An Outdoor Bra Shredding Adventure

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(Author’s Note: This is Part 3 of the “Underwear Shredder” series. All characters are above 18 years of age. Previous parts were “My Brother the Underwear Shredder”, followed by “I Shred My Bra and Panties For Him”. Each part has its own flavor so I’m trying treat them as somewhat stand-alone, but you’ll probably have the best experience if you read the series in order. Enjoy! – r_i_g)


“So what were you doing with the webcam last night?”

“What do you mean?” replied Allen, tentatively, as if there was still something he wanted to be defensive about.

I was having none of it. “Don’t try and fool me, I have the same kind of laptop as you. I know that white light at the top means the webcam was on. What were you doing? Were you recording it, streaming it, what?”

“Recording, ” he admitted.

I continued to interrogate him. “And do you post these recordings anywhere?”

He paused. “… Yeah. Sometimes.” Another pause. “… Usually. Why are you asking me this?”

“So that means you don’t mind people on the internet knowing that you do this, right?”

“I don’t mind, no. Everyone’s got some kinks, and it’s not like I’m ever planning on running for public office or anything. I don’t feel like hiding my sexuality, even if it’s a little off the norm,” he explained.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m just trying to understand,” I said. “I just want to know if it’s going to be okay that the next time you record tonight and start shredding your briefs, that I’ll be there helping you do it. And if it’ll be okay for me to destroy some sexy bras in the process, so the internet can stare at my shattered bras and swollen braless tits at the same time they’re staring at your shredded briefs and massive cum-drenched cock. Would that be okay?”

Allen knew I was just trying to get him to cum again. He was right.

But he still needed a few minutes to recover. So I asked him where his underwear drawer was. He held back, but only for a moment. “In my bedroom, the dresser on the wall just right of where you first walk in, second drawer down. There’s a few in the third drawer too.”

I got up from the kitchen floor, still stark naked, and walked over to his room, opening the second drawer. Inside I saw at least a dozen pairs of that same expensive underwear brand I saw him cutting before. Most were briefs, but there were some boxer briefs as well. Lots of colors too, I think the red like I saw last night was my favorite, but in the drawer there were some novel and striking colors, like a peacock blue and a very bright yellow.

Then I looked down in the third drawer and saw maybe another dozen, some in dark colors like a deep crimson red, plus some more bright colors, like a light green and a beige. I started fantasizing about what we could do with all of these, and found myself dripping as I stood there.

And then I saw it. Something with a similar waistband as the other underwear I was seeing, but with much less fabric, little more than a large pouch. It was bright purple, and I wanted to see it on him immediately. There may have been more like this in the drawer, I don’t know, I had stopped looking now that this one had my complete attention.

I grabbed it and brought it back to the kitchen. Allen was still sitting there, but my few minutes of absence must have reset his horniness a bit, because I soon as I walked in from the hallway still fully naked, I saw his cock jump a bit. Maybe he was expecting me to have gotten dressed or something when I was gone? Yeah right, as if that was going to happen.

“Put this on, ” I commanded. Allen stood up, looked at the tiny purple pouch in recognition of what I had found, smiled, and put them on.

“Now come with me. Fair is fair.” He looked puzzled for a moment, but I took his hand and brought him with me back to my room. We walked in, him wearing the thin purple underwear and me naked, and headed over to my underwear drawer. I opened it up and showed him what was inside.

“Take a look at some of these bras, aren’t they great?” I prompted him. He started rummaging his hands through the drawer, occasionally holding up a bra, not quite knowing how to ascertain what he was seeing. “Let me try them on for you so you can see them properly”, I said.

I pulled out one that was white, covered in lacy flowers. There were several layers to the pattern, and it was very ornate. I put it on and showed it to him, rubbing my hands on my tits, first outside and then inside the bra. “I love this one, the color is simple but the stitching is so intricate, I’m sure it took a lot of work to make! Not my most expensive bra, but it was still up there for sure. And it was a rare find, apparently they don’t make many of this one”.

I slipped the bra off, put it on the bed, and reached for the drawer again. I found one that was a mixture of light and dark blue, with full cups and a center that was connected with white shoelace-style stitching and a pink flower. I put it on for him. “This one cost me a fortune. bursa eskort I mean sure, both of these were pricey, in fact most of the bras in there cost quite a bit… but this one was definitely one of the most expensive, well over a hundred bucks from what I can remember, closer to two hundred actually. But it’s _so_ comfortable, and super sexy.”

