Andy, Anna, and Brownie

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Andy and Anna plus Brownie

Anna and Andy are twins. They began having sex together about a month ago. Whenever their parents were gone, which was a lot. In Andy’s bedroom, a lamp caught on fire, so they had to remodel Andy’s bedroom. Andy and Anna had to share a bed for two months.

Anna doesn’t like to wear a bra or a shirt in bed. She usually just sleeps in her panties.

The first couple of nights, she couldn’t sleep at all. She was so uncomfortable with a shirt and bra on. So on the third night, in the middle of the night, she took off her bra. But still, she couldn’t sleep. The next night, she asked Andy if it was ok if she slept in just her panties, of course, he was ok with that.

After Anna got undressed, Andy just stared at Anna’s small A-cup breasts.

“Why don’t you take a picture? It will last longer.”

“I’m sorry, sis, I shouldn’t be staring, but you’re so beautiful.”

“How can you say that? I have no tits at all and very little hair down there?”

“You don’t need pubic hair or big tits to be beautiful, and you are beautiful.”

Anna started to cry. She went over to her brother. And gave him a big hug. While she was hugging him. He could feel her breast against his bare chest. He began to get hard, and Anna could feel his 7-inch cock pushing against her through his pants.

Anna stepped away for Andy. She then took off her panties.

“Now you see me naked, can I see you naked too?”

Andy got naked faster than lightning. They stood looking at each other for a long time, then Anna got on her knees in front of Andy. She took a hold of his hard cock. “You are bigger than Nick,” she said before she put his cock into her mouth and began to suck him off.

Andy could not believe his five-minute older sister had his cock in her mouth. It didn’t take Andy long to shoot his come into his sister’s mouth, and she swallowed it all.

“You even taste better than Nick.”

“You’ve been seeing Nick, our neighbor Nick?” Andy asked.

Nick is a man who lives next door. He is 15 years older than the twins. He is married with a two-year-old daughter.

“Yes, I babysit for them and Nick lets me blow him once in a while.”

“Has he ever been fucked you?”

“No, I’m a virgin.”

Anna got up and got into bed. Andy then got into bed too, both still naked. Anna moved over and they held each other. Andy’s cock was touching her leg, and he was still dripping cum onto her leg.

“Andy, you are getting my leg wet.”

“I’m sorry,” Andy said.

“It’s ok, you are also getting harder again. Andy, will you fuck me please.”?

“Are you certain, Anna?”

“Yes, I’m certain. And don’t worry about getting me pregnant. Mom put me on the pill a couple of months ago.”

Andy didn’t have to be told twice. He got on top of her, lined his cock to the entrance to her pussy, and started to push in. Anna began to scream, so Andy stopped.

“Andy, don’t stop, don’t stop.” Anna screens him.

Andy pushed his cock through her hymen. Anna screams again. Andy bent down and put his lips over hers, and they began to kiss each other as he fucked her. Anna moved her leg up and around Andy’s back. Andy was able to go all the way inside her. For 20 minutes, they made love to each other.

The next morning, they made love again. Over the month, they had sex when they got home from school, they had sex when they went to bed, and when they woke up in the morning.

One night, a loud crash echoing through the empty house broke the wonderful spell.

Andy pulled his stiff cock out of Anna’s pussy. “My god, what was that,” Andy exclaimed. “Are mom and dad back already?”

Together, they jumped out of bed and threw their robes over their naked bodies.

“Maybe we should call the police?” Anna said as they reached the stairs. The crashing and banging continued.

“No, Brownie would have barked if someone had come in. He even barks at mom and dad for that matter. It must be the dogs.” Andy said.

They found Brownie, their chocolate lab, chasing Snowball, the giant white poodle, wildly around the house knocking things over as they went.

“You creep. Stop that, Brownie!” Anna yelled as she grabbed his collar. Unfortunately, Brownie was stronger than Anna, and Anna was unwillingly dragged along with the dog.

Finally, due to the minimal constraint Anna placed on Brownie, Andy was able to guide Snowball to a bathroom and slam the door shut.

Brownie smashed against the closing door and commenced to scratch and whine to get in.

“What has gotten into you, Brownie? You have been after Snowball ever since we got her. Leave her alone.” Anna said, as she dropped onto the sofa, exhausted after she struggled with the Lab.

