Ann: A Love Story Ch. 92

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Many thanks to amazing and sexy Annanova for once again offering her editing flair. Your talent and friendship make this so much more fun!

© 2012, All rights reserved — mimaster


I wasn’t sure how late it was, or early for that matter. I just knew it was well after midnight as the six of us sat in the back of the limousine, making our way from my bachelor party in Fort Wayne toward my old hometown. I was too tired to look at my watch and frankly, I didn’t care.

My eyes were burning and my head was throbbing; the stench of cigarettes and beer permeated my clothes and the back of the limo. I’d spent way too many hours in environments where the two pungent aromas were familiar bedfellows, and now I was paying for it. Yet as I sat with my eyes closed on the back bench seat, I had a satisfied grin on my face. A lot of that had to do with what my fingers were doing inside my coat pocket, happily fondling the baby blue g-string that Sarah had let me keep as a souvenir of a memorable night. Okay, I actually paid her for them, but in my eyes that was more of a nice gesture so she could replace them. I’m sure she would have let me just keep them if I’d asked.

My thoughts were on what we had done together; how incredible her pussy tasted, how amazing her oral skills were, how tight her ass had been when I actually fucked it. But those images were fleeting, drifting from what she and I had shared, to what she had apparently done with Ann a couple of hours before I met her.

I began dreaming of what that experience must have been like for Ann and how exciting it would have been to watch the two of them. I was thinking about her talented tongue snaking its way into Sarah’s wet, juicy slit. I imagined what it must have looked like when she spread her thighs, letting Sarah fuck her with an Antonio model dildo. I wondered if she knew her name was really Sarah, or did she only know her only by ‘Tiffany’, her stage name. I was grinning from ear to ear when I was interrupted once again.

“You’re really not going to tell us what happened with Tiffany, are you?” Ted whined, his voice making me jump a little in my seat.

“What’s there to tell?” I asked, shrugging off the question, blinking as I opened my eyes.

“Come on, Neil. Tell us. Did she suck you?” Adam grilled as he moved to the edge of his seat.

“You fucked her, didn’t you? Tell me you fucked her,” Ben blurted out.

“First, why would you think anything happened like that? And secondly, even if it did happen, why would I tell you?” I replied, shaking my head as I kept a surprisingly straight face.

“Because you were gone for an hour,” Ted deduced.

“You guys paid for an hour, dumbass. Do you think I’m that stupid that I’d leave a gorgeous naked woman before my time was up?”

Adam spoke up again, finding a glimmer of hope in my admission. “Okay, explain the fact that she was naked! We all saw her come back downstairs without her g-string on.”

“I asked her for it.”

“You asked her for it, just like that.”

“Yeah, I wanted to know if she’d let me have it as a memento. And she obviously said yes.”

“I thought that was against the rules,” Mark winked.

“What can I say? I can be ridiculously charming. Besides, it’s not my fault none of you asked her. I’m pretty sure she gave at least three of you guys lap dances tonight, right?”

“Shit, I never thought to ask,” Ted fumed.

Mark busted out laughing and said, “JEEZ…he’s kidding, Ted. I’m not sure how Neil got Tiffany out of her panties, but I’m sure she wasn’t going to just give them to anybody that asked her. Hell, she would have had you escorted to the door.”

“My God, Ted, you’re so gullible,” Matt added, shaking his head.

“I can’t help it. I was born that way,” he replied as he stared at the floor.

“You were born gullible?”

“Yeah…my Grandma always said that to me. She said I was, you know, cute.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Matt asked, speaking pretty much for all of us.

Ted looked up, sincerity in his eyes when he said, “When I was little, she would tell me all the time that I was gullible, and that I was born that way. That means cute, right? It’s like adorable.”

“Holy shit, Ted…you’re not serious, are you?” Ben laughed.

“Of course I’m serious. Why wouldn’t I be serious? I LOVE my Grandma.”

We sat there in stunned silence staring at him. He was looking into space like he was trying to solve a riddle in his head. He was either the greatest actor in the world, or he was convinced he had the definition right and we were all crazy.

Finally caving to the stares, he wondered, “Why are you all looking at me like that?”

“Uh, no reason, buddy” Matt answered. Patting him on his back, he grinned, “Your Grandma’s right. You’re cute as hell!”

