Another Bet Ch. 03

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This is another in the continuing adventures of Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and stud. You don’t need to read parts 1 or 2 of Another Bet to understand what happens, but it will help. Dylan’s adventures started out with the “One For The Road” series. Please check all his adventures out. Thanks for the interest and support. And please remember to vote. All emails are welcome.

Also I would like to thank the fans who have constantly written me to finish this story over the past several months. Every couple of months or so, an email would appear with a request to please finish part 3. Their encouragement and desire to see where Dylan took this adventure are the only reasons it got finished – I want to thank them, and hope they enjoy the ending.

“Yeah, I’d love too,” Dylan replied to Erin with a smile.

He let her lead him toward a large green Escalade parked at the curb. The Cadillac SUV had tinted windows so you could not see in and a lot of chrome. Maria got in the on the driver side, and Erin opened the back passenger door and motioned for him to get in. The interior of the SUV had all the “bling”; personal DVD players in front of each seat, a small frig in the middle of the console, and leather and gold everything. Erin climbed in next to him and closed the door. The hem of her tiny dress slid up revealing her naked pussy. She grabbed him and pulled his face down to hers, passionately kissing him and slipping her tongue deep into his mouth. As the heat of the kiss began to build, she slipped her hands into his crotch and unzipped his jeans. She carefully pulled out his semi-harden cock and began to stroke him gently.

“Anything left in this beautiful cock?” Erin asked coyly as she looked up into his eyes.

“Depends on what you are looking for,” Dylan answered.

“Cum, baby. Lots and lots of cum,” she whispered to him. Her head dropped into his lap and enveloped Dylan’s surging prick with her hot mouth. Sucking the great mushroom head and several inches of his hard prick into her mouth, she began to bob her head up and down, and use her tongue to lick the underside of his dick. Dylan’s eyes rolled back into his head as Erin worked her magic. The only other sensation that he felt besides the one in his lap, was the Escalade pulling away from the curb and into traffic.

Dylan could only muse to himself how he got into this incredible position as Erin’s tight velvet throat slid up and down his massive cock. The night had started at the bar with a bet as to who could get a phone number from a couple of very sexy, but very married women first. The bet had been with Tony, a fellow stuntman. Of course, the bet increased from just getting a phone number to which one of them would fuck his target first. The winner would present the loser with his target’s panties as proof, and he would get a steak dinner on the loser. Tony had chosen Maria, who was now driving in the front, and Dylan had chosen a beautiful red-head with an amazing body named Anne. Both Maria and Anne were friends, married and looking. Tony had gotten to Maria first and they had left together. So it looked like he might have won, but Anne had told Dylan that Maria never gave it away on the first encounter. So as Dylan walked the lovely Anne back to her car, things got very hot and heavy. So heavy, that he had fucked her twice on the hood of her car right on the street. The street was dark, but the sex was still out in the open on a residential neighborhood. The intense encounter had ended with him cumming in her ass before she wearily drove home. Dylan had then gone back to the bar to clean up and had run into Erin. Erin was Anne’s friend and it was her birthday that had brought all the women out that night. Erin was hot, and free, and liked Dylan immediately. One thing led to another, and soon they were in a darkened part of the bar kissing and fondling each other. That quickly escalated to a wild fuck session before they were caught by the bartender and kicked out. As they left, Maria arrived back from being with Tony, and she and Erin had quickly decided to do something with Dylan. He didn’t know what, but he had a really good idea.

“Girl, slow down back there! You don’t want to wear him out,” Maria called out from the front seat. It broke Dylan’s pleasured filled memories of fucking Anne and Erin. Erin removed her mouth from Dylan’s saliva covered cock with a big slurp, and rested her head in his lap. “Don’t worry about him, this gun is still loaded! Hey where are we going to go anyhow?”

“Kareem’s building on Wilshire? There’s nobody there this time of night.” Maria replied.

“Great idea!” Erin said as she returned her mouth to Dylan’s cock.

“Whose’s Kareem?” Dylan groaned as Erin’s lips and tongue began tease him again.

“He’s my husband,” Maria offered from the front seat. “He owns a building not far from here. He has a private bedroom off his office just made for making out and such.”

“It that where you and Tony went?” Dylan asked.

“Good guess, smart boy!” Maria said as she grinned at him in the rearview mirror. “It is also where I bursa escort did my husband the first time. He is quite the player.”

