Another Dirty Father In Law

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Eleanor Watson was stood at her kitchen counter, her back to the door, her head was bowed and her eyes closed. She was in the throes of an orgasm. There was nothing she could do to stop it, the fingers of her right hand were tweaking her left nipple. And the fingers of her left were creating havoc with her pussy.

Elly, as she was known had this problem every month, a week after her period she would undergo a sort of metamorphosis, she would get so horny, and so aroused, she had to bring herself off if John, her husband, wasn’t around, and him being away from home twice a month made that very difficult.

Her soft auburn hair, long past her shoulders was swaying gently as she moved in time with her body. Her five feet nine inch frame was a delight, a dream for any man to behold. She was full breasted, and super sensitive nipples that could and did drive her to distraction, especially at this time of month.

This is what drove her to action, sometimes when she had been in town, she would have to find a restaurant, or a bar so she could use their facility’s to relieve herself, she hated this, but on the odd occasions it happened, she took it. Her angelic face was slightly contorted as the orgasm gave her relief, although she knew it wouldn’t last that long, not this time.

This month was a bad one as far as her unwanted arousals were taking place. It happened every morning like clockwork for nearly a week, and this was only the second day. Her periods were like that too, she could almost tell the time from them. ‘To be fair,’ she would say to herself, ‘having some of these climaxes is the highlight of my day, they can be so intense I have to sit to get over them!’

Her lips pouting as the intensity grew, she was about to blow, her knees twitched, she held herself against the counter. The grip on her nipple tightened, her fingers dug deeper into her pussy and then, WHUMP! she came; she gasped, heaved in lungfuls of life giving oxygen, and almost fell down. Eleanor managed to make it to a kitchen table before she went down.

“Jesus H Christ!” she moaned, “that was a big one, oh wow, oh God yes, I liked that, mmmmm.” She glanced blearily at the clock, it was only 10am. “Fucking hell I’m early today,” and she giggled weakly, “it won’t be long before I’m at it again,” she said to no one. Her pussy was still itching, itching in the way she knew only too well.

“Don’t think I’ve finished with you yet,” it was telling her, “I’ll want a rerun soon!” Eleanor set about her housework, she had time to do a few things before she would have to give in and ‘do’ herself again. “What I couldn’t do with a bloody good seeing to,” she told herself grimly. Eleanor did some simple tasks, she didn’t want to get too involved because she knew that within an hour or so, she would be at it again, no matter where she was in the house.

She had a shower, and started trying to resist the call from her body, smelling as fresh as a daisy; she knew she wouldn’t be like that much longer. Her hair brushed into its usual glory, her face make up free, she looked as healthy as a fresh rose in the morning sun. She popped on a nice loose button down summer dress, it gave her freedom, billowy at the bottom, and free at the top, it her gave her savage nipples some respite from the material rubbing them the ‘wrong’ way.

When she was home and alone like this, she didn’t wear panties or bras, they took too many liberties with her tender parts, and all they did was aggravate the situation for her. She was upstairs when another bout took her over, she dived on to her bed, turned on her side and faced the window, this was her favourite position when on it.

She hadn’t heard the knock on her door downstairs at the rear, and she hadn’t heard it open when she obviously didn’t answer the knock. She was so busy lifting her dress, popping two or three buttons so she had total access to her nipples; she never heard the footfalls climbing the stairs. And she was becoming so engrossed in her needs, she neither heard nor saw her bedroom door open slightly, and a head peep round.

He had called out in the kitchen, “Eleanor, Eleanor?” The he had heard a noise up stairs, he went to investigate thinking there might be a problem. And he also heard some muffled moans as he reached the top. He knew those moans, and he thought, ‘fucking hell is she having it off with someone?’

His prick throbbed, he had lusted for her for years, since the day he had met her, he didn’t know why, but in his heart he knew, she was one of the most fuckable women he had ever known. She had always affected him this way. ‘And now, some bastard is screwing her instead of me, fucking hell!’ Dennis told himself. He peeped around the door, and there she was, laid on her bed, on her side, and giving herself some head held cock, and not with another guy, she was on her own.

He watched for a short hile wondering what was going on, and then he realised what she was doing, she was masturbating herself. Eleanor was just getting Ankara bayan escort going, but she knew this one would take longer because only an hour ago, she had just had a humongous cum down in her kitchen.