“I know. I can’t help it,” he nodded, the back of the car suddenly enveloped in hysterical laughter.

When the noise finally died down, Matt seized the opportunity to Alanya Escort Bayan change the dynamic of our evening one more time. Sitting back, he stretched his body out, crossing his legs at the ankles as he put his hands behind his head.

“Okay,” he inquired, his face beaming confidently. “Who’s up for breakfast?”


The only bad part was the lights. Way too many, way too bright.

“Could you have found a place more glaring than this one?” I asked Matt sarcastically.

“Glaring?” he laughed.

“I feel like I’m eating in a tanning bed. I need something over my eyes to protect my retinas.”

He pointed at my plate, three quarters of it already wiped clean by my fork and asked, “Is the food good?”

“Actually, it’s magnificent,” I nodded, stabbing another bite of my omelet.

“Then shut up and eat.”

We’d stopped at a diner on the way home. It was a bona fide, one hundred percent authentic, All-American diner; one of those silver buildings that looks more like a trailer than a restaurant. We were sitting in a row, the six of us lined up on stools at the bar, chowing down on food that was out of this world. It seemed like it was better than breakfast, but perhaps that was just the euphoria of the night spilling over into something that otherwise would have been ordinary.

There was no denying the breakfast fare was outstanding, or that we were ending our night on a high note. Matt had outdone himself, if that were even possible. I really hadn’t expected anything as far as a bachelor party when I’d asked him to be my best man. I wanted him by my side because he’d been there during the darkest moment of my life. It was only right that he be there for the brightest, a point I was reminded of as we sat together under the fluorescent rays of the man-made sun that seemed to be hovering over our heads.

I really hadn’t expected him to do anything at all, other than hold the ring and smile on my wedding day. But he’d taken the job of best man seriously. Not just for the wedding, but for the days that led up to it. He wanted to give me what he thought any groom would want, a night on the town with his pals, filled with all the things men love. It ended up more incredible that I could have imagined.

Leaning over, I patted him on shoulder. “Matt, I want thank you. I can’t tell you how great tonight has been. Hell, this must have cost you a fortune.”

“Not really…I got a few donations,” he laughed.


“Let’s just say that between my dad, your dad and Ann’s dad, I was able to do a lot more than I originally planned.”

“What? They know about all of this?”

“Of course not, although I’m sure they can guess on some of it. After all, it’s a bachelor party. But, I told them it was an anonymous donation. You aren’t supposed to know they footed some of the bill and they aren’t going to know exactly what we did. They also promised not to ask questions.”

“Wow. I…I don’t know what to say. This whole night has been so unexpected.”

He gave me a knowing nod and put his arm around my shoulder. “You’re welcome, Neil. I’ve had a great time too. Of course, you’re still not done. You’re not home yet,” he winked.


That ominous comment haunted me the rest of the trip home. The car got quiet once we’d left the lights of the city, a couple of the guys actually nodding off as we traveled down the dark two lane road through the flat farmland. I had my eyes closed once again, but I wasn’t thinking about Sarah…or of Sarah and Ann together. I couldn’t shake what Matt had said, wondering what he meant about my not being done yet.

“He’s just messing with me,” I thought after twenty minutes or so of contemplating all the various things he could have been referring to. It was the simplest explanation, and the most likely. We’d been gone for hours, over eight of them to be more precise and it was almost four in the morning. What else could he have dreamed up and why would he do it? He’d fulfilled the unspoken oath of a best man, giving me a matrimonial sendoff that was almost too good to be true.

Still, I couldn’t get one thought of my head. One burning question that had me coming back to that comment and the wink that followed it. “Why would he lie?” I asked myself once again. “What would he possibly have to gain by lying about that?”

Matt and I kidded each other all the time. That’s what best friends do, at least when they’re guys. But sometimes guys take that a step further. They’ll needle and joke. They’ll tell stories and pull pranks. They’ll set each other up and laugh when the other falls for it, yet always knowing that if they take that chance, there will be retribution. Not the swift kind either. It would be calculated. It would be thought out and meticulously planned. And it would be sprung at the most perfect of times, when the victim, per se, would expect it the least.

