Ann: A Love Story Ch. 50

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I packed our bags and put them next to the door while Ann was putting the finishing touches on her makeup. She was applying just enough to highlight her eyes. In truth, Ann didn’t really have to wear a lot of makeup to look amazing. She was one of those women that could get away none if she wanted to. This was a day where she was choosing not to wear much at all…and the same could be said for her outfit.

Ann had put on a sexy little cropped top and a matching miniskirt. They were both kelly green, with yellow piping around the edges. The top was sort of a tank top, but the straps over her shoulders were thinner, and were like a bikini would have…they even tied on top of her shoulders, making it a little daring. The skirt was pleated, and just barely covered Ann’s ass and crotch. She showed hints of each when she moved toward me, making a quick spin on the yellow stilettos she’d worn the night before to show herself off for me.

When she made her little turn, I caught a glimpse of the yellow g-string she was wearing…the same one she’d worn for a very short time the night before. I wondered how long it would be into our day before I could coax her out of it. It looked like it wouldn’t take much. Ann’s nipples were pressing into her tight top, announcing their presence, and her arousal.

“So, what do you think?” she smiled.

“I think you’re a very smart woman,” I said with a grin.

Ann gave me a puzzled stare. “I know I’m smart, Neil…what does that have to do with what I’m wearing and how I look in it?”

“Because you were the one that insisted we get ready to go and eat downstairs, instead of having breakfast in bed. If I would have known you were going to wear that, we’d be spending another night,” I said as I took her in my arms.

Ann moaned as I kissed her neck and said, “I thought the same thing when I saw you this morning when you came out of the bathroom. You don’t know how tempted I am to rip your clothes off right now and fuck you all day long.”

Ann ran her hands over the tight stretchy material of the cut top I was wearing. It was a red workout shirt that was designed to breathe while you ran or lifted, or whatever. It molded to my body, accentuating my abdomen and chest, making me look more ripped than I really was, at least in my opinion. Ann seemed to be drooling as she felt my upper body through the shirt. But her eyes were staring below. I was wearing a pair of white gym shorts that came three quarters of the way down my thighs. The sides were a mesh that allowed them to breathe as well, and they were what I considered perfect. Not too snug, and not too loose. They gave my cock plenty of room to move, but also showed my bulge. Ann could tell through the weave of the mesh on the side that I’d gone without underwear, and she moved one of her hands down to play with me for a moment.

I kissed her and said, “I’d love to Ann, but I’m starving, and we’ve got a big day ahead. I promise, we’re going to have a lot of fun on the way though.”

“Sure I can’t tempt you with a quickie?” she said with a grin.

“You can tempt me anytime, babe. But we really do need to get on the road in the next hour or so. Besides, I’ve already fucked you in this room. We’re going to be crossing most of the country the next few days…I’m sure we can find someplace else to have some fun.”

I took her hand off my crotch and held it, leading her toward the door. We’d certainly gotten our money’s worth out of the ‘Bed’ portion of the Bed and Breakfast we were staying at. We headed downstairs for the Breakfast part of our stay.


“My goodness. You two are up a lot earlier than I ever would have imagined. I figured you might be in bed all morning after the way we left you, and here you are, already dressed,” Todd said as we entered the little dining area just off off the main foyer.

Todd was the distinguished older gentleman that had walked down the hallway our room was on the night before, only to catch a glimpse of a nearly naked Ann because I’d been too preoccupied staring at her to close our door. That glimpse caused him to stop dead in his tracks, and from there Ann gave him, and eventually his beautiful wife, Gracie, a voyeuristic treat.

He was sitting at a table in a maroon silk robe and a pair of navy silk pajama bottoms. His hairy chest was exposed just a little as he pretended to read the newspaper he was holding. In truth, we’d caught him ogling the hot woman next to him. And that woman was Gracie, who looked amazing. She was wearing a bright red robe that was made entirely of lace. It covered all of her intimate parts, but it still offered enough of flashes of skin here and there to leave a wonderful impression as to what may be underneath. There was little doubt it was meant for the bedroom, which made it all the more sexy that Gracie was wearing it in the dining room.

The other thing that struck me was her hair. Gone was the perfectly coifed look she’d sported the night before, replaced by her blond locks being Isparta Escort so mussed, I couldn’t help but picture what had happened to make it that way. I seriously doubted it was sleep. It looked wild and tousled, and that only made Gracie look more attractive.