Allen was staring at me as I rubbed all over the bra and my tits underneath, making sure to give him a good show of my figure as I wore it. The bulge in his thin purple underwear was very pronounced at this point, and I believe I saw a little drip of something showing through the fabric.

Then I looked him right in the eye. “Which one do you want to destroy first? This one? The white one? How about both?”

Suddenly Allen grunted and I saw the front of the purple bulge get very wet. “Are you cumming in there?” I asked him. All he could say was “…. Uh huh…”.

“Stay right there!” I commanded. I quickly ran back to the kitchen, grabbed the scissors, and ran back to my room and Allen’s still-flowing cock, contained inside the sexy thin purple underwear. Without skipping a beat, I dropped down to my knees in front of him, held up the front of the pouch at the waist, and used the scissors to cut off the waistband at both of his hips. The underwear started to fall off of him, so I held up the back of the now-falling pouch, tilted the front of the underwear down towards me so I could see inside it, and feasted me eyes on a large pool of cum sitting there. It was a purple cloth cup of his warm juice, and I immediately lifted the front of the pouch up to my mouth and drank the whole thing, swallowing it down, clearly so that Allen could see.

Then I held the damp pouch out, looked up at Allen and said “Oh, sorry. I didn’t share. Want a lick?”

He looked at it and smiled and, still breathing a little heavily, said “It’s okay, I’ll… get the next one. You can have it.” I smiled back, put the pouch to my mouth, stuck out my tongue, and slowly licked it clean with Allen watching the whole time.

Then I grabbed the scissors and cut the pouch and remaining waistband to pieces. Once again, Allen was naked with his underwear in shreds.

But I wasn’t. I still had this super-expensive blue bra on, with the ornate white one sitting on the bed behind me. No panties though, and I was now desperate for an orgasm, so I took the opportunity to furiously rub my clit and get myself off right there in front of Allen. “Hold on a second, I’m really fucking horny and need to cum,” I said. “Oh by the way, I make lots of girl juice when I have an orgasm. Do you like girl juice? I’m eating lots of your cum, so if you want some of mine too that’s fine with me.”

Allen looked surprised and then said, “Uh, okay? Sure, I’d like that.”

“Good!” I responded. “Sit down over here,” and I pulled him down the floor next to the front of the bed. Then I spread my legs some more and went into a frenzy on my aching clit.

It didn’t take long. In under a minute, there were streams of juice dripping onto the hardwood floor, and down my leg. I was still making heavy breaths as I let the juice from my leg work its way down to the floor, then I slowly managed to stand up. “There,” I panted, “try some of that.”

He promptly leaned over to the wet spot on the floor, and licked up every drop of my juice that he could find.

“Okay,” I said after refocusing my attention, “it’s time for one of these bras to go. Which one? This sexy expensive blue one, or the rare intricate white one? Wait, don’t answer. I know the only real answer is both, right? Okay.”

Allen was still collecting himself from consuming my juices that were in a puddle on the floor. He turned, swallowed, and looked up at me standing there in the blue bra and no panties, and his mouth fell back open. He couldn’t say anything, and by this point I was on fire. I’d never been this horny in my life, and never felt more daring. It was time to take this to the next level.

I grabbed the scissors in one hand, and the white bra in the other. Then I looked at Allen, with a sly grin on my face. “You want to do this here? Oh wait, I have a better idea, how about the back yard? It’ll be really fucking exciting to cut up these expensive bras and be buck naked outside. Got any more cum in there, sport? Let’s go!”, and I headed out the bedroom door towards the back of the house where the door to the back yard was.

It took a few minutes for Allen to follow. I had managed to surprise him, and now he was just along for the ride.


I was waiting for him on the back deck, next the stairs that went down to the yard. Allen got to the back room, saw me standing on the deck wearing my bra and nothing else, and tentatively peeked his head out the back door, looking all around before actually walking outside.

“Uhh, sis? What about the neighbors?”, Allen asked with concern.

