Anal Pizza Girl

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‘They might as well call it Phi Sigma Sex! the way they’re all supposed to carry on over there,’ Donna said to me as we walked past the imposing sorority house, its white marble columns gleaming in the sun. Those words electrified me. If what Donna said was true, this was definitely the sorority for me!

Donna lived in the women’s freshman dorm down the hall from me and in the last couple of weeks, since the semester started, we had become pretty good friends.

‘I’ve heard on very good authority they have orgies and stuff over there,’ Donna said, seeing how I was perking up at this. Of course, this might’ve just been idle campus gossip, what she was saying. Donna was the type who could be gullible to that kind of thing.

‘Where’d you hear that?’ I asked skeptically. ‘I’ll bet it isn’t true.’

‘It is,’ Donna insisted. ‘This girl in our dorm, Allison, know the one I mean? That little red-headed fox with all the freckles? The one who walks around in little bikini panties all the time, who really likes to flaunt it? Well, her older sister’s a member and Allison said her sister’s told her about everything that goes on there.’

‘Like what?’ I said, insanely curious to know. ‘Tell me!’

‘Come, let’s find us a table,’ Donna said.

The two of us were in a coffee bar and had just gotten two cups of coffee at the counter. Now we found ourselves a table out of earshot of everyone else.

‘Okay, here’s what I heard…’ she began, and for the next ten minutes I sat there, opposite her, with my jaw hanging as I listened to Donna regale me with all these outrageous stories about this sorority.

‘… and I hear when they talk about greek over at Phi they don’t just mean sororities and fraternities. You know, just the whole greek letter thing.’

Donna took a sip of coffee and leaned over.

‘You are aware of the other meaning of greek, aren’t you?’ she asked, looking around to see if anyone was listening.

‘Sure, butt sex,’ I told her. I knew all about that!

‘Yeah, that’s supposed to be a specialty of the house over there,’ she said, looking at me a little curiously. ‘Do you do that, Tracy? You know, do you do greek? I never asked you about that.’

‘Yeah, I do it. I really like ass play, all that backdoor stuff and everything,’ I told her truthfully.

‘Oh wow! Me too!’ Donna said with the glee one shows when a friend confesses that she loves something you happen to love also. ‘I haven’t done it all that much, but what I’ve done, I sure have liked.’

‘The more you do it, the more you get to like it. At least I found that to be true,’ I said, knowing I was a bit more sexually experienced that Donna.

‘You’re really something, Tracy,’ she said, looking straight at me. ‘A true sex freak, just like me.’

‘Takes one to know one,’ I said as we laughed, slapping palms.

‘The other thing I heard about Phi Sigma Sex,’ Donna continued, ‘was that the chicks over there don’t just like to mess around with guys, know what I’m saying?’

She gave me a meaningful look. Though we had come to know each fairly well, this was the first time we were frankly broaching the topic of girl-girl sex.

‘Yeah, I know what you’re saying,’ I said, looking her straight in the eye. ‘I like to go that way myself now and then.’

I’d been wanting to tell Donna that for awhile too.

Now we both went silent for a moment, sharing something new.

‘Me too,’ Donna said. ‘The bi way!’

‘Yeah, the bi way, the pussy way!’

‘Damn, Tracy, you can be nasty sometimes.’

‘Nasty’s my middle name,’ I said, and I meant it!

‘Then it sounds like that’s the sorority for you,’ Donna said.

‘Sure does, that’s where I intend to pledge.’

‘You and me both,’ Donna said.

‘The Greek way, the bi way, the orgy way, sounds like our kind of sorority, huh Donna?’

‘Uh huh!’ she said and then leaned close. ‘And I hear their initiation for new pledges is supposed to be really wild.’ she said.

‘Yeah, like what?’ I asked, very curious.

‘That I wasn’t able to find out. Allison asked her sister but she wouldn’t say. She told her it’s for members to know and pledges to find out, she said.’

‘All I know is that talking to you about all this, Donna, has made my pussy wet,’ I told her. And that was true; I felt moist and sticky between my thighs.

She cackled over that, and then leaned close again.

‘I happen to know someone who’d just love to get into that wet pussy of yours,’ she said with a wink. We had talked lots about different guys that were coming on to us, and I figured it was one of them. Or was Donna referring to herself?

‘Who?’ I said, probing for more details.

‘You know that babe who works in the pizzeria across the street from the dorm? The dark-haired skinny one with the big tits, and all those tattoos, and the pierced ears?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, the owner’s daughter, right?’ I said.

