An Innocent’s Epiphany Ch. 02

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In the days following my discovery I spent a lot of time reading on the internet about all the things that I really needed to know, and really now wanted to know, about sex and my body’s responses to it. It seemed like there was a good deal of knowledge that had been badly misrepresented to me.

I also experimented with giving myself orgasms many many times. I couldn’t believe that this major sexual element of my life had been denied me for so long .

At the same time I also started going to lectures and classes with my new classmates. It was very different going to classes where there were boys, my girls schools had never been mixed. The boys seemed so confident, always diving in with observations or view points, many of which were badly thought out or just plain stupid. I tried to make sure that I also made whatever points I thought as well, but it felt like a real effort after the quiet meek girls that I was used to from school.

One of the over confident boys, Rich, in particular seemed to have taken an interest in me however, and I was even less sure how to deal with this than with his dominant opinions in our tutorials.

For a start he kept looking at my body in a way that I was just not used to. The weather was absolutely lovely and I, along with the rest of the female population, was wearing a variety of summer dresses. Mine were mainly made from cotton or linen and, while I knew they were not exactly perfect at concealing my underwear, I had not previously been aware of how much attention they triggered with blokes.

Rich and I were sitting one afternoon in a tutor group in a sun filled room with our classmates, we were discussing the intricacies of Central banking systems, when I realised that rather than looking at the projector screen like everyone else, Rich was talking more than a passing interest in my chest.

I looked down and realised that the strappy sun dress that I was wearing was hanging forward somewhat provocatively, showing a decent amount of cleavage and no doubt giving him a nice view of my bra, but nonetheless he still seemed to me to be acting unreasonably boldly by regarding me with such open attention. I told myself that it was a pretty conservative bra anyway and so I wasn’t too exposed.

I mouthed the letters ‘WTF’ to him, but whereas I was expecting him to look away and look uneasy or even apologise, instead he just smiled back, knowingly. I sat back in my chair and straightened my dress, pulling the neck line up to reduce my exposure, unable to believe that he would have studied me so openly, knowing that I knew he was looking at me.

At the end of the lesson we all trooped out of the room and I gave him the evil eye as he walked past my chair as I was packing my books into my bag.

“Hey Becky.” He started. “You made some really good points today you know.”

I looked over at him, bemused that having been the subject of my ire, he was now trying to make up for it with complements.

“Well thank you Rich. You always have plenty to contribute to the discussion too.” I replied, fairly coldly.

“Yeah but with me it’s just bluster you know, your points were actually well thought out and well argued. You should speak more, give us the benefit of your wisdom more of often.”

“And maybe you should focus more on what is being presented to you, rather than letting your attention be distracted too much by your surroundings” I retorted.

“Hey don’t blame me.” He replied. “I was only enjoying what was being presented to me too. Just a different kind of presentation.”

He had a grin like a wolf and continued to study my reaction, trying to see what I thought of his response.

On one hand I thought that I should be annoyed with him, and I was slightly bothered that he seemed so completely confident in his position. However, on the other hand I couldn’t get away from the feeling of being slightly flattered by his attention as well. He was quite good looking and it was nice to have a handsome fellow looking at you as if you were attractive.

We each went our separate ways afterwards, and after a few other lectures, I returned to my room. All morning I had been unable to concentrate fully, thinking back to the way his eyes had lighted upon my body and the look of desire that it had engendered in him. It was thrilling and arousing to me to see the way that I affected him.

As soon as got in my room,I knew that I was going to give myself an orgasm, I could feel my pussy demanding attention.

I looked at myself in the mirror and pulled my dress back into the position it had been in in the tutorial, to check out exactly how much he had been able to see. I realised that when I leaned forward the fabric at the front actually fell away from my chest a reasonable distance and, as he was taller than me as well, it pretty much exposed a view of my bra all the way down to the bottom of the under wired middle section.

I asked myself how exactly I felt about this. On one hand I thought antalya escort he should not have been invading my personal space and should have looked away. On the other hand I realised that I was quite aroused by the idea of being sexually attractive to him.

