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Megan Swanson is a intern in LA at the music recording studio I own. On a recent visit to the studio I was introduced to Megan. She is a very attractive young woman with long red hair, beautiful blue eyes, a hot curvy body, 23 year old single college student. Megan is handed an envelope, she pull out the invitation and is immediately shocked by its elegant flare. The invitation is square, black, textured paper with silver text. On the left side is an ornate corporate symbol. She is mesmerized by elegance, she runs her fingers over it, feeling the indentation from the printing. It’s silver and emerald green with long flowing ribbons, jewels and glitter on the face and a few feathers on the very top. It’s beautiful. Her eyes dart to the invitation information.

You are cordially invited to Dinner
Saturday, January 26, 2013
Hors d’oeuvres 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Dinner and dancing 7 p.m. – midnight
RSVP by Friday, January 11, to Alicia Page at or [email protected]

Upon confirmation of your RSVP to attend, the location of the dinner will be provided. My dark hair with a touch of gray and piercing green eyes intrigue her. I’d be her “type” if I were not thirty years older then her. If I were not the CEO of Malone Industries. Megan arrives at work the next day, late as usual. Rushing once again to her desk, she finds a beautifully wrapped box on her desk. She set her things down and go to the present. The paper is a gorgeous shade of green – deep emerald – with silver swirls all over it. The package is tied with silver and black ribbon. It looks almost too pretty to open, she is excited to find out who sent it. She looks for a card, but there isn’t one on the present. Megan checks around and under the desk, the floor of the office and her keyboard tray, but there’s no card or note. ” That’s strange,” She thinks. Maybe the card’s inside.

Megan gingerly unties the bow slipping her finger under the tape. She is trying carefully not to rip the paper; it’s just so beautiful. Normally, she dives into presents with gusto, ripping off the paper like it’s a spectator sport, but this is just so exquisite; She doesn’t want to ruin it. The paper is thick, glossy and very smooth like velvet. Once the paper is removed, she takes the lid off the black box, moves the tissue paper aside, and her eyes observe a exquisite diamond necklace. It’s the most magnificent necklace she has ever seen. It’s unbelievably beautiful, and I’ve never seen anything like it. Megan picks it up, off the lush velvet box lining, so soft. It has a nice weight to it but not too heavy to be worn. It looks and feels very expensive, and she wonders who would have sent such an extravagant gift. Again, she looks for a card and sees a sliver of white peeking out under the velvet lining. It’s a small card, like the ones florists use, and has two words in an ornate black script: Wear This. Feeling a bit like Alice who’s fallen down the rabbit hole and is being asked to eat this or drink this, she turns the card over looking for a signature or any indication of who sent it. There’s nothing. ” Curiouser and curiouser,” She thinks. Megan packs up the necklace, sets the box aside and goes about the rest of her busy day, only glancing occasionally at it out of the corner of her eye.

When she gets back to her desk after lunch there’s an envelope on it with the same elegant writing I’ve seen several times this week. Megan opens the envelope pulling out the card. It reads: If you decide to attend the dinner tomorrow night, wear what you’ve been given and meet a car and driver outside your townhouse at 5:30 p.m. sharp. He will bring you to the dinner. Don’t forget your invitation. I look forward to seeing you. It’s stamped with the seal she saw previously on the invitation and has the name Malone Industries at the top of the card. After 30 minutes we arrive at a large mansion in Beverly Hills. Lights softly line the walkway and steps to the front door, she see shapes moving behind the closed curtains. Megan quickly pulls out her phone and she is relieved to see she has strong cell coverage. She checks her necklace, hair and lipstick in her compact and steps out of the opened door thanking the driver and offering a tip which he refuses. She makes her way up the steps to the front door and with a bit of trepidation, opens it and walks through.

