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Big Dicks

Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 10 – The Birthday Games and Poker Nights Check out photos of Andrew and his friends here.

Thank you for the feedback. The story is written out to about 30 chapters and I”m editing and posting as fast as I can. Visit the website linked above with the photos for more – it”s anonymous but I do see how many of you went there. That makes me happy!

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, or not, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

I”m honored that you took time from your day to read my story. Please let me know that you read it. I don”t want to write if there are no readers.

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Chapter 10

In the morning, Andrew was the first to wake up. He really had to pee, but he was tangled up in the other boy”s parts. Damien”s dick was almost in his face, so he leaned in and kissed it. Damien moaned, so Andrew sucked it in for a bit. Damien squirmed, and it got the other boys to move so Andrew could get out to go pee. As he was draining his bladder, the other boys all wandered in, and they stood around the toilet to pee. Tom was still in his pajamas, but the others were all naked. They pointed their boners down to pee, but nobody wanted to be the first to leave, except Tom. Tom peed and left. When the boys finally returned to the room, Tom had dressed and put his stuff in his backpack.

“Boys, breakfast is ready.” Kent called. “You can come naked if you like.”

Of course, Tom thought that was disgusting, but the other boys just giggled and went to eat. Kent had made pancakes and scrambled eggs. The boys piled up their plates and ate away.

After they ate, Tom asked, “Mr. Owens, could you call my mom to come get me please? I”m ready to go home.”

“Sure, Tom. Are you sure you don”t want to stay for some games?”

“No, thank you, Mr. Owens, I”d rather go home.”

“Alright, I”ll call her.” Kent called Tom”s mother, and she was on her way over. Tom waited on the front porch for his mom.

“What”s the deal with Tom?” Brian asked.

Damien responded, “He told me he thought we were being too gay for him, and he didn”t want anyone to think he was gay.”

“How is being naked and having fun gay?” Andrew asked.

“I don”t know, his parents are very odd. Have you ever seen his lunch?” Brian added.

“Yeah, everything is in little baggies with labels on it.” Damien offered.

“I”ve been to his house once, and his room is super tidy. Nothing is out of place.”

“Boy”s, maybe he just likes things to be in order. It”s fine. He”s the one missing out. It”s too bad he”s so uptight. Maybe he”s like your mom, Andrew.” Kent was wondering about the boy too. “OK, boys, let”s get some shorts on so we can play some games.”

Kent had a few games lined up in the back yard to get the boys all hot and sweaty. They played a water balloon toss, they did sack races, and a few other games like that. When they were all hot and sweaty, he brought them inside and insisted they all shower. The boys were happy to strip and all climb into the shower together and squeeze in. They washed each other. Kent stayed by the side just to make sure they didn”t fall or get hurt. He was aroused the entire time, watching all 4 boys bone up and play with each other.

When they were done, Kent had each one climb out into a nice fluffy towel. He was able to wrap each one of them and “accidentally” grope each boy. Kerry and Andrew knew the drill. Brian seemed to enjoy it and Damien just didn”t have a clue.

Once they were clean, Kent got them all ready to leave. He knew he wanted Brian to come to the next poker night, but wasn”t so sure that was a good idea. Maybe he would have him over again to find out how far the Çeşme Escort boy would go.

After the boys left, Andrew went and sat on his daddy”s lap. “Daddy, where does mom go when she leaves?”

“We don”t talk about that, Andrew.”

“Why can”t we talk about it?”

“Your mom gets upset rather easily.”

“I know, I”m always in trouble with her.”

“Yes, I know, but when she feels out of control, she runs away. I followed her once to just make sure she was OK, and do you know where she went? She went to your grandmother”s house and sat in the yard. She didn”t even tell your grandmother she was there.”

“Where does she go now?”

“She probably goes to the mall, or a park, or somewhere, but I don”t dare ask. If I asked, she would run away again. That”s why we never talk about it when she comes back.”

“But daddy, that”s so stupid. If she”s upset, why can”t we talk about it?”

“Do you really want to ask her that, Andrew?”

“Nooooo! I”d never get to leave my room. At least I get to come out when you get home now.”

“Son, I”m sorry that she”s like that. If I had known she was going to be so, so, different, I wouldn”t have married her.”

“But then you wouldn”t have had me! Don”t I make you happy, daddy?”

“Of course, son, of course! I love you and love making you have your tingles and especially love when you make daddy happy.”

“But, daddy, you promised not to hurt me.”

“I did, son. I never want to hurt you. Have I ever hurt you?”

“Sometimes you do hurt and you don”t stop when I ask.”

“I”m sorry I hurt you. I don”t know what comes over me sometimes.”

“You scare me, daddy. It”s bad enough with mom, but I can”t have you being mean to me too.”

“I”m sorry, I will try harder.”

He hugged Andrew tight.

