Anthony , Miya: The Beginning

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Have you ever been in one of those situations where you’re at a party, laughing and having a good time, when, you look across the room and catch sight of someone that completely takes your breath away? Someone who renders you perfectly senseless? Their look has taken you by such great surprise that your mind has, in effect, become a large quivering bowl of green Jello? In that one moment, you lose even the most basic and inherent need to breathe. Time suddenly becomes a fun-house mirror, warped and out of proportion; what is only a few moments, feels like an eternity. And yet an eternity passes much too quickly.

Your world has suddenly gone into overdrive. The buzzing in your head sounds like a jetliner passing between your ears. Your heart knocks so hard against your rib cage you’re afraid everyone in the room can hear it. Red-faced you realize you’ve stopped speaking in mid-sentence, but, you can’t remember what you were just saying to save your life. So instead you stammer out something truly stupid.

Now your only option is to laugh at your own foolishness and thank god no one but your best friend was there to witness your little episode…

Markus followed his friends stare, and could see why he’d lost his attention. Anthony was completely captured by the pretty Hispanic woman who had just arrived. As she made her way down the stairs, Markus asked, “Who is she?” But his friend said nothing, he just watched; mesmerized. Markus shook his head and grinned. He gave Anthony a small nudge, and with a slight Texan drawl said, “Hey, partner. Remember me?”

Anthony finally blinked. Looking at his friend who had rudely ripped him from his fantasy world, Anthony sputtered, “Oh… I… uh…” He laughed and sheepishly asked, “What the fuck was I saying?”

Markus chuckled and shook his head again. Before finishing off his drink, he asked once more, “Who is she?” Motioning to the bartender for two more drinks as Anthony spoke.

Still watching the woman, Anthony replied, “Not sure really. All I do know is, her name is Miya. I met her last year at another charity dinner… And she left before I could talk with her.”

“Ouch,” Markus say sympathetically. Anthony only nodded as he took the drink from Markus. The two men leaned against the bar, silent for a moment as they watch her begin to move around the room, smiling and shaking hands with people she knew. From time to time she would become lost in the sea of formal tuxedos and evening gowns. But Anthony kept a watchful eye, catching glimpses of her as she socialized.

Anthony had met Miya once before. An associate of his had briefly introduced them about 6 months ago, but they never had the chance to talk to one another. All evening they seemed to find themselves on the wrong side of the room, talking to the wrong people.

Miya could tell by the way that his eyes kept finding hers, Anthony wasn’t much interested in hearing the same old stories from the same old pretentious do-gooders. But even his indifferent manners didn’t deter these people from rambling on. He listened with only one ear, hearing enough to know when to nod or laugh along, all the while he watched her from across the room.

Anthony found many opportunities to steal looks in Miya’s direction, despite the leggy blond that clung to his arm. When he was alone, and Miya would catch his lingering gaze, they would share a smile that filled them with a guilty pleasure. It was a sensation that made Miya feel like an accomplice to a crime and she loved it. Regardless of the fact they hadn’t spoken more than two sentences all evening, the allure had been obvious.

“She definitely a looker,” Markus commented, watching her move about the room with a natural grace. He noticed the way her smile came easily to her face. There was a sense of sincerity to the brief hug she gave another woman.

“Yes she is,” Anthony said, entranced. “You should see her eyes. They’re beautiful. When she looks at you, it’s as though she sees right through you. Then she smiles like… like she knows your darkest secret.”

Anthony didn’t tell his fiend what else he remembered about her. Keeping that to himself, he savored one memory, which to this day put a Cheshire smile on his face – Miya had been standing across the room, alone for the first time and Anthony caught her watching him. Although she didn’t seem honestly embarrassed, she did look down for a moment. But when she returned her eyes to his, her smile was seductive, and inviting enough to make Anthony’s pulse race. The memory of that blatant look of erotic desire behind her smile would visit Anthony often for weeks to come.