I Kadıköy Escort knew who she meant. Her name was Angie and she worked there all the time, it seemed. She was a slim Italian chick with real long hair and this hot look about her, sort of punk. The guys from the dorm were always checking her out. She had this nasty blue-collar street vibe that appealed to some of them, especially the preppies.

‘Yeah, her. Well she’s the one I’m talking about, the one who I happen to know is dying to get into your pussy.’

‘What!? She’s straight,’ I said, stunned. ‘There are always guys around her. Doesn’t she have a boyfriend or something?’

‘No,’ Donna said confidentally. ‘She’s a dyke. I know that for a fact.’

The smirk on Donna’s face told me that she probably knew that from personal experience.

‘Tell me more,’ I said.

And then Donna told me all about Angie.

‘So one night I’m over there getting a slice just as the place is getting ready to close. Me and Angie are talking and she says she’s always been curious to see the inside of a girl’s dorm.’

Even though the dorm was right across the street from the pizza place, the town-gown line was pretty firm, and townies like Angie didn’t really mix it up with us co-eds.

‘So I tell her I’m going back to my room and ask her if she wants to come back with me and hang out,’ Donna continued. ‘I mean, in my mind I’m thinking that just maybe she’s a part-time muffdiver, the way she’s talking about being curious about the girl’s dorm and shit. And I happened to be feeling real horny that night.’

‘Fuck, this is gonna get exciting, I can tell,’ I said, ‘Keep talking, Donna.’

‘Anyway, we get back to my room. I know my roommate ain’t going to be there; she’s got this boyfriend and stays with him all the time. So we’re in my room and it takes all of about thirty seconds for this pizza slut to start licking her lips and eyeing my bod with that look that tells me exactly what she has in mind. Well, to make a long story short, off came all our clothes and we spend the night doing the nasty like you wouldn’t believe. Shit, Angie must’ve spent five hours with her face between my legs, really wolfing it down. The slut’s a real cunt hound. So anyway, that was the first time. Since that night she’s been coming over two, three nights a weeks to service little old me.’

‘Goddamn, Donna, you’ve been keeping busy!’ I said.

‘And the thing about the slut is that she’s kind of kinky too,’ Donna said, leaning close again, whispering.

‘Kinky?’ I asked, very curious now.

‘Yeah, kinky. Like she begged me to spank her. I don’t know how she guessed that I’ve fantasized about spanking a nice female butt, though I’d never really done that until I hooked up with Angie. Plus, she just loves dropping down to her knees and eating out my ass. You say you’re a greek fiend, Tracy. Well you’d love little Angie’s tongue action down there. Man, she’s really into butt games too. She freaks when I shove a couple of stiff fingers up her ass and really twist them around in there.’

‘What are you trying to do to me telling me all this, Donna?’ I joked. ‘Getting me to have an orgasm right here, sitting next to you?’

‘Why? Do you like it when a slut buries a couple of stiff ones up your butt?’ she probed.

I couldn’t believe that we were suddenly talking to each other as openly, as lewdly as this.

‘Yeah, I fuckin’ love it back there, tongues, fingers, dicks, you name it!’ I happily confessed.

‘Mmmmmh, I’ll have to remember that,’ she purred, looking into my eyes with a meaningful gaze, taking another sip of coffee. ‘And check this out, last time the slut came over she brought this huge strap-on dildo with her and had me use it on her pussy. She got it at that sex shop downtown, know the one I mean?’

I sure did. I’d been down there to pick up a vibrator to use on myself during some of those lonely nights back at the dorm.

‘Anyway, the last couple of times she came by, I fucked the shit out of her with that thing,’ Donna continued. ‘You should’ve seen how she flipped over that. By the time I finished up with her that tight little bod of Angie’s was covered in sweat and she was breathing like she’d just run a fucking marathon.’

‘You know, Donna, as if all that sorority shit wasn’t enough, you’re really making me cream telling me all this,’ I told her.

‘That’s what I figured,’ Donna said with a knowing, sexy smile. ‘And here’s what I’m getting to, this Angie, this pizza slut, confessed to me that she didn’t just have the hots for me, but for you too, Tracy. She says to me that every time you come to get a pizza she undresses you with her eyes and a couple of times she’s even beat off at night thinking about making it with you. She actually told me that. The slut’s got this fetish for college babes like us. I mean she’s this dark Italian chick, and so foxy blondes, Kadıköy Escort Bayan especially sleek cheerleader, prom queen types like you and me, really push her button. You know how it is, opposites attract. Plus, she lives at home with her mom and dad and grandma, right above the pizza restaurant. So she really digs getting away from all that and coming to my room. And get this, her mom loves that she’s hanging out with me. She figures maybe that way Angie’ll get into the college scene and decide to go to college herself. Shit, If her mom only knew that what Angie likes most about college chicks is their pussies!’