“It’s the middle of the week, remember? They’re probably all at bursa merkez escort work at this hour. And if not, then whatever, they get a show. I am way too horny to care anymore.”

“But what if word gets back to mom and dad?”

“All our neighbors are adults. Besides, I don’t think any of them would admit it if they saw me doing…”, and I put down the white bra and held up the scissors to the blue one I was wearing, “…this.”

I stuck my chest out the to sky and slowly spun around in a circle, as if to tell any neighbors that happened to be looking on that I was fine with them seeing me, and that I wanted them to enjoy what I was about to show them.

I took the hand that wasn’t holding the scissors and rubbed it all over my bra-covered breasts again. Then I said, uncharacteristically loudly, as if to make sure anyone nearby could hear, “You know I really, really do love this bra. It was so sexy and expensive and such a treat to get for myself, and it fits my tits perfectly!” Then I spun around in a circle one more time for good measure. “Too bad it has to go.”

I put the scissors in my right hand, brought them up to the shoelace pattern in the front that was between the two cups, cut upwards, and severed it. In a matter of seconds this elegant bra had been made completely useless, as the cups started to fall down and hang loosely by the shoulder straps, barely resting on top of my aching tits.

I reached around towards my back with the scissors and cut the right shoulder strap, then the left. The disconnected fabric first leaned to the side and then fell completely off my body down to the floor of the deck. Then I reached down, grabbed the remains of the bra, and separated the hooks on the back just like I had done this morning, to make two halves.

I playfully took one of the halves by the long shoulder strap which was now loosely attached only to the top of the bra cup, spun the strap around, and then flung it through the air above the deck towards my brother as I smiled. “Catch!” Allen reached out, grabbed it into his hand, and then just held it there in his hand, staring. It was a shoulder strap, a bra cup, and the fabric that went from the cup around the side ending with one half of the hooks on the back. I had the other half, shaped the same, and was now standing there on the deck, naked for all who cared to see.

Allen held the half of my former bra and looked at me. “What… what do you want me to do with this?”

“Whatever you want! Cum in it, rip it to pieces, doesn’t matter. As long as you do it out here, and I get to watch. Oh and one more thing, when you’re done, leave the remaining pieces of the bra out here on the deck.”

He was taken aback by that last statement. “You want me to leave this… out here? Why?”

“Because I want to see what happens. I want to know if the neighbors will look out their bedroom windows later and see our deck from a distance and a glimpse of something on it, and wonder what we were doing. I want to know whether we’re going to forget to pick the pieces up before we leave in a few days, and mom and dad end up finding them. I want to know whether a windstorm will come and carry the pieces out into yard to be a surprise for later. I want to see where this leads.”

The thought of so many possibilities triggered something in me and I felt a sudden and intense orgasm rushing on. My knees started to buckle as I stood there and juice started pouring in a long stream out of my pussy and down to the deck floor.

Without thinking, I took the half of the bra in my hand, held the soft padded inside of the bra cup underneath my pussy, and collected a pool of my own juice. When the fountain had finally slowed down, I lifted the cup, showed it to Allen, and then brought it to my mouth, drinking it all down before slowly licking the soft fabric clean, making sure my brother saw all of it.

His cock was rock hard again.

When I was done, I took the half of the bra, grabbed the scissors, cut off the dangling shoulder strap and tossed it onto the deck floor. Then I cut the side and back strap into several pieces, throwing a couple onto the deck floor and the rest over the railing like confetti, into the yard below. All that remained was the bra cup, which I gave another quick lick and then tossed over the railing as well, not caring where it landed.

I was so turned on I couldn’t stand it. My orgasm from the previous minute did nothing to slow me down, and the casual ruining of one of my gorgeous hundred-plus-dollar bras, only served to increase my fervor. And I did it outside where anyone could see, leaving evidence all over the place for anyone to find.

I looked at Allen, naked with a cock made of solid iron. He was still holding the other half of the bra.

“So what are you going to do with that, little brother?”, I asked him with a smile.

He stayed stunned for a moment, then collected himself, and gave a wry grin right back to me. “Nothing bursa sınırsız escort so fancy,” he said. “Give me the scissors”.

I walked over to him and handed him the scissors to use as he pleased. “You going to cum again?” I asked, obviously hoping the answer would be yes.