Gracie waived to Ann and I as we stood in the doorway. They were the only two people in the quaint space; the entire room only having 6 tables. Four of them were tables for two, and two were tables for four. Gracie and Todd were sitting together at one of the tables for four in the middle of the room. Ann waved back, as I asked her where she’d like to sit.

“Please, won’t you join us,” Gracie said with a warm smile.

I looked at Ann, who was already nodding. I held Ann’s chair for her as she sat down across from Todd and next to Gracie, which meant I would be sitting between Ann and Todd, looking across the table at Todd’s attractive wife.

Todd stood up as I pulled out my chair, and stuck out his hand. “Todd Armstrong,” he said with a firm shake. “And this, of course, is my dear Gracie.” The pride in his voice in announcing his wife really hit home with me. Here was a man that was truly devoted to the woman he was sitting next to, the lustful way he had been staring at her when we walked in being exhibit A.

“Neil Thomas,” I said as I sat down. Pointing toward Ann, I said, “And of course, you’ve met Ann.”

Ann stuck out her hand, and Todd took her delicate fingers in his grip and pulled her hand up slightly. “Mrs. Thomas. I’m so pleased to actually meet you properly.”

“Ann Franklin,” she said as he kissed the back of her hand.

“Franklin?” Gracie said, her face showing she was a little stunned.

“Yes. We’re engaged,” Ann said with a smile.

“Of course…I shouldn’t have presumed that. When’s the wedding?” Todd asked.

“December. Either the 2nd or the 9th…we’ll know when we get back to Indiana and talk to the minister to see which week works best,” I said.

Ann was busy showing off her ring to her new friend. It was nowhere near the huge rock that Gracie sported on her finger, but the way Gracie reacted to looking at Ann’s, you would have thought it was the other way around.

“My, what a beautiful ring! Neil, you have such good taste.”

I snickered and said, “Yeah, well…I’ll just take credit for having the good taste…and sense, to fall in love with such a loving, forgiving woman, and leave it at that.”

Gracie and Todd looked at me, and I looked at Ann. Ann looked at me and said, “You could have just smiled and nodded, Neil.”

“That would have been a lie, Ann. And I love you too much to lie about it. Besides, it’s part of who we are now.”

“What’s part of who you are?” Todd asked.

We were interrupted by the waitress, who took our orders. Gracie and Todd had gotten there just before us, and since it was just six in the morning, there was no one else but us for her to wait on. The waitress told us she would also be the one preparing our breakfast, so she brought us some coffee and orange juice to bide us over, and once we’d selected our choices from the menu, she disappeared through the doorway to what we assumed to be the kitchen.

That left us alone again, and Ann picked up where we’d left off in the conversation. And she picked it up, telling Gracie and Todd our life story so far. I smiled as Ann recounted how we’d met, and the events that led up to us being at the Bed and Breakfast on an early Wednesday morning. She had an amazing way of covering a lot of ground in a very short time. While Ann didn’t tell them EVERY little detail, she shared more sexual adventures than I thought she would…enough to paint a picture as to why we’d let them watch Ann the night before.

“So, you LIKE showing off your body?” Gracie asked at one point, a little perplexed, and a little turned on from what I could tell from the nipples poking at the fine lace of her robe.

“Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. And Neil kind of let you know a little bit ago how we both feel about lying. It only leads to problems,” Ann replied.

As we talked a little more, it was pretty evident that Todd and I were really hitting it off. He had a wonderful sense of humor, and we seemed to have similar tastes in what we found amusing…and oddly, we seemed to have a lot in common in spite of the age difference. And it didn’t surprise me that Ann was becoming fast friends with Gracie. Gracie found Ann’s outlook on life exhilarating, and Gracie was an enchanting woman. She seemed both high class and down to earth at the same time.

“So, what do you do, Neil?” Todd asked as the waitress/cook brought us our food.

“Uh, I’m a photo journalist touring America, looking for oversexed women to photograph naked in elegant, historic lodging establishments.”

Ann spoke up and said, “And I’m an oversexed woman that loves to take her clothes off in public and be photographed for my amusement, and the pleasure of others.”

Gracie busted out Isparta Escort Bayan laughing, and Todd cracked a wry smile and said, “What do you really do?”

