Anniversary to Remember Ch. 01

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It was a Sunday morning. Brian and Sandy were in bed. It was their 20th wedding anniversary and although they would be celebrating with their children over lunch they were having a quiet time together before breakfast. Sandy had been awoken when their 18 year old twin son and daughter had gotten up. Thinking they had gone out she turned over and dozed some more. A bit later she felt Brian cuddle her. She pushed her bum into his crotch in reply. She was pleased to feel his cock respond and his hand came up to her tits.

As he lazily played with her nipples she felt herself tingling. She pushed the duvet off and raised her leg. She slid her hand down over her stomach and onto her mound. As he pulled on her nipple she ran a finger over her lips, pleased to feel the moisture. As he continued to play with her tits she slowly began to rub herself. She felt her lips part and she inserted a finger. As she rubbed her clit she got wetter and inserted another finger. Brian moved himself slightly and she reached under to guide Casibom his erection into her waiting love box.

She left her fingers there as he slowly slid his length into her. He left the full length in for a few moments whilst she played with his balls and then slowly began to slide in and out of her wet pussy. She turned slightly and they began to kiss as she brought her hand up to join his on her tits. As their tongues intertwined so did their fingers on her tits. He could feel her getting more excited but continued to slide in and out slowly.

She was beginning to grunt with each thrust of his cock into her. Sensing that she was near to cumming Brian slid his hand down to her mound, and finding her clit began to rub. She gasped with pleasure and he began to thrust quicker. She gave her nipples a last, long squeeze and slid her hand down to join Brian’s on her pussy and they both rubbed her protruding clit. As her breath got shorter Brian realised that they were being watched.

He looked up to see Casibom Giriş Janice standing at the foot of the bed, in a nightie, bright as a beetroot. With one hand cupping her breast. He stopped pumping and whispered to Sandy that they had company. Janice realised what she was doing and dropped her hand. Sandy gathered herself, raised her head and smiled at her.

Hey babe, everything alright. Janice swallowed and managed to answer. Sorry, didn’t realise that you were busy, but the door was open. Just came up to say that we’ve got breakfast ready for you.

That’s very kind of you. Sorry about the door, didn’t realise it was open. Anyway, I thought you had gone out as usual. She held her hand out to Janice, who sidled round and sat on the edge of the bed. Sandy laid her hand over Janice’s. Sandy and Brain made no effort to part or cover up. Her leg was still up over Brian giving Janice a full view of her pussy and Brian’s cock.

It’s OK my babe, you’ve seen us now, it’s no big deal. Sandy reached Casibom Güncel Giriş up and stroked her hair. This is so cool, said Janice. Jerry’s not going to believe this. That’s his problem, said Sandy. Anyhow, it could have been him that came up. Janice giggled. Anyway happy anniversary, said Janice. She bent over and kissed them both. Janice stood up. OK darling we’ll be down shortly.

Janice turned and went out, stopping just outside the door and looking in. Brian squeezed one of Sandy’s tits and kissed her neck. Had to happen sooner or later, said Brian. She’s a mature young lady though. Yes, said Sandy, she is. She pulled away from Brian, his cock still erect. Janice’s hand went to her crotch and began to rub.

Sandy slid down and held his manhood. Shame though, purred Sandy, I was just on the point of cumming. She slowly rubbed his cock. Never mind, we’ll finish later. She swallowed his cock, gave it a long suck and let him go. Come on, I’m hungry. So am I, said Brian, grabbing her arse. She wriggled and his fingers found her pussy. She let out a sigh as he slid a couple of fingers in. She let him frig her for a minute then slipped free and got up. Janice managed to slip into her room just before Sandy came out to the bathroom, followed by Brian.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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