Andrea , Sir James

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At thirty years of age I made a career move and joined a small private company as assistant to the sole owner who had over the years built up a very prosperous business because of the niche market he had identified and taken advantage of and he was now a very wealthy man. At fifty-five he had been knighted for his achievement in the business world. Now sixty years old he wanted to ease the burden of work and so enjoy some of the more relaxing pursuits of which one of them was golf.

The business was in London but he lived at Henley-on-Thames. He was married so I learned to a woman who was thirty years his junior; she was his second wife and I had never met her in the eight months I had been with the company nor had I ever seen a photograph of her on his desk or elsewhere in his office.

One Wednesday morning in early June he said to me, “You know Jack you have been with me now for eight months and have proved yourself to be a very capable person, quick to learn and you have been a tremendous help to me making my job much easier. I think it’s about time you came and spent the weekend with Lady Andrea and I, are you free this weekend?”

“Yes I am Sir James, I would like to spend the weekend with you and Lady Andrea, I look forward to meeting her at last.”

“Why of course Jack I had forgotten you have never met her, she does not come up to the city very often preferring the country life but I am sure you will both get along just fine.”

“Do you have a partner or girlfriend you would like to bring with you?”

“I’m afraid not Sir James my partner and I parted company two years ago.”

“Sorry to here that old man, however I am sure you will find Lady Andrea good company she is the same age as you so you will not find some stuffy old woman boring you with bygone days and stuff like that,” he said and laughed.

“Come home with me on Friday we could leave at four and we can discuss a few things I have in mind for the company on the drive to Henley.”

“Thank you Sir James.”

I then left him and returned to my office to do some work that was required urgently. Later that day when I had just about finished I paused and my thoughts drifted to Friday and my weekend with Sir James and Lady Andrea, I wondered what she was like and why she had married someone who was thirty years her senior, perhaps it was because he was wealthy and also for the position as she and Sir James had married about nine months after he was knighted. I also learned that she had been his secretary for three years prior to his knighthood.

In my mind I formed a mental picture of a woman who was pretty plain and who would be quite happy married to an older man rather than be left on the shelf so to speak. Then I once more carried on with the work at hand and left for home at about five-thirty.

On Friday I arrived at the office with my suitcase ready for my weekend with Sir James. The day passed quite quickly as it was one of those days when the phone never seemed to stop ringing and I had lots of other things needing urgent attention.

At three forty five Sir James rang me, “Are you almost ready to leave Jack?”

“Five more minutes Sir James,” I said.

“Good, meet me at the car when you are ready.”

I finished up the few final things that needed attention and took the lift down to the underground car park; Sir James was sitting in the car waiting for me I put my suitcase on the back seat and got in the front seat and we set off for Henley. The journey went quite quickly as Sir James and I talked about some innovations he wanted to introduce into the business.

“Nearly there now Jack,” Sir James said.

About a mile further on we turned off and drove up a winding tree lined avenue and entered an open area and there before me I saw the house. It was quite a large house pretty old but it appeared to have been well maintained. We stopped in front of the steps that led up to the front entrance and alighted, as we reached the front door it suddenly opened and there stood a young woman of about twenty-three years of age dressed in a French maid’s uniform. She was quite an attractive woman with blonde shoulder length hair, the maid’s uniform showed off her slender figure to perfection, the curve of her hips the swell of her breasts which were exposed just enough to draw ones eyes to them and the short skirt which barely covered her thighs revealing her shapely legs. I did wonder briefly why she was dressed in such a sexy way before I was introduced to her.

“Good evening Sir James, mistress is waiting for you in the drawing room,” she said then looked directly at me.

“Good evening Millie, this is Mr Jack Wilding.”

“Good evening Sir, mistress said you were coming to stay for the weekend.”

“Good evening Millie,” I responded and as I looked at her I thought I saw the hint of a smile on her face and what I thought was an air of expectancy.

Entering bursa escort the house Sir James said to Millie, “Take Jack up to his room and wait for him then when he is ready bring him to the drawing room.”