“Andy, I want to go back upstairs. Do you?”

“Sure, but we better let Brownie outside, so he won’t break anything else and interrupt us again.”

Andy went over to Brownie and squatted down in front of him. “You naughty boy. We were having a wonderful time, and you spoiled everything.”

“It won’t take me long to get turned on again, and somehow I don’t think it will take you too much effort either, will it?” Anna said as she undid her robe and showed off her naked body to her brother.

“It certainly won’t, Anna. But even if it did, it would sure be fun starting all over again,” Andy laughed as he turned towards Anna. As he did, his robe fell open, exposing his big cock. Since no one else was there, he let it go.

Brownie, for the first time since the twins had rushed downstairs, allowed his attention to wander from the closed door. With no warning, Brownie stuck his head down into Andy’s crotch and gave Andy’s big 7-inch cock a lick.

“Hey, what are you trying to do?” He exclaimed. He tried to şanlıurfa escort close his parted thighs and stand up simultaneously, but only succeeded in sprawling backward. As he flung his hands back to catch his fall. His legs flew out. With a heavy “thud” he crashed painfully on the thick carpet.

“Nice move, Andy,” Anna said as she laughed hilariously.

Andy didn’t feel like laughing, so he just lay where he fell as the shock coursed through him.

Brownie stood for an instant over Andy. Brownie stepped forward to, once again, bury his cold wet nose in Andy’s genitals.

Brownie licked Andy’s cock, and Andy’s cock started to get hard.

Andy scrambled to get to his feet, but again Brownie stepped forward and knocked him down. Anna was still laughing hysterically.

“Dammit, Anna, help me! Get this mangy mutt off me!”

Anna opened her eyes to be greeted with another funny scene. Her brother was sprawled out, naked, on the floor, flailing helplessly as their massive Lab hovered over him, his tongue licking his now hard cock. Brownie’s tail wagged furiously.

“What are you doing, Andy? You look like…” But before she could finish, something caught her eye. Her hysteria left instantly. “Look… look at that!”

For an instant, nothing moved, except for Brownie’s tongue and his thrashing tail. Andy looked at his sister to see what was the matter. His eyes tried to follow Anna’s, but the big dog was practically in the way.

Anna quickly scrambled off the sofa and pushed Brownie away. As Brownie tumbled heavily against the wall, Anna reached down to help Andy to his feet. The dog and Andy were upright at the same instant. Only Anna’s quick thinking got the pair safely into the bathroom with Snowball.

For a few moments, only heavy breathing by the Twins and the big lab could be heard. Then the door scratching began in earnest.

“Thanks, Anna. I don’t know what has gotten into that dog. He has never done anything like that before.”

“Do you know what he wanted to do, Andy? He wanted to fuck you.”

“What? How do you know that?”

“Because his penis was sticking out. You should have seen it. It must have been 8 to 9 inches long.”

Anna turned around to look at Snowball, she was happily dancing around the bathroom.

“Yeah. Snowball is in heat, Andy, that is what it was. Brownie must have smelled and tasted my pussy juice on your cock. You know, women who are horny will lubricate their vaginas, preparing for sex. It must work on dogs too. You know, I felt myself getting moist as I looked at Brownie’s dick.”

Anna quickly got on her knees in front of Andy. She took hold of her brother’s cock and put it in her mouth. “Anna, what are you doing? Brownie just licked my dick, I should clean it off first.”

Anna took her mouth off Andy’s cock and said, “yes, you still have my pussy juice on your cock. I think we should open the door and let the two dogs fuck, I would like to watch them.”

Anna got up and opened the door. Snowball ran out. Brownie came up and smelled Snowball’s bottom. Anna turned to Andy and they started kissing.

They then heard a loud yelp. They turned to find the source and were surprised to see the Chocolate lab frantically trying to hump the Poodle.

The twins rushed as fast as they could rescue Snowball from Brownie. But by the time they arrived, it was clear that Snowball did not want to be rescued. She was just standing there heaving under the weight of the dog, panting. She was making no effort to extricate herself.

The Twins stood dumb… dumb, and nude. “What should we do? Should we try to push Brownie off? Should we try pulling Snowball away?” Andy said.



