An Overture

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Chapter One

Given the state of our Union (Read: COVID-19 and fat Don), I ceaselessly hunger for theatre season. More pointedly, I crave a night at the theatre with my bride. A formal night out on the town serves as an exquisite split from the stresses of our professional, academic lives.

Lynn and I always purchase season tickets to attend the only professional theatre company in Phoenix, so once a month—prior to the pandemic—we went through what had become our routine

The afternoon of October 24, 2019, began as our other theatre nights had begun, but I wanted to fill up our Lexus, so I headed to the nearest gas station. Shortly, I returned home, and I mixed myself a wonderfully cold vodka martini, and I poured Lynn her favorite beer—Kilt Lifter. I assumed Lynn was showering, so I headed down the hallway, drinks in hand. I planned to catch a few minutes of the Thursday night NFL game and to enjoy some Ketel One.

Lynn and I had a routine. We would flirt a bit before we got on the road, but we always refrained from unleashing our sexual concert until we returned to our home. Yes, perhaps it had grown a bit mundane. We would leave quite early and eat a meal at an Irish pub just down the street from the theatre. After the performance, we would hurry home and unleash our pent-up desires. The morning after, we would gather ourselves and step back into the routine that would dominate our lives for the next four weeks.

As I walked toward our bedroom, however, I immediately recognized that this night was going to be unique. I could smell the humidity of the shower and the floral scent of Lynn’s body lotion, but the muffled sound of fervent moaning aroused me. I pushed the door open with my hip. Immediately, my cock began to swell. Lynn was watching her favorite adult video, which featured her favorite adult film Asa Akira. Propped up on multiple pillows, which supported her lower back, my wife looked as striking as Helen must have appeared to Paris.

Her hair hung wet across her shoulders, and her erect nipples stood like sentinels under the cool breeze of the ceiling fan. While one hand clutched a remote control (Yes, it was a DVD), her other hand stroked her naked figure. It was abundantly obvious that this had been going on for more than a few minutes, for her nipples were delightfully engorged, and her cleanly shaven mound glistened with excitement. I had not interrupted her; she had planned this, and she directed me to sit in the chair that she had situated at the foot of our bed.

I set the sweating glasses on the nearest dresser and obediently took my seat. As Bayan Escort Antep soon as I eased onto the chair, Lynn pitched the pillows from the bed, tossed away the remote, and nimbly flipped onto her side. With her legs thrust toward the side of the, she directed her sculpted ass so I could have a tremendous view of her performance.

She began by gently licking the tips of her fingers on her right hand. After she deemed them sufficiently wet, she let her hand trail down to her breasts and permitted her wet fingers to tease and trace circles around her taut nipples. She remained fixated on the movie, but I could not take my gaze off my wife’s idyllic nakedness. After sufficiently stroking and teasing her nipples, Lynn reached her right hand over her hip and gave me a view of her brilliantly wet puss. Her lips were shaved to a stripped perfection, and her swollen labia looked as inviting as Caribbean waters.

Up and down, between her lips, she stroked herself, and her purrs turned to low gasps. I knew she would need to switch her routine or she would erupt, and without skipping a beat, she rolled a bit farther onto her side and grasped her right ass cheek. She brazenly pulled at her cheek and gave me a view of her tight pink ass, and it again became apparent just how aroused she was. The wetness from her tender snatch had soaked her asshole, too.

Lynn’s eyes widened to the direction of the television screen, so I cast a glance toward my wife’s female obsession. She was in the same position as Lynn, but she had moved on from stimulating only her cunt and was teasing her ass with her wet fingers. The actress stroked her slit just as my wife had done, but she elongated her strokes until her ass became part of the show.

Now that I knew the game in which I was participating, I admit I wondered how often my wife had rubbed herself to completion, inspired by this Asian hottie. It was not jealousy, for I felt my cock intensely pulsate when I pictured my wife masturbating while she was home alone. In fact, I admit that I have had a recurrent fantasy that involves my bride filming herself while she teases herself, fucks herself, and concludes in a gloriously wet finale. Yep, you already know—I unexpectedly come across the video, and I (Well, I digress). Back to the story.

