Anita’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Ma Biggerstaff

The next day, I was out of sorts. I sat down in the living room in my bathroom and a hot water bottle. These were the days before Midol. I had a tall Dr. Pepper and large bag of Tom’s potato chips. I switched to Gilligan’s Island on the TV set. Ma was lying on the sofa with her friend Jim Beam, almost passed out. I was going to relax for an hour or maybe a day or two.

Pa was away, up the road in Charlotte. He was busy building a theme park for Jesus. He said we were going to be rich, because instead of getting full pay, he was taking much of his salary as shares in the theme park and motel complex.

Steve and Billy were rooting around in the fridge. Billy yelled, “What kind of coke do you have there?”

“Dr. Pepper!” I shouted back.

“Shoot, looks like Sunny took the last one,” Billy said to Steven as they both grabbed a glass of sweet tea. Then they looked over at me and started talking, saying suggestive things such as “Is it six o’clock yet Sunny?” and “I think its six o’clock, how about you?”

My brothers were horny again and wanted to fuck. I was in no mood, and besides I was bleeding like a stuck pig. I motioned my head over to Ma and suggested, “Ma thinks its six o’clock. She’s about passed out. She won’t remember anything.” I was half kidding and half serious. I felt this was a way of getting even with Ma, for not being a Ma, except when it suited her.

Steven nudged Billy. “You know, Sunny is right. But just to be sure…” Steven stopped right in the middle of his thought and went back to his bedroom. He quickly emerged with a baggy of pot.

I was as confused as a goat on Astroturf. What was he going to do?

Steven rolled up a couple of doobies, explaining to Billy that the maximum THC comes from a fifth generation transplant. He claimed his pot originally came from Hawaii, because it tasted like pineapple. It was at this time things became as clear as 64 Crayola colors on a wall. Steven made his money as a grower Casibom and dealer. And what’s more, all those undies he was buying me were being paid for with ill gotten gain. It seemed fitting, or at least more fitting than seducing your brothers with lingerie made from honest hard earned cash.

The boys propped Ma up. Ma was by no means ugly. She had flaming red hair and most people claimed she looked like a short version of Nicole Kidman, except she had larger boobs and deep crow’s feet from all the liquor she drank and cigarettes she smoked. This was not a good combination. She nearly burned the house down twice already. I would hate to see that, ’cause it would upset Pa more than a few crayon marks. There wouldn’t be enough cans of whoop-ass for Pa to open, not that he ever hit Ma or anything, ’cause he didn’t, even with all the heartache and such she would put him through.

With ma upright Steven took his joint and placed the lit end in her mouth and yelled, “Shotgun!” as he blow massive amounts of “certified two-toke” smoke into her mouth. Ma coughed and whispered “Steven what are you doin’?”

I wanted to try some of the reefer, just for medicinal purposes, to see if it would help with cramps. I reached for the joint as we passed it around a couple of times.

Ma was pretty well out of it, after a few more shotguns. My brothers were on either side of her, feeling up her boobs through her “braw.” Steven kissed Ma on the lips and Ma responded and kissed him back! She did the same with Billy. She has no ideal what the hell was going on; her hands were on Steven’s crotch. Steven picked her up and flung Ma over his shoulder and walked out of the room. As he exited he said to me, “Aren’t you going to come and watch, after all you instigated this whole thing?”

“Don’t blame me for anything,” I countered. “I don’t have a dick.”

“Except that little silver one,” Billy said to me softly.

I sat there in the living room wondering what to do. I could watch my Casibom Giriş brothers fuck Ma, or I could watch Gilligan’s Island. And it was a good one too. It was the episode where they almost got rescued. There is nothing like the talents of Bob Denver to bring big drama to the small screen. It is not everyday a person gets to watch their brothers tag team their own mother. I grabbed the chips and coke and skedaddled to the bedroom. I didn’t want to miss a single stroke as Ma got hers.

I sat on a chair near the foot of my folk’s bed as my brothers were removing Ma’s pullover. It came off real easy with one brother on each side bringing it up over her head. And there is where it stayed. The boys debated if they should leave Ma’s face covered with her hands in caught in the sleeves or to take it all the way off. Ma couldn’t give them head if it was on, but then again, she most likely would lose her cookies if she tried. With it on, Ma couldn’t see who was molesting her, and most likely would just think it was a dream in her stupor state of mind. Blah, blah, blah, they went on. Ma’s bra came off, and her pullover remained inside out over her face. They played with Ma’s naked breasts. I was sure this wasn’t the first time she had these guys were sucking on her tits, but their teeth would now be something different.

They went down to her pants and grabbed the elastic band and slid them off effortlessness, with just a slight raise of her butt. Ma was snow white pale. Her red pubic hair stood out. The boys took turns rubbing her pussy. The boy’s slipped Ma’s top up a few inches to uncover her mouth and nose, but leave her eyes covered. They both took turns French kissing Ma while feeling her up. She offered her sons no resistance and it appeared she was actually getting turned on a little.

Billy spread Ma’s legs and tasted that old snatch, while Steven pulled his cock out and rubbed it on Ma’s lips to see her response. Ma parted her lips and Steven was able to get part of his cock Casibom Güncel Giriş in her mouth. I don’t think he wanted to gag Ma at this moment, just get his dick wet. Ma sucked his cock as if she knew what she was doing. Billy decided to mount her. He spread her legs and lifted them up in the air as he stuck his huge cock in her. Ma gasped when she felt Billy enter her. I don’t know if it was his size or the fact it was her son, but she was clearly surprised. Billy gave her a good and thorough pounding. Steven had moved out of Ma’s mouth and removed the garment. This allowed her hands to hold her thin pale legs spread high in the air. She was enjoying her fucking.

Once Billy satisfied his lust with Ma’s pussy, Steven decided to get some poontang too. Billy got off and tag teamed Steven. I now got to watch Steven fuck Ma for a while. Billy stood by Ma’s head in case she needed to be held down, but that never happened. Steven’s cock didn’t have to stroke Ma but a few times before he came. He wiped his dick on her leg.

We all got up and left the room. The Brady Bunch was on. I resumed my position in the chair. Mom appeared in her bath robe a few hours later, after she slept it off. She looked like she had just been drug through a knot hole backwards. Without saying a word she went to her liquor shelf and poured out all of her Jim Beam. She then said to me, “Anita.”

Ma never calls me Anita unless she was ready to give down the country. I answered.

“Anita” she said again. “Could you please do me a favor and go the store and get your Ma some coke and cigarettes.”

Whew! I thought. “Sure, what kind of coke do you want?” I asked.

“Dr. Pepper would be fine, sweetie,” Ma replied.

I got dressed and headed to the store. I wondered if Ma would tell Pa. It didn’t seem like she was going to do that. Ma hadn’t been crying, at least as far as I could tell but clearly she was hurt by what happened. I wish I could have taken this moment back. I regretted having been a part of this event. I felt ashamed and guilty. I decided to do some penance. From this point on I would make an effort to be nice to Ma and to mind her. I also promised God I would never again skip church to have sex with any of my brothers ever again.

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