I shrugged and said, “Well, it’s not exactly glamorous. I just took a new job as a shift supervisor at a brand new manufacturing plant in West Virginia. We’re going to be moving out there after the wedding.”

Ann winked at Todd and said, “I’m still an oversexed woman that loves to take her clothes off in public and be photographed. But professionally, I’m really in between jobs. I used to be in retail…I ran a woman’s clothing store in a mall the last nine years.”

Gracie laughed again, patting the back of Ann’s hand as she ate.

I looked at Todd, who was buttering a biscuit to go along with his omelet. “So, what do you do, Todd?” I asked, thinking I was making polite conversation.

He smirked and said, “Uh…I’m a millionaire industrialist, on a little mid week fantasy escape.”

Gracie smiled and said, “And I’m his secretary, pretending to be his wife. We’re on a little secret getaway from our spouses. Todd loves to take me to beautiful places like this on pretend business trips during the week so he can fuck the shit out of me. Don’t you, Mr. Armstrong.”

Todd leaned over and kissed Gracie’s cheek and said, “Yes I do, Gracie. Yes I do.”

I looked at Ann, who started cackling herself. I grinned at Todd and said, “Good one. So, what do you really do?”

He took a bite of his eggs, and when he’d finished chewing, he swallowed and looked up at both Ann and I. “I’m a millionaire industrialist. Made my money in shipping. Not exactly glamorous, but that’s the thing with jobs, Neil. They’re hardly ever about the glamour. They’re all about doing an honest day’s work.”

I looked at Ann, whose eyes widened before her head snapped toward Gracie. We both wondered the same thing. If Todd had really told the truth the first time, then what about what Gracie had told us?

Gracie was snickering so hard she snorted. Todd looked at her and she finally calmed enough to say, “I’m Todd’s wife, pretending to be his blond secretary, pretending to be his wife. We’re on a little getaway, pretending to be away from our spouses. It’s been a little fantasy of his for years, and I finally decided I really liked the idea of giving it to him. I even had my hair colored. I’m normally a brunette.”

“So, do blonds have more fun?” Ann laughed.

“This one did last night,” Gracie said as she shifted in her seat.


We had a spirited breakfast. It was still a little hard for me to believe that we were actually sitting with people that were apparently rich, but the truth was it didn’t really matter. Todd and Gracie were as genuine as any couple that I’d ever met. They were fun loving people, and a fun, loving couple, and they treated Ann and me like we were lifelong friends of theirs.

Gracie was especially intrigued with Ann. “So you don’t have a problem with Neil taking pictures of you like that?”

“Like what, naked?”

“Yes. It just seems a little dangerous. Do you develop the film yourself, Neil?”

“Uh…no. We were using a Polaroid until yesterday. Then we got a little carried away, and started using the better camera,” I said.

“But once we started using the Nikon, I actually got turned on even more,” Ann said. “So, there was really no turning back.”

“So what are you doing…just taking them for the thrill? How will you ever know they’re better than a Polaroid if you can’t develop them?”

Ann reached into her purse, and pulled out the envelope of pictures we’d had developed in San Francisco. Pulling out one of the more benign nude pictures I’d taken of Ann on the rocks at the beach, she handed it to Gracie, along with one of the cards we’d gotten from Rose.

Gracie looked at the picture, with Todd leering from near her shoulder. Ann winked at me as her foot rubbed against my lower leg.

Gracie sighed and said, “You are really a stunning young woman, Ann. I do like the new color of your hair though. Neil was right…the way it is in this picture, it really doesn’t stand out enough. Not that it was bad…but going blond definitely makes you look hotter.”

“I could say the same for you, my love, but the truth is you’re hot no matter what color you’re hair is,” Todd said, nuzzling at his wife’s neck as he looked at the picture.

“Mmmm…you seem to be good at fueling Todd’s fire, Ann. Looks like I’m going to be getting some more lovin’ this morning. So tell me about this place…this “Black Rose Photography.”

“Rose is the owner. She’s struggling to find her niche, but she seems to have stumbled onto one that might be it. She develops explicit erotic pictures.”

“How explicit?” Gracie asked, her curiosity getting the better of her as she looked at the big packet of photos Ann was holding. Ann pulled out another one; one of the close ups of her pussy and the engagement ring. “Oh…THAT explicit.”

“Yes…I Escort Isparta suppose that might be a little too much for some people,” Ann said with a bashful smile.