“Hey, your mom is away. How about I get you your tingles again. I know you and your buddies played this morning, but I didn”t get to get off.”

“Let me help you, daddy.” Andrew climbed off his lap, got on his knees, and sucked on his daddy. As he felt him getting harder and ready to shoot, his daddy had him stand up and face him. He shot his load all over Andrew”s cocklet. He lifted Andrew up and sat him on the table and sucked his cum off of the boy. He kept sucking until Andrew had his tingles. “See, daddy can be nice and loving too.”

“I know, daddy. I love you.”

“I love you too, son.”

The rest of the school year was going to drag on for Andrew. He already knew what the teachers were teaching. The only fun thing was that he and Kerry would always be paired up for projects.

One weeknight, Kent got a bit too rough. He had long since stopped being the gentle, loving father that he promised Andrew and re-affirmed at Andrew”s birthday. He had started to use Andrew for his own needs. Andrew thoroughly enjoyed being fucked by his daddy and didn”t realize the gradual change from loving to rough until one night when he wasn”t feeling good from the previous night”s session.

“Daddy, could we just cuddle or let me suck you? My butt hurts and I need a break.”

“Daddy wants to fuck you, dammit. You”re my boy, you do as I say.”

“But you promised.”

“Fuck that, daddy needs to fuck his boy tonight. Stop being a pussy.”

“Don”t you remember?”

“Just let me fuck you, dammit!”

Andrew just lay there, defeated. His daddy was rough on him. He felt things tearing and was sure he was bleeding. When his dad got off of him, he just lay there sobbing into his pillow.

The next day at school, Andrew was in so much pain that his teacher stopped him: “Andrew, are you okay? You”re walking like you”ve been hurt. Do you want to come talk to me about it?”

“I”ll be fine, Mr. Porter, I was playing soccer with my friends and got leg swept and fell. It”s not a big deal. I think I”ll be good in a day or so” he responded.

The teacher wasn”t too sure that there wasn”t another reason why Andrew was hurt. He sensed that there was something more going on than the boy was telling him.

“Well be careful. If there”s anything going on that you need to talk about, Çeşme Escort Bayan you can always come talk to me. What you say to me stays between us. If it gets worse, go see the school nurse.” Mr. Porter added.

“I know, it”s not a big deal. My soccer coach says it”s part of the game.”

Mr. Porter still didn”t buy that his injury was soccer related, but he trusted Andrew and didn”t want to push. He would look for other signs before pushing any more. Andrew never had bruises or black eyes, so maybe he was telling the truth. An abusive parent tries to hide the injuries, but occasionally there”s a bruise or something that shows. He wouldn”t want to falsely accuse the Owens” of physical abuse.

Andrew felt his face getting warm, so he just turned and walked away. Andrew knew that what his dad was doing was hurting him and wrong, but he desperately needed his daddy”s approval and love. If Andrew went to another adult, they might do the same to him, or maybe he would be taken away. It was hard enough on him at home, and he didn”t want to worry about being taken away. After all, he did enjoy the sex, when it didn”t hurt. His daddy was all he had.

For the next few months, his daddy wasn”t so aggressive, and there were weekly poker games that brought the boy lovers over to service and be serviced by Andrew and Kerry, but there wasn”t much extra fun. Kent chickened out on having Brian over in case the boy couldn”t keep a secret.

Andrew was hoping that summer would bring more fun and freedom with Kerry. He was happy when the school year finally ended.

Kerry was going to join the soccer team too, because he and Gus had bonded during the poker night orgies. They would be on the eleven year old team because they were both past their half year mark between ten and eleven.


With school finally out, Andrew and Kerry thought they would be able to spend more time together. Kent and the men would have even more poker games which meant more sex with the boys.

Kerry and Andrew were out riding one Wednesday afternoon when Rob came looking for them. “Come on Kerry, you know we have to get to church early tonight. Its a big event tonight and you”ve got to be ready and learn your lines.”

“Oh, right, sorry dad, I”ll see you tomorrow, Andrew. I had a lot of fun today.” Kerry and Rob took off. Andrew had never heard much about the church before. They really didn”t talk about religion, they were more interested in sucking and trying to fuck each other.

Thursday came and went. Andrew hadn”t heard from Kerry. He rode his bike down to Kerry”s place but didn”t find him outside, and his parents” cars were both gone. He figured they were out, so he went back home. He had some film to develop, so he went to the darkroom to get to work.

Once he got into the darkroom, he undressed quickly, hopped up on the counter, and fished out some of the pictures he had taken of Kerry. He played with his little dick until he had his tingles and then decided he should actually develop the new film so he had something to show for his time in the darkroom. Usually he and Kerry would 69 on the floor while the film washed, but today he would have to settle for jacking off a couple of times.