I lent even further forward to see exactly how much I could show off if I wanted, but had really reached the limit already.

I wondered to myself what it would be like without the bra at all. I had noticed that some of the other girls were going out in summer dresses that had halter necks or backless bodies and had figured that they were not wearing bras, but I had never been so bold, and had always taken the discrete approach.

I slipped the thin straps of my dress down over my shoulders and along my arms, then pulled the dress down to expose my bra. Reaching behind my back, I slipped it off and laid it on the bed before pulling the dress straps back over my shoulders.

It felt odd to be wearing just a dress over my exposed breasts, I could feel my nipples, already slightly aroused, rubbing against the cotton, and there was a general feeling of freedom as I watched them move more freely when I twisted back and forth. I could also make out little raised points where the tips of my nipples pushed out at the fabric.

I wondered to myself whether I would be brave enough to go out like this. It was fairly obvious that I was not wearing a bra but the overall effect was still fairly decent.

I leaned forward to check exactly how much more any observers would see if they were to take advantage of my new found bravery. I figured that so long as I was only leaning forward a little, the most they could see was a view of the valley down between my breasts, down to where they curved gently away. I imagined what it would be like to have a guy look at me there and immediately felt a shot of excitement go through me. I imagined leaning forwards in tomorrow’s tutorial as Rich glanced at me, having him look down at the intimate curves of my chest.

I had to admit that the idea excited me and I could feel the familiar tingle of excitement begin between my legs. I wondered however whether I would be brave enough, or whether I would chicken out when it came to it. Perhaps, I thought to myself I should try a practice run tonight.

By now my clit was buzzing with excitement at the thought of what I might do. I slipped my dress up over my head and, as had become my custom on several evenings, slipped my knickers down onto the floor.

I lay back onto the bed, feeling the breeze from the open window nearby flicker gently across my naked figure. I was lucky in that my room overlooked the gardens to the south west of the college, and so I could sit nude in my room with the sun coming in through the window without having to worry about being seen.

I licked my left hand and immediately started playing with my left breast, circling the nipple and feeling it grow and harden, luxuriating in the growing pleasure. Once that was starting to feel really nice, I then licked my right fingers and allowed them to slowly descend towards my pussy. I didn’t open my legs very much, as I had learnt that keeping my legs together and pointing my toes as I touched myself gave rise to the most exquisite feelings.

I let my damp fingers move along the slit of my pussy, caressing the tip of my clitoris and then moving down to my vagina. I could already feel the beginnings of a slippery texture there as I became aroused. I pushed my finger lightly into the slight dampness, and made it wetter still, then returned it to my clit, which was by now slightly larger, pinker and demanding my attention.

I started gently, just ringing it with my lubricated finger, not pressing on it directly but just teasing it a little. Then, as it felt better and better, I started to press more vigorously. I used my other fingers to hold my lips open while the middle two fingers began a more intense rhythm onto my clit.

I dreamt to myself that I was standing in front of Greg, topless as I had heard some girls in France did on the beach on our French exchange. It seemed beyond belief at the time, but all of a sudden I was imagining what it would be like to be watched almost naked by a guy.

Almost immediately, I could feel my orgasm coming and I tensed my body, pointing my toes as it a approached. Then it was there, ripping through my body from my clit, into my pussy and legs. I screamed out in pleasure as I gloried in its joy, my fingers pounding my clit with excited violence. Waves of pleasure ran through me, my limbs shuddering with the exertion.

Eventually I lay back, sated for an instant but still wishing for more in my heart. What was next, I asked myself, should I finish myself again and satisfy my appetite, or go on and live out some of my fantasy. I remembered my thoughts previously about Greg and decided to be brave for once.

Without a second thought, I put on knickers and my dress, then kemer escort grabbed my purse, keys and the latest novel that I was reading, and walked out into my hall of residence, increasingly aware of my breasts bobbing about to their own rhythm, independent of my control.