“Nonsense dear; it’s almost art. Very beautiful,” Todd said with a smile.

Gracie agreed, saying, “One person’s pornography is another person’s Picasso. Granted, we’re more open minded than most people that you’d find. But this is quite beautiful.”

Ann winked at me and said, “You can have them. We’ve got extras.”

Gracie looked shocked and tried to hand them back to Ann. “What? Dear…we couldn’t. Those should be for you and your future husband.”

Ann showed Gracie the envelope, flipping quickly through the photos. Of course, most of them weren’t nude photos, but they didn’t know that. They also didn’t know Rose had given us duplicates of all of them.

“See, we have plenty. Please, I insist. It will give you something to remember us by. Here…here’s one of Neil for you Gracie,” Ann said with a laugh.

Gracie hadn’t seen me the night before. She and Todd have left before I’d gotten naked. But the way she was looking at the picture Ann had handed her made me think Gracie had a preconceived image in her mind that was similar to what she was looking at. The picture was of my cock, looming above a smiling Ann as she kneeled underneath me on the sand. Ann looked excited in the photo as she was about to suck my shaft between her lips. Gracie looked excited looking at it.

“Oh my goodness, Ann…where do you put that big thing in that little body of yours?”

“It’s a labor of love, Gracie. Go ahead and take the pictures. We have plenty more, although I don’t have any of Neil fucking me. We’ll get to that eventually, but it was too cold on the beach.”

Gracie was clutching onto picture of my cock tighter than she had the others at first, but she still protested…albeit a little less profusely. “Ann, really…we shouldn’t.”

“Sure you should. We aren’t going to share them with very many people. So, we might as well share them with people that would enjoy them that we trust.”

That comment hit both Todd and Gracie. To say that we trusted them with something so personal meant the world to them. “I’m so touched that you would trust us with them,” Gracie said as she put them in the pocket of her robe.

It was years before the world of scanners and the internet. The thought handing over intimate photos to what basically were total strangers hours before would be a ludicrous thought today. But what were they really going to do with them. They’d use them to get excited before fucking each other silly. It really seemed like a harmless gesture on Ann’s part, and I really didn’t have a problem with it. And the truth was, I trusted them. There was just something about the two of them that told me it wouldn’t be an issue.

Todd picked up the card off of the table and said, “So…this Rose. She’s a struggling business owner?”

“Yes. But like Ann said, this seems to be a pretty big opportunity for her. You mail in the roll of film, she develops it, and sends it back the same day.”

“Is she trustworthy?” he asked.

“I think so. I generally have a pretty good read on people.”

“Are you sure about that?” Todd said, questioning me like I was on a job interview.

“About my read on people?”

“Yes,” he said with a keen, confident stare.

“Well, I let you watch Ann last night when I could have closed the door on you. I made the judgment that you were trustworthy in a split second with my fiancée nearly naked. And now we’ve given you photos of us naked. Tell me Todd…was I wrong?”

Todd grinned, and shook his head. “No, Neil…no you weren’t.”

“Well, then I’m right about Rose. Granted, if you passed her on the sidewalk, you might think you should walk on the other side of the street. But she’s a sweet girl that’s trying to make a living. You just have to look past the exterior she puts up.”

“What does that mean?” Gracie asked.

Ann spoke up and said, “She’s fine…just a little quirky, that’s all. She just dresses dark…lots of black, lots of leather, lots of dark makeup. But hey, it’s San Francisco…she’s just expressing herself.”

“Even in the business world, you need to look past the outfits, Ann,” Todd said as he finished the last bite of his omelet. “You can’t be impressed with a three piece suit. It always comes down to the guy wearing it. And the same thing is true in reverse. Just because someone wears something that may seem a little outrageous to mainstream America, that doesn’t mean they’re not sharp, or that they don’t have a great work ethic and a keen business sense.”

“Wow…makes me think I wasted a lot of time, considering I worked in the fashion industry,” Ann kidded.

“I never said that. They still say clothes make the man. And a woman can dress for success in a lot of different ways that men can’t. I’m just saying that there’s more to being successful in life than what you wear. Take me for instance…I’m a lot more comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt than I am in a suit and tie.”

“You’re even more comfortable lying naked on the couch,” Gracie said with a snicker.

“You like me that way and you know it. Besides, you’re the one that got us into being nudists.”

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