An Intimate Encounter…In Panties.

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I had been hanging around the house when my best friend Scott rang me up and told me to come over to his place. I was bored at home so I jumped at the opportunity. Scott had the hottest mother, she was in her early forties but had a great body. She was slim with small breasts but she oozed sexuality. She had golden brown hair in a sexy little bob and cat like green eyes. I was so turned on by her. On top of that her washing line was inside so I was regularly ducking past her hot lingerie hanging up to dry.

I arrived at Scott’s and he answered the door and let me in. “So, you’re home alone huh?” I said glancing around the living room.

“Yep, just me. Hey can I get you a drink?” He said pointing towards the kitchen.

“Yeh sure.” I said disappointed I wouldn’t get a chance to see his hot mom. “You know, I don’t want to offend you or anything, but I think you’re mom is really hot.” I just blurted it out, I couldn’t help it. Scott looked surprised for a minute, but then his expression changed to a smile.

“Yeh, she is isn’t she. I was beginning to worry, I thought it was only me who thought she was hot.” I was now the one with the surprised look, but my face also changed to a smile soon after.

“Your mom sure has a lot of hot lingerie, I would love to see her in it.” I said my smile broadening all the while.

“Would you like to try some of her lingerie on?” I was shocked initially by Scott’s suggestion. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Scott said quickly trying to take his suggestion back. “No Scott, it’s ok, I would.” I said reassuring him that I was eager to wear his Mom’s panties. “Cool, cause I like wearing them too!” Scott said excitedly. “Let’s go try some on now, Mom won’t be home for hours.” Scott said leading me to his parent’s bedroom where his Mom’s chest-of-drawers which held her panty drawer was.

Scott slowly slid the drawer open to reveal the balıkesir seks hikayeleri largest collection of sexy panties, bras,

g-strings, teddies, camisoles and garter belts I had ever seen. I was almost drooling and my cock was already starting to harden. “My mom loves lingerie, I guess it runs in the family!” Scott said chuckling to himself. “Pick out something you like and you can go and try it on in the

en-suite.” I did just that and I picked a sexy white teddy which had two thin shoulder straps. It had a really nice design which had some see through patches along the sides which added to the effect. It was made of satin and had a low cut back which led down to the g-string bottom. The teddy slipped on smoothly and quickly and it felt so hot running across my cock as I pulled the shoulder straps up onto my shoulders. The

g-string felt really nice and imagining Scott’s mom Anne wearing the teddy made me so hot.

I opened the en-suite door and walked out proudly in the teddy. Scott was lying on the bed, he was dressed in lingerie too. I was almost surprised to see him all dressed up too, but I soon relaxed as I admired the lingerie he chose. Scott wore a black front fastening bra and high-cut silk black panties with lace detailing on the front panel. Scott had a black garter belt which held up black stockings which ran to just above his knees. I noticed Scott had a major boner just as I did which kind of turned me on. “Well now don’t you look sexy in that teddy!” He said enthusiastically gazing over my body pausing to look at my hard cock pressing through the teddy.

“Thanks.” I said a little taken back by his comment, but then I started to go with it. “You look pretty hot too!” I said eyeing his boner once more.

“Come and sit on the bed with me.” He said patting a spot next to him. I sat next to him and we just looked at each other for a moment.

“I feel really horny!” He blurted not knowing exactly how to break the ice.

“Yeh, me too.” We looked around the room and then back at each other.

“Well, what did you want to do?” I asked keen to know what he had in mind. He smiled and then he told me to lay back.

“Like this?” I asked.

“Yep, that’s perfect.” He said smiling while he gazed at my body in lingerie. He slowly began stroking my cock through the teddy. “Ohhhh.” I let out a moan I had not expected Scott to stroke my hard member but somehow it just felt right. “Do you like that?”

“Oh yeah Scott, you are making me so hot.” Scott’s hand began building pace up and down my shaft slowly pausing at my red hard tip on each stroke. Scott kept going for a little while longer and I was getting close to blowing in his Mom’s teddy.

“Wait Scott, I’m going to come!” I said thinking he would stop pumping my shaft, but he just smiled.

“It’s ok, we can wash it.” Almost immediately after he said that he began pumping faster and faster. I was getting so hot, I never thought a guy would make me feel this way, but it just felt so good! One more stroke and as Scott’s hand touched my hot tip I blew. It felt amazing shooting my hot load against the soft fabric of the teddy and feeling Scott’s hand through the material. My cum soaked the entire front panel and the warm sensation of the cum soaked teddy against my skin was pure ecstasy.

“So how was it? Did I make you really hot?” Scott asked running his finger over the cum soaked material.

“Oh yeah, that was amazing!” I noticed he still had a huge boner in his panties and I wanted to make him as hot as he had made me.

“Sit back on the bed Scott, it’s my turn to make you hot!” Scott sat back and I began stroking his hard cock with the open palm of my hand. I made concentric circles over his shaft and made my way up to his tip and did the same. “Oh that feels great!!” Scott said obviously enjoying my touch.

“If you liked that, you’re going to love this!”

I stopped rubbing Scott’s member and slowly slid his silky black panties down to reveal his throbbing hard cock. “Oh Jeff, take my cock in your mouth!” I was way ahead of him kissing the tip of his cock and gently sucking with my lips. “Oh yeah!” Scott was obviously enjoying me giving him head. “I’m going to suck you hard you bad boy!” I said giving his cock a pump before I took his whole shaft in my mouth. His member tasted great and I sucked even harder when I really got a good taste of it. “Oh wow, I’m…I’m..I’m gonna cum!” I squeezed Scott’s balls and moved my mouth back up to his tip. He blew his hot load into my mouth and I swallowed every last bit of his salty load and licked his tip clean. “Did you like my blow job?” I asked already knowing the answer. “That was amazing!! You were amazing! You look so hot in that teddy and when you blew while you wearing it that was the hottest I’ve ever felt!” Scott had a grin from ear to ear.

We undressed slowly out of his Mom’s lingerie and cleaned up and put the cum soaked teddy and panties in the washing machine. “That was great Jeff, but that doesn’t change anything between us right, were just still friends?” I smiled at him.

“Yeah sure, were just friends.” Scott seemed much more relaxed now. He had a girlfriend and he clearly didn’t want our little sexual adventure to complicate that.

“Cool.” Although, I was not so convinced, I wanted to feel his cock in lingerie again, I wanted to taste his salty member in my mouth and feel his hot load hit the back of my throat. “Oh well, if you ever wanna get crazy again and you need a blow-job then I’m always here.” He gave me a wry smile.

“Thanks Jeff.”

“No problem, seeya later.”


And with that it was over, an experience which had blown more than just my mind. Although, I felt I hadn’t seen the last of Scott in lingerie, or at least I hoped so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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