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(Hello! This time I thought it would be fun to see where the Roberts Boys got it from. If you are not sure what I am referring to, please click my profile. Of the 12 multi-chapter stories written so far, 10 are about the Roberts boys and their sexual hi-jinks/adventures, so it’s high-time I wrote something about their Dad. This one incorporates a young lass’s introduction into BDSM, hope you enjoy it!)

Anna-Brooks Cowan, a woman 1/3 my age, was just ravishing as she stood there in that ‘open’ lingerie. The clincher on this was when my property handed me my phone, saying “I want my Sir to really remember this, so please take pictures of me as we do this” Anna-Brooks said, adding “I want my Sir to know look back on these and enjoy them.”

I enjoyed that my property had thought enough to purchase this lingerie for me, and that I had been able to open this part of her to explore. Seeing this incredible woman dressed like this was something, and the black bondage rope I had really added to it

It took a bit of work (but it was fun-work to be sure) but with some effort I was able to start off with a complex tie, the so called Karada or “Tortoise Shell.” (I suggest that you dear reader look these up for added entertainment as we go, Example: Karada Tortoise Shell bondage) Anna-Brooks enjoyed it as I kept the ropes over the shoulders loose, but after running the knots down the front of the torso, I ran two ropes between the legs loose (more on that later), and by lacing them up the torso snugly, over her lacy teddy, it produced a snug fit. I finished it off by looping round her elbows, securing her arms straight down, palms against her the back of her hips. Damn she looked good.

Anna-Brooks Smiled as she checked her look in the mirror. The ropes ‘snugged’ her and what she liked best was that her Man had done this. It was no accident that she could use her finger to ‘tug’ her butt cheeks open. Her Owner now moved her around by holding the ropes, and firmly. This excited her. Her man moved her away from the expected bed, towards the center of the room. He was a sneaky one, that ‘dirty old man’ (she was wet at that thought), in that he had a hook the same color as the ceiling, and he deftly looped a bit of line from it to one of the knots between her shoulder blades.

I stepped in and nuzzled my pet on her neck, and it was then that I added one more surprise. It was a ‘blackout’ or ‘sleep mask’ type blindfold, the type that allows the wearer to fully open their eyes, yet their world is totally dark. After doing this I wrapped an arm around her, toying with her nipple, the other holding her by her ropes, and asked “Is my pet OK? Does my property need a Yellow Light?”

Anna-Brooks’ world went completely & totally dark. That mask removed ALL light. For a moment it was frightening, but the voice of her owner calmed her immediately. Also the feel of him holding the rope an toying with her breast, not to mentions she could feel his bulging boxers rub her, and she knew she was safe. He Sex hikayeleri was right…it DID feel good. “Yes Sir…I’m good. I trust you” She replied, breathing deeply.

“Good, pet” I replied “Now your are going to feel something one you,” and as I said that, I lightly ran the first of two clamps across her skin, “and I want you to let me know if it is too intense.” I took her nipple into my mouth and holding it with my teeth I used my tongue to toy with the nipple, making my property groan. I released the nipple, and with a last lick, I carefully applied the clamp to her nipple, making her quietly whimper. I did the same to the other side, and with a free hand I brushed the two ropes that ran thru her crotch, right over her cli and vagina, making her groan. I kissed her neck, asking her if she liked it, knowing the answer already.

“Ahh…Ohhhh, Sir…..” Anna-Brooks purred. The clamp was not unexpected, especially in light of the method of being bound, but the combo of the suckling, her owner’s teeth then the clamp was very exciting, and when he nuzzled her neck and played with her using the rope over her pussy, it excited her that much more. Now she felt something else touching her. It felt solid…and flat. It moved down her back, and she understood. It was a paddle. It made her moan at the feel of it. She knew what was coming when her Owner’s hand grabbed the knot of rope at her belly button. The flat object rubbed her right cheek…then her left. As it left her skin, she inhaled audibly, and jumped with a yelp as the fits impact was made.

The initial impact was not very hard at all. It didn’t need to be. I moved to the other cheek, with a similar pop/similar result. But in short order I got Anna-Brooks ass with a strike that was harder and this one made her call out. As I moved to the other cheek, I pulled up slightly on the rope, impressing it into her clit and pussy. She groaned, and I got her. A bit more pressure on the rope, and a pair of harder strikes. Anna-Brooks called out louder this time. My response was to stop, and simultaneously use one hand to rub her butt cheek in a circle, while using the other hand to flatten out and rub the rope and her pussy. Anna-Brooks was shortly moaning, so I eased to a stop, and started the process over. Just to make it interesting, I did it a third time as well.

Every touch or movement that her Owner performed was much more intense, due to the lack of sight. He was tugging on the rope enough that Anna-Brooks was working on to the balls of her feet, and then when he caringly rubbed her butt and pussy, while giving her kisses and telling her good she was driving a steadily building orgasm. And she was sure her rising moans told her Owner of the slowly building wave.

