Another Delivery

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“Another delivery?” April’s boss asked her with a small smile on her lips. She nodded her head at the vase already full of roses of every color on the corner of April’s tidy desk. “What is that the 7th rose today?”

April picked up the pink rose and stuck it in the opaque glass vase. “It’s the seventeenth.” she mumbled as she slid the card which had been tied around the stem with a red ribbon into her pocket. She patted the others that were already there reassuringly.

“So who is sending these to you?”

“A friend.” April told her boss while she busied herself with the files on her desk, stacking and restacking them. April ducked her head to hide the blush that was creeping up her neck and onto her pale freckled cheeks. She wished fervently for her boss to walk on down the hall; past her desk and let the subject die.

Her boss shrugged her shoulder under the black striped fabric of her business suit and tapped the corner of April’s desk. “Well I suggest you not let this ‘friend’ get away.” She walked away; her black heals clicking smartly on the white linoleum floors. April watched her leave; craning her neck around to make sure nobody else was watching her. She leaned down and pulled her laptop from the top drawer of her desk and after plugging it in set it in front of her. April flipped it open and looked at her reflection in the black screen. Her shoulder length brown hair was pulled back in a loose bun at the back of her neck, the shorter strands falling free of the pins she had placed them in that morning to hang around her ears and face. Her chin was rounded and soft matching her pale pink lips. Her eyes were hidden behind her glasses but April knew they were the usual brown that ran in her family. The image of her biting her lip momentarily lit the screen before the logo of the software company appeared.

April tapped her fingers on her desk as she waited for the computer to fully start. She glanced over at the flowers and smiled slightly. Jake knew she was extremely shy, even to a fault, but that didn’t stop him from doing things like this on occasion. April and Jake had only met once in person, he lived in Ohio, she lived in Georgia. They had met through mutual internet friends and hit it off right away. A year after they had first started talking Jake flew April out to Ohio and she spent a weekend with him. Just thinking about what they had done that weekend made April blush. Her blush faded as she thought about the plans she and Jake had made for him to visit her this week for her birthday. The plans had been canceled when Jake was needed at work.

April reached towards the flowers and ran a silky petal through her fingers; her mind drifting off to the dream she had had of Jake the night before. The screen flashed white and April brought her attention back to it. She moved her fingers over the mouse pad and clicked on the instant message service she and Jake used to communicate.

I hope he’s logged on. April thought to herself as she signed into the program. As soon as she did a message box opened up on the screen.

‘Hello, April.’ it read.

April looked around her again and typed back in the box.

‘Hello, Jake.’

‘Did you get your flowers?’

‘Yes, they are lovely. My boss was asking about them and who I was getting them from.’

‘And what did you tell her?’

‘I told them they were from a friend.’

‘Oh, and here I thought we were more than friends.’

‘We are, I just couldn’t tell her that.’

‘One day I’m going to break you of being so shy, April.’

‘I don’t know how.’

‘Well you weren’t very shy when you came to visit me; we’ll just have to find a way to get the girl who was in my bed to show herself more.’ April blushed and she knew Jake would know she was blushing even though he couldn’t see her. ‘I’ve got some ideas on how to bring her out.’ Jake commented.

‘Maybe we should talk about this later on tonight, after I get home.’ April typed back quickly.

‘As you wish dear; and Happy Birthday to you.”

‘Thank you.’

‘You’ll be getting 25 roses today; one for every year you’ve graced this earth.’

April shook her head slightly at Jake, he was such a romantic. Before she could type anything more she noticed her boss beckoning her into her office, tapping the watch on her wrist. April, shocked, realized she was late for her meeting. ‘I’ve got to go, Jake. I’ll talk with you later after my meeting.’

April shut the laptop and picked up folders and notepads from her desk. She tucked her pen behind her ear and slipped on the black leather heals she had knocked off her sore feet.

When she returned to her desk an hour later another rose was sitting on it as well as a small white box with the same red ribbon tied around it in a bow. April picked up the rose and slipped it into the vase with the others after removing the note. She flipped the note over in her fingers and looked at the writing on it; suddenly glad she didn’t just tuck it in her pocket like the rest. The flourished words on it stopped her cold. ‘Take Alanya Escort Bayan the box into the restroom and open it there, you might want some privacy.’