Yet Matt and I had never really gone that far with each other. I couldn’t Alanya Escort remember a time where either of us had taken that chance and done something to the other that required some kind of payback. On the contrary, any payback I owed him would be in way of being there for him in a time of crisis in his life, because that’s what he did for me. I loved him as if he were my younger brother. Yet while real brothers pick at each other, I couldn’t imagine doing anything to him that would make him want to get even.

I couldn’t imagine him doing that to me either. Not after everything we’d just done and all that we shared. Matt didn’t have that in him. If anything, he showed more integrity at his age than any man I’d ever met. He was smart and compassionate. He was a loyal and trusted friend. Did he ever kid with me? Absolutely, but he had never lied to me, even during times when it hurt to tell me the truth.

“He’s not lying now, either” I concluded as I opened my eyes just as the limousine entered our town.

The streetlights of the main drag were still able to illuminate the back of the car a little even with the dark tinted windows, and I sat up as we turned down a side street. Pulling in front of Adam’s apartment, he and Ben got out when the driver opened the back door. A few minutes later, we dropped off a drowsy Ted in front of his place.

That left Mark and Matt, both of whom were now awake. So was I, obviously, and I was surprisingly alert, the breakfast giving me sort of a second wind, or perhaps it was actually a third. Either way, I was bright-eyed when we drove down another street through a residential area.

“This isn’t the way to the motel,” I said aloud, wondering where we were going. Since it wasn’t the way to my house, or Matt’s parents’, I wasn’t sure if I should be nervous or excited as I looked at the two of them grinning at me like I was the only one left out of an inside joke.

“Why would we be going to the motel?” Matt asked, speaking of the only actual place in town that could be called one. There were three bed and breakfasts, and an old place downtown that used to be a hotel, but was now residential apartments that had a restaurant on the main floor. But there was only one actual motel, located on the far west edge of town.

“To take Mark there,” I replied, shaking my head at what seemed like a silly question.

“I’m not staying at a motel,” Mark grinned.

“Isn’t that where we picked you up?”

“Nooo,” he laughed.

“I guess I was so busy saying hi to the guys I wasn’t paying attention. Where are you staying?” I asked, suddenly feeling a bit out of sorts.

“Here,” he replied as the limo stopped. The door opened once again and Mark stepped out, pointing at a modest little home near the town’s college that was hidden in the dark. “It was your idea, remember?”

“What are you talking about? I’ve never been to that house in my life. I don’t even know who lives there.”

“Yes you do,” said a sultry voice coming from the shadows. Stepping in through the door, my mouth fell open as I watched the sexy redhead sit down in the seat across from me. Looking over her shoulder, she glanced at Mark. “Jill’s inside waiting for you. I’ve done what I can do, but she really needs a man now.’

“So, we’ll see you tomorrow?” he grinned.

“Later today, actually. Now go fuck your girlfriend,”

“Okay. Have a good time. And thanks again for letting us stay here.”

“I’m not letting you stay. You have to pay my ‘rent’, remember. Make sure you get some rest, you’re both going to need it,” she hissed, the sexual innuendo dripping off her tongue. As the driver closed the door, she turned her gaze toward me, and it was rather unnerving.

It was Nancy, the plant receptionist at Beck Manufacturing, my former employer; and I’d shared a couple intense sexual encounters with her the week I’d met Ann. Actually, Ann had blessed the office fling, fueling a blaze as hot and flaming as Nancy’s dark red mane. But the fire died quickly; extinguished when I fell in love with Ann.

Yet my brief time with Nancy had revived her passion for adventure. She quickly changed the way she looked and dressed, becoming more sexually open in how she carried herself day to day. She’d told me during that week that she had been a bit of a slut when she was younger, but she had become reserved and shy as she’d gotten older, thinking that was how she was supposed to act. Now in her early 40s, she said she longed to be able to break out of the conservative shell she’d found herself trapped in, but didn’t know how. At least until Ann and I had found a way to unleash her on the world once again.

The woman sitting across from me wasn’t anything like the receptionist that I’d known for my seven or so years at Beck. The change in her since that fateful moment in my office was incredible. It wasn’t just in her appearance; it was also the difference in her attitude that I found so stimulating. She had always been incredibly attractive, Escort Alanya and sexy had long been lying beneath the surface. But now she’d transformed. She was looking at me like she was a seductress and I was her prey, playing Mrs. Robinson to my unsuspecting Ben Braddock.

