Anita Ch. 01

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July, 2008

The first meeting between Anita and Ron was an intense event. There was an immediate positive chemistry between them. It wasn’t surprising then that the two of them developed that chemistry into a relationship that was intensely passionate and physical. It grew into one of humour, respect and independence, creativity and challenge, freedom and fantasy.

Anita was 38 and almost three years out of a relationship that had been difficult for years before the split. She had graduated with honours from the local University and had been wooed by enough businesses before her graduation that she was convinced to establish her own business. As a result, she now had a thriving business in the area. She was also a passionate woman who’s needs in that aspect of her life had not been fully satisfied for a long time.

Ron was 47, and he had been living a single life for over 10 years. Fit and very active, he was a Business Professor in the same University that Anita had graduated from. His research interests were in tourism and hospitality and they took him regularly on expeditions of interest. As exciting as these trips were, he was getting tired of traveling solo.

It was at one of the Chamber of Commerce Business-After-Hours gatherings that Anita introduced herself to Ron. When the “connection” back to her school days was made the chemistry happened. The conversation became witty, humourous and informative. They both loved the thrill of debate and discussion and delighted in prodding the other for clarifications. In the space of a glass of wine, the two had agreed to go for dinner as soon as the event finished.

For Ron, the gathering dragged after that. He watched the clock creep towards the end at 7. At about 6:30, he noticed Anita in a conversation with another member of the group. Their eyes met. She struck a serious “can you come and rescue me?” look.

As gallantly as possible, Ron joined their conversation and was introduced to Graham as one of her “good buddies in town with whom she was heading off to dinner.” Excusing herself, she left for the washroom. Back in minutes, she put her arm through Ron’s arm and said goodnight.

“Thanks for getting me away from that creep,” she explained as they headed out the door. “Your car or mine?” she asked.

“I’ll drive, mine’s right here. Whatta ya mean by that?” Ron asked as he opened the door and watched as Anita gracefully sank to the seat and swung her legs, provocatively clad in black strap 4″ high heeled sandals with 1″ platforms, into the car.

“Well that’s Graham and he’s been coming on to me for ages. I just get a nasty vibe from him and besides, I sorta thought it was time you and I escaped and got to know each other a bit better,” she smiled.

Throughout the dinner; a shared salad, some pan fried Spanish Calamari and a bottle of Coronas Viejo Blanco, the conversation was easy. The humour was great and things felt right enough for Ron to slide around the booth so that the two were soon sitting beside each other thigh to thigh.

Who knows who it was that first placed a hand on the other’s thigh but a delicious connection was being made under the tablecloth.

“My Gawd I think you have some pretty strong legs there,” Anita oozed.

“And the feel of the nylon on bartın seks hikayeleri your thighs tells me yours are pretty nice too,” Ron growled

It was time to move and that they did. They picked up her car and Ron followed Anita back to her place for “some wine and more conversation.” It readily became apparent to the two of them that “that chemistry” became an even bigger reaction through their kisses.

Both were great kissers. And the passions aroused by the kissing excited both Anita’s and Ron’s loins.

Anita was the softest and roundest and most perfectly shaped woman that Ron had touched in years. Her breasts were perfect orbs of flesh, pert and firm and when cupped in his hands, left a perfect, round, downward, gravity in the cup of his hand. When aroused it was clear that her proportioned nipples readily rose to the occasion. Ron’s gentle caressing of her sheer black blouse assured that.

At the point in the evening when Anita lay back on the couch and lifted her right leg skyward into the air, stretched her hamstrings and flexed her foot while stroking her calf and thigh, Ron nearly blew a gasket.

The next hour or so proved to both that they shared a physical passion for each other that was strong and intense. An evening together the next night was planned and the two parted with a passionate, deep kiss, one deep enough that Anita was able to feel it pressing and nudging through Ron’s trousers into her tummy.

The relationship grew very quickly. The first few times they made love were tentative but still wildly satisfying. The openness between the two was refreshing and helped in their passion. When Anita sensed that Ron derived intense pleasure from pleasuring her, she began to relax and allow Ron into previously guarded areas.

Although a masterful lover of the taste of Ron’s penis, Anita’s past had not really prepared her for a reciprocal dose of oral loving. Within a month of their passions beginning though, she was finding heightened and here-to-fore unrealized pleasures from the teasing and tickling of Ron’s tongue on and in her womanhood. And if the traditional sense of a “69” is with the man on top, she was realizing the amazing sensations when she dominated the “69” position.

It had been a wonderful night of passionate love after a day spent cross-country skiing and the lovers, drying each other off after their soak in the whirlpool tub, lay on a soft duvet in front of the small stone fire place. They were talking openly about turn-ons, fantasies and pleasures. Ron’s attitude on the subject of novelties in the bedroom seemed to be a willingness to try anything as long as it didn’t hurt either participant. Anita also felt that playing a role in a harmless imagination, one that was arousing to her partner, ultimately led to lots of her arousal in return. It seemed that if conditions were perfect, neither of the two were averse to play acting for the other person.

Anita more than Ron had discovered her joy in a partner willing to accept her simplest and strongest passionate desire; she just LOVED loving and wanted it lots. Clearly she needed a partner who also loved loving enough to want to work on raising the national average of love-making-sessions per week above that figure of two. Ron fit that bill perfectly.