Markus looked at her again and like many other men in the room, he had to appreciate her physical beauty. Her body slender but shapely, her skin a natural light brown. The slinky black gown conformed perfectly to her body. With the front tastefully low cut it showed just enough of the deep valley of her breasts to catch anyone’s eye. Thought the length of the dress nearly Manavgat Escort Bayan reached the floor, when she walked, a slit that showed off most of her left thigh would ride up just enough to fuel countless fantasies. It was however, as she turned around to speak to someone behind her, that both men could see the back was truly the highlight of the entire dress. Here it was darlingly low cut; just a breath below the small of her back and all held together only by the softest whispers of sparkling crisscross straps. Most of her hair had been piled and pinned up prettily, but a few raven-colored curls spiraled down over that delicate curve of her neck, just brushing her bare shoulders.

To notice only what she wore was like admiring the velvet ropes that accentuate and display a priceless painting; the tailored material was not the work of art here, but instead it exhibited the exquisite body beneath. Nonetheless, both men observed the way the material hugged the soft swell of her hips, and with a hint of awe in his voice, Markus breathed a small, “Damn.”

Knowing exactly what his friend meant, Anthony sighed and added, “Damn is right.”

“A woman like that would eat you alive, my friend.”

“Uh huh, but ya know what… I’d die with one huge smile on my face.” The both laughed heartily.

Miya had made her way around the room and was now standing with a small group of people she obviously knew when she heard the men laughing. Glancing in their directions, she noticed the two men by the bar staring at her. She smiled politely at their approving gaze and was turning away when it dawned on her that she knew one of them.

Miya looked at them both again. Although she didn’t recognize the taller man with graying temples, she placed the other with little trouble. She remembered that smile and almost instantly that guilty pleasure filled her again. But not seeing a leggy blond or curvaceous brunette made Miya’s stomach flutter for some reason. Was it nervousness? Excitement? Perhaps it was a bit of both.

Excusing herself from the group, she approached the two men. She was honestly happy to see Anthony again and it showed in her face and eyes. Her soft, genuine smile was one that most reserved for the best of friends, or lovers – despite the fact they were neither. Miya extended one delicate hand, “Anthony, right?” Although she knew it was, she didn’t know what else to say to him. Hoping the words didn’t sound as foolish as they felt.

Taking her hand in both of his, and smiling warmly he said, “That right. It’s very nice to see you again, Miya.”

“You remembered,” she said light-heartedly. “I’m impressed.” The smile never left her face as she looked into his eyes. There was something about the way he smiled at her that made her feel confident and sure of herself.

“You’re very hard to forget,” he confessed, still holding her hand.

Grinning playfully she replied, “You sound as thought you’ve tried.”

For one brief second, Anthony thought he’d seen something more glinting behind her mischievous smile. But as the looked at her again, he wasn’t at all sure he’d seen that hint of seduction; a brilliant but fleeting flash that said, “catch me if you can.” Maybe he was remembering, perhaps just hoping.

Unsure how to respond to her comment he thankfully remembered Markus. Anthony reluctantly let her hand slip from his. “God, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. Miya this is my friend Markus. Markus this is Miya.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Markus,” she said, shaking his hand as well.

“Likewise, ma’am.” Hearing the thicker than usual accent, Anthony gave his friend a sideways glance that Markus choose to ignore.

“Ma’am? Oh goodness,” she almost giggled. “In any other situation, I might have been offended,” she teased. “Please, call me Miya.”

“On one condition… you let me buy you a drink.”

Miya accepted the offer graciously and they began an easy conversation about where Markus was from. A gesture that held the door of opportunity opened for her to remain in their company.

While she chatted with Markus, Anthony watched her every move, handing on her every word. Her voice was smooth and every bit as sweet as honey; drawing him in a way he did not immediately comprehend. The way a needle of a compass is helplessly drawn by true north.

Thought after thought catapulted its way into his mind, making Anthony feel as though he’d had one too many drinks. Still feeling the warmth of her hand, he smelled her perfume and his mind sprinted dizzyingly. He’d never been so grateful to Markus for carrying the conversation. As she spoke Anthony noticed there was a subtle sensuality about Miya. A trait, which, Anthony found more than appealing. She possessed a certain prowess, a suggestion of intimacy that seemed to radiate from within her. He suddenly understood the folktales he’d heard as a child; the long forgotten sea voyagers who had been lured by the mystical and Manavgat Escort melodious songs of the Sirens. The eternal playboy in him tried to speak up, to remind him of what they did to the men they enticed, but he dismissed that voice. He’d felt something in Miya. Something that was different from most of the women he met.