Lynn followed the direction of her video vixen. With her upturned hip thrust in my direction, she began to move her moistened fingers up and down, from her snatch to her ass. I dared not look away for an instant, so I do not know if my wife obediently followed the vixen’s coaching, but she began to make tight circles around her ass. After she had teased her tight hole sufficiently, she gently pressed the tip of her finger inside. It nearly sent me over the edge, and petite whimper escaped from Lynn’s lips. Again, she stroked up and down her slit, and once more, she plunged the white tip of her finger into her willing ass. I was certain she could not contain her orgasm much longer. Her legs shuddered and her hand moved spasmodically up and down her dripping pussy. I felt emboldened to move to her and plunge my tongue into her mound and suck her clit until she burst, but as soon as I made a move to rise, I was strictly told to sit. This was her show, and she was going to do it her way.

“Do you like to watch me play with my wet pussy and tight ass?” she asked, and with a rapid twirl, my lover placed herself on all fours and arranged her swollen pussy a few feet from my face. I do not remember her pussy ever being so beautifully engorged. I had to combat the urge to pull my cock from my trousers and stroke myself to completion.

Although she could no longer see the television screen, Lynn knew what she was doing. I glanced at the screen, and her teacher had assumed the same position. My enlarged cock twitched in anticipation.

With her pussy staring me in the face, Lynn finally allowed herself the pleasure she desired, and she rubbed her swollen clit. Although I could not see the initial stroke, her soft groan made her actions apparent. Yes, she was well on her way toward finishing herself off; there was no way she could hold out much longer. After gently circling her clit a few times, she began to slap her hardened sentinel and moist lips with short, deft strokes. When this grew too intense, Lynn reached between her legs and spread her lips wide. Her pussy pulsated with desire, and I again felt the inclination to tug thickness, but I desperately needed to see her denouement, so I abstained.

While spreading her lips apart with her right hand, Lynn leaned even farther forward until her head rested on some remaining pillows. The pinkness of her exquisite pussy absorbed me. I was rapt by its flawlessness. Her brilliantly pink inner lips glistened with warm juices, and with her lips spread wide, I could see her erect clit beg for care.

Because her head now rested on the pillows, her left hand was free, and its white-tipped nails emerged between her legs. She had not yet delved into the wetness of her snatch, but I was certain the time was near. Sure enough, with her lips spread wide, Lynn curled her middle finger and guided it into her wetness. Her breathy, “I’m so fucking wet,” brought a smile to my lips, but her naughty, “I am going to squirt all over you just like you like it,” was nearly more than my inhibitions could handle. With rapid succession she fucked her swollen pussy with her finger, and she kept her lips spread wide to give me, her audience, a perfect view. She aggressively fucked herself, and just as I thought she would explode and drench me, she ceased her movements.

She allowed her hands to drop and took a few minutes to get herself under control, but the intermission did not last long, for she emerged from her swoon and got back to work. With her gorgeous ass sticking upward, she used her right hand to stroke her clit, and her left arm reached across her back so she could, once again, tease her puckered ass. Her right hand moved so rapidly across her clit that it was a bit of a blur, and the middle finger of her left hand eased in and out of her tight hole with mounting rapidity. Suddenly, she started forcefully slapping her pussy, and I knew she was close. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck,” she screamed, and she plunged two fingers deep into her ass. That was all it took; her orgasm rocketed through her loins, and her cum burst from her inflamed pussy, drenching the bedspread and my freshly laundered shirt. Lynn collapsed on the bed in a quivering heap.

As I started earlier, this was anything but a normal night. I stood and made a move toward the bed, but Lynn regained her composure and again ordered me to remain seated. She rolled onto her back and began caressing and patting her twat. She again pulled her lips apart and locked eyes with me for an instant to ensure I was staring exactly where she desired my gaze. She turned her attention back to herself and pulled at her lips and pinched her eraser-like clit. Taking her clit between her thumb and index finger, she jerked herself with a fury, and it was not long before she again shuddered under the spell of another orgasm.

It took a few minutes, but Lynn’s glassy eyes regained their focus, and she strutted to the dresser to claim her still cold pint of beer. Her pouty lips readily received the refreshment, but her quick glance in my direction let me know there was more to come. She handed me my cocktail, but before I could enjoy the first sip, she explained, “Before, during, and after the play, I’m going to be on the hunt for a smoking hot babe. You and I are going to fuck some lucky gal tonight. You have asked for this for years. Well, get your head wrapped around the idea. I am going to guide your thick dick into a luck girl’s ass; then, I am going to have her eat my pussy. We will be able to watch each other orgasm. Tonight is the night, babe. Happy date night. Let’s make this one to remember.”

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