As the large Escalade turned left onto Wilshire, Dylan gasped sharply as he felt Erin’s mouth open up entirely and his large cock sank deep into her throat. The muscles of her throat clutched at him, and he couldn’t help it as a loud groan escaped his lips. Maria looked him in the rear-view mirror as his eyelids fluttered, and Dylan saw her smile. Erin continued to drive his cock deep into her throat as she bobbed her head up and down his towering meat. Dylan slumped against the backseat and struggled to catch his breath the sensations were so intense. His face was flush and he was panting.

“Oh fuck!!!” he moaned almost to himself.

“I think that is what she had in mind, stud boy.” Maria chimed in from the front seat.

” Ladies… we … I need to …ohhhhhhh…” Dylan groaned as he tried to exert the last ounce of willpower he had left. He didn’t want to cum so fast, but that was proving to be a problem as Erin milked his hard dick with her very talented throat muscles.

“Yes?” purred Erin as she left his raging cock and brought her face close to his. Her warm, wet lips pressed against his and kissed him. He kissed her back, hotly and roughly, their mouths open, and their tongues playing with each other. He grabbed a hold of her full, firm tits and began to squeeze them while she stroked his rampant prick making him harder and harder. Erin broke the kiss and started planting small wet kisses along his neck. Then she took one of his hands and shoved it up under her skirt. As Dylan began to stroke her bare pussy with his fingers, a pussy that he had been banging not 15 minutes before, he could feel her wetness being to seep out of her steaming pussy. She began to mew like a little kitten and moved her kisses to his cheek.

Dylan looked up to see Maria staring at him in the rearview mirror. She smiled a wicked grin at him and winked. Maria was a beautiful Hispanic woman with a great bubble butt. Tony had gone crazy over her. She had very long black hair that hung to the middle of her back. She was dressed in a tight red dress that came down to below her knees, but it was cut up the side almost to her ass revealing a pair of killer legs. As Dylan slipped two fingers deep into Erin’s flowing cunt, he wondered how far Tony had gone with this Latin beauty. Erin sighed as she leaned against the back of the car seat and spread her legs wider. Her hands continued moving up and down Dylan’s wet towering prick as she stroked his great length.

“So what did you and Tony do?” he queried as his fingers rub against Erin’s G –spot making her hips leap off the car seat and buck against his invading fingers.

“We didn’t fuck. I don’t do that on the first date. I just gave him the best blowjob of his life. But I am so fucking horny now watching Erin eat your meatsicle, it is making me consider changing my mind.”

“Lovely,” Erin groaned as Dylan’s probing fingers drove her churning cunt toward another orgasm. “Faster! Fuck me faster!”

Dylan began to stroke his two fingers into and out of her smoking pussy faster and faster. He could feel the mouth of her pussy begin to tighten around his fingers before she went off. The slushy sounds of her wet sloppy pussy could be heard throughout the car as he drove his fingers deep into her and her hips continued to urgently flip up against them. She gripped his thick rod in one hand as her whole body began to vibrate. She slowly raised her ass higher and higher off the seat as her cum drew nearer. All at once, she let out a long low scream and her cunt locked down on his thrusting fingers. A steady stream of girl juice ran out of her cunt and soaked Dylan’s hand as he continued to thrust into her swampy pussy. Erin’s hand was flying up and down the length of his iron hard shaft.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH FFUCCCKKKKKK!!” She cried as her cunt juice ran down his fingers and dripped all over the rear seat. Her hips drove against his probing fingers as though she was trying to force his entire hand up her burning cunt. The pungrant odor of Erin’s cum filled the SUV as Maria turned into the parking lot of her husband’s building. As Erin’s orgasm slowed down, she bent her head and engulfed Dylan’s missile deep into her hot wet mouth. She gasped a little as this move pulled Dylan’s fingers from her creaming pussy in the process. Standing proud and tall at 9 inches in length and about 2 1/2 inches thick, Dylan’s cock was a long thick rod to stuff down your throat, but her mouth was watering as her throat milked at Dylan’s prick. As she sucked on his thick column mewing and humming, Dylan distantly noticed that the SUV had stopped and Maria was turned in the front seat watching her friend feast on his giant cock. He realized that he would soon be in a state of bliss that he had rarely experienced after these two sex kittens serviced him.