The rest of her imaginations were, some may say, benign, pleasure fantasies. We aren’t talking about bondage or S & M or leather or rubber. No, Anita’s fantasies ranged from being ravished on a kitchen counter or in a department store changing room, to being loved by a partner dressed in silk boxers and calf length socks held up by garters. She had always wanted to gently tie a partner’s arms and legs to the posts of her canopy bed. She loved to be wooed in unobvious places such as a line up for a movie and she even fantasized having an orgasm while in that lineup. She was convinced the right man, whispering in her ear, touching and stroking her ever so discretely could make her have an orgasm in public and the thought of that really appealed to her.

Ron was the first partner she had been with since the divorce who would even speak about these ideas let alone as openly as the two enjoyed discussing them. And it was clear that the two were feeling more and more comfortable with and around each other.

Ron had always loved the image of the business woman so in a sense, Anita was already fulfilling one of Ron’s fantasies. And like so many men, he was also tantalized by a woman’s footwear. He adored high heels up to about 6″ preferably with platform soles. That style in boots was always a winner.

Anita was an incredible dresser, a trait he had noticed that very first night. She had a selection of boots and high heels in her closet and at just over 5’5″, her 4″or higher heels raised her beautiful body up into a comfortable fit when the two hugged, danced or snuggled. That accentuated her legs and Ron had always loved legs. The skirt and sweater or blouse combinations she put together every day were masterful at displaying her feminine and womanly features so again her very presence was like one of Ron’s favorite imaginations. He too also enjoyed love in strange places such as city parks. Fancy under garments of all kinds were fun but unless they were crotchless or open at the nipple he usually couldn’t care less. He also felt aroused by a woman with her own fantasies.

Open as the two were, it took some courage for Ron to eventually share his oddest fantasy. It seems that he had for years been fascinated by amputee women. He had tried to understand this fascination but in the end just accepted it as no more different than a man who was attracted to women with big breasts or women who are tall or had gorgeous legs.

He concluded that his “love of legs” was better understood in the context of a “love of A leg.” The corollary of that of course is that something replaces the lost leg and that is a stump, a wonderful substitute to a beautiful leg of which one still remained. It was with very few friends or partners over the years that he was able to share such a strange fantasy but when he mentioned it to Anita, she became very curious as to the fantasy’s origins and implications and not in the least scornful of it. Frequently she raised the subject while the two lay spent in each others’ arms.

What she noticed was that when they talked of it, when she said how devastating or how horrible it would be for her to lose a leg, for example, or when she spoke of how a certain position of passion they were enjoying might be “easier with one leg,” Ron increased his attentiveness. She also noticed how that attentiveness usually resulted in an increase in her own pleasure and satisfaction.

So it was one Saturday night in November when the two were heading out to dinner that Anita had schemed to make this night really super daring. She had planned that the house would be filled with the aroma of a wonderful meal that she was preparing and that she would be dressed in costume as an amputee. She was gambling that Ron might just blow a fuse in his already wonderful bag of love and pleasure tricks if she physically appeared as the fantasy they had spoken of so much.

She found an old pair of under arm crutches from a riding accident a few years back, an old belt in which she punched extra holes, some elastic bandages, a knee length suede A-Line skirt, a burgundy upper calf platform boot that matched a wine coloured vest over a loosely fitting silk blouse. She knew that Ron liked this look when she dressed normally so it should be extra alluring for him if she appeared in it as an amputee.

A couple of minutes before 6, the front door bell rang, the door opened and Ron called out “hey I’m here.” Nita had left the door open and a note on it that said, “come in, I’m just about ready.”

“Oh hey baby, I’m in the Den. I forgot about the note. Come on in here.”

Ron came round the corner to find Anita seated cross-legged on the couch, smiling at him and holding her hands toward him. “

“Come pull me up lover. I want a hug before we get some wine,” she purred.

Ron tossed the flowers on the table, reached out for her arms and gently pulled her upright and into his chest. They kissed and he was instantly aware of a pressure in his loins much as if Anita was folding her thigh up into his crotch. He also noticed how she seemed to be hopping a bit and seemed just a little weavy on her feet.

The kiss ended. Placing his arms on her shoulders, Ron leaned back and smiled into her eyes. It was then that she distinctly hopped and Ron looked down to her feet.

But it was just a foot! Only one foot dressed in one of his favorite boots. Where was the other foot? Ron suddenly realized what he was looking at.

“Oh my gawd Baby, what happened?

“Honey, I just couldn’t tell you.” Here Neeta slipped into the “play-acting role” she had conjured up for the event. “I was broadsided on my bike by a drunk driver. My lower leg was destroyed but they were able to save from my knee up. The rest was amputated and now I am one legged and so worried about still being loved by you.”

She hopped backwards so that Ron got the full picture. She was rewarded by a great gleam in his eyes and an obvious hard on at the top of Ron’s legs.

“Oh my, it seems as if you are sort of attracted to this stump of mine.” Precariously, Anita leaned back on her right leg and clumsily prodded her stump at Ron’s thigh.

He reached down and gently cradled it in his hands. “Honey, I love you for yourself and if you’ve lost one of your legs then that means you must have something extra that wasn’t there before your accident. That must be this wonderful sweet stump of a thigh that I am holding and cuddling and want to love. I’m so sorry that this has happened to you honey but if anything, I think this makes me love you more than before!”

“Can you reach over behind the couch and get my crutches Lover? Thanks.” Anita rose slightly on her leg in preparation for slipping each crutch under her arms. Surprisingly with ease, she began crutching towards the bar. “Come on big boy; let’s have that glass of wine.”

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