Anna’s Been a Naughty Girl Ch. 2

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My pussy was still throbbing, and very, very wet after Daddy left my bedroom. I listened to his footsteps descend the stairs, and then I got into bed, planning on thinking of the wonderful things that just happened. After a couple of minutes of rubbing my steamy pussy and massaging my swollen clit, thinking of Daddy spanking my ass and fucking me with his hard cock, I heard more footsteps on the stairs. My heart began pounding faster and harder. Did Daddy decide that I’ve been bad again? Was he coming back to punish me some more? I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

“Come in, Daddy!” Instead of my father, my mother popped her head in the room and glanced around. She caught my hand playing with my pussy, and walked in the room. I took my hand away, embarrassed.

“Well, Anna, I heard what just happened in here. What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?” My face was red. “Well, Mommy, I’m sorry that I made you worry tonight. Daddy came in and took my panties off, and he spanked me. I’ll never do it again, I promise.” My mother smirked at me, and all of a sudden, my brother, Scott, walked bursa eve gelen eskort bayan in the room.

“Anna, you are very naughty! Daddy just gets done spanking your bottom, and you’re rubbing your soaking wet pussy. I think you need some MAJOR punishment now. What do you think, Scott?” Scott looked at my tits, and pulled my blanket off of me, staring at my cleanly shaven pussy. “Mom, I think we need to punish Anna. She needs to learn to behave herself!” Scott was a year older than me. Ever since I was thirteen, I would fantasize about him and masturbate. I would creep into the bathroom while he was showering, and watch him jerk his hard cock off. Now, I could see the bulge in his blue jeans. He began rubbing his rock-hard dick on the outside of his clothes.

“Stand up, Anna. Right now!” I got out of bed. I was completely naked, and my nipples were hard, my pussy was wet. I had bright red marks on my ass from where Daddy was spanking me. My mother began licking lightly on my hardened nipples. “Turn around and bend over the bed. I’m bursa eskort bayanlar going to get Daddy in here again to spank your bottom! Wait until he hears that you were rubbing your wet cunt, thinking of him spanking you!”

“Oh, Mom, please tell Daddy to come in here and spank me! I love when Daddy spanks me!” A few moments later, Daddy walked in the room. He had his paddle in his hand. “Anna, you need some more, you naughty girl? Does Daddy have to put some more red marks on your bottom?”

“Yes, Daddy, I’ve been so bad! I’ve been playing with my pussy, thinking of you spanking my ass and fucking me!” Daddy pulled off his belt and handed it to my mother, and then he pulled down his trousers. His hardened, enormous cock was wet with pre-cum. “That’s it, Anna! We’re all gonna punish you now, you little slut!” Daddy began spanking me hard with his paddle. In between spankings, he rubbed my ass. My pussy became so wet, and I began playing with my swollen clit. Then, my mother began slapping me on the bottom with Daddy’s belt. They were both spanking görükle escort bayanlar me, and my brother was watching with a huge erection.

“OOOhhh, yeah, I’m so naughty! Spank me some more!” My brother stepped over to me, and removed his jeans. His cock, also, was wet with pre-cum. “Scott, lick Anna’s pussy while we spank her ass.” My brother began softly licking my throbbing clit. He slid his fingers into my soft, wet hole. I was in ecstasy, getting my tight little pussy eaten by my brother while Mommy and Daddy spanked my bottom. Daddy slit his cock in my wet hole. I felt like I could cum!

After my brother ate my pussy for a little while, he bent my mother over the bed, next to me, and slid his cock into her pussy, pulling her panties to the side. From right next to me, bent over the bed, my mother began rubbing my tits. Daddy began spanking me hard with his bare hand, and then he began spanking my mother!

“Scott, we have some sluts here. Both of them are naughty, and deserve to be punished!” My mother’s bottom, and mine, were getting very red. We were both moaning uncontrollably, getting fucked and spanked. My daddy pulled his cock out of my wet hole, and shot his load all over my red bottom, rubbing it into my tight asshole. My brother, then, began spanking my mother’s ass!

“Mom, I’m going to cum all over your hot ass, you naughty bitch!” He pulled his cock out and sprayed my mother with his huge load. I loved being naughty with my family!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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