April looked down at the box now like it contained a bomb. She tucked the note into her pocket with the others, gently picked up the box; it wasn’t heavy at all, and walked with it hurriedly to the bathroom. She chose to use the handicap bathroom so she could lock the door behind her and have complete privacy. April went to the sink and set the box down on the ledge. She tapped her lip with a finger as she paced back and forth a few times. She knew Jake would never do anything to hurt her but sometimes he asked her to do things she wasn’t immediately comfortable with. In the end she always felt wonderful and was thankful that she had done it, but at the beginning she always needed a little bit of encouragement.

Her cell phone rang inside of her pocket. April jumped and her hand flew to it. She flipped it open without looking at the name. “Hello?” she asked, her voice echoing in the small bathroom.

“Just open the box April.” Jake said on the other end of the connection.

“Oh, Jake.” April breathed into the phone. She cleared her throat and continued. “What’s inside of it?”

“You’ll have to open it to find out.” he replied his smooth voice soothing her like nothing else could.

April sighed and held the phone in the crook of her neck. “You know I hate surprises.” she complained as she untied the bow.

Jake chuckled but didn’t say anything else. April pulled the bow off the box and shoved it into her skirt pocket the end of the red ribbon sticking out and fluttering as she moved. April let out a sigh then opened the box. The smell of roses wafted out of it and into her face as she pulled the lid away. Whatever was inside was covered up with thin red tissue paper. April lifted the paper aside and took in a sharp breath, inside was a bra and panty set in a deep beautiful turquoise. “Jake they are beautiful.” she exclaimed as she pulled them out to examine better.

The bra was silk with lace lining the tops of the cups which plunged down in a deep v. Upon closer inspection April learned that the panties were cut in a thong shape and were all lace except for the silk which covered the crotch. “Thank you, Jake.” April said when she was done examining them.

“Happy birthday April. Why don’t you put them on?”

April’s eyebrows snapped together. “Right now, at work?”

“Why not, you’re in the bathroom aren’t you? All you have to do it slip the others off and put these on.” Jake replied calmly.

April bit her lip then smiled. “Ok, I’m going to put the phone down though while I change.”

“Ok honey.”

April set her phone, still open, on the back of the toilet. She then kicked of her heals and started unbuttoning her pink striped blouse feeling happy that she hadn’t worn a white one that morning. April reached behind her back and unhooked the bra then pulled the shirt off, she hung it on the door handle and removed her simple white bra and let it fall in the sink. She looked at her full breasts in the mirror and cupped them in her hands running her thumbs over her nipples. They felt wonderful not confined by a bra. Her breasts hadn’t developed well until she had turned twenty but now they were a full 34c. She let them go and picked up the turquoise bra. She adjusted the straps before pulling it on and hooking it in the front. April looked at herself in the mirror again and admired the way her breasts filled up the bra cups. Without taking her eyes off of herself she reached behind her and unhooked her blouse from the doorknob. She pulled it on and buttoned it up slowly making sure the turquoise couldn’t be seen under the pink. Next she lifted her left arm up and searched for her skirt zipper. She found it and unzipped her skirt, shimmying out of it and hanging it on the door without letting it touch the ground. April quickly slipped the white cotton panties she had been wearing off and picked up the new ones Jake had sent her. She caught a quick look at her shaved pussy before she pulled the thong up her smooth legs. She adjusted it and half turned in the mirror to see her ass, then quickly pulled her skirt back on, tucking her shirt in before zipping it up. She smoothed out her hair and clothes then put the underwear she had been wearing back into the box.

April reached for her phone and shivered at how the new fabric moved against her skin. “Ok, I put them on. Jake they are lovely. Where did you get them?”

Jake chuckled again. “I’m glad you like them. Have you changed your mind about surprises?”

“Any surprise from you is well received Jake, you know that.” She said smiling while she talked.

“When are you getting off of work tonight?” Jake asked her.

“I’m trying for six.”

“I’ll call you around six then. Have a good rest of the day April.” Jake said. April could tell from his voice that he was smiling.

“Thank you Jake.” April said. “Good bye.”