“What say we help the poor guy? Snowball sure looks like she wants it. He certainly does. And I would like to see him put that big thing in her and see what happens?” Anna said.

“Why Anna?”

“Why not. No one will get hurt. I wonder if he would let me touch it?” But Anna didn’t wait for a response. She squatted down and reached out quickly with one finger to stroke the long flaming red staff lashing about.

“It feels hot and slimy. It feels a lot different from what your dick does when I play with it.”

Anna felt the hard, yet soft penis quickly slip against her outstretched finger. Her hand slowly closed over the dog’s penis, but rather than capturing it, she just formed a fist around it. She cooed and purred as his hips jerked over and over as she grasped the shaft. The furious cock rammed in and out, seeming to try to escape its captor.

As her free arm went across the dog’s rear, Anna laid her cheek on his side and whispered, “There, there, baby. I’ll make it better for you.” And she began to slide her hand against his stroking. The big dog stood there with his hips twitching in unison with Anna’s strokes, his long tongue hanging from the side of his mouth as he panted in time with his hips.

Andy was absorbed in this fascinating scene. For what seemed like fifteen minutes, Anna stroked and caressed his long, pointed shaft. Suddenly, Brownie gave a sort of half cry and half bark. Anna jerked her hand away. Brownie groaned. That is the only way to describe it. He was still humping, but now it was the air.

“Andy, we need to help him,” Anna whispered.

Andy reached out with one hand to steady Snowball’s rear end, her tail hard over to one side. Anna’s hand again reached for the attractive penis. With an almost human yelp, Brownie renewed his ministries under the helpful hands of Anna.

Andy could not resist touching Anna’s breast, he abandoned the dogs as she tried to turn around.

“No, Andy, just help them.”

Andy leaned over to sneak a quick, lascivious kiss escort şanlıurfa from Anna. And at the very same instant, Brownie penetrated Snowball.

Simultaneously, the two dogs yelped.

“Oooooo,” Anna cried as she turned around quickly. “Look at him. Look at him slide right in. He is already coated with slime. It looks so easy, so slick, so, well, like it is so much fun.”

As Anna excitedly watched Brownie’s savage thrusting, Andy lowered his hand down to give Anna an encouraging pat. Then he reached down and swiftly found his erect cock and started to masturbate.

For several minutes, all was quiet except for the panting animals. Anna continued to stroke Brownie’s glistening cock every time he extracted it from Snowball. Anna could feel the raging cock begin to bulge and expand. She was utterly fascinated.

Andy seemed to ignore the puffing dogs, and he never took his eyes off his sister’s face. He also never let his hand stop its gentle caressing of his cock.

Then Anna leaned closer to Andy, and whispered, “I would like for you to fuck me, Andy, please fuck me as I watch them.”

A quick nod was all the response given. Slowly and deliberately, Anna let her hand seductively slide under her until it rested next to her pussy.

“God, I forgot what I was doing. I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but it feels so good watching them fuck.” Anna said.

Andy moved her hand away from her crotch, and within a second, he was in her.

For an instant, Anna wanted to get up and rush into the privacy of their room. It is a good thing she hesitated.

“Ohhhhhh, that feels soooooo good. Please don’t stop.”

“Why don’t we leave the dogs alone and go back upstairs?” Andy said.

“I will go anywhere with you. But please let me watch until the end. Andy, I have to have that penis inside of me. I can imagine Brownie’s cock inside me. I want to feel Brownie sliding around inside of me. It will feel so wonderful. I know it will.”

By this time, Brownie and Snowball had their act together. He was sticking his bitch as fast as he could. Andy put his arm around Anna and gently began caressing her soft, little breast, rolling her erect nipple gently between his thumb and forefinger.

Anna wriggled her butt against Andy’s still probing cock. As Brownie thrusts in and out of the Poodle. Andy was doing the same thing with his twin sister.

Then, instantly, punctuated only by Brownie’s impish squeal. Brownie’s penis locked itself inside Snowball. He slid off her back and swung a leg over. They just sort of stood there stupidly, looking like Siamese twins joined at the rear.

Anna had heard that when a male dog ejaculates inside a bitch, he gets a knot in his dick to ensure that all the semen remains in her and that it takes several minutes for it to go down, so he can pull out.