On Friday morning, Kerry came by to see Andrew. “Hey, I wish you could come to church with me, Andrew. It”s a lot of fun. My dad says I can”t invite you though, and I shouldn”t even be telling you about it.”

“Why can”t you tell me about church?”

“Well, it”s sort of a secret club that he and I are part of. I”m going to ask my dad if he can talk to your dad about coming.”

“My parents aren”t really into church. I didn”t think church could be fun.”

“Oh, it really is a lot of fun. My dad made me promise not to tell you anything.”

Andrew wasn”t giving up. “Kerry, we”re best friends. No, we”re boyfriends, so you can tell me anything. What do you do that makes it so much fun? The last time I went to church, it was so boring. We sat there while the preacher talked and they sang, and then we left. It was a waste of time.”

“Andrew, you have to promise, you can”t say anything. Think Escort Çeşme of all the fun we have at poker nights, only better. It”s really fun! I hope I can convince my dad to talk to yours. Please don”t say anything.”

“You mean, sex?”

“Yeah. They have a bunch of men and some photographers. They paid my mom and dad to bring me.”



“And you have sex?”

“Of course. I get to suck them and fuck them, and some of them fuck me.”

“And you like it?”

“Andrew, it”s so fun. I wish you could come. We could play together.”

“I hope you can get your dad to talk to my dad. I want to come with you.”

“I”ll ask him again.”

“What was that about learning your lines that your dad said?”

“Oh, they”re making a movie with me and I have to learn my lines.”

“So it”s video and pictures?”

“Yeah! Andrew, you”ve got to promise to keep it a secret or I”m going to get in trouble.” Kerry was really starting to get scared. He couldn”t stop sharing the exciting events with Andrew and was about to tell more when his mom called and told Dorothy to send him home for dinner. Kerry really wanted to have Andrew star in the movie with him.

On Saturday night, Kent was having another poker game. The usual group came out tonight, including Rob and Kerry. As much as Kent wanted little Brian to join, he figured he needed to be careful for a bit. Brian”s mother didn”t let him stay over at all during the rest of the school year. He didn”t know how much the boy would do, or if he would keep it a secret. Dorothy went out again for her girls” night. The men were all drinking as usual, and Andrew was in his room playing naked games with Kerry.

Kerry thought he and Andrew should act out the movie he had done at church for the men at the poker table. Andrew had no idea what had been done, but was about to learn a tiny script that the boys would act out with the men.

Kerry and Andrew quickly rehearsed their lines as best as Kerry could remember. “Andrew, do you think you can do it?”

“Yeah, but these lines are kind of stupid.”

“It”s not really about the lines, its more about the sex. It”s just to make it seem like there is a story.”

“OK, let”s go. I”m ready.” They went out naked to the poker game.

“Hi boys, how are you doing?” asked Don.

The boys” acting was terrible.

“We”re doing fine, mister. It”s getting warm in here. How about you lose some of those clothes? Let us help you.” Andrew recited this as if he had been memorizing it for months and had just the right sexy attitude and tone.

The men all got up as Kerry and Andrew went around to unbutton the men”s pants.

“Don”t be shy, men. We”re going to work your wood until it shoots.” Kerry said.

“I can”t wait to taste your cock.” Andrew said as he got to Rob. Rob put his hand under Andrew”s chin and pulled him up so he could look into his eyes. He whispered, “Did Kerry put you up to this?”

Andrew winked, “No sir, I just want to get a mouth full of your enormous cock and pleasure it until it fills my tummy with your cum.” Andrew recited the line perfectly.

Rob started visibly shaking. Andrew took Rob”s cock into his mouth, but it wouldn”t get hard. This was odd. Rod loved Andrew”s mouth.

Rob froze. He shoved Andrew away. Andrew fell on the ground and looked at Kerry, trying to figure out what was happening.

Rob shouted. “Kerry, get dressed, we have to go.” He paused. “NOW!”

Andrew wondered what he had done wrong. Now he was worried for his friend. The room got quiet.

Kerry ran to Andrew”s room to get dressed. The other men were wondering what had just happened. They were all horned up and wanted to play with the boys, but Rob”s reaction was strange.

Kerry had returned but was timidly approaching his dad. “Kerry, now!” Rob snapped and grabbed Kerry by the arm, dragging him out like a rag doll.

Will the fun continue? Is Kerry going to be OK? End of Andrew”s Misplaced Trust – Chapter 10 – Andrew Thomas Published stories The Gingerbread Boy Gay: Adult/Youth https://www.//gay/adult-youth/gingerbread-boy/ Splashing in the streets (Corrected)Gay: Young Friends https://www.//gay/young-friends/splashing-in-the-streets/ JiuJitsu BoyGay: fty//gay/adult-youth/jiujitsu-boy/ The Test DriveGay: fty//gay/adult-youth/the-test-drive/ You can see what”s in the works here:Andrew Thomas, Nifty Author ess

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