Anita: Seduced by Her Innocence

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I am Sanjay, 37 years old businessman who works from home. My wife Pooja is in a job. She is very career oriented and often works late. S our married life is virtually zero. Sex for her is a necessary thing in marriage, but she does not enjoy it much. So I end up becoming very sexually unsatisfied and often lonely.

In this state I was contacted by my old neighbour Satish. He was 3 years my junior and we used to play cricket together when I was in my doing my MBA and he was in college. He used to treat me like his brother and would tell me everything including his crushes and infatuations. Sometimes he would also introduce his girlfriends to me.

Now after so many years, he was coming over to live in Delhi and wanted me to search for a good house. I had done that.

I met him at the railway station and he told me that next week his wife will also be joining him. He planned a house warming party for us then. Fortunately my wife had to go out of town for work and so that party night I went to his house alone. He opened the door and called out the name Anita.

The door of his bedroom opened and out walked the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Anita was around 5ft 6inches, with the body that would even make a dead man have an erection. She had nice shoulder length black hair and dark brown lively eyes. She was wearing a yellow saree with a sleeveless blouse and I could see her proud breasts under the saree pallu. I was intoxicated by her beauty and must be staring as Satish asked me what happened. I collected myself and told him frankly that I was jealous as he had such a beautiful wife. He laughed. I went forward to shake hands with his wife who was blushing. I held her hand and could feel its hot softness. Her hand was in mine for an eternity before she took it away. That whole evening the atmosphere was really charged up for me and many times, she caught me staring at her while Satish was unaware and chatting about old times.

That night I had wet dreams of Anita. Next day I called their house in the afternoon, knowing very well that Satish would be at work. Anita took the phone and I said, hey sexy, remember me?

She said are you Sanjay. I complimented her on her recognition and told her frankly that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever met and I told her that I wanted to be her friend. She calmly said that if you are my husband’s friend, then you are mine too.

I told her that I want to make you my special friend. She just laughed and said – let’s see. That gave me lot of hope and excitement. We chatted for some more time and I told her that if she wants to respond to me as a friend, then she should call me next time. She asked me when is the best time. I told her suggestively that Pooja(my wife) was out during afternoons.

Next afternoon, she called on my mobile and said guess who is it? I said the woman of my fantasies. She gave a laugh that thrilled me. I told her that I dreamt of her and she said you should not do that because I am your friend’s wife. I told her remember, you are my special friend? She said she had still not agreed, just said let’s see…

Our chatting and flirting on phone continued and we used to chat around 1-2 hours every afternoon. I would call her darling, sexy, hottie etc. and she would just call me silly admirer. We were getting along very well and I would many times tell her that I wished I was her husband and make love to her. She would just laugh off these comments.

Then the day came when it was her birthday. I told her what present she would like? She said, you are my admirer, you decide what you want me to wear. I took a bold step. I got my wife to choose a normal dress for her. Also I had secretly purchased a short silky black nighty for her. I got the nighty packed under the dress. I told her that my present is under the normal present so don’t open in front of everyone.

That evening my wife and I went to their house for the party. Anita was wearing a pink saree with a low cut blouse. She was looking so hot and desirable and I had trouble keeping my erection hidden. As she was passing me once, I asked her what my return gift is. She asked me what you want? I said a kiss and a peek. Escort Bayan She blushed and again said let’s see.

I went to their bathroom and flushed the soap in the toilet. I called out to Anita that there is no soap. She left the guests and came in with the soap. I pulled her in and held her tight and told her I am taking my return gift. She resisted, and then closed her eyes and I kissed her lightly on her lips, then deeper and played with her tongue. She responded with a tremble. Then quickly pushed me away and left.

Later while she was serving tea, she deliberately dropped her pallu to give me the view of her glorious breasts.When our eyes met, she smiled innocently. In front of everyone, she asked me how was the tea. I said out of the world. Only both of us knew what I was talking about.

Next afternoon, I complimented her on her sexy body and I asked her about my gift. She said it was beautiful but she couldn’t wear it anywhere, not even in front of Satish. I told her that she should wear it atleast once for me, she again said her usual, let’s see. Then she asked me how was the return gift. I told her wonderful and I dreamed of it many times. I told her that I wanted her completely. Wanted to make to love to her. She said, Sanjay,don’t say such things as I am your husband’s wife. I said, I am hoping you will be my special friend. As usual she laughed and said that I was very persistent and ended with her ususal let’s see. My hope was now very high.

