And Then There Was Katie Ch. 06

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“Oh man, my legs feel like jelly,” Katie moaned as she clambered up into the passenger side middle bucket seat.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” Mike answered with a smirk. Diverting his eyes from the road to the rear view mirror, he saw her still-naked form plop down in the seat, her head immediately falling to her hands.

“No you’re not, you shit,” she mumbled through her fingers as they tried to rub life back into her face. Mike watched and admired as those same fingers slid up through her short blonde hair and gave it a little toss. “But you know I’m not complaining,” she added. “Where are we?”

“We’re passing through Grand Prairie, so we’ll probably get to the hotel in another ten or fifteen minutes. Not that I mind, of course, but you probably need to get dressed.”

Mike saw Katie nod in response before standing up as much as possible and making her way to just behind Mike’s seat. Crouching down, she slid her arms around the seat, her hands finding his chest. Leaning over his right shoulder, she kissed him softly on the cheek. “Thank you for cleaning me up. I’ve never passed out like that before.”

Mike smiled as she crawled back to retrieve her clothing, the rise in his pants testifying to his remembering of their incredibly hot session only hours earlier. The throbbing between his legs began anew as his mind replayed the scene. The music’s volume, which had been low while Katie slept, Mike had since returned to a normal level.

Even at the relatively young age of 27, Mike’s hearing was at least minimally damaged from the years of blaring rock music. Commanding the excellent ear for music that he did was a wonderful benefit during his years of piano study and music theory classes, but it was also a curse in the sense that he listened to music for the music itself. Mike could listen to a song twenty times and not recite more than a few words of lyrics, but he could reel off every note and beat of every instrument and even arrange it all into a score if required. Of course, in most songs, every instrument could not be completely heard at lower volumes, so he always cranked it up. He was thankful to once again be able to hear the intricacy of the music, and he tapped his foot to the driving beat of Van Halen’s Panama.

Traffic was relatively light, and he pulled into the parking garage of their hotel just as Katie finished getting herself put back together. He quickly found a spot to park, and the illicit couple got out of the Suburban and stretched wearily. With Katie’s arms still in the air, Mike slid his around her waist and pressed his lips to hers.

After a few seconds of soft, wet making out, Katie pulled back slowly with her eyes closed. “Mmmm,” she purred, “that’s nice.” Reopening her eyes, she continued with a sly smile, “We’d better hurry up to our room. We have a long night ahead of us.”

She retrieved her things from the front while Mike gathered their luggage from the middle driver side seat and floorboard. Once everything was in hand, Mike locked the doors and they proceeded to the elevator.

The sounds of traffic echoed off the warm concrete of the garage from the streets below. As the elevator doors shut and the car began to move, the noise diminished and air changed from warm and humid to cool and dry. When the doors opened, the elegant hotel lobby stared at the pair. The tile floor, the dark mahogany furniture, and the vast amount of vegetation and fountains invited them toward the front desk which appeared to be about thirty yards away.

Mike and Katie smiled at each other and started out across the lobby. The musak of the elevator was replaced with a nice classical tune originating from somewhere Mike could not determine. There were already several people and another couple waiting at the front desk, so Mike and Katie just lined up behind them.

Mike grabbed his phone from his hip and flipped it open. “Better go ahead and call home,” Mike said in response to her inquisitive look. “I don’t think we’ll stop to do it when we get to our room.”

Jennifer cheerfully answered Mike’s call. “Hey sweetie!” she chimed. “Are you there?”

“Yep, we’re at the hotel,” he answered, glad to be talking to his lovely wife yet filled with desire for the woman by his side. “There’s a line at the front desk, so we’re waiting.”

“Hannah,” he heard Jennifer call out on the other end of the line, “daddy’s on the phone!” He heard the cute sounds grow louder as his daughter approached. With her mouth obviously away from the handset, Jennifer said, “Say hi to daddy! Can you say hi?”

Mike took his cue and started talking to his sweet fourteen-month old little girl. “Hi Hannah!” he said to no response. As he carried on the short, one-sided conversation, he noticed Katie had taken out her own phone and called her husband, Thomas. After a few short moments, Jennifer got back on the phone and continued talking.

“So what are y’all gonna do tonight?” she asked.

“Nothing,” Mike replied. “We stopped and ate on the way, so we’ll probably Antep Escort Bayan just go to bed. We both have early days tomorrow.”

