An Unexpected BJ

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Author’s Note: this is my first attempt at erotica for this site. I would love to get your opinion on the quality of the story, if it’s any good, how I could make it better. Would you like more like this? I know this one is short; I have ideas for longer ones.

Being just over twenty, I was in the prime of my sexual awareness and tended to become easily aroused. My new wife and I were living with her mom while my wife finished school and I was easing into a career. My wife sometimes had classes on weekends, and I did my best to not miss her too much. I wasn’t working weekends so spent time just watching tv.

One day I was watching a movie that had a scene in it that caught my attention. A middle-aged woman was stripping for a young man she was tutoring. ‘Gad,’ I thought, ‘he’s studying math. None of my math classes involved such a demonstration.’ To pay my respects to the scene, my cock came to attention. Lounging on the couch as I was, I did nothing to get in its way, just enjoyed the sensations it was pulsing through me. My wife would know how to settle it when she got home.

A few minutes later, I was even more aroused when I heard the door open and close. She was home II was ready for her.

“I’m in the living room,” I called. “Got something for you.”

I listened as she walked into the living room. oğuzeli escort My back was to her, as that was how the furniture was arranged. I thrust my pelvis up, hoping she could see what was pressing against the fabric, waiting for her approval. She paused, stepped closer, and I imagined her looking over at me, enjoying what I had waiting for her.

Then her hand mussed my hair, caressed my cheek, slid down my chest and into my pants. When she gripped me, I thought I was going to explode. This was going great. She held me a few wonderful moments, then began undoing my pants. Yes, yes, yes.

I reached up and gripped her sides, then slipped my hands under her blouse, caressing her breasts through the fabric of her bra. I heard her breathing deepen. She liked this as much as I was. Her tits felt a little different but, from her position over me, it was awkward and I didn’t think any more of it. She pulled my cock free and gave a little moan. Then she leaned over, pushing my head to one side, and took me in her mouth.

Now this felt different, but she had never given me a blowjob upside down before. I looked from the tv screen to her face and my heart jumped. It wasn’t my wife with her lips locked around my knob; it was her mother.

I flinched and must have jabbed oğuzeli escort bayan her with my cock as she choked, but she didn’t let it go. I pushed on her, and I finally slipped free.

“What are you doing?” I asked, twisting to look at her.

She gave me a little smile, straightening her top, and said, “Responding to your invite.”

“That was for your daughter.”

“You never said that. Besides,” she moved her hand to cup a breast, “you seemed to like it.”

I realized my dick was still rock hard. I could feel it throb. It was standing there, pointing right at her, happy and horny. I had to admit; her touching me, sucking me, had felt great. Too, this was a good-looking woman staring at my cock. She had small, but perky tits, just like her daughter, and had remained firm with her yoga regimen. I had never imagined having sex with her, but now I turned that thought over in my mind.

“We still have at least an hour before you-know-who will be home. Will you be able to wait that long?” She looked from my face to my crotch and back, running her tongue over her lips. “This could be our little secret. Perhaps you’ll return the favour some time.”

Feeling the pressure in my penis, I knew it was going to be painful waiting for my wife and the relief escort oğuzeli she should bring. Besides, I thought, I’ll probably be ready for more by the time she gets here.

“Sure,” I said, thinking that if licking this woman’s pussy was only half as good a licking her daughter’s, it would still be an amazing experience. “That’s a great idea.”

And so, she leaned over me again and began sucking me with the most incredible feeling rocketing through me. The way the top of her mouth rubbed the head of my dick, her tongue massaging my shaft, only heightened my desire. I couldn’t keep my hands from her tits, pulling them free from her bra. She shifted and pressed with them as her tiny nipples grew rock hard.

I reached for her crotch but she stopped me with one hand. “Another time.” She had to break contact to speak so I simply obeyed so she wouldn’t have to stop what she was doing again. I could wait to enjoy that part of her.

Then I felt myself about to cum. I warned her in case she didn’t want to take my load, but that news made her suck a little harder. My orgasm was incredible, on par with when I lost my virginity, intense, long and satisfying. She took it all, continuing to lick me and suck until I was done.

“That was great,” she said. “Thanks.” And she went back to whatever she had planned to do before my inadvertent invitation.

I tucked myself away and tried to get back into the movie I had been watching. There was no use. I couldn’t get my mind off what had just transpired, fantasizing about what might come next. By the time my wife arrived home, I was ready again for her special attention, but that’s another story.

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