“Good bye honey.” Alanya Escort Jake said before April hung up the phone and left the bathroom to finish working.


April opened her apartment door and flipped on the hallway light. She put her keys and the vase full of flowers on the table by the door then kicked off her heals and pushed her laptop bag and purse higher up on her shoulder. She recounted the roses in the vase for the fifteenth time and still only counted 24.

April sighed and entered the small living room. Jake hadn’t called her yet like he promised and when she tried to call him Jake didn’t answer. She was worried that maybe something had happened to him and even as she worried she couldn’t help but feel a bit of apprehension. What if he found someone more worth his time? April shook her head trying to dislodge the doubt she was feeling. Despite her best efforts it still crept into her mind and took root, spreading uncontrollably.

She placed her bags on the couch then went into the small kitchenette to pull something out of the fridge for dinner. She loved to cook but always had so much extra she ate it for days afterwards. April pulled out some Parmesan Chicken and put it in the microwave to reheat. She pressed the blinking button on her answering machine and listened to the messages left by her family and friends wishing her a happy birthday. She let them play as she pulled her hair out of the bun and ran her fingers through it stretching her back as she did. The microwave beeped and she removed her food along with a fork from a drawer and carried them to the living room. April put the food down on the coffee table then went back into the kitchen for a glass and a bottle of wine before pulling her computer out of her bag and turning it on.

She poured herself a glass of wine and took a sip of the fruity drink. As soon as she logged onto her instant messenger the doorbell rang. April’s head snapped up and she set the glass down on the table harder than she had meant to. She stood up and made her way to the door. April looked through the peep hole and saw a man standing there. His back was turned away from her and through the distorted glass of the hole all she could see was the black colored shirt and black trousers he was wearing. His shoulders were wide and he had dirty blond hair which was tousled neatly. His hands were stuffed in his pockets and he rocked back and forth on his feet.

April stepped back and opened the door slightly. “Can I help you?” she asked before the man turned around.

When he turned around April knew right away her folly. She stepped back and the door opened further without her help. The man stepped into her apartment and took the bag which April hadn’t seen through the peep hole. He shut the door behind him and pulled April into him before she could make a sound. April stumbled against him and opened her mouth to talk. The man muffled her voice with his lips pressing them into her lips softly.

He pulled away and smiled at the bewildered April. “I know you don’t like surprises but I hope you don’t mind.” April just smiled, lost for words and threw her arms around Jake. She rested her head on his chest and breathed in his scent. “Besides I think you’re missing your 25th flower.” April let go of him when Jake bent down to his bag and pulled out a red rose. He presented it to her bowing deeply and holding it out above his head. April took the flower from him and held it up to her lips, kissing it. She curtsied to him and took his hand.

“I can’t believe you are here Jake. I thought you had work to do?”

Jake smiled and looked down at her. “I lied. I hope your not to mad at me, I just wanted to surprise you.”

“I’m not mad at you at all.” April pulled his hand and brought Jake farther into the apartment. “Come in, I was just getting some dinner, are you hungry?”

After April had gotten another glass and another serving of food for Jake they sat down on the couch. April kept looking back at Jake while they talked and ate still not believing that he was here. He looked just like she remembered him and just like he did in the pictures they had exchanged. His dark, almost black, green eyes were lit up with a smile, his chin was strong and his skin was tanned, evidence of his long hours in the sun. Jakes hair was falling into his eyes and April couldn’t resist lifting her hand up and pushing it away.

Jake caught her hand and held it against his cheek underneath his own warm hand. They looked into each other’s eyes and Aprils breath caught in her throat. Jake leaned in closer to her licking his lips. He moved his hand to her neck and leaned in farther. He gently pressed his lips on hers stroked Aprils neck with his fingers. Jake pulled a few inches back and looked at Aprils upturned face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth partly open. He smiled and moved back in, kissing her harder this time. Jake ran his tongue over her bottom lip and took it into his mouth sucking on it gently then Escort Alanya lightly dragging his teeth over it. He licked it again then darted his tongue into her slightly open mouth. Jake brushed her top lip with his tongue again bringing his hand up and cupping April’s cheek. He pulled back and looked April in the eyes smiling. Jake brushed her bottom lip with his thumb. April stuck her tongue out and sucked his thumb into her mouth. Jake smiled at her and pulled his thumb out from between her lips. His thumb traveled over her lip again to her jaw and down her neck, over her collar bone and stopped on the top button of her blouse. April looked down then back up at him.