“Oh fuck. Andy, I want to fuck Brownie. I would like to feel his cock in me. Will you help me fuck him?”

The twins continued squatting there next to the two senseless dogs for a few moments before Andy began to cum in his sister. Anna had a big orgasm at the same time.

“I think we have helped as much as we can. Why don’t we get up and get in bed?” Andy said.

Anna, who was in seventh heaven by this time and could barely move, slowly twisted around. “But I would rather not stop, Andy.”

Just then, Brownie pulled out of Snowball. Brownie sniffed Snowball, then he went into a corner of the room and began to lick his cock clean.

“Andy, look at his cock, it’s so big,” Anna said.

Anna was in a trance. She crawled over to Brownie and began to lick Brownie’s cock.

Andy could feel his cock begging to get hard again from watching his sister licking a dog’s cock.

Brownie could smell something, he got up and went behind Anna and sniffed Anna’s ass. He then licked her, and he could smell and taste another female in heat. His tongue snaked out … and licked her again.

“Oh, gees,” Anna said as she got on her back.

Anna had never felt anything so instantly pleasurable in her young life. Brownie swallowed, then his tongue flicked out once more, but this time it pressed firmly at the base of her pussy and licked up through the crack, and skimmed over her clitoris.

“Oh gees,” Anna breathed again, as Brownie’s firm, wet tongue finally did what she wanted. Brownie drew his head back, but just to move closer. His tongue returned to Anna’s pussy and licked again and then again, each lick heightening Anna’s pleasure.

Anna lay fully back on the floor and brought her right hand down to her pussy. Using both hands, she spread her inner lips apart, offering herself completely to Brownie’s wonderful tongue.

Anna’s abdomen rose and down as she took deep breaths. She had never felt such great sensations as the ones Brownie was giving her. Brownie was licking and slurping her juices as they flowed from her pussy.

“Oh yeah, Brownie! Oh God, yeah,” Anna moaned. Anna pushed her pussy up to meet Brownie’s tongue, and as his tongue again started its lick upwards, it slightly touched her anus. That was a new sensation. And an excellent one. With every lick of Brownie’s tongue, Anna’s buttocks tightened, and her pussy rose. Now with almost every lick, Brownie’s rough tongue was also licking her anus. What intense pleasure. What sensations? She could even feel the tickling from the fur of his jowls and ears rubbing against the blond fuzz on her soft inner thighs.

Her breath was coming loudly out of Anna’s mouth now, as she panted. The only thing She could think about was Brownie’s tongue.

Anna’s young pussy was getting and enjoying its first licking, and Brownie was getting and enjoying every drop of its sweet juices.

Then, a şanlıurfa escort bayan slight change occurred. The tip of Brownie’s tongue started dipping into Anna’s vagina. “Oh yes, lick me Brownie.”

Brownie’s tongue licked and dipped. Licked and dipped. Trying to get every drop. And Anna tried to get her pussy to open up wider so that Brownie’s probing tongue would go even deeper. Anna’s clitoris was now fully engorged, and when Brownie licked it, the feeling was pure pleasure.

Brownie’s tongue was mostly concentrating on Anna’s pussy opening, so Anna moved her left hand to the top of her pussy, and her middle finger began to work at her clitoris. Anna closed her eyes. She was in heaven. “Oh oh oh,” she moaned.

Anna felt a new sensation starting to build in her. Almost painful, and it started to scare her. But it quickly changed to a rushing, good feeling. As the feeling built in intensity.

Anna moaned out, “Come on, Brownie. Come on, boy!”

But all of a sudden, Brownie stopped licking, “Come on, Brownie,” Anna pleaded. Nonetheless, Brownie didn’t continue. Instead, he barked and growled at Anna.

“He wants you to get on your hands and knees, he wants to fuck you,” Andy said.

His front paws came up next to her shoulders. Anna’s eyes flew open, and above her, she saw Brownie’s head, his panting tongue lolling out.

“What are you…?” Anna started to say, but then she felt something warm poking around her pussy.

Anna turned and got on her hands and knees. Brownie’s swollen cock found the entrance to her vagina and slid in. Anna felt the cock head going in, and it hurt as it stretched the opening of her vagina.