I knew her orgasm was coming, so I had to stop it, at least for the moment, so I let go of the rope hold at my property’s stomach. Stepping around to the side I stripped off my boxers, and stepping in behind my property, I slid my swollen member between but not IN her. One Sikiş hikayeleri hand each grabbed her clamped breasts, and gave them a twist. Now Anna-Brooks groaned in pain, so I did what any gentleman would do. I quickly released them, and as the blood rushed in, pinched and twisted both nipples. Anna-Brooks winced and called out in pain as she tried to back away, just running into me holding her tightly, tugging her nipples while my dick rubbed her rope-blocked cunt. She screamed out in pain and pleasure as she bucked. Once she calmed, I started the next part of my plan.

Anna-Brooks wanted to both cry and cum at the same time. She didn’t know which. First, her Owner had built her to near orgasm, then silently denied it, switching, then back to the build. After the third time, Anna-Brooks wanted to orgasm badly and was about to beg. When she felt the cock she craved lay against her she though he would move the ropes and side so she could cum on her Owner’s cock as he pumped it in and out of her, but instead he created INTENSE pain with her nipples! The wild thing was, as she bucked against him, she knew the pain would prevent an orgasm, yet she felt her body ‘gush’ more than she was sure she ever had. What’s more, just as she thought he would start to process over, he did something she never expected.

I knew that the blast of pain thru her nipples would ‘disrupt the wave’, as it were, and apparently it did. At this point, I took the time to compliment my property, telling her how proud I was of her and how gorgeous she was. I also removed the blindfold, and held her close as I kissed her, letting my stiff dick tease her. It brushed against her and made her moan out loud, and even though she asked, I told her it wasn’t time to fuck her yet (though I certainly wanted to). Instead, I watched her eyes go big as she saw the Hitachi and heard it turn on. ”You are not to orgasm until I give you permission, understand?” I calmly said, adding “Keep those knees steady, pet.” I then touched the Hitachi to the area just at the top of my property’s pubic hair. Circling, I wondered how long she would last.

Anna-Brooks’ eyebrows furrowed into a grimace. Unlike earlier though, this was not pain. It was pleasure, pure pleasure, and it was truly overwhelming. This entire time she had been standing, so her knees were shaky. So much so, her owner had to repeatedly steady her. It started with his kiss. For an old(er) man, her certainly knew how to kiss. Now hurried or frantic, he took his time with his kiss, and also with his tongue. If that weren’t enough, the cock she craved and asked him for rubbed against sex, yet she couldn’t have it…Pure Torture!

“Sir…Oh-Gah….” She said. The Hitachi was circling, making it way to her clit. She had though her Owner would move the ropes that currently ran over her entire pussy before applying the Hitachi. But no…was she EVER wrong. Anna-Brooks’ hips immediately began to move, ‘bucking’ because her owner pressed the Hitachi against the rope…and her Entire Pussy exploded Porno Hikayeleri in vibration, causing her to throw her head back and yell “ SIR-PLEASE!!!!!”

At her yell I jerked the Hitachi away from her and grabbed a handful of hair. “Not YET.” I growled as she stared at me in a mix of pleasure and the fear of disappointing me. I had this young lady right where I wanted her, so I kissed her. She returned that kiss, begging with a quiet “p-p-p-please…..” as their lips parted. I knew she was right there, so a few times I would take the Hitachi & just touch her-then pull away, asking her if she was ready. I wrapped a support arm around her, and with one more kiss, I again lay the Hitachi fully against the rope, saying “Do it pet….DO IT.”

Anna-Brooks Cowan had no idea of all that happened next. She was tankful for her Owner’s supporting arm, because her knees buckled as she threw her head back and screamed, her hips convulsing and pushing against the rope and Hitachi. Her knees twitched hard, as thought they were undecided between throwing themselves open and clamping around the Hitachi, and this went on for a solid 10 seconds of her screaming, convulsing pleasure.

Anna-Brooks was in a daze as she felt her owner release the overhead rope, and take her in his arms. She was all smiles and heavy panting as she felt her owner place her on the bed. She did what she could to help her Owner as he deftly released her from her snug bonds, but she was still weak from the orgasm & in that post-orgasm euphoria as she saw her Owner step forward, phone in hand, and take a picture laying there disheveled, still in her lingerie. He even got a bit closer to get a picture of her soaking-wet sex. Anna-Brooks had a toothy smile as she felt the cock she so craved finally rub against her pubes, then down her sex…but her face went to surprise as her Owner nudged it against her anus as he lifted her legs.

My property was certainly not expecting this, but I knew that in that post -orgasm state she would be nothing if not relaxed. I had already used my phone to film the entire bondage scene, and the photo of her laying there in lingerie, her pussy pink and glistening wet. So there was a look of surprise as I rubbed my aching-sore dick against her anus. But true to my sweet property’s form, she shifted…adjusted…and the smile went to a grimace, then back to a smile as her ass opened, and my dick slid right in. it was so pretty like that, stretching out to fit my girth. I got a picture, then began to steadily pump away.

I would love to tell you how long this went, but really, with everything before, it wasn’t too long before I could feel my balls churning. I was pushing my dick into this incredible young woman’s ass, and she was smiling as I did it. My property even told me how much she liked having me inside her ass. Now hips were tightening, and just as I was starting ‘my roll,’ a few small mini -orgasms shook my property, making her ass convulse as I pumped her. That was what really did it, and from down deep came a powerful roaring, moaning sound. I was over the edge, and I proceeded to dump all of my goo inside my property’s ass, slowing my pumps to let it’s tightness milk every bit out of me. Wonderful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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