familiar tingle of lust between my thighs. His caramel skin was smooth under all his Tats, and he walked with the confidence of a young thug boy. As I passed him, I heard him asking the receptionist for vicky lake, his MOTHER! my heart raced, as Vicky had worked in my department for the last 4 years, and was Sex hikayeleri only only in her late 30’s! I realized the young thug that had just made my cunt twitch was the cute little boys who’s pics adorned her desk.
I walked quickly to my car and through myself into my seat, gripping the steering wheel and laying my head against my hands. “what’s wrong with you?” i asked myself out loud but under my breathe. I was truly in love with and physically happy with my husband, and yet I craved more. I took deep breathes in through my nose and out through my mouth, trying to calm myself. But all I could think of was the boy I knew as lil QuanQuan. The who who was perpetually 12 yrs old to me until just minutes ago.
Finally I decided there was no way I was going to risk bumping into him after lunch, so I called my assistant and told her something had come up, and I wouldn’t be returning from lunch. Starting my car, I pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home.
About half-way back to our house, another reminder of my burning slutty desire was thrown up at me as I passed the lil cute adult store where I had begun my journey. I found myself smiling devilishly as I turned my suv into the parking lot.
The first thing that struck me was how many more cars were in the lot today than on my last visit. I counted at least six, not including me. I parked towards the back of the lot and turned off my car. I clutched the steering wheel until my knuckles turned white, my eyes closed, breathing deeply and repeating over and over in my head “just go home”. But my brain was flooded with thoughts of my last invigorating visit, and I could feel the familiar wetness creeping up between my thighs. I took one last deep breathe as my hand found the door handle and I got out of my car.
Upon entering the well lit and neat fantasy shop, I was greeted this time by an older woman behind the counter. I smiled nicely at the 30ish brunette and thought that they must employee only female cashiers to help put their female clientele at ease. I slowly wandered around the DVD section, seeing some disc’s that I recognized from our own collection. As I tried to find the right time for me to slide behind the curtain and make my way down that little hallway, I found myself in the toy section. I had two dildos of my own at home, but they seemed to be to me, like my husband looked at guns. There was always a newer, bigger, more powerful one. One that would get they job done better than the last. I laughed to myself at my analogy. I realized the clerk was busy ringing out a man at the counter, and I used it as my opportunity to slip past the silk curtain.
As I made my way down the hallway I could faintly here the sounds of the porn movies from inside the small dark rooms. I finally arrived at the same door behind which I had committed my first whore offense, and I couldn’t help but smile with nervous anticipation as I turned the knob and stepped in.
Just like last trip, the room was bathed in a low red light. On the tv a very busty blonde was throughly enjoying two large cocks. I locked the door behind me and plopped my ass down the the reclining love chair. I watching the skin flick for a full five minutes, in which time my top had worked its way off and my fingers had become sticky. I looked to each hole on either side of me, and was disappointed I’d had nothing poke it’s way through the wall at me as yet. I decided to take a peek and see if I was alone. Getting on my knees in front of the hole of glory, I pressed my right eye against the hole.
My heart skipped a beat and my stomach quickly churned as I saw a man, white and probably in his mid forties, slowly stroking his cock watching his porno. I realized I was smiling. The voyeuristic nature of me watching a complete stranger masterbate unknowingly in front me me set my insides on fire. My tits pressed against the cool wall as I spied on the man in the next room. His breathing was heavy and his graying hair had drops of perspiration in it. As I watched intently I started to moan. As he finally looked over to the hole in his wall he looked surprised to see my light brown eye peering at him. He stopped jacking off, and looked almost as if he wasn’t sure what to do next. Ultra excited I figured I’d help him decide. I opened my mouth wide around the hole and stuck my tongue through the opening.
Unable to see his reaction or if he was moving I simply swirled my juicy tongue around on his side of the hole, moaning as I did so. My stomach was a mess with butterflies of slutty anticipation churning all through my guts. After what seemed like an eternity I felt the warm smooth skin of a cock head slide onto my tongue.
I let out a quite squeal of delight as I started to lap at his middle aged white cock like a melting ice cream cone. My hands were flat against the wall as my tongue licked his hairy ball sack and I welcomed his completely stiff dick down my throat. I could faintly here his gruff gravely moans on the other side of the wall. I pulled back on my side, sucking his throbbing rod with me, pulling his dick into my lil stall of lust. I pulled back and looked at it for a moment, glistening with my spit and pointing straight at me I smiled gleefully to myself. I spit on it twice and began jerking him off with my right hand as I sucked his hairy nuts. His moans becoming louder i assumed he approved. This cock wasn’t overly large, maybe six inches in length, but it had nice Girth and A really big pulsating vein running down the top, which I always enjoyed. After a couple minutes and French kissing his scrotum and shoved his cock back down my throat, squeezing it tightly and holding it there for as long as I could. As I finally extracted it I let out an animalistic half moan half howl.