“OK,” Jennifer answered, “well I’m glad you had a safe drive. Call me in the morning.”

“I will. I love you! Tell Hannah I miss her.”

“Will do,” she said. “Bye.”

“Bye,” Mike said before flipping his phone shut.

Katie was already done with her conversation, and the front desk attendant motioned for them to step up to the counter. The attractive young woman greeted them with a warm smile as they pulled their bags up alongside them. Her nametag read “Crystal.”

“Hi, Crystal,” Mike started before giving her his reservation information. As she quickly began pecking away at her keyboard, Mike’s eyes drifted to Katie. Her gaze was fixed on nothing in particular behind the counter, but fixed nonetheless. As she stared off into space, Mike noticed the slight red tinting to her cheeks, and he knew what was running through that mind of hers. Images of Katie’s naked body flashed into his mind, her body on top of his, underneath his, in front of his, her face full of the pleasure that his body was giving hers. And in every image, there was that same red hue spread across her face and upper torso. She was hot for him, and he knew it.

“Sir, there seems to be a problem with your reservation.” Crystal’s voice regained Mike’s attention.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well, it looks like, with the convention and all, your room got double-booked and is already in use.” Mike’s anger was about to come down all over poor Crystal, but she was apparently good at her job and immediately presented a solution. “I don’t have any more open rooms of that type and configuration. But I can upgrade you to one of our suites, if that would be acceptable.”

He smiled to himself at this turn of luck but kept a straight face as he responded. “I won’t have to pay for the upgrade, will I?”

“Oh, no sir. I’ll take care of that since it was our mistake. Our suites have one king bedroom and one double bedroom. It also has a sofa sleeper.” She flashed her warm smile yet again. She was very good at her job. Mike wondered why he could never find people like that to hire.

Now Mike was really smiling on the inside. He looked over at Katie, whom he could tell was also excited. “That sounds good to me,” he said.

“Yeah, I think we can handle that,” Katie joined in. “That way we’ll each have our own room.”

Mike’s gaze lingered on his beautiful sister-in-law just long enough to enjoy, but not long enough to draw the attention of the desk attendant. He loved the way her high cheek bones flowed right into her delicious smile. Even from three feet away, he could detect her scent, that wonderful aroma that was nothing but Katie at the end of a long day. It had been a good day, one filled with lust and sex and sweat.

“Yeah,” he said, turning back to Crystal, “we’ll take it.” Crystal’s fingers went to work on her keyboard, and within a few seconds, she swiped Mike’s credit card and handed him the little envelope with two room key cards.

“You’re in room 2201,” Crystal said. She gave them quick directions on how to find the room, then they were off. As they headed away toward the elevators, Katie was beaming.

“A suite!” she squealed quietly as they stepped into the empty elevator. “Oh Mike, this is so exciting! Three nights with you…I never imagined that we would have an opportunity like this!”

As they watched the doors close, Mike pulled her close to him and looked into her radiant eyes. “Well here we are, so what are you imagining now?”

Katie treated Mike to her warm smile before leaning up and kissing him softly. “When we get in that room, I want you to undress me, lay me down on the bed, and make slow sweet love to me. I want to feel every part of you touching every part of me, and I want to feel it all night long.”

Mike’s heart was pounding and his cock was growing as he listened. Before he could respond, the elevator chimed signaling their arrival on floor twenty-two. They grabbed their luggage and turned to the left as per Crystal’s instructions. Down the hall and around one corner, they found their room. Mike opened the door and followed Katie inside.

“Wow,” is all he heard in front of him as Katie surveyed their quarters. As the door closed softly behind him, Mike set the bags on the floor and internally echoed her sentiment. They stood in the parlor, which had a half bathroom, a small bar, and a spacious living area. As Katie walked through a doorway to his left, Mike found the thermostat on the wall and adjusted it to help eliminate the room’s slight stuffiness.

Katie strolled freely back past Mike toward the other side of the room. “Double beds,” she muttered as she past, tossing her head back in the direction of the room she just left. He just stood where he was, appreciating the sway of her hips as she once again disappeared through the doorway.

The parlor’s décor consisted largely of earth tones. The darkly stained oak tables and cabinets contrasted nicely, as did the accents and fabrics with their various shades of blue. From what Mike could see of the two bedrooms, they were similarly decorated.