I wandered into the bar at the side of the building, which was a bright pleasant room overlooking the lake at the edge of the campus. There were two groups of students in the bar, a group of loud guys playing table football, and a mixed group of students sitting at the bar arguing loudly about something or another. I walked slowly up to the bar, keeping an eye on the guys playing table football through the side of my vision. While they didn’t exactly stare, I was sure that a couple of them were tracking me with their eyes. I felt my heart quicken at the thought of purposely attracting them, of showing myself off in this way.

I had never been much of a drinker but I had developed a bit of a taste for Gin and Tonic, and so I ordered one of those. I took my drink over to the window overlooking the lake, took a sip and sat down on one of the leather chairs that was sitting in a group of four.

It was a beautiful scene, the late afternoon sun setting behind the trees around the lake. There were swallows flitting around the water and dipping down into it for a drink.

I surreptitiously checked out exactly how my dress had settled around me on the chair and could see that, much as in the tutorial, it was hanging away from my breasts quite a lot, exposing my cleavage all the way down to show the lower curves of my breasts. I could feel my heart beating now with the adrenaline, I had always been very modest previously, happy to hide in the shadows. To sit in a public room, knowingly exposing so much of what I felt to be my intimate figure was a thrill.

I sat back in the chair and read for a few minutes, happy to be absorbed in my book, a very enjoyable murder detective tale.

I noticed however that every time the guys by the football table walked passed, they turned just a little and made a slight detour to pass closer to my chair, glancing down at me as they went by. Every time they passed I felt a tiny buzz of excitement, of control.

After about half an hour, another group arrived and I was initially delighted to see a couple of the guys from my course plus Charlotte, a girl from my hall that I had met in the first week.

However, I suddenly felt very exposed. I had been enjoying the attention in an anonymous mode but now I would be viewed and judged by my peers, and I felt uneasy about that.

Sure enough, as soon as they had their drinks, Charlotte and her mates wandered over to my table.

“Hi Becky, how are you doing?” Charlotte asked in a friendly way, smiling down at me.

I stood up and gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek.

“Do you mind if we join you?”

“No, not at all, it would be nice.”

Charlotte was a very pretty girl, built in a boyish way with none of my womanly curves, but with a very attractive face and fascinating brown eyes that burrowed into you as she spoke. Her long brown hair was tied in a plait down her back and she was wearing a lovely sun dress in blue with a floral design. The neckline was nowhere near as daring as mine but then she lacked the curves to show off anything like the décolletage that I had on show.

The two guys she was with arrived as well, Greg, a huge rugby player of a fellow, flowing black hair and massive shoulders and chest, and with him a guy called Andy.

I had noticed Andy from the first day of my course, he was very quiet but he seemed like a very kind and pleasant guy. He was also, to my eyes anyway, the best looking guy on the course, with lovely piercing blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair. He wasn’t loud and brash like the other guys, or huge and muscly like Greg, but he had a quiet confidence and intensity that I liked.

I greeted them both with a kiss on the cheek and we all sat down with our drinks in the warm evening glow. We chatted aimlessly for a while about our new lives, and I was really having a lovely time. The Gin started to work it’s magic upon me and I relaxed and got a bit bolder in my posture.

I had noticed that when they had arrived, both guys had involuntarily glanced down to my chest, at the time I had almost blushed at the glances. Once we were sitting together I had initially sat back into the chair, shoulders back to keep my dress under control.

As the evening wore on however, I started to relax and enjoy their slightly more frequent attention. Every time I lent forward to pick up my drink, I could feel my top gently drift away from me and I knew that in these moments, the guys would be able to see a lot of my breasts, just a thin piece of cotton at the front of my dress covering my already slightly erect nipples.

Initially they were obviously on best behaviour and they were very discrete about kaş escort the times they looked at me, but by the the third round of drinks, they had lost some of their gentlemanly conduct.