She crossed her legs, her sinewy, tan limbs coming into view from underneath the long winter coat conveniently left unbuttoned at the bottom to expose her knees. She slowly started bobbing her left leg up and down, bringing her sexy black stiletto into my vision in a hypnotic way. Yet it wasn’t until the car started to move that I fully realized we were heading somewhere…together. Well, together, with Matt.

“Nancy, what are you doing here?” I asked, not really sure I wanted to know the answer.

“I was invited,” she replied calmly. “I’m your entertainment for the rest of the night.”

Laughing nervously, I joked, “There can’t be much night left.”

“Nevertheless, I’m sure we’ll make the best of it.”

“What exactly do you mean by your being the entertainment?”

“Oh, I think you know. But if you want me to be frank about it, that’s fine. We’re going to fuck, Neil. We’re going to finally finish what we started in your office.”

“Uh, th…that’s pretty frank,” I stuttered, catching Matt’s excited grin out of the corner of my eye.

“No sense beating around the bush, even though I love it when men do that to me,” she said, her sexy voice making the hair stand up on the back of my neck. “I would think you’d be interested, what with your newfound appreciation of redheads. And you would know better than most that mine is natural.”

“You’ve talked with Ann?”

“I wouldn’t be doing this if I hadn’t talked with Ann, Neil. You know me better than that,” she said as she pulled her lipstick out of her little black purse, coating them perfectly in a deep shade of red without bothering to look in a mirror. Putting the cap back on, she added, “Of course, you should also know that I’ve done a lot with Ann. It’s been an interesting evening so far.”

“Wait…you were with Ann tonight?”

“Yes, I was invited and no, I’m not going to tell you about it. If you two decide to talk, that’s your business. I’m just here to finish what we started. Your fiancée wants us to have some closure. Well, to a point,” she laughed.

“What in the world does that mean?”

“It means I know where the line is drawn…and I’m okay with it.”

I wanted to question her on what she meant. Hell, I wanted to question Matt on just what was going on, even though I already knew. I suppose I was in shock, or maybe it was denial. Just the idea that Nancy was in the car, talking the way she was and insinuating about what was going to happen had me off guard. But the smile on Matt’s face told me that’s the way it was supposed to be. That she had personally talked to Ann about it also told me what I needed to know; whatever was about to happen had been given the required stamp of approval.

Slowly unbuttoning the front of her coat, she gradually exposed her naked body underneath, her eyes ablaze as she fixed them on my crotch.

“Nancy!” I cautioned, my eyes motioning toward Matt, thinking she’d been so focused on me she’d forgotten he was even there.

“It’s nothing he hasn’t seen before,” she smiled.

“Uh…what?” I said as my mouth dropped open. Matt grinned like a little kid, shrugging at the same time.

She calmly lifted her breasts with her hands, tweaking her nipples as she said, “What can I say? Matthew came over to ask me personally if I’d do this. I thought that was such a wonderful gesture. After all, he could have just called me up and asked me if I wanted to fuck his friend. Anyway, he came over and caught me at an awkward moment.”

“Awkward? What do you mean by awkward?” I questioned.

“It means she answered the door naked,” Matt laughed.

“Well to be fair, I’d been trying out a new vibrator I’d gotten through mail order that day, and it kind of ticked me off that I was being interrupted by the doorbell. But once I peeked through the window and saw how cute he was, well yes, of course I opened the door like I was.”

“Wow,” I chuckled. “So, I guess he has seen you.”

“Oh, Matthew’s done more than just look. He’s become quite the little lover. He’s very eager to please and he’s a quick learner.”

“You make it sound like I was a virgin when we met,” he said, defending himself like most men would when their masculinity appeared to have been challenged.

“Not at all, sweetie. But be honest, haven’t you learned a thing or two during our weekends?”

“During your WEEKENDS?” I responded, coming out more as an astounded shout.

“I came home from school that first weekend a couple of months ago and I stopped by to ask Nancy if she’d consider helping me out tonight. One thing led to another, and –“

“He’s come home almost every weekend ever since. Well, except Thanksgiving, but I understood that. I was with family myself.”

“So you’re driving back from school every weekend? What do your Mom and Dad think about that?”

“Uh…They don’t know, Neil. I drive up and park my car in Nancy’s garage.”

“He doesn’t leave the house once he gets there,” she giggled. “I won’t let him.”

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