As Anthony’s mind struggled to figure out what made her so different, a tall, dark-haired man with broad shoulders approached them, and tapped Miya lightly on the shoulder. “Excuse me… Miya, I don’t mean to interrupt, but, they’re seating for dinner.” It was the first time that Anthony realized Miya was not alone for the evening.

“Oh Alex… thank you,” Miya smiled a bit apologetically at him, and began to make polite introductions. “Anthony, Markus, I’d like you to meet someone really close to me. This is Alex.” She continued, offering no other explanation as to whom Alex was; but one could only assume. Then motioning to each man as she said, “Alex… this is Anthony and his friend, Markus.”

Shaking both men’s hands, Alex was thankfully cordial. Though she wouldn’t have blamed him if he had been annoyed with her; she had left him with a group of people he didn’t know. Miya felt terribly guilty for being so rude, but, standing there next to Anthony, she had honestly forgotten about Alex.

Smiling warmly, Miya said, “I supposed we should go find out table. Markus it’s nice to have met you.”

“Well, thank you ma’am, but the pleasure was truly mine.”

Turning to Anthony, she smiled and said, “I do hope to see you again, Anthony.”

This time he caught it; a look of erotic hunger that ripped through Anthony like a bullet. He wasn’t imagining it, he wasn’t remembering. That once hidden glimmer of seduction was now open and very real.

Hearing the subtle but unmistakable change in her voice, Alex returned his attention to Miya and instantly her look of craving and lust was gone. Well aware that Alex watched him, Anthony was mindful not to give hint to what he felt inside. Anthony nodded and said, “I look forward to it.”

Both men virtually held their breath as Miya and Alex walked away. Waiting until he was sure they were out of earshot, Anthony let out a heavy breath and said quietly, “Tell me you saw that!”

“Holy shit, partner!” Markus said clearly stunned. “I don’t want to sound crude, but if that wasn’t a ‘Come Fuck Me’ look, I don’t know what is!”

Anthony only nodded, then downed the last of his drink with one easy gulp. He barely noticed the fire that exploded when the alcohol hit his stomach; he mind was grappling with what he’d just seen in Miya’s eyes.

While Miya and Alex waited for the rest of their tablemates to join them, they sat huddled together, speaking in hushed tones. Hoping to keep Alex from asking questions, Miya began pointing out who was who, and feeding him the scandalous tidbits that she knew of.

“…Their daughter’s been in rehab for drugs and alcohol 4 times, and she’s not even 20 yet,” Miya told Alex as she pointed out a snobbish looking couple. “And see that man with the shock of gray hair… kind of looks like Don King. He’s got more money than God… but his wife is doing her best to spend it all…”

Alex knew by the way that she jumped quickly from one couple to another, hardly taking a breath in between, that she was avoiding the topic of Anthony and Markus. He would ‘t push; she’d talk about them in her own time. And he was rather enjoying the bit of gossip.

Miya had been speaking of a particularly sordid affair between the co-chairman of the foundation and the wife of one of the biggest contributors when she heard a quiet voice just behind her. “Actually, I believe it was the daughter, not the wife.”

Miya heart sank, embarrassed that someone had overheard her speaking so unfavorably to begin with, but when she saw that it was Anthony of all people, she was simply mortified. Suddenly she felt ridiculous, like a shallow schoolgirl caught spreading rumors in the hall. Miya stammered for something to say as the color splashed high on her cheeks.

Anthony felt bad for embarrassing her. Hoping to ease the situation, he sat next to her and said, “It’ ok. Everyone else is probably having the same conversation right now too.” He pointed out a few other couples around the room gathered close together as she and Alex had been.

Anthony leaned a bit closer, almost rudely in front of Miya and said to Alex, “Besides, have you seen the wife?” He wrinkled his nose in obvious disfavor as he pointed out a pug-ish looking woman among the crowd.

When Alex looked the other way, Anthony didn’t move. He sat almost defiantly, with his face just inches from Miya’s. His close proximity invaded her world, overwhelming all of her senses. The subtle and masculine scent of his cologne drifted to her nose. His soft brown eyes held hers. His warm breath caressed her face softly. When her eyes drifted to his lips, he smiled. The sensual and Escort Manavgat inviting curve of his lips sent her mind careening nearly out of control; Miya was filled with an incredible urge to lean forward and kiss his smiling lips.