Dennis watched for a few moments, wondering whether to stay or leave. Then thinking about this amazing situation, he suddenly thought to himself, ‘I could get in on this if she’s feeling this fucking horny!’So he decided to take some action, ‘now or never, do or die!’ He told himself. He stripped off his clothes silently on the landing; his prick getting harder as he went, then he stepped quietly into Eleanor’s room.

It was the bedroom of her and her husbands, and her husband was Dennis’s son, and he was about to either have illicit, and probably illegal sex, or get to make love to his daughter in law! He slid up behind her, bending at the waist so as not to alert her to his presence. He briefly took it in, she was away with the fairies, moaning very softly as both sets of fingers were busy.

He had always been a man’s man, he was debonair, cool calm and collected, rich by any standards, and he liked to play the field. He had been born lucky, the only son of wealthy parents, and he had grown into one of life’s lovable rogues. Big at six feet three inches, broad shouldered, and very good looking. And what Dennis liked the most about himself was, there weren’t many women around who didn’t find him attractive and sexy too

He was also a ladies’ man, he loved women and that’s why his wife had left him. He was easy to get along with, had an easy charm that enabled him to talk to anyone about almost anything, and he was more than a good listener. And the fact that he had love making techniques that gave nearly all of his women the thing they needed most, a whopping orgasm just about every time he sank his weapon into their heated pussy.

He was long separated from his wife, he had paid her off, and she had been made to sign documents to get the extra cash that would keep her silence, about his philandering ways. His constant seductions and conquests of women of all ages, young or mature, married or not, it didn’t matter to him. Wherever he went at home or abroad, he always had a woman on his arm.

But there hadn’t been many women he had met who could hold his attention for any great length of time. But Eleanor did, she always had, he sometimes thought that it was because ‘what you can’t have, you can’t touch?’ And so he had just lusted for her. Eleanor knew of course, women who look like her know these things. A small gesture, a word, a touch, they all told them if, and when a man was more than interested in her. And Eleanor knew the signs; she had been getting them all her life from various quarters.

Moving stealthily to the bed, he was planning as he went. Dennis took a hold of the hem of her dress without moving it, as well as taking a huge breath. He knew by the position of her legs she was open for a sudden invasion of hot hard cock, his hot and hard cock! Her left leg under, her right one over and bent at the knee; he knew her gorgeous ass was turned up slightly towards him.

‘Here we go,’ he told himself; he was himself past the point of no return. Dennis was banking on the fact that as soon as he was in and screwing her, she would forget about anything else on her mind. He swiftly got on the bed, gliding rather than dropping on it. He was in behind her, lifting her dress at the same time, aimed his prick and rammed it in. Eleanor was so into her own seduction and budding orgasm she had no time to react, she didn’t even know what was happening.

Not until she felt a cock, and a big cock, slide right into her, and hair slapped and tickled her ass. He was in and out three times before she knew what was going on, she had a cock in her, and it sent her into space. Her mind didn’t recognise she was now being screwed, but her body and pussy did, and it was more than just what the doctor ordered.

“Oh, Ooooh, argggh, Hmmmm, wha….. Her hand left her nipple, and clutched at the bed clothes, her feet kicked out, her fingers came away from her pussy. But the sensations her fingers had been giving her, were far outclassed by the cock now ensconced tightly in her hot slick pussy. He got his left arm under and round her, his right did the same. Dennis buried his face into her hair and held her to him while he began what he hoped would be her full seduction to him.

She never even said to herself, ‘who is it’, who can it be?’ the cock was in and it was doing its job. She hadn’t had that many cocks in her any way, only two before her husband, and none since; though it wasn’t because there had never been any offers, there had been plenty. But she turned them all down routinely. She never even considered seeking the owner of this one, it was bigger than John’s, it was thicker. But none of these questions entered her mind. She was getting screwed by something wonderful and that was the end of that!

Eleanor came on it, what her fingers Escort bayan Ankara had started, the cock was getting her there a lot faster, and so damned harder too. She moaned, mewled, and squeaked. Her body convulsed as the orgasm took control of her, again! Before she had even time to blink, or even think, Dennis rolled her on to her stomach, he went with her, climbing aboard, he hooked his hands under her shoulders. ‘Now,’ he said to himself, ‘Now I can fuck her properly.’ He started to screw his beautiful daughter in law to heaven and back.