Millie took me upstairs along a corridor stopping she opening a door then stood aside and said, “This is your room Sir I hope you like it I was allowed to select the room and chose this one for you because it has a great view over the rest of the estate.”

“Thank you Millie,” I said as I entered the room and put my suitcase down, I walked over to the window and looked out at the view, hearing Millie enter I said, “How thoughtful of you Millie it is indeed a lovely room and a great view. I better just wash my hands and then you can take me down to the drawing room.”

I noticed that her voice had a hint of excitement to it as she said, “Thank you Sir.”

I washed my hands in the adjoining bathroom, then Millie took me down to the drawing room, knocking on the door she opened it and stood to one side so I could enter..

“Ah Jack come and meet Andrea.” Sir James said.

The woman standing by Sir James was nothing like the person I had made a mental image of in my mind, she was a beautiful looking woman about five foot five slender with curvaceous hips and her breasts jutting out in the tight white blouse she was wearing although not large they added to her allure. Her curly auburn hair shoulder length framed her face adding to the perfection of the picture of beauty she presented to me, but it was her lovely green eyes that locked onto mine as I held out my hand and shook hers saying, “I am pleased to meet you Lady Andrea.”

Her eyes held mine as did her hand longer that one expects when being introduced to someone as she responded saying,” Well I am pleased to meet you at last Jack, James has talked about you so much I feel I know you already.”

Her eyes still stared into mine as she slowly and sensuously pulled her hand from mine without breaking the grip completely her fingers ending up sliding along my index finger in what seemed to me like a sexual gesture as she smiled at me and then licked her lips in another implied sexual way. I told myself it was my imagination brought about by her beauty and the sudden thought of what it would be like to make love to her, a thought that had made my cock start to swell with desire.

Just then Millie who was standing behind me said, “If you could all go through to the dining room I will serve dinner know.”

I wondered why there only seemed to be a maid and no other servants. As if she had read my thoughts Andrea said, “It’s the cooks weekend off and Millie usually comes for the weekends and stands in for her. Lets go through and have dinner we can talk over dinner we have the rest of the evening to get to know each other more intimately.”

As she said intimately I saw her smile at me again and her eyes held mine captive briefly once again. I felt my cock twitch as I wondered if she was teasing me, but why would she especially in front of her husband.

We went through to the dining room and I pushed my thoughts aside about how Andrea seemed to be coming on to me yet all through dinner I felt that Andrea was using other words that also had sexual meanings to them, she looked directly at me on two occasions as she licked her lips suggestively pretending she had food on them.

After dinner we adjourned to the drawing room again and sat talking while Millie was in the kitchen loading up the dishwasher.

Thirty minutes later Sir James said, “Will you excuse me Jack I have something that needs my attention for a while, Andrea will take good care of you won’t you my dear?”

“Of course I will James, I want him to enjoy his stay with us and hope that he will be a regular visitor in the future,” she replied looking at me and smiling.

After Sir James left Andrea patted the sofa seat where Sir James had been sitting beside her and said, “Come and sit beside me Jack and please none of the formality just call me Andrea not Lady Andrea. I like you Jack and I can see why James and you get on so well at work so just relax and be yourself.”

I went and sat beside her and as I sat down she moved closer and put her hand on my knee in a nonchalant sort of way as though it was a natural thing to do, her touch and her nearness made my cock suddenly stir but more strongly than before and I knew that I would soon have an erection. She smiled at me and said, “I know how surprised you are to find a woman your own age married to a man thirty years her senior.”

“Well yes I must be honest I did wonder about you after Sir James invited me to come and spend the weekend with you both.”

“And do you like what you see Jack?”

Her question was unexpected and took me by surprise, “Yes Andrea you’re a very beautiful woman,” I replied.

“Thank you bursa escort bayan Jack,” she said smiling at me as I felt her hand move from my knee onto my thigh making me more aroused.