Realizing that he had to put a stop to this incredible blowjob or he was going to lose it right then and there, Dylan gently pushed Erin away and she reluctantly bursa escort bayan let his long slick meat tube slide out of her throat. Her eyes were wild with passion and her lips were red from where they had been stretched wide around his surging prick. She continued to slowly stroke his towering cock as he slumped against the back seat letting the transcendent experience wash over him. Recovering his breath, he opened his eyes to see Maria smiling at him.

“Well, campers, ready to go inside now?” she asked. Dylan nodded yes, and Erin almost yanked his dick off as she pulled him from the back seat.

As Erin held on to his exposed cock, Dylan looked around the deserted parking lot. They were behind a 4 story building on Wilshire Blvd. not far from the LA County Muesum of Art. It seemed to be a private lot surrounded by a high security fence and they were the only car inside the lot. He watched as Maria walked around the front of the Escalade and started for the building. There were dim security lights in the lot that gave off a slow yellowish glow. He could clearly see Maria’s ass move back and forth under her tight red dress and his cock surged in Erin’s hand at the thought of his cock stuffed up her hot cunt. With his eyes fixed on Maria’s ass, he allowed Erin to pull him across the parking lot to the rear entrance of the building by his long thick dick.

Off to one side was a private little enclosure at the back of the building, and Maria led them through the opening. The enclosure was little more than an outdoor patio with a private elevator entrance. She crossed to the entrance and punched some numbers into a keypad, and almost at once the doors slid back revealing a large ornate elevator cage. She stepped inside and Dylan being pulled by Erin followed her in. She put a key into the control panel and turned it and the elevator started to rise. She turned to Dylan and took hold of his exposed penis. Looking at Erin, she asked, “Do you mind if I try?” Erin’s hand dropped off Dylan’s large prick and Maria’s smooth warm hands enveloped his long cock. Taking hold of his large mushroom shaped head in one hand, she slowly drew her long fingernails of her other hand softly along the underside of his thick hard dick. The sensation caused his cock to surge again, bucking and straining in her hand. A dollop of thick pre-cum spilled from his drooling pee slot and leaked onto her hands. Bringing one hand to her full mouth, she licked the man cream from her long fingers and then press into Dylan for a kiss. She was tall and had on 5 inch heels so Dylan did not have to bend down for her kiss. Her full lips pressed into his eager lips, and her tongue drove deeply into his waiting mouth. He could taste himself on her as her tongue dueled with his and the excitement caused his straining cock to leap again in her soft warm hand.

Breaking the kiss, she smiled at him, “Eager boy you have there!” As she gave his long cock a gentle squeeze, the elevator doors opened onto a surprisingly lavish room. Rich carpets, gleaming wood, subtle earth tones and expensive paintings greeted Dylan’s glazed eyes as the two horny women pushed him off the elevator. It was a large room with a sitting area and bar at one end and a bedroom area at the other. Both women headed for the bed leaving the dazed Dylan standing there with his erect leaking penis hanging from his pants. As both women moved, they began to disrobe. Erin’s little wisp of a dress was gone in not time revealing her slim, sexy body with her blond hair, long tanned legs and shaved pussy. Maria’s slow strip from her tight red dress took a little more time and was very much worth the wait. As the red dress slipped from her shoulders, her dark olive skin and large round breasts with dark brown areoras were revealed. As the dress fell lower, it revealed her flat smooth stomach and a black silk thong that barely covered her pubic area. Her long, long legs came into view as the dress spilled onto the floor, those great legs that led up to her incredible round ass. Both women stopped at the edge of the large bed, and turned to face Dylan. Like bookends, they stood facing him in all their female glory. Dylan swallowed as he gazed at the bountiful beauty before him, and thought “..what a way to die!” He just knew that they would fuck him to death and he was very happy to be their victim.

“Are you going to stand over there all night?” Erin called out to him, breaking his dreamy stupor. His thick cock displaying his appreciation for these sexy women as it swayed back and forth, he moved toward them. As he did, he could not help by take in the lush surroundings of this private retreat. In his travels and conquests, Dylan had been in several plush bedrooms, but few rivaled this one for sheer comfort and style. In the sleeping area as he crossed to the two waiting sex kittens, expensive carpets, furniture, and lighting jumped out at him, but the focus of the entire room was a giant, king-size bed with a large hand carved headboard. The bed was placed at an angle to the walls so it was thrust out into the room like an island. It was on escort bursa a raised carpeted dais so that it was the dominant item in the entire room. It clearly established that the purpose for this room was sex and a lot of it. It was so long and wide that it had to be specially built and could have easily held 8 to 10 people. The large headboard soared above the bed like a backstop. It was so tall that you had to be on your knees to reach the top of it.