Not surprisingly, the entryway is stunning. High ceilings, beautiful art and decor line the walls along with an extremely large floral arrangement on a table in the foyer. A greeter meets her as she walks in and takes her to a table, she gives her name but apologizes for not RSVPing. The planner smiles, finds her name on her iPad and hands her a long-stemmed red rose. ” Welcome, Ms. Swanson. Enjoy dinner,” she chirps in her effervescent voice. The mansion is dazzling with lavish decor, expensive furniture, floral arrangements (some with cascading vines down the walls), lush velvet and sheer fabrics, intricate sconces holding flickering candles and beautiful chandeliers casting soft lighting throughout the various rooms. She feels like she has been transported back in time to an era when lavish balls for nobility were the norm. I have been looking forward to seeing Megan and I am excited we have finally meet. I escort Megan to a secluded room with a nice bar for drinks. Upon seeing each other, I hug and kiss her cheek. After ordering drinks, and as we sit together, we chat. Megan is very nervous sitting in the secluded corner of the room, after a few minutes I suggest we go upstairs. When we get to the room, I pour her a glass of wine. We sit on the couch and enjoy chatting. Megan looks down sees my cock hardening in my trousers, the fly stretched from the pressure of my cock head.

Megan lets her eyes linger a little long there. I smile, ” Yes.” I look down at my crotch, following her eyes. ” Do you have a boyfriend, Megan? I ask. Megan stammers then says ” Yes.” ” Has he fucked you?” Megan didn’t answer. ” He may have fucked you. But not the way you like it? You have not dated or been with an older man?” Megan looks at me nodding her head no. I lay my hand on her shoulder. ” You’re a very attractive woman. You look very sexy in that dress.” I whistle. ” Hot.” Megan blushed a little. She liked when a man thought she was attractive. Smiling to herself. Don’t say anything, she thought to herself. Megan feels my hand lift away from her, a sigh of relief. Next thing she knew, I stood up then pulled her up from the coach turning her, I’m standing behind her. Megan feels my hands press down along her waist, touching her stomach then sliding down to her hips. I’m holding her hips with my fingers, pushing and tugging on her a little. Then I take my hand away again, and she did not move. She feels my fingers squeezing hard into her shoulders. Feels me delicately push the hair over her shoulders, she tips her head down, letting me kiss the back of her neck. ” You need to relax.”

Megan knows there is no point in struggling. She remembers the first time we met, I pulled her to me, hugged her tight, pressing my body against her. Said whatever I wanted, whenever…..I begin rubbing her shoulders, squeezing my hand up her neck pressing my fingers through her hair. Megan feels the strength of my hands. I press into her shoulders with my thumbs. She sighs, ” Feels nice John. Rub my hair again, I like that.” Megan tips her head forward, holding herself up on the bar counter, elbows bent, letting her hair trail down into the counter. ” Mmmmm. Yes.” Silence. Then after a few minutes, ” Thanks, I have to go.” I said nothing. I keep rubbing, then grunted, ” You look so fucking hot in this. . .Maybe six inches of fabric on you.” ” It’s a cocktail dress, John. It looks nice on me. I did not expect you to notice.” She replied. ” Little tease! I seen your crotch video from the pageant. It looks hot on you, not fucking nice.” I’m rubbing her now right over the fabric of her ass, tracing my fingers along the seam from her hips down to the curve of her ass, and then sliding my hands up under her dress, letting the palm of my rough hands slide over the bare skin of thighs, then up over her ass. ” No…you aren’t any prissy woman are you? You have put out for your boyfriend?” My gutteral laugh.

” John! Stop calling me a tease. My boyfriend is nice.” Megan feels me rubbing her waist again, my hands roaming down her thighs across her bare ass over her hips, around onto her stomach. I begin kneading her there, squeezing her, holding her with both hands now, tipping my fingers right into the top of her panties. ” Well. You’re nearly naked. Coming here like this?” I tip my fingers lower down reaching into the triangle of her panties. ” No hair either? You shaved.” Megan begins to blush. Megan is struggling trying to pull herself away from me now. ” Stop it. I HAVE to go. Somebody will come upstairs and see us.” ” Who?” ” Your staff.” Megan feels my hands holding onto her, tightening on her as she struggles. Sliding up her front, over her abdomen, higher, cupping her breasts with my hands, squeezing her there over dress top. ” Who?” I said it again. ” Stop it. John,” She whispers. Then I’m touching her, sliding my open hands lower, running down her sides, and reaching around, lower, laying my hand over her pussy, from the front while my other hand wanders over her body. Shit. Someone may come upstairs any minute, she had to think this through.