He rammed her, he was on a high, as Elly was too, but he forced himself not to cum, he made his mind think of silly things, as he hammered in and out of his gorgeous daughter in law’s pussy. His moment of truth was arriving though; even he, with all of his considerable staying power, couldn’t stop the inevitable.

He came in a whooshing bang, his prick expanded, Eleanor felt it, and it made her cum again, she was full to the brim with cock, and it had opened her up as she had never been. Then that crushing feeling of utter bliss, cum blasted into her, it squeezed out because there wasn’t enough room, her pussy was holding itself tight to it. It flooded her completely, and filled her womb with baby making seek, a potent seed.

Eleanor collapsed in on herself, her body screwed up into what felt like a ball, although her legs were straight out sideways and wide apart because Dennis was holding centre stage. Her face was a mask of pure satisfaction, never having a cock like this had made her cum even harder, and the first thing she realised was not, ‘Who’s cock is this,?’ It was that her ‘itch’ had been well and truly scratched.

Eleanor silently said a prayer of thanks to the god of love for this moment. For the first time in her adult life she had achieved real relief from the torment of her bodies needs. She lay there with her father in law on top of her, her ass cheeks spread far and wide. His cock was still there, her pussy sucked it, squeezed it, and kissed it, her pussy was in love with the cock in her.

Dennis got his hands under her collecting her tits and nipples, thinking, ‘Well if the shit hits the fan, then at least I’ll have her tits and nipples to play with for a short while.’ Eleanor moaned again, “No don’t please?” she mumbled, he ignored the plea; this is what he wanted to hear. He went to work on them, they were rock hard, and big, ‘Bloody hell,’ he told himself, ‘they’re massive, must be 3/4″ long, and ½” wide!’

They were a part of Eleanor’s withering downfall to her body, there was nothing she had found yet that could combat the disastrous orgasmic feeling she got when she, or her husband played with them. And now, but still unknown to her, her father in law knew her secrets too, or at least two of them, the main protagonists, nipples and pussy.

Eleanor came to her senses then, she suddenly knew the cock in her wasn’t John’s; she threw herself over and away from her rapist. Dennis managed to grab her waist to prevent her from throwing herself over the edge of the bed. He pulled her back to him, “Easy Eleanor, it’s only me,” he told her.

She was more shocked than she ever had been in her life, Dennis, daddy what, why, how, you….” she was struggling for words, things to say.

He picked up the mantle, “I came to see you, I heard a noise up here, I came to investigate and actually thought you were in bed with another guy. I looked in here and there you were, just getting down to business. And, I hope you’ll forgive me Eleanor, but I couldn’t resist it, or you either. I just had to make love to you, so I did. I know it was wrong, well I suppose it was anyway?” hoping she would relent.

“And,” he continued, cutting her off from answering just yet, “I know you liked what I did, because you came harder than fairly well, didn’t you? And you certainly like this,” he said, and trapped her nipples between his fingers again. Eleanor squirmed, her head bowed, and another moan elicited from her parted lips. He smiled and when she lifted her beautiful face to him, Dennis stared hard into her wide innocent eyes.

“But Dennis, daddy, you are John’s dad, I am his wife, he is your son, you shouldn’t be here like this with me, you shouldn’t have done this to me, you shouldn’t have made me do this. I didn’t know it was you, I…..” she stopped speaking.

Dennis spoke for her, “You nearly said Eleanor, that I made you cum so good, weren’t you?” She stared bleakly into his face now. She knew he was right, the climax she had had, was one of the best ever, if not the best, but that didn’t make it right.

“You are still John’s dad Dennis, you know this shouldn’t have happened,” she whispered, she still hadn’t moved to get away from him. Her hands were cupped prayer like in front of her covering her chest. He took the chance that he knew would make or break his day, maybe even break his life as he had known it. The decision he took wasn’t actually made by him, it was made by his prick, Bayan escort Ankara as it twitched naturally back to life, simply because of who he was naked in bed with. He took a gentle hold of his daughter in law’s wrist and guided it downwards.