As Dylan arrived next to the two waiting women, they slowly helped him out of his clothing. As his clothes were pulled from his hard body and thrown in a pile, the women gasped in appreciation for his cut, and sculptured body. His strong arms, very well defined chest, cut abs, and strong muscled thighs drew their caresses and kisses as his body was revealed to them. But it was his long thick erect cock and large swinging ball sac that drew the most attention as both of them took turns licking and squeezing his well endowded package. As the sexual heat and pleasure in his groin grew, Dylan’s head dropped back in amazement as the two women’s mouths engulfed his hard cock and balls in their talented mouths.

Suddenly, both of the sexy mouths stopped teasing him at the same time, and he was turned around and pushed down on the edge of the bed. Maria stood before him and slowly peeled her thong off her long legs. A shaved pussy with a little dark tri-angular landing pad at the top of her slot slowly came into view. As she stepped out of her 5 inch heels, she held the thong in her hand looking at him.

“I hear you are collecting these tonight? Do you want mine?” Dylan just nodded and she threw her silk thong onto his pile of clothes. Maria kneeled in between his wide spread thighs slowly stroking his straining tool. As she gazed in longing at his thick cock, she casually said, “I haven’t suck two cocks in the same night in a long time. Hmm, this one looks very tasty.”

Completely engrossed in his towering column, she brushed his leaking cockhead against her cheek. With Dylan’s engorged prick right at her full red lips, she could smell his rich male scent, his cum and Erin’s own juices from their recent sex. Heady with the odor still in her nostrils, she opened her mouth as wide as she could to take in his huge cockhead. As she sucked it in, it almost seemed to grow even larger and harder, and she felt her lips and mouth stretched by his giant swollen meat-sausage. As she sucked more and more of his thick long cock into her hot mouth, Maria thought to herself how much she loved the smell and taste of a stiff penis in her mouth, especially one so long and hard and filling.

The feeling of Maria’s tight wet mouth sucking hard on his throbbing rod, and the sight of her dark haired face stuffed full of thick cock as she worked her head up and down his sensitive shaft was almost too much for Dylan. He felt the far off tingle in the back of his aching balls and knew that if he did not stop this assault on his cock the night might end right here. He had already cum twice tonight and been on the edge for the last 30 minutes. He was a stud, but he was also human after all. He tried to push Maria’s vacuum like mouth off his burning straining flesh, but she was not to be denied. As Dylan’s thick cock plunged up and down her tight throat until she almost gagged, she found herself moaning loudly in lust around the base of his massive cock. She brought one of long fingernail to Dylan’s tightly clenched asshole. She lightly tickled him there and then pushed up into his rear entrance. The added pressure and surprise drove Dylan over the top to an intense climax that flooded Maria’s mouth with long strands of his hot salty semen. Rope after rope of hot white cum fired from his jerking cockhead filling up her waiting mouth. She swallowed as much of his rich thick cream as best she could, but his overworked balls just kept firing until there was so much that some of his white cum spilled from her mouth and down her lips and chin. Finally, Dylan’s long drained penis fell out of her mouth and onto his thigh. Maria was already up and on the bed and in Erin’s waiting arms as they exchanged a passionate kiss sharing his potent flavored seed. As the two women shared his rich cum and wrestled with each other in a lusty embrace, Dylan lay exhausted on the edge of the bed staring at the ceiling. He’d had some fantastic blowjobs in his life. Erin was a great cocksucker herself, but Maria’s blowjob had felt like she had suck out his intestines. She had left him weak and dizzy and faded as he listened to the two women moan in each other’s arms. He heard Erin groan in pleasure two of Maria’s long fingers were slipped into her tight juicy vagina and up against her womb. As her hips started bucking and slamming into the bed, Dylan realized he had not been very dominant so far. Erin had built him up to be this big stud, and he had popped his cork at the first chance. He had a chance to pull a hat trick tonight and fuck all three women, and he lay here like a crumpled old man. He had won the contest no doubt. He had fucked his mark, and Tony had only gotten one of Maria’s gut wrenching blowjobs, so he had the chance to fuck Tony’s mark too, if he could get up off the canvas. But he had to get an erection again, and he didn’t know if there was anything left in the ole gun.

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