Over my slurping and our mutual moans I thought I could hear some sort of movement or milling behind me. I paid it little attention until I got the feeling I was being watched. Thinking I was paranoid I glanced quickly over my shoulder and was taken off guard to see a dark brown eye peering at me from a hole on the other side of the room.
My heart skipped and beat and I felt my face flush and become hot from slight embarrassment and total exhilaration. I could tell the peeping Tom on the other side of my stall was black, possibly dark skinned. I grinned around mr. Gray hairs dick and decided to give my other guest as good a show as possible.
Arching my back, my large round ass in the air I slowly slid my work skirt up over it, revealing my thong. I could barley make out a “yeaaaaa bitch” from my new spectators side of the drywall. The white cock never leaving my soft but firm lip lock, I slid my soaked thong down around my knees as far as they would go. Now having a clear view from behind of my smooth pretty pussy, I could hear

‘s breathing also quicken.
Realizing the holes in the wall were just Sikiş hikayeleri big enough to fit his hand through, the black guy reached out and groped for my ass, which I maneuvered so he could smack and squeeze it all he wanted. My knees were about 2 and a half feet apart, so when he moved his hand onto and then into my wet box, he had perfect access. His big fingers prnetrating my soaked and sticky vagina made me suck grays cock even harder. Feeling him pull his fingers from inside me I turned my head to glance and his hole. My eyes got wide as he fed his large veiny black Dick through the hole. It had been years since I was this close to a massive black penis, and I felt butterflies churn in my belly.
He had to be at least 10 inches long, and as thick as my forearm. I realized I had stopped sucking the white man’s dick. My husband had a nice, large dick, but starring at the freak in front of me brought back the feelings of worshiping and taking in a ridiculously huge dick. My entire body felt as if it was vibrating with feelings of nervous glee and anticipation. I laughed nervously to myself. “ohhhh myyyy gooooood” was all I could whisper as I stared at the behemoth in front of me. Slowly I leaned forward, rubbing my face on the smooth but throbbing skin of this faceless strangers huge black cock like a cat in heat. Through the wall I could hear a low almost growl of a moan. It had a bulging vein running clear down the top of it that I started to trace with my tongue. It slides around the huge fat head of his dick trailing spit strings from it to my lips.
I realized how much my mouth was watering as my warm soft wet tongue lapped up and down this mans cock like the biggest hardest fudgecicle ever. His moans became more pronounced as I spit all over it, preparing it for what would come next. Sliding my lips up ad down the full length of the shaft I stopped at the head for just a beat, admiring how it looked covered in my thick glistening saliva. Puckering my lips I slowly sucked in his big cock head into my mouth. Sucking on his massive head I feel his heart beat pulsing through his giant member. I moan low and loud, butterflies filling my stomach once again. I close my eyes and slowly push my head forward, enveloping more and more of his dick in my slutty mouth. I try to take deep slow calm breathes through my nose and it pushes deeper, now hitting the back of my throat. My hands brace against the red wall as I suppress the slight urge to gag hard and expel the big foreign body from my contacting throat. I push as as I possibly can, swallowing as I do, making the muscles of my throat squeeze and grip it. There are still a good 3-4 inches of ebony meat left between my lips and the strangers larger sack. As I twist my head side to side around it I realize I’ve never actually pleased a dick this massive before. Finally I cant hold it in my neck any longer and my head flies backwards, thick strings of spit trailing from it to my lips and chin. I gasp hard my lungs filing over and over quickly as I pant like a dog. I spit violently on it and quickly suck it back deep into my mouth, my head now bobbing back and forth on it vigorously. A pain grows in my jaw as my mouth is stretched to its limits. Make it hurt, I tell myself. Make this tree trunk Mandingo cock tear your jaw off if you have, just don’t stop sucking until you get your reward. Muffled through the wall I hear the faceless man moaning loud, almost yelling. As I suck it hard and deep, my hands instinctively grab the forearm sized penis, twisting in opposite directions, smoothly jacking him off as I suck it. Loud wet suction sounds grow from my throat and mouth. I’m so into my work that it takes me several minutes to realize that my soaked vagina has been penetrated by something. My brain finally recognizes the feeling: fingers being slid in and out, expiring my walls, flicking at my clit. Stranger