Similarly, whereas I had been rather demur about my posture when they had arrived, so the alcohol took its effect and I started to enjoy myself. I could see a look of hunger and attraction in their eyes as they glimpsed my breasts and I fed on it, drinking in the slight lustful atmosphere. I could feel my pussy once again tingling with anticipation, hoping for some more physical satisfaction.

As the bar filled up, it became quite noisy and difficult to hear. I was discussing the relative merits of my favourite authors with the dreamy Andy, and sitting back in the chair it was getting difficult to hear him. He had been much less bold than Greg at lusting after my breasts and I decided to make an wilder move.

Rather than sitting back in the chair, I pulled myself forward on to the front and lent towards him, ostensibly so that I could hear him better, but also in my mind to see whether he would take his chance to study my breasts in more detail. He was a little taller than me, and now I was sitting forward, I knew from my experiments at the mirror that he would now be able see almost all of my breasts, certainly down the sides, and potentially even a small crescent of areola.

I could feel my heart hammering in my chest as I sat there, inviting him to look at, what I regarded as a most intimate part of my body. I was enjoying the challenge of it and also was seriously wondering whether we might take it further. We obviously enjoyed each others company and I was increasingly feeling that I wanted to experience much more of what sex with a guy could offer.

His behaviour however remained almost perfectly gentlemanly, when I turned to get a glass or comment on something to Charlotte, then he glanced down at my chest but other than that he remained stalwart in his best behaviour.

At the same time I could not but notice that Greg, while chatting with Charlotte was also taking every opportunity to stare at my almost completely exposed breasts. He didn’t have a good an angle as the one I had engineered for Andy, but I was sure he could still see plenty.

After a while I had to visit the ladies and, as is often the way, Charlotte decided to come with me.

“What do you think then, Becky” she inquired, “Do you think I have a chance with Greg?”

“Are you kidding?” I replied, “He seems enraptured with you. Can’t you see the way he is hanging on your every word, agreeing to what you think. I think you are in with every chance. Anyway, you know guys, they are… What what I say… Easily led?”

“I wish I had tits like yours though.” She responded, quietly and thoughtfully. “He may be talking to me but he is spending lots of time checking out your breasts.” As she said this she looked down at my chest and strangely I suddenly felt rather self conscious.

I was rather taken aback, I had never had to deal with competition with another girl over a guy, much less a guy that I wasn’t even interested in.

“Hmmm. Yes. Sorry about that. I wasn’t really expecting company when I dressed and now I find myself somewhat exposed.” I knew in my heart she would not believe me but said it anyway.

“Oh come out it, I can see you are loving it, I was a bit surprised at first to see you showing off to them, but I mean if you’ve got something to show off, you should take advantage of it. Anyway Andy is a dear, but I think you will have to work quite hard to get him into bed.”

“He’s not gay is he?” I suddenly asked involuntarily.

“I don’t think so, not given the way he had been admiring you, I think he just isn’t really looking for that sort of thing at the moment. Shall we say that you are not the first girl to have given him some… attention.”

“Well I am not sure that I am looking for that sort of thing either really.”

“Fuck off you’re not. You come out to the bar in a sexy dress with no bra, sit there letting all the world check out your perfect C cup tits and then try to tell me that you aren’t sure you are looking for a shag? Well you certainly give a good impression of someone looking for a shag.” She was laughing as she said it but it was obvious from the tone that she was absolutely serious in her meaning.

In some ways I reflected she was probably right. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but it was certainly some kind of sexual experience. Maybe the fact that I hadn’t ever had sex meant that I just didn’t know that was what I wanted.

“Well anyway,” I continued, “I think if you have any interest in Greg then it will be reciprocated. And best of luck to you both.”

“Yeah you too, it will be interesting to see whether the gorgeous semi topless look is what Andy is looking for tonight.” She said it with a wicked grin and I almost felt like it was a challenge.

We returned to our seats, but somehow I felt like time was running out, and that sitting in the bar was no longer what I wanted. Andy and Greg were talking to each other about sport and I felt somehow disappointed by them, although I realised that this was pretty much standard fare for what happens when you put two blokes in a bar.

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