Eleanor felt the movement, but never actioned anything against it, had she realised in her state of confusion where her hand was being led, it would have been pulled away sharpish! But when it came into contact with the hardening flesh, her natural instincts took over, her hand knew what it was, her pussy knew what it was, and her nipples certainly did.

Her fingers uncurled all by themselves, and then wrapped around Dennis’s hard prick, Eleanor gave out an involuntary sigh, it was what her body was needing, her mind was over ruled, her grip tightened and slid up and down his shaft. “Dennis,” she whispered helplessly, he smiled. He was almost home free, if she kept going there would be no way she would let her father in law go, not without being fucked by him again.

Dennis helped her along by gripping her nipples, her head bent once more, moaning, “Oh daddy, oh God, Oh Daddy, hmmmm.”she murmured, he cheered silently.

“You want some more of my lovely cock Eleanor; just where you need it the most right now, Hmmmm?” She mewled, her hand floated up and down it. This was a definite yes to him. With no more ado, he pushed her over onto her back, got a hold of her dress and ripped it away, the buttons popping free.

This made Eleanor collapse inside, he was too strong, she couldn’t resist, it was what she was yearning for right now, a strong powerful virile man. And her father in law fitted the bill perfectly. Dennis was in his element, now he wouldn’t be secretly making love to her, he wasn’t taking her, not in the illegal sense, only morally. He was about to make love to her, and his gorgeous daughter in law was more than a now, willing and active participant.

Dennis got over her, her face had an expectant look on it, wanting satisfaction, desperate need for fulfilment, she was about to have her wishes granted as they never had been. She tugged at his cock, wanting it in her as soon as possible, she guided him in, then let go. Her arms flopped sideways in a surrendering pose, he sank down and her knees rose with every inch that he shoved in.

When he bottomed out for the first time, her heels came to rest on his ass cheeks. Arms still out wide, she muttered to him, and it was almost a growl. “Do me daddy and do me fucking good, or we’ll be having words later!” Then her eyes closed and Dennis, not making love to her as such, but instead he went to work on her. ‘This one is for you baby,’ he told her in his head.

He launched himself into, and out of her tight pussy, one that hadn’t yet got used to his bigger cock yet, and this also drove her into his lair. He had her trapped, she was his, she demanded to be taken, used, fucked and screwed, and he was doing just that, she mumbled, grunted and groaned as he steam powered her hot pussy.

Eleanor cried out lengthily when she came again, this one was definitely the best ever, no question. Her arms had closed over him and her nails raked grooves in his back, this gave Dennis added powers; he fucked his daughter in law like he had never fucked a woman, or ever would again.

Eleanor was in paradise, heaven; the climaxes were detonating around her body as if she were being shelled on a battlefield. Dennis was too close to the last ejaculation to be ready to unload again too soon, but he knew he would. So he continued shagging his gorgeous daughter in law for as long and as hard as he could. He fucked her for a good fifteen to twenty minutes longer, and then it was happy hour!

His dick swelled once more, and it was this one act, that gave most women the satisfaction of knowing, it was simply because of her, that he was in her, that he had to cum, he couldn’t stop himself, they made him cum. Eleanor had another gigantic orgasm that made her cling to him, like a drowning person clings to a life raft.

He was up on his elbows, looking down at the beautiful serene face below his, he lowered his head and kissed her, it was their first kiss, and he had fucked her twice before it! Eleanor kissed him back with nothing but love and happy gratitude. He didn’t know it of course. But Eleanor would be eternally grateful that this day, even though she knew it should never have been, had happened. And her father in law had done for her what, she reasoned, no other man, and she was including her husband, could have.

The kiss lasted and lasted, both were experimenting with the other, tongues engaging, both loving what was taking place. The nearness, the easy closeness that now was. The total intimacy of the kiss, and the sublime joy their naked bodies were enjoying from the other. Finally both distanced themselves from the other, she looking at him pensively, he looking at her appreciatively.

“Dennis,” Eleanor almost wept, “what are we going to do, this shouldn’t have happened, I’m sorry if you think I am just too easy, a slut even, just giving in, and giving up my virtue, and also my wedding vows?” His heart flipped, this wasn’t what he was thinking, he had never even entertained such a thought about her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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