A few days later, I was invited to a dance party to a business associate’s house but Pooja was again out. So I invited Satish and my dream girl. She looked ravishing that night.She was wearing a simple black knee length skirt and a white lacy top. I could see the contours of her breasts clearly under the soft hugging material. It was obvious that she was wearing a black bra. I knew that today I had to take my chance and dare to go where I always dreamt of going.

Satish likes to drink and he soon got high. I asked him if I could dance with his wife. He said go ahead and enjoy the dance.

I took Anita to the dance floor that was semi dark. She was a good dancer and we were having a nice time on the floor. Then there was a slow dance number and I took her in my arms. She seemed uncomfortable with my move and said let’s go back, I can’t dance with you like this. What will Satish say? We looked at Satish’s table and saw that he was busy watching the giant MTV TV screen. I told her, see he is seeing the dancing beauties on TV, and let me see my dancing beauty from closer.I also told her not to worry as Satish won’t see.

With this reassurance I persuaded her to be comfortable with my close touch and took her to the corner of the dance floor away from Satish’s view. We started close dancing and I put my hands around her back and pulled her to me. Her scent was intoxicating. I told her I want to kiss you. She said never. I said, I have kissed you before, just want to do it properly not hurriedly like last time. She did not say anything and just closed her eyes. I took the opportunity and kissed her on her lips. Slowly she kissed me back and our kissing got more intense. I was soon kissing her deeply and she was trembling with excitement. My hand slowly started caressing her back and pulling her tighter. Then I brought one of hands between us and started caressing her breast. She took a deep breath and said no. The moment was broken and I had to recover. I said sorry I got carried away.

We continued dancing and kissing but I kept alert not to caress her body. Then I hit upon a plan. I told her to take a bet. She said what? I said I will kiss you in front of Satish. She said he will shout and our friendship will be over. I told her that if he shouts, then I will say sorry and never ever kiss her again. If he says nothing then we will dance again and I can do what I want with her. She agreed. I said ok, then let me take a last kiss properly in case I loose the bet. This time, I held her very tight and could feel her whole body crushed against mine. I had a hard penis and asked her that could she feel my intense desire for her. She had her arms around my neck tightly and just nodded with her eyes Escort looking at me directly.I kissed her deeply one last time looking back at her with desire for written all over my face. She kissed me back deeply understanding my desire for her.Then we went back to Satish with my hand deliberately around her shoulder.

On reaching the table and I started complimenting Satish on how good a dancer his wife was. I asked him innocently – is she a good kisser also? He said lovely kisser. I know Satish was drunk, so I asked him, can I check? In his intoxication he said, yes check. In front of him I got up and sat next to his wife and kissed her deeply. Then I turned to him and said, yes you were right she is a great kisser.The best I have ever kissed. Even Pooja is no match. Anita was left astounded at my daring. Now I knew my chance had come.

Again I asked her for a dance, she looked at Satish hoping he would say no. But Satish was too busy with the TV and said go Anita, dance with my friend. Let him have a good time.

This time on the dance floor, I took her to the corner again and kissed her hard. She kissed me back. Then I looked deep in her eyes and told her, are you mine now? She looked down embarrassed and just nodded. I lifted her chin and told her to look in my eyes. She did and it was so exciting for me. I deliberately took my hand down to her left breast and started caressing it. She trembled. I kissed her deep while I continued to caress her breasts. I could feel her responding with the hardening of her nipples under her top. I told her that I want to make love to her. She said bravely that she had lost a bet not her morals. “I am yours only as long as we are on the dance floor” she said. I said then let me make you mine here and now.

I turned her around and pressed her back into my waiting hard on. Then I twined my fingers in hers as we stood close to each other and gently lifted both her hands above her and made her hold my neck. Then I asked her to kiss me. She turned her head and my waiting lips were deeply embedded in hers as our tongues hungriliy explored each others’. I dropped my hands along her arms and slowly held both her breasts while I pressed my hard penis into her back. I asked her, can you feel my desire for you? She said yes, but it is not right.

I just fondled her breasts, which she had lost the right to refuse, in reply and was rewarded by her hardening nipples under her bra. I said open your shirt. She said no way. I said ok another bet. I am going to kiss you and fondle your breasts in front of Satish; if he does not object then I am going to take your bra and panties as a reward. She said Satish will never tolerate but accepted the bet on being challenged on the condition that I will have to return them before we leave the party as she could not go home without wearing them as what will Satish say.