“This will be our room,” Katie announced from the doorway. Mike just smiled at her enthusiasm as she sauntered to the large bay window spread across the far side of the room. Mike followed her and arrived behind Katie as they caught their first westward glimpse of Reunion Tower from twenty-two stories up.

“What a view,” Mike said softly as his arms slid around Katie’s waist.

“It’s beautiful,” she said absent-mindedly. “All the lights…” her voice trailed off and she snuggled her head back into Mike’s left shoulder.

“I wasn’t talking about the scenery,” Mike whispered slyly into her right ear. She closed her eyes and moaned seductively in response as he softly nibbled her ear lobe. His tongue felt the sharp poke of Katie’s earring as he licked the soft spot just behind it. Mike lazily licked and kissed his way down the side of Katie’s neck. Her skin smelled delicious; Mike quickly became lost in the natural aphrodisiac.

In the middle of his reverie, he looked up to see her hands slowly unbuttoning her white shirt for the second time that day. His hands began a slow journey from Katie’s hips up her sides, on to her elbows, upward along her smooth and toned biceps, until they finally reached the shirt’s fabric on top of her shoulders. As if the timing had been orchestrated, Katie’s fingers released the last button just as his fingers grasped the collar and began retracing their previous route in reverse.

Katie just stood frozen in place, allowing Mike to nibble the base of her neck, then just under the beginning of her jaw line, then out just slightly across her right shoulder and back, all while sliding her shirt down her back, along her arms, and finally into the floor. He could swear he felt her shuddering, subtly, barely detectable, as if she were trying to hide the intensity of her enjoyment.

Mike’s hands returned to Katie’s sides, this time moving to her front and up her tummy. He could feel the soft, tiny, invisible hairs across her trunk underneath his fingertips. When his fingers found and release the front clasp of her bra, Katie turned her head sharply to her right and pressed her lips into Mike’s.

Their tongues began their familiar ballet, sliding back and forth across each other, in and out, over and over. Mike’s hands passed the place where the underwire had been and quickly traversed the round, luscious globes that perfectly adorned Katie’s chest. Her hands quickly wrapped around the back of Mike’s head, holding his mouth to hers. Her kiss jumped in intensity as Mike’s fingertips lightly brushed over her protruding nipples.

Katie pulled at him more and more strongly, until he felt like she was lifting herself off the floor by his neck. Trying to avoid injury so early in their tryst, Mike pried her hands off of him and quickly spun her around to face him. Like a live torpedo, her hands locked on to the first target they detected: Mike’s pants.

As they began their kiss anew, Mike felt Katie opening his belt, unbuttoning his pants, pulling down the zipper, all in a flash. He started taking baby steps backward toward the bedroom, pulling Katie along with him. They made little progress in terms of distance, but great advances in removing each other’s clothing. Mike’s shirt disappeared, Katie’s sandals left behind, his undershirt discarded, her bra tossed aside, still kissing fiercely, his shoes kicked off, his pants and underwear forced downward, getting close to the bedroom door, her capri pants sliding over her bare ass and down her legs, their breathing escalating, passing through the doorway, him peeling his socks off with his toes, her shimmying out of her pants, him stepping out of his, and finally feeling the edge of the bed on the sides of their legs, their naked bodies locked in embrace, kissing like it was their life’s sole purpose.

They stood there at the foot of the bed for some interval between a few seconds and hours. Time seemed to lose its meaning in that moment for Mike and Katie, and they finally stepped breathlessly back from each other. Katie stepped around to the side of the king bed, reaching down and pulling down the covers. Mike turned off the lamp that Katie had turned on in her initial visit to the room, but not before seeing her slender form slide gracefully into the bed. He wasted no time and quickly followed her inside, rolling his naked body over on top of her own.

Mike felt the rush of cool air on his moist back, so he reached down and pulled the sheets up over himself and his lover, not wanting her to cool down in any sense of the phrase. Katie spread her legs wide for him as his hard cock grinded down against her wetness. Renewing their kiss once more, he eased himself up and down the length of Katie’s slit, covering his stiff flesh in her juices. He loved the feeling of her sweaty body underneath his, responding, desiring, submitting.

When Katie slid her inner thighs up the side of Mike’s legs and locked her ankles behind his ass, he knew it was time. He raised his hips until the head of his cock slid into place at the most private entrance to the inside of her body. Mike pressed ahead, sliding through that velvety corridor and into the pleasures beyond.