was able to reach my hungry twat through the wall and is now giving her a three finger exam. I stick my ass as far up into the air as I can, giving him best possible access. In the midst of face fucking mr. Huge Dick and being roughly finger fucked by gramps, I picture what I must look like on my knees in this little dank room in the back of a porno sex shop. I mentally smile and moan loud, thoroughly loving the mental image. I’m awakened from my day dream by increased noise coming from the brothers side of the wall. His solid hips are shaking the drywall as he tries his best to rip my head clean off my neck with his monster. I don’t back down. In my head I’m begging him to blast a hole through the back of my neck with his lethal weapon. With my tongue, lips, and cheeks I recognize a familiar feeling. His trunk is swelling even more. Bulging so much it feels like it could tear itself open. All that pressure building up inside it, signaling one thing: he’s about to cum. The realization plus the continued probing of the other mans hand makes my body itself explode in sheer ecstasy. My pussy contracts and I yell around his dick as I squirt down my trembling thighs and on the white mans hand. My back arches hard enough to snap my spine and I get light headed. I make myself concentrate hard enough on finishing what I’ve started to keep myself from simply collapsing on the floor and passing out. I regain control just in time to feel the first massive burst of thick creamy slaty cum shoot hard onto my throat. The wet force with which it hit shocks me and my head is blown back, the huge brown cock, curved slightly upward, pointing straight at my sweat covered face as the second and third shots of sticky fuck juice find a new welcoming home on my smooth caramel skin. Some hits my forehead and runs down into my eye brow. More lands just under my nose and oozes down my upper lip. I throw my mouth open as wide as I can and catch yet another blast on my tongue as I ram his ejaculating dick back into my mouth. I squeal in delight like a happy child as over and over he gives me my treat. Again I’m amazed, the amount of sperm he is able to deposit on and in me is matched only by the size and girth of the titanic tool that he uses to do so. After what seems like an eternity I can feel the squirts starting to weaken and I pull back, cum escaping my mouth and running down my neck. I slowly milk every last drop out with my hands, licking it off, cleaning it good and swallowing his nut, not wanting to waste a drop.
Finally spent, he pulls his now slightly weekending python back through the hole in the wall. I allow myself to fall back onto my elbows breathing heavy, semen still running down my face, neck, and breasts. After just a few minutes, the average sized white cock reappears on the other side of my room, throbbing. I smile and laugh to myself, almost able to see it begging me to suck it. I slowly crawl over, no doubt that I’ll be getting another mouth full of cum soon enough. I wipe my face on the back of my arm and start Erotik hikaye to orally satisfy guy mr. One. A few minutes into the old guys blow job, I again feel myself being probed. But this time, it’s the tree truck cock that fucked my face only a few minutes ago. My eyes light up, realizing I can reach the wall with my ass, I position myself in front of it and guide it smoothly into my gooey cunt. I gasp around the dick in my mouth, realizing he’s filling me up to a point I’ve probably never been too. I feel my pussy lips struggling to accept more and more. But I do. I welcome it all. I begin bouncing slowly back against it as I continue joyfully sucking the other cock. My mind is racing with lust as im feeling like I’m being fucked by a wild animal. I moan loud, not wanting to even try to control myself. My moans are obviously helping the white gentlemen get to his happy place at a faster and faster pace. In just a few moments he too fills my mouth and throat with his warm tasty cum. I enjoy it but I’m increasingly distracted by the monster that is beating my insides. It feels like its running along my spine, pushing my organs out of the way. I LOVE it! I fuck back hard against the wall, his entire huge black meat inside me. Feeling like if someone checked my tonsils, his enormous dick head may be looking back at them. There’s a slight pain in my pussy from his size and it makes the sensation all that much better.