“I have something I want to tell you Jack, and I am placing my trust in your hands because James told me that you are a trustworthy person. Perhaps you will be shocked by my revelation, however I hope you will be pleased with the reason for your visit and that we will become good friends, very close friends.”

She paused gauging my reaction before she said, ” James brought you here for me Jack can you believe and accept that he would do that for his wife? “

“But why Andrea?” I said my voice showing my surprise.

She never answered my question instead she turned towards me more and put her hand behind my head and pulled my head towards hers which was slowly moving towards me, I felt a sudden surge of excitement as her lips touched mine, soft warm and sensual. I felt her tongue trace the line of my lips; I opened my mouth a little more and felt it slip inside finding mine. My cock hardened as our tongues started to play and tease. Suddenly she withdrew her tongue and I darted mine into her oral cave exploring it as I pressed my lips harder against hers deepening the kiss.

She took me by surprise as her hand moved suddenly up my thigh and found my erect cock straining against its confinement she stroked it through the thin material of my trousers. Breaking the kiss and with her lovely green eyes staring into mine she smiled and said, ” You really do desire me don’t you Jack? Well I can be yours if you want me,” she said as she squeezed my hard cock.

I hesitated but my feelings of desire for this beautiful woman who was offering herself to me with her husband’s knowledge overwhelmed me and I said, “Yes Andrea I do want you.” To be truthful I wanted to take her there and then I was so aroused by her sexual teasing and then touching.

She took her hand away leaving me feeling frustrated and said, “First of all I want you to see something and then I will explain about why I married James after being his secretary.”

She took my hand giving it a squeeze as she led me along a corridor to another room stopping outside the closed door she said, “When we go inside you will perhaps be surprised or shocked at what you may see taking place promise not to say anything but just sit with me and watch then afterwards it will help me explain why I married James.”

I gave her my promise wondering what all the mystery was about as she opened the door and we went into the room. To my surprise there was Sir James with Millie. The room had allsorts of strange items in it one of which was a padded sawhorse beside which Millie and Sir James were standing, they both watched us as we walked over to two chairs which were placed in such a position that they gave anyone sitting in them a clear view of the saw horse.

“Your just in time Andrea I thought that perhaps Jack had been shocked at what you were telling him, pleased you came Jack I am sure you will enjoy your stay and be a regular visitor and participant in the future.”

I never responded but wondered what he meant by me being a participant. I sat in one chair as Andrea sat beside me in the other. Millie gave me a big smile then looked away as Sir James spoke to her.

“You know why you are here Millie don’t you?”

“Yes Sir James, I am truly sorry for being slack attending to my duties.”

“It’s a bit late for that now Millie having warned you a few times I think that you need to be punished or would you rather I dismissed you?”

“No Sir James please don’t dismiss me I will accept your punishment whatever it is.”

“Take you clothes of then Millie and lay over the padded horse.”

Surprised at his request I watched as Millie slowly removed her clothes revealing herself to Sir James, Andrea and me who as voyeurs were to witness her punishment. She had a lovely figure with large breasts a lovely round bottom, which was soon on display as she bent over the padded horse. I was fascinated as I watched Sir James tie her hands to two of the legs and her ankles were tied to the other two. Her slender legs and fuller thighs spread open, her shaved labia was now displayed with the inner lips just protruding from between them.

Andrea whispered in my ear saying, “Doesn’t she look beautiful tied up naked and exposed in that way,” as I felt her hand once more on my crotch as she stroked my hard cock through my trousers again.

I looked at her; she just smiled as she took her hand away leaving me feeling frustrated once again saying, “Watch and enjoy.”

Sir James stood on the far side of Millie so we had a good view of what was going to happen. I saw Sir James place his hand on the right cheek of her arse and stroke it and then do the same to the left cheek, bursa merkez escort he repeated his stroking of her arse as he said, “You have such a beautiful arse Millie, a really lovely spanking arse and that is what I am going to give you a really good spanking then perhaps you will perform your duties in an efficient manner in future.”