I agreed grudgingly and continued caressing her till the slow number lasted and could see that she was totally aroused and ready for anything. Her whole body was responding to my touches and I had also lifted her skirt and felt her totally wet panties.She had feebly resisted but I told her I am only feeling her panties as these will soon be mine.She said only if you win the bet which you will never win.

We went back and this time I told Satish that you’re his wife danced and kissed well and can I kiss her properly once. He said go ahead. This time I kissed Anita and while kissing started fondling her breasts. I stopped kissing but kept fondling her breasts in Satish’s full view. He just said jokingly, isn’t she good? I agreed and told her that she has a lovely body also which I can feel as I continued playing with her breasts.

Soon it was time for my next move. Satish was getting too drunk. I asked, if he would like to sleep for sometime as the party was still young? He agreed.I took him to one of the rooms and he went to sleep. I told him, I have the key, just call me on my mobile when you wake up.

Now I took Anita to the dance floor dark corner and really played with her breasts and whole body and totally aroused her with my kisses and touches. Now I told her to remove her panties. She was about to that, Bayan Escort but I said, let me do it. I turned her towards the corner and covered her with my body. I lifted her skirt and slowly slid down her panties. I could feel them totally wet.

She bent and removed them and handed them to me and I smelled her smell of excitement. I kept the panties in my pocket. She turned around and I kissed her deeply looking meaningfully into her eyes. She just nodded acceptance knowing fully well what I was about to do.Now I slowly opened her top buttons one by one with one hand while my other hand was busy playing with her nakedness under her skirt. She said she won’t remove her top as the bet was only for the bra. So I helped her unbuckle her bra and removed it from the side openings in her top.

She looked at me and pleaded, see now I am not wearing anything below my top and skirt and am feeling naked. Let me go and put them back on. I said ok, but let’s dance for sometime first. Now I could feel her pointed nipples under her silken shirt material and really caressed her properly. What a feeling having hot Anita in my arms almost naked and feeling her body all over!We were both completely crushed to each other and our bodies were moving in unison on the dance floor while my hands were exploring all the charms of her womanhood.

When the song ended we went back to the empty table. Her nipples were totally erect and in full view of anyone under her shirt. She said she was feeling like a slut and wanted the bra back as she could see how her body was being exposed. I told her that I will help her and covered her breasts with my hand and kissed her there deeply. We continued in this state and even the waiters could see me fully playing with her body. Her eyes were closed and she had given up on resisting and had opened her legs wide as my hand was playing with her pussy almost in view as her skirt was hiked up. Suddenly I could feel her stiffness and was just barely able to cover her mouth with mine before she orgasmed. Her shivering took me to a new high and I wanted to fuck her there and then.

I waited for her to relax and as she opened her eyes I looked into them and said, let’s go to a room where we are alone. She said no you just wait here and give me my undergarments so I can dress up. I told her that as I had removed them, I will also make you wear them. She had no answer to this argument.

So she followed me to an empty room which I locked while looking at her. She asked me to give her the undergarments. I told her I want to kiss her first. I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. She responded as I rolled my fingers around her nipples. I sucked her nipples under her silk shirt and could see her nipples visible under her shirt wet with my saliva. I lifted her and she looked at me with wide eyes and asked me what I was doing. I said “I am taking you to bed”.

She moaned no but I ignored her plea. Slowly I kissed her whole body over her clothes as hse lay on the bed. She was moaning and trembling and I asked her for a request to kiss her breasts properly once. She said ok, but only once and then I did not ask her anything. I just opened her shirt and started roughly sucking her breasts with all the passion. Her skirt was soon rolled up and I took no time in undressing. She saw my hard penis and her eyes widened at the thought that she was going to get fucked by her husband’s friend while her husband was asleep in a room nearby.

She kept responding to my touches now and then finally told me not to stop and took my penis and guided it between her open and inviting legs. As I entered her, she shouted in ecstasy and I responded by a deep throated kiss. Then we just went crazy with desire as I pounded her pussy and she pounded back with her hips. Soon I could take it no more and my sperms flooded her vagina deeply and we lay back. Fully satisfied.

As she looked at me with satisfied eyes I aked her – “Are you my special friend now?” This time she nodded and asked me to kiss her.With this first fuck, I am now anticipating many more.

This is my favourite fantasy and I am hoping that any married woman who is also lonely like me and wants an online friendship will respond to my request for friendship I want a close sensuous and emotionally deep friendship, not just hot sex talk only. (Though that is also welcome). Bye For now and looking forward to becoming friends with a nice married lady.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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