Jake’s lips twitched as they spread into a smile. “Do I get to see how the gift I bought you looks gracing your body?” April ducked her head; nodded looking down at her hands which had now moved to her lap. Jake slid his fingers under her chin and made her look up. “If you’re not comfortable I’m not going to make you.” he told her gently, looking into her eyes. April looked back at him, searching his eyes, for what she didn’t know. But then, there it was, that look of longing mixed with respect, respect for her that meant he was willing to leave right now if she didn’t want him there. But she did want him; she had wanted him all day, all month, ever since they had first talked.

April stood up grabbed Jakes hand, smiling she pulled him behind her to the bedroom. Without a word she made him sit on the side of the bed then turned away from him and turned her cd player on. Music filled the small room and April turned to look at Jake. He had his hands placed on the sea blue comforter gripping the fabric in his hands, betraying his nervousness and desire for her. April relished in the effect she had on him as she danced towards the bed. She stopped just out of his reach and began to unbutton her blouse, taking her time with each pearl button. Jakes eyes were glued to the newly revealed flesh and briefly caught sight of the turquoise bra hidden beneath the shirt. April’s hands finished unbuttoning the shirt but didn’t pull it off; instead she held it in place and pulled at the skirt zipper on her hip. Jake swore he heard every nub as she slowly unzipped it, he watched as it dropped away from her slender waist as the creamy pale skin of her thighs came into view. April lifted a leg up, with the skirt caught on the end of her foot and tossed it out of the way. Jake caught a look at the silky turquoise fabric that covered her pussy and let out a sigh when she closed her legs. Now the only thing stopping him from seeing the lingerie he had bought her was that pesky shirt. April still clutched it in her hands teasing him, dancing away from his arms every time he tried to get closer. Jake pulled off his own shirt in one quick motion and his pants, shoes, socks, and boxers in the next. He smiled when April stopped moving to look at his hard cock sticking up under his belly from where he sat on the bed. Jake took that moment to grab for her and pull her closer into him. April suppressed a nervous giggle when she felt Jakes hard cock pressing against her thigh. Jake held her arms against her side and wrapped his arms around her, pinning them in place.

“I can tease too, you know.” He commented before taking one side of her shirt in his lips and pulling it to the side exposing her left breast. He did the same on the other side then looked down to see how the lingerie looked on her body. Jake smiled up at her and raised an eyebrow. “Are you going to be good now?” he asked.

April grinned at him and nodded her head up and down emphatically. Jake stood up and turned April so that she was facing him, the back of her knees against the bed. He pulled her shirt off and leaned into her kissing her mouth passionately, one hand on the back of her head the other snaking around her waist. He lowered them onto the bed and gently laid her head on the pillow. He pulled away from the kiss and straddled her stomach looking down at her. Jake brought one hand up and ran it over the hard nipple on her left breast which he could see poking through the silk fabric of the bra. Jakes fingers ran over the lace and silk of the bra rubbing them into April’s breasts. He brought his other hand up and copied the movements on her right breasts. April moaned softly and closed her eyes as he played with her.

Jake traced the lace on the top of the bra with both hands down to the clasp at the front of the bra that held April’s breasts in. Jake easily unsnapped the bra and it sprung open making April’s breasts jiggle and the hard nipples grow even harder in the cool air. April opened her eyes to see Jake lowering his head to her breasts. She took in a sharp breath when his mouth closed over the right nipple and his left hand played with the other breast. He gently sucked on her nipple occasionally nipping at it softly and dragging his teeth over the hard nub. Jakes hand was pinching and rolling the other nipple between his fingers and kneading the soft flesh around it. April could feel Jakes hard cock pressing against her stomach and licked her lips remembering the taste of it in her mouth. She moaned softly again as Jake switched his mouth to her other nipple and repeated his ministrations. April ran her fingers through his hair and over his broad shoulders, tracing the familiar muscle pattern.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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