She and Andy have been having sex for a year now. But Brownie’s cock must be even thicker than Andy’s nice dick, she thought.

Brownie drives his thick, hard cock in even further, spreading Anna’s tight, virginal vagina wider still. A guttural “ruff” came from Brownie’s throat, a sound of triumph as he plunged his swollen cock firmly into Anna’s tight, warm pussy. It was hurting Anna, but it was not hurting Brownie. He panted as he drove his cock in and out, in and out, at a quickening pace.

“No, Brownie, no!” Anna tried to order, but Brownie paid no attention. “It hurts! Ow!” she moaned with every thrust, “Ow! Ow! Oh! … Oh … Oh! … Oh!”

Anna’s juices joined with the pre-cum of Brownie’s cock, and his member began to slide easier. “Ohhh! … Oooohhh!” Anna breathed a long moan, as the hurting feeling began to change. Because her pussy was already so well lubricated and in such a sexual fever pitch due to Andy’s cum and Brownie’s tongue. It was starting to feel a little good… No, more than a little good. I felt fantastic.

“Ooohh! Oh. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Ooohhhhh. Oooohhhh.” she began to moan.

Anna’s pussy started pushing back and forth again. But this time it wasn’t to push Brownie off her. Anna could feel every bit of Brownie’s cock sliding against her pussy walls. Every wonderful sensation. Her nostrils breathed in Brownie’s animal smells along with her own. “Oh yeah. Oh. Yeah. Oh, Brownie. Brownie. Oh yeah,” she kept moaning, as she pushed her pussy back for Brownie to thrust as much of his cock into her as he could. She now wanted all of it. “Oh … oh … oh. Fuck me.”

It felt so good. She couldn’t stop herself. “Oh, Brownie, fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh. Yeah.”

And there it was again. That sensation she had started to have earlier. That intense building sensation. Starting in her pussy. Moving up into her abdomen. And her chest. Her pussy began to tighten.

“What’s wrong? Are you ok?” Andy asked as he jacked off watching his sister mate with the dog.

What was wrong? Anna thought. “OMG, Andy, nothing is wrong.”

But she couldn’t stop. Then her pussy tightened so tight, and the small of her back arched, and suddenly the most wonderful sensation yet flowed over her body.

“Oh, God. Oh, God.” Her pussy jerked and jerked and jerked, and she felt her juices gushing.

“Ahhhhh.” The incredible sensation slowly began to melt away, but Brownie continued. He paused only briefly to adjust his back paws and move closer, and then he continued his thrusts. His cock seemed to go even slightly deeper now into Anna’s pussy. Again, that unbelievable feeling began to build.

“Oh yeah, Brownie. Oh. Yeah … oh yeah.” Don’t stop Brownie. Please don’t stop,” Anna begged. Brownie was not about to stop.

Anna came again, her long moan taking every bit of air from her lungs. Just as this sensation began, Brownie seemed to thrust even harder. Then his knot went inside Anna.

Anna then screamed out loudly. Brownie stopped moving, and he began shooting its massive load of cum deep into Anna’s vagina. The hot juices spurting against Anna’s vaginal walls caused her to come once more, her pussy spasming as if to gulp in every last drop, ending in one final rigid shudder.

After a few more squats, Brownie moved his leg up and over Anna. They were now ass to ass. Andy came over to Anna and pushed his cock into Anna’s mouth and shot his load down her throat.

15 minutes later, Brownie slid out of Anna. After a few moments, seemingly examining his handiwork, he turned around, curled up against the bathroom door, and with his tongue, started cleaning himself up.

Anna had to just lie there on the floor for a few minutes to catch her breath. Finally, she rose on both elbows. She first looked at Brownie and saw what he was doing. She noticed with alarm the size of Brownie’s already softening cock. Did she have that big thing in her? She couldn’t believe it. Then she looked at the base of his cock and noticed an even thicker lump that was there. Then she looked down between her legs. Reaching down with her left hand, she felt all the juices that were there.

“We have some cleaning up to do,” Andy said as he held out his hand to Anna.

That night, lying in her bed, Anna was a little sore. But it was a good sore. She knew the soreness would go away. But thinking about Brownie, she also knew the good sensations would come again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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