“Yes Sir James,” Millie said playing her part well I thought, yet I wondered how as a maid employed by Sir James she would allow herself to be treated in this way, especially being a young woman stripping naked for an old man like Sir James. It was much later that all was revealed to me about what things took place here at Henley and the truth about Millie.

I noticed that Millie was lubricating by the shiny coating of her juices, which were leaking from between her inner lips and running down her slit. Sir James appeared to notice it as well. He began to spank Millie’s bottom hard again and again his hand landed on her arse making her cry out begging him to stop.

“Stop you little slut, I’ll stop when “I’m good and ready. Look at you your cunt is leaking more now than it was at the start which shows you are enjoying your punishment.”

“No Sir James, stop PLEASE.”

Sir James stopped spanking her and then forcefully rammed two fingers all the way up Millie’s cunt and began finger fucking her making her moan with pleasure as he said, “Lying bitch your cunt is so hot and wet now you really do like being spanked.”

Millie her arse glowing red from the hard spanking lay moaning and gasping as Sir James finger fucked her cunt forcefully as he talked in a dirty way to her telling her she was nothing more than a whore who thought more about pleasuring her cunt than her duties. Suddenly she cried out as Sir James’s thrusting fingers brought her to orgasm, As her orgasm passed away Sir James pulled his fingers from her flooded hole and put them in his mouth and sucked them clean then said, “You’re a true pain slut, how quickly my fingers brought you to orgasm.”

He paused then said, “You do have such sweet cunt juice Millie, now let me give you a taste of my creamy cock juice.”

I thought that Sir James was about to fuck her as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock, which was fully erect. Instead moving behind her he stood close to her weeping cunt and began to stroke his cock with one hand as he stroked her fiery arse with the other while talking dirty to her once more. Suddenly he cried out and the first strings of come shot onto her abused ass and some onto her cunt lips.

After he had cum he walked in front of Millie and said,” Open your mouth slut, taste your masters creamy gift.”

Millie complied with his request and took Sir James’s cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. I thought that would be the end of it, instead after withdrawing his cock from her mouth she said, “Please Sir James don’t let all that lovely come you shot on my arse go to waste.”

I watched Sir James as he scooped up some of his come from her arse cheeks and took his fingers to her eager willing mouth, she took them inside as she cleaned them, five times he repeated his actions before Sir James picked up a towel from a nearby table and wiped her arse and cunt with it before releasing her saying, “See Jack what a pain and come loving slut she is.”

I did not respond because I was so surprised at what I had just witnessed.

Once released she went and knelt in front of Sir James and said, ‘Thank you Sir James, your slutty maid did deserve your punishment and the gift from your cock was most enjoyable. I hope that I pleased you master?”

“Yes Millie you pleased me very much you are such an eager willing cunt. Come with me and let me bathe you while mistress Andrea tells Jack all about herself and about you and I.”

Once more Millie looked at me and smiled as Sir James took her hand and led her away to the bathroom, my cock already aroused jerked a little as I watched her abused ass swaying from side to side before they both left the room.

So it was at this point of time I was drawn into the world of debauchery and the weird and kinky sexual things that took place at Henley. Why did I allow myself to be drawn into this world? It was because I had become infatuated with Andrea who had captivated me from the moment I saw her and although I felt I was always in command in reality she made me a slave to her every wanton licentious need and request. I can offer no real excuse for the things I did and the acts I participated in I think in reality I took the opportunity to gratify my own deep dark hidden desires.

After Millie and Sir James left to go to the bathroom Andrea once again took my hand we walked back to the drawing room in silence, once seated beside me on the sofa I waited for her to tell me her story, although what I really wanted was to relieve my sexual need after the way Andrea had touched my cock before and after taking me to witness the lewd act performed by Sir James with Millie. Her story only added to my sexual arousal and my desperate desire and need to empty my balls. My relief did come in the end but not in the way I anticipated.

To be continued…

© Neolithic One.

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