His ears rang with his loud, growling moan. The look on Katie’s face suggested that she too was vocally appreciative of the situation, but he could not hear her sounds. Mike completely buried himself inside her, then began to grind against her, producing the friction on her clit that they both desired. Sliding back outward, he repeated his actions, drawing an even more intense look from Katie. On his third roundtrip, he heard her squeals, those delicious high-pitched sounds that betray one thing and one thing only: a woman in the throes of ecstasy.

“Nothing – in this world – feels as good – as being inside you,” Mike stuttered out in between his long, full strokes.

“Oh Mike,” Katie responded with that breaking voice that Mike so loved, “all night! Let’s do this all night!” She began humping her pussy up on to his cock, both of them feeling the silky effortlessness with which her body enveloped his. “I don’t wanna stop! Oh, GOD! Don’t stop!”

Mike’s movements felt like lead; he had to force himself to not follow his body’s instinctual desire to speed up. He knew from his musical performance experience that when the adrenaline was pumping, the right tempo felt way too slow. Mike wanted this to last, so he didn’t speed up since the adrenaline wasn’t the only thing pumping in that bed.

With full, deliberate strokes, way in and way out, Mike made love to his sister-in-law in the king bed in the suite in the hotel in the city that was three hundred fifty miles from his wife and daughter. But thoughts of them were many thousands of miles away in his mind as his current reality surrounded himself with this other woman, this other lover, who consumed him in body, mind, and soul.

“Oh, oh Mike, oh fuck, I’m so close!” Katie cried out. When Mike resumed his grinding on her clit, she hit the top. “Oh Jesus I’m cumming! Cummingggggggggg!” Her heels dug deeply into the back of Mike’s thighs as she lifted her entire lower body off of the bed and into the air to meet his relentless motions.

“Cum on me, baby!” he said, feeling her pussy convulsing violently around him. “God you feel so good!”

Katie’s orgasm lasted for a good thirty seconds, at least in Mike’s estimation. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, he thought somewhat proudly at his ability to evoke such sensations in Katie. Her body finally collapsed back on to the sheets, her legs going limp around Mike’s backside. “You are such a fucking hot lover,” he said aloud, robustly relaying his thoughts.

Panting, Katie moaned, “So are you baby. Oooooh GOD, so are you!” After another few moments, she went on the offensive. “Does it feel good? Do you like how my pussy feels on your hard cock?”

“Hell yes,” Mike replied, feeling the beginnings of his own climax uprising.

He felt Katie start to flex her muscles around him, making things feel even better for him. “You like that, don’t you?” she continued. “You like me to squeeze you. You like to fill me up with your cum.”

“Oh God, Katie…feels so good…”

“You can’t get enough of this body, can you? You can’t stop thinking about fucking this.”

“So close…”

“Fuck me harder, Mike! Fuck me like the cunt I am! Yes, just like that! Harder! Harder! Yes! Yes!”

“Shit, I’m gonna cum!” Mike cried out. Hearing Katie’s words was too much for him to endure, and his cum exploded from his pounding cock. Katie gave a shrill and piercing affirmative, and reached her right hand down between her legs to force the issue within her own body.

Furiously rubbing her clit and feeling Mike’s hot juices bathing her pussy, Katie’s body betrayed her once again and sent her into sexual orbit. Her fingers left her clit and both hands flew up to her head, fingers intertwining her blonde hair that was now matted with sweat. Mike felt her orgasm and saw her mouth open as if to make a sound, but none came out. Instead, she again humped her creaming pussy up into every thrust of Mike’s hips, thrashed her head from side to side, and finally threw her arms around Mike’s neck, forcing his mouth down on hers.

With tongues entangled, they rode out their climaxes to the end with Mike collapsing, exhausted, on top of Katie. Before he got too settled, she twisted her hips in a way to let him know to roll over, and he gladly obliged. Out of breath, sweating, and all warm and fuzzy on the inside, the couple lay there together, caressing, enjoying, loving. Mike’s still semi-hard cock eventually slid messily out of Katie. The bed’s covers were in a disheveled chaos, wrapped around parts of them, covering some places but not others, and generally dampened with various bodily fluids. The cool air stung the exposed areas of their skin, but neither of them cared enough to do anything about it.

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