Another Night in a Strange City Ch. 05

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I looked back at Dotty who was rapidly shedding her teddi. Silk carefully removed hers and folded it on the table. “Come on baby.” Silk hurried. “Marc is going to fuck me doggie, while I eat your pussy. Lay down on the floor.”

In a flash Dotty was on her knees, her face buried in Silks pussy. The sound she made as she gobbled voraciously on her lovely daughter’s pulpy vulva was akin to a child working on a juicy slice of watermelon. Silk laced her fingers in Dotty’s ash blond hair, and held her head tight to her cunt. Dotty’s ass was raised up high, wiggling excitedly—eager for my cock to penetrate her pussy. She spread her cheeks with her hands, her puckered pink/brown anus punctuating the statement—like ‘I’ve got a beautiful ass’—period. Her large lips had the fullness of age, much like my wife’s, and I found them extremely sensual.

Holding my cock in my right hand I crouched low enough to accommodate a proper slide, wiggled the taught, shiny head into her groove and proved the opening. Pushing back her pussy gobbled me, closed tightly around my circumcision scar and then inching back as I thrust forward. I would have thought I might be numb from the previous couplings but my phallus, though chaffed by the activity, was charged with excitement. I gasped with pleasure as the walls of her pussy fisted my manhood, holding it tightly until the head of my cock almost touched her cervix.

I had been to Gillies and had ridden the bull, but only a slow speed. This ride was different, as if someone had pushed the button and turned the speed to fast. But I was attached to Dotty in a way that no one had ever been to the bull at Gillies, and was held by Dotty’s expert use of her fucking muscles. Each time I felt like I would be bucked off, Dotty’s sphincter tightened beyond the rim of my head, holding me tight for another slide into the tunnel; she bucked and I fucked. Her mouth left Silk’s pussy only long enough to yelp her pleasure, then formed an embrasure that muffled her shrieks to passionate moans. The feeling of her Isparta Escort pussy sliding back over my cock and the sound of her ass slapping my stomach combined with sounds of her ecstasy and the “oh Mamas,” and “ooh, oohs” from Silk, weakened my resolve. I couldn’t last much longer. My balls ached and the muscles that kept my semen from leaking out grew weaker with each thrust. This was probably a once in a lifetime event and no matter what it took, no matter how I ached, I resolved that I would’nt cum until they did.

What started as an uncoordinated action with my stomach slapping Dotty’s ass, followed by Dotty’s mouth and chin slapping into Silk’s pussy, had developed into a smooth action, where, when Dotty and I came together, Silk was pushing back against Dotty’s mouth. Dotty’s yelps were now frantic grunts and Silk had taken over the yelping duties. My cock, even though the abraded skin was burning, slid like a well oiled piston in Dotty’s cunt. Unlike a piston though, it allowed the lubrication in Dotty’s cylinder to leak past the seal of my cock producing slurping bubbles at the ring.

Silk was the first cum. Her arms extended and her open hands hit the floor with a loud “slap.” She bucked against Dotty’s mouth, thrust her legs in the air and shuddered like a dying rabbit, then let out and elegant, silky “ooooooooooooooh.”

Dotty was driven to the edge by my thrusting cock, Silk’s frantic orgasm and the finger that she had been rubbing on her clitoris, stiffened. I had never been with a squirter before and had never heard woman experience an orgasm with such wild force. When she started screaming she pushed her ass hard against me. I felt her warm ejaculate sluicing between her pussy and my cock. Then it leaked past her vaginal ring and sagged down my balls—not once, but a second and third time. The air was redolent with the odor of delicate pee. Through clenched teeth she commanded, “Don’t cum Marc, don’t cum!”

She jerked forward, pulling herself off my cock with a hollow ‘pop.’ Isparta Escort Bayan The cum that was still in her pussy gushed leaked out, into my pubic hair then onto the floor. Pulling Silk to a kneeling position she placed her mouth about two inches from the end of my erection and breathlessly said, “Shoot it into Silk’s mouth Marc.”

That would have been all the encouragement I needed, but Dotty didn’t leave anything to chance. She grasped my cock with both hands and with a fiendish grin jacked me off. My eyes were wide as saucers. I let go and the pressure that had built up was released as a long white stream of cum shot into Silk’s mouth. The noise of it hitting the back of her throat and the volume of my ejaculation made a noise like a spigot filling a test tube. The trail of my stream left a gout of white cream sagging from her lower lip to her chin.

Dotty was at her, kissing her lips, caressing her breast. Silk groped for her mother’s pussy and her fingers slid deep inside, squishing as they fucked the sodden orifice. Wildly they shared my load, noisily squishing it from mouth to mouth. Silk shuddered again and Dotty let her sink to the floor, a long white filament of cum stretching from their lips, breaking when it became to thin to sustain itself.

Dotty turned on her knees and kissed me, forced her slippery tongue into my mouth and pushed me back on the floor. She pulled away from my mouth with hers opened wide, and let what remained of my original offering drip into my mouth then pulled me over on Silk’s flushed body.

Our bodies slumped together; we were exhausted, wet with perspiration. Silk, ever insatiable, made a weak attempt to suck my limp, wet cock. She fell asleep like a baby with her thumb in her mouth, but it was much bigger and softer as well. I began to doze, feeling the warmth of her mouth suckling gently and the air from her nostrils drying the wetness from my penis. Dotty snuggled close and we all dozed off together.

The night progressed on a less Escort Isparta aggressive journey. The women gave me time to rest my aching cock and balls. We kissed, caressed and ate each other to further, gentler orgasms. When I finally got hard again (hard being a relative term) I fucked each of them side by side, their legs open for me. I fucked Dotty three times, then moved over and fucked Silk’s pussy. At her request I fucked Dotty last, came inside her pussy and she rolled over, squatted and emptied it into Silk’s mouth. Later we fucked again. I was in agony by this time, never imagining that I would be able to perform so many times in one night. This time I came in Silk’s pussy. She emptied it into her mother’s mouths and Dotty, not wanting to leave me out, emptied the snowball into my mouth then demanded that I pucker on her anus and squirt the precious commodity inside. The party didn’t break up until after 3:00 am.

It was all I could do to drive back to town. I was sleepy and my balls ached so much that I couldn’t tell whether they were testicles or asshole. When I got back to the motel my underpants were soaked with semen. I had heard of strain before but had never experienced it. The sphincter that kept my semen from being released was so loose that a continuous string of cum oozed. The next morning my mattress was soaked and there was a slight trace of blood. I had paid dearly for the night of revelry, but would do it again in a heartbeat.

I finished my job in town, flew back home and am walking in the front door. “Honey I’m home.” The house is quiet. She must have gone out with friends. Walking to the computer I turn it on and check my emails. There are 17, three spam, 11 business, 2 personal and this:

“My daughter and I want to thank you for such a wonderful night of pleasure. I know it’s is not in the cards for you to ever be here again, but Silk and I take a trip to Las Vegas once a year. We’ll be going in two months. Perhaps you would like to join us.” The email was from Dorothy. I feel a twinge of excitement in my groin accompanied by a dull ache. I adjust the mini-pad inside my shorts and determine that I need to change it. Opening my calendar I check the dates on my email and xxx them for my proposed business trip to Las Vegas and think, I hope my wife doesn’t want sex tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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