“No. Not yet,” he answered. Then he looked into my eye with a twinkle of a plan, one still unknown to me. “I deny you the pleasure of watching me cum into this. If you want my cum, you’ll have to get it some other way. But this,” he said, holding the half of the bra in front of him, “this, isn’t worthy of it. Instead I’m simply going to shred it to pieces, nothing more… and you’ll know that your sexy and super-expensive bra was too worthless to receive my cum.”

He wasn’t serious, of course, but it was all part of the fun. I saw where he was going with it. “Oooh really?” I replied. “You’re not going to cum on it at all? Not even a little? You’re just going to cut into even more tiny pieces and leave them all over the place for anyone to find?”

“Exactly,” he said, and went to work. The shoulder strap was quickly cut into at least a dozen pieces, the back and sides similarly… he even did a number on the hooks in the back. Then he held up the bra cup, took one small snip into the side of it, put the scissors down, held the cup with both hands on opposite sides of the snip, and ripped the cup in half, down to the underwire. He tore the pieces of the bra cup cleanly off the underwire and threw them on the deck, then picked up the scissors again and broke the underwire itself into several pieces, tossing some onto the deck and some into the yard.

Finally we both stopped, noticed our breathing, and took a look around. The bra was destroyed, almost to an unrecognizable degree… almost. There were still several large pieces laying around on the deck and in the yard, including the still-intact bra cup that had held so much of my pussy juice. And we were going to leave it, all of it, right where it was. I had no idea what the result of that was going to be, but I started breathing heavily again as I thought about it.

I looked into Allen’s eyes, and he looked completely intoxicated with lust. It was time to refocus his attention, because I wasn’t nearly done.

I looked over to the side of the deck near the door to the house, and saw the white bra I had brought out with me and had dropped when I started cutting the blue bra to pieces. I picked it up, and put it on. Once again I was still bottomless, with my boobs covered in a fancy bra… that I also intended to destroy.

But not outside. We needed a change of scenery again. “Let’s head back inside. I have an awesome idea.”

Allen looked at me wanting for more information before going back in, so I clarified. “I want to take a shower, with this on. It’s not see-through right now, but I think if it gets wet, it’ll turn see-through and be even sexier. Then I want you to rip it off me. Oh, and can you put your laptop on the bathroom countertop and face it towards the shower? I want to record this.”

Allen stood there on the deck and started oozing pre-cum out of his hard dick, I’m sure he was just aching with everything I was doing to him right now. I wasn’t holding back anymore though, and anytime he felt like cumming, I’d be more than happy to help.

But that wasn’t happening this time. We went back into the house, and before getting to the bathroom, Allen turned away and walked into my bedroom instead. I turned to follow him, as he walked over to the drawer where my bras were.

“What are you doing?”, I asked.

“I was just curious. How many bras did you bring with you? It looks like a decent number in here… and”, he paused, pulling up one of my elegant French ones, “… wow, some of these are really nice.”

I replied, “Yeah, they’re all really good brands. Freya, Curvy Kate, some Simone Perele ones that cost me close to a hundred bucks each… and some that are even nicer and more expensive, if you look around in there. We just cut up one of the nice ones out there on the deck, and this one is another,” I said, feeling my breasts under the beautiful white bra I was now wearing, “… but I’ve still got some surprises in there if you look around. Altogether I think there’s at least a thousand dollars worth of high-end lingerie still in that drawer, probably more. And that’s just the bras. I’m not counting the panties yet.”

He turned to look at me slightly stunned. “And you said you’re going to shred _all_ of these?”, he asked. “You’re not going to bring any back with you? Why did you bring so many bras with you anyway? You were only going to be here for a week!”

I responded, “Why did you bring so much underwear with you? Anyway, I’m really indecisive when it comes to lingerie, I never know what I’m going to want to wear on any given day. So instead of trying to pick everything out in advance when going on trips, I just bring all of it.”

He stood still for a moment. “Wait…” he said, and then let it sink in. “You’re saying that’s _all the underwear you own_? Are you telling me you brought every single bra you own?”

“Yup!” I said with a big smile. “And every pair of panties, plus a couple of other exotic items, even a corset! I just never know what I’m going to want, so I brought all of it with me.”

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