She sensed more than saw his eyes dart towards Alex. Immediately she turned away and asked Alex what he thought of the wife. Alex mimicked Anthony by crinkling up his nose too. Miya giggled and nodded. Alex leaned close to Miya, and whispered something to her.

“Hey now,” Anthony said, “No secrets.”

Alex chuckled and said, “I was just saying that the daughter was no prize either.”

Nodding and laughing loudly, Anthony agreed, “Very true.”

The tables began to fill quickly as the wait staff busily set out plate after plate. As they waited patiently for dinner to be served Miya struck up conversations with a few of the other couples at the table. She was well aware of Anthony’s eyes on her when she spoke, and even when he wasn’t looking at her she could literally feel him next to her. His presence was as tangible as any warm afternoon breeze.

The fact that Anthony was seated next to Miya did not go unnoticed by Alex. Not that he minded really, Anthony seemed a decent guy. Alex just found it awfully convenient that out of all the tables in the room, Anthony just happened to land at theirs.

When the waiter finally began placing plates around their table, Anthony put his napkin on his lap. Suddenly Miya felt an electrical charge pulse through out her body; Anthony’s warm fingers grazed the soft flesh of her thigh. Somehow, in spite of her wildly pounding heart, she’d managed to keep her composure. They looked at each other and shared an outwardly easygoing smile. But behind the polite display, a welcoming admission gleamed in their eyes.

“I liked that,” her eyes seem to say.

“Yes, I know,” his returned.

Miya opted to wait to return his gesture. A choice which was due more to heighten the game and not seem too eager, rather than because she was concerned Alex might see her. However, Alex had soon become involved in a conversation with the woman on his right, and Miya knew opportunity knocked. Her pulse quickened, echoing loudly in her ears. Miya retrieved the napkin from her lap. Dabbing the corners of her mouth, she silently prayed her touch would not startle him. Replacing the napkin in her lap, she used the pads of her fingers to stroke Anthony’s thigh slowly. They lingered for a moment as if she were contemplating a daring reach further inward. Anthony smiled casually. The pleased look in his eyes sent a wave of excitement throughout her.

Anthony took only a few other opportunities to let his fingers brush her smooth thigh. He grinned to himself thinking of how he had an advantage she did not, when he touched her it was flesh to flesh contact. But Miya played the game well. Waiting patiently until his attention was focused on someone else before letting her fingers dance along his leg. Once she even touched him while she said something to Alex.

The implications of their actions had set both their minds, and bodies in motion. But where would it all lead? The gentle caress of her dainty foot against his leg seemed to answer any and all questions. Miya, too, had hopes of where it would all go from here. Their bold, yet hidden pursuit was really turning her on. Although she couldn’t honestly say why, it just was. Maybe it was the nature of the whole thing – a stranger by definition, with whom she shared a deep and obvious attraction, was touching her somewhat suggestively while the rest of the table sat completely unaware.

As dessert came and went, Anthony made one last move to touch Miya. When he leaned forward to speak to Alex, he casually put his right hand on the back of Miya’s chair. Not wanting to be rude, she held her glass of wine close to her and leaned back, out of the way.

Again Alex’s attention was diverted elsewhere. Anthony saw Miya was smiling softly at him. With the ball of his thumb he played with one of her dress straps, and she closed her eyes. In the span of a single heartbeat, she imagined what it would be like to have his hands slip the straps from her shoulders and peel the material from her body.

For the first time he saw her composure falter; the glass in her hand trembled ever so slightly. He read the look in her eyes; hungry, willing and mirroring everything he felt inside. Anthony nodded. Silently telling her that he not only saw what she wanted, but he wanted it too.

Miya felt dizzy. She tried to shake off the effects of his stare and his touch, but it wasn’t easy. The way Anthony looked at her made her feel… what? He made her feel vulnerable but safe, strong yet powerless. She felt like a walking contradiction. Miya gave up on trying to unravel these tangled feelings. She knew that she wanted to touch him, to feel him, and damn the consequences.

While Alex and Anthony discussed the finer points of higher education, such as beer, pizza, and more beer, Miya excused herself politely. Quickly she headed for the ladies room. She locked herself in the furthest stall and dug madly through her purse. Finding what she was looking for, Miya quickly scribbled on the small paper and slipped it back into her purse.

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