I wondered if Donna knew just how much this was getting me off. I think she did!

‘So what do you say, Tracy? I know Angie’d love it if you joined us and we made it into a little threesome. You and me, we can team up, and really work her over, make her our little plaything, have her service us any old which way we want.’

‘Damn, sounds like a plan!’ I enthused.

Donna looked at her watch.

‘Say, the pizzeria closes in a couple of hours. Why don’t I see if Angie wants to come over after she gets off work tonight. When I tell her you’re going to be there I know she’ll drop whatever else she might have planned.’

‘What the fuck are you waiting for, Donna, give her a call!’ I urged.

Donna picked up her cell and dialed.

‘Hey Angie? So my friend Tracy’s gonna hang out with me tonight. Wanna come over to my dorm room and have some fun with us? You know? Like what we talked about maybe doing…. Yeah, the three of us, she’s really into it…. uh huh,’ Donna said into the phone, winking lewdly at me. Then there was a long silence as she listened.

‘Cool, I’ll tell her. See ya,’ she said, ending the call, a strange smile on her face.

‘Get this,’ she said, ‘Of course Angie loved the idea. But there’s just this one catch. She’s got a cousin visiting from Chicago, staying over with her. The chick’s married but she ain’t with her husband. So Angie tells me that she and this cousin — Teresa’s her name — have always been close and she’d told her all about the things me and Angie have been doing together. Shit, that was a little shocker! Then she tells me that her cousin, who’s supposed to be straight by the way, got all excited hearing the dirty details. So I’m asking Angie about maybe coming over and her cousin’s right there, listening. And when she hears what I’m proposing she asks Angie if she can tag along and just watch the three of us do our thing. Angie said her cousin’s been real curious about chicks making it and she’d really get off sitting back and watching a hot all-babe sex show. So when I heard that I figured it’d be pretty cool. What do you think, Tracy?’

‘Damn! That sounds great to me, I don’t mind being watched doing it, I get off on it. I’ve always have had a bit of the exhibitionist streak in me. Let the bitch watch us put her cousin through the wringer.’

Donna laughed.

‘You’re really something else, Tracy. That’s what I figured you’d say, so I told her to come over and to bring her cousin along.’

Then Donna leaned close once again with a lewd wink.

‘Maybe we’ll even turn her cousin into a muffdiver before the night is over.’

‘Maybe we will,’ I said, as Donna and I slapped palms again. ‘Maybe she won’t ever want to go back to her husband after we’re done with her.’

‘You and I, I have a feeling we’re gonna make quite a team,’ I said.

‘I agree,’ I told her. ‘Two nasty sluts ready to party!’

And the amazing thing was that, until now, Donna and I had never even talked about any of this kind of shit, let alone having made it with each other.

Donna looked at her watch again.

‘We got a couple of hours to kill until they come over. What do you want to do?’

She looked me in the eye, a seductive gaze.

‘How about we go back to your room and get to know each other a little better, know what I mean?’

‘I know exactly what you mean, and I think that’s a great idea, Tracy,’ Donna said. ‘I wouldn’t want that slut Angie to get familiar with your pussy before I had a chance to check it out for myself.’

‘I wouldn’t want that either,’ I said, reaching under the table and sliding my hand up her thigh, right to her crotch, and giving that warm ‘V’ a little squeeze.

Donna smiled, looking around us, pretending to be shocked.

‘What will people think?’

‘They’ll think we’re two horny sluts…’

‘… which we are!’ Donna hissed.

‘Let’s go to your room, let’s go right now,’ I whispered sexily.

‘Okay, but first I need to take a leak real bad,’ she said. While all I had was a little espresso, Donna had consumed a double cappucino, so I could understand her need to relieve herself.

We walked over to the ladies room and Donna opened it to see it was one of those one-at-a-time jobs that you lock from the inside.

‘I’ll Escort Kadıköy just be a second,’ she said, then hesitated. ‘Say, come in with me, why don’t you?”Sure,’ I said, eager for any kind of intimacy.