I’m so wet that a few times I actually slip off as I’m wall riding his dick. But the third such slip gives me a very big surprise. In my lustful attempt to quickly guide him back inside me, I slip and his rock hard 3rd arm pokes me hard on my ass, very close to my anus. I yell out and bite my lip, but the sensation makes me curious. Being no stranger to anal sex I shrug to myself and slowly ease his cock head into my tight phat ass. Right away I question whether I made a mistake, but I hear him exclaim from his room “ughhh yes bitch! Lemme fuck that ASS!” I do as I’m told, but slowly and cautiously. Pain shoots both down my legs and up my lower back as I try to relax. Inch by inch I push more of him inside, breathing deep and gritting my teeth. Then, without warning, he thrusts forward! Sounding as if he may knock the wall clear down to ravage my asshole. I scream loudly as my knees shake and go weak. My hands against the wall I start to bounce on it a little. With each penetration comes pain, but increasingly extreme pleasure. I push my left nipple up to my mouth biting it as my right hand spanks my slick clit. I Have no idea how long I was able to take him inside my ass, but in what couldn’t have been all that long, my pussy exploded once again, causing me to clamp my ass down hard on his dick, triggering an almost synchronized orgasm of his own. His hot cum shooting into my ass, mine forming a puddle at my feet. I fell forward causing him to partiality spray my ass and back with cum. Laying on the floor writhing I smile between the waves of raw slutty ecstasy that wash over me.
I have to shake my head to keep from falling straight to sleep. I drunkenly grab some paper towels from a roll next to the DVD player and half way wipe myself off. I sneak a quick peak through the hole, seeing only the mans midsection heaving up and down hard, his massive member finally relaxing laying on his dark thigh. I giggle to myself as I shabbily pull my clothes and shoes on. Grabbing my purse I stumble to the door and quirky turn the handle.

My high heels click and clack loudly on the tile of the little hallway. I practically fling the silk curtain out of my way as I stumble out into the rear of the store. It’s now fairly empty, and I realize I was wrong about them only employing females. Standing behind the counter is a young man, a boy almost, 20 at the oldest. He looks slightly surprised when he sees me, I’m sure because he didn’t see me come in. His smile quickly turns to one of slight understanding as I realize he must know where I’ve been. I try to keep my eyes down and avert his gaze, feeling my face again flush and my temperature rise. “Hello and good afternoon..” He says, smiling. Surprised that he actually said anything, I look up and smile. “Hi..” Is all I say. I take a deep breathe trying to calm my nerves. As I do, my nostrils fill with an aroma that I instantly recognize: semen. I smell like cum. My stomach churns as I wonder how far away I could be smelled from. The scent is actually very arousing to me. The young clerk asks if he can help me with anything. I clear my throat. It’s sore, no doubt from the abuse it took only minutes ago. “No.. I think I’m fine.” I say sweetly to the young man. I study his features under his hair that sweeps over his face and partially over his eyes. I realize he’s actually quite cute. Getting to the counter I lean fowl reward on it in my elbows. Remembering that only my thin blouse covers my still damp and sticky breasts, I push them together slightly. Deciding to have a little flirty fun with him, I exhale deep letting out a soft moan as I stretch slightly. My perky nipples press against the smooth thin fabric. The top 5 or 6 buttons are still undone. I catch the clerk staring at my glistening cleavage. I smile and giggle slightly to myself. “How are you doing this afternoon sweetie?” I ask. “Ummm heh, I’m good. Great.” He answers back stuttering slightly, seeming less confident now that I’m more in control. I simply smile slyly, rubbing my hand down my neck as though I’ve had a hard day. My blouse is so loose now that it falls down off of my right shoulder, my right breast nearly fully exposed. The young cuties eyes get wide as be turns bright red. “Oops” I say, sounding very cheesy. I take a quick glance around, no one in sight. By simply lowering my shoulders slightly I make my wet shirt fall, exposing my tits to the speechless boy. “Ummmm.. Mam?” He manages to stutter. “Yes?” I ask, feigning stupidity. He simply stares, them looks away almost ashamed. “You’re very hot..” He whispers under his breathe. I bite my lip hard as I step towards him. I guide his hands up my firm tits. “Thank you sweetie.” I almost meow into his ear. I feel him trebling. I slowly step further behind the counter, my hand sliding down the front of his jeans. “Oh my..” I say as it rides up and over his very erect cock. I slowly unzip his jeans, and his boner has already exposed itself through his boxers. Spitting on my hand, I wrap my hand around his hard on and begin to stroke. He closes his eyes, his hips grinding in rhythm with my hand. I kiss his soft neck as I jerk him off, nibbling his earlobe. He moans a little louder. “Cum on me”. I whisper in his ear. “Relax and cum on me…” I tell him, and quickly he and his dick comply. I squeeze his hard dick and continue jerking him off as he sprays my stomach and thighs with a strong large load of nut. His eyes slowly begin to open slightly as I coax the last drops out of him. Raising my hand to my lips I state into his green eyes and I clean his juice from my hand. “Oh my god” he says very quietly as I bottom my stained shirt. Blowing him a kiss I grab my purse and skip out of the store.

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