She bolted the door, then pulled down her jeans and panties and planted her trim, pretty bottom down on the toilet seat. Naturally I stared right down there, at her silky bush. She didn’t shave.

‘Look at you, you still got a bush,’I said, pointing between her legs.

‘Yeah, my last boyfriend had a thing for bush, so I left it alone,’ she said.

‘Looks cute,’ I told her, eyeing the downy patch of blonde curls.

‘Gosh, I really have to go,’ she said with a faux amazed smile just as she released a torrent. I looked down at the golden stream leaving her pussy, listening to the sound of her urine splashing against the porcelain of the bowl. All Donna was doing was pissing, but now this most ordinary of acts took on a sexual charge for me as I watched her relieve herself. And she stared right at me as she peed, obviously enjoying the fact that she was doing it right in front of me.

‘We are going to have ourselves some serious fun tonight,’ she said as she finished up. Then she turned to see there was no toilet paper left. But there was a stack of rolls on a counter a little out of her reach.

‘Will you get me one of those rolls?’ she asked.

I grabbed a roll and pulled off the wrapper. I was going to hand her the roll, but suddenly I had a better idea. So instead I tore off a length, clumped it up, and knelt down to reach between her legs.

‘Let me,’ I said, wiping her pussy, drying her off.

‘Oh, you’re so sweet, Tracy,’ she said, giggling.

‘Now let’s take you home so I can wipe you with my tongue,’ I said as she zipped up.

We walked the few blocks back to our dorm all charged up, glancing at each other and smiling, knowing that hot, kinky times were definitely in store for us tonight!

Once we were behind the closed door of Donna’s dorm room, there was no stopping us.

‘Come here,’ I whispered, holding open my arms as Donna fell against me, pressing her body against mine, our lips meeting, opening in a torrid, passionate kiss. Our tongues entwined, our breath hot and sweet. I reached around to grab hold of Donna’s firm butt, as she held on to mine, both of us pushing, grinding our pubic mounds against each other.

Then we just fell back on Donna’s bed, still kissing, hands groping, feeling all over, breathing heavily. Soon my hand slid up her thigh, between her legs, cupping her crotch, hot under the rough denim of her jeans.

‘God, you really are wet!’ she said, cupping the crotch of my jeans now. ‘I can even feel how damp you are through your jeans.’

‘I told you I was a wet one,’ I purred, kissing her, running a hand under her sweater to feel her warm, firm breasts.

‘I’ve got to get these off you right now!’ she panted, unbuckling my belt, pulling back to take off my jeans.

‘Oh my God! You got a wet spot down there,’ she marvelled, staring between my legs. ‘You actually soaked right through your jeans.’

I looked down there to see that Donna was right.

‘What’d I tell you? I don’t just get wet down there, I get soaked,’ I said, spreading my legs wide, proudly showing off the visible sign of my deep arousal.

‘I have to see what’s under there,’ she hissed, pulling down my zipper and tearing off my jeans, and my panties along with them.

‘Oh fuck!’ she gasped, staring at my exposed pussy. ‘You are absolutely drenched down there!’

‘I’m drenched for you, Donna,’ I whispered, taking off my sweater and getting nice and naked. Donna took the opportunity to take off her own clothes too. Of course we had seen each other naked in the college gym locker rooms after working out and lifting weights together. That’s how we met, in the gym. Both of us, it seemed, like to work out and stay in shape.

But now we stared at each other’s toned, shapely bodies with a frank, carnal hunger. Then we fell against each other again, panting with raw, unbridled desire, kissing wildly, sliding hands between each others’ legs, feeling for ground zero — pussy!

Donna may not have been as soaked as I was down there, but she sure was all moist and creamy with arousal, though not quite the humid, tropical jungle that my pussy had become.

But I knew my own pussy was something else; it was positively swampy.

‘Damn! It’s like a river down here!’ she said, running her hand all over my vulva before sliding a couple of fingers up inside me. I was so wet her fingers made a ‘squishy’ sound as they probed me.

‘Oh shit! I can’t wait to drink some of that,’ she said, and we laughed, realizing how with my pussy being in its present state, drinking it as well as eating it was the thing to do.

‘All in good time,’ I said, pushing her hand away from between my legs. ‘But first let me. I’ve been dying to get at your goods for so long, Donna, fantasizing about it.’

I dragged my tongue down her neck and all over both her breasts, before taking her stiffened nipples between my lips and sucking each one in turn.

‘Go on, Tracy, suck my titties!’ she urged, pawing mine as I devoured hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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