” Just testing out panties. Black. I love black. Almost as much as . . .pink.” I squeeze her, a hand full between her legs. Megan
is pushing back, shaking her hips, ” It’s been nice being here. John. Let go. I just want. . .” ” I’ll say it’s hot. Fucking hot.” She feels my warm breath at her shoulder as I lean over her, pressing my wet lips into her neck, curling my fingers between her legs. Squeezing her mound. ” Luck boy who gets to get into your sweet pants,” and as I whisper that into her ear she feels me pulling the crotch of her panties to the side. So now she is pressed into the bar and can’t move in any direction without my hands or my mouth making their intrusions on her. Megan needed to be diplomatic. ” John, honest. John, They’re coming. Behave now. I don’t have time.” She coos this all to me, ” Later, alright.” Wrinkling her nose at me as she said it. Nothing. She shook her hips, tipping back into my hand. Nothing. I’m stroking her now, a steady rhythm that is beginning to make her horny. Megan feels herself melting, her insides warming, her cheeks are hot, her pussy is wet. She is trying to pull herself away, swinging her hips walking along the counter trying to shake me loose, but feels me simply pull her back, light as a feather back towards me.

Megan feels her feet slide on the floor as I cupped her bare pussy now from behind, holding her, pulling on her, slipping my fingers into the folds of pussy. She feels my fingers brushing over her bare cunt, squishing her open. Oh god, it feels good, my fingers scratching over her bare flesh, the tight pull of the fabric as it pinches between her legs. I’m massaging her pussy with my open palm, and working her clit now with my fingers. My voice changing, softening, ” I was right. Shaved.” My touch is lightening now, becoming delicate as I push one then two fingers up inside her, and without control she moans grasping the counter. Holding herself there for me. Can feel herself opening up, legs opening. My middle finger curling inside her, scratching her, knowing she is loving this. Her hair is touching the counter, she is bent over now, feeling this hunger rising in her, moaning as my fingers slide inside her, stretching her tightness, filling her, and then working her clit with fast, perfect rhythm.

” Mmmmmm.” Megan is my quarry, pushing herself back against me, turning her hips now back and forth into my hand, meeting my touch, guiding my carresses. Megan can’t help herself. ” Just as I thought, my little teases cunt getting hungry. So juicy” Megan opening her legs wider and pressing back, ” Looking for something?” She hated when her boyfriend did this, how can I get her into this state so quickly. Now she is so horny, and I know it. Secretly she knew I was right. She is always so tense, so busy and I just didn’t get enough of . . . her body is always on fire, and it drove her crazy. When she was touched ….it was almost painful, this little cat in heat. I knew. Megan is so aroused now. She finds my hard cock as the line in my trousers and presses against me, beginning to undulate sliding her crotch along my length. As she did that she is saying, ” John! You . . have to stop. . . Stop it now! We don’t . . .have . . .” She feels herself sliding her legs together for me, dropping onto her elbows as she bent over for me. I’m pulling her dress up then her panties down her thighs, and she lets me. I let go of her for just a second, finding her clit as she slides her legs wide for me, ooooooo, this perfect touch. My fingers digging into her clit, harder now. God, how did I know her body.

” Ohhh.. . . Please. . .Stop. You have to . . . I can’t.” Megan didn’t move as she begins to grind her pussy into my hand, her juices soaking my fingers. I move my hand away, she continues to press her cunt back when she is startled realizing she is rubbing herself against my hard bare cock. Megan looks back, my pants laying on the floor. My long thick hard cock held straight up against my abdomen by the lips of her pussy. Megan glances up into my eyes. ” Hungry little girl?” She reaches up pulling the zipper on her dress down, her dress falls down around her feet. She begins squeezing her bare tits. Pinching her nipples as she slides her cunt along the full length of my cock. Megan whimpers, ” If you’re going to do it, do it, hurry!” She tips her ass high, opening her legs wide tipping her hips back, closing her eyes, and waited. Her cheek laying down on the bar now, holding her arms out, her hair tangling around her face, holding her mouth open breathing in ragged gasps. Her cheeks burned, the bar feels cold. So good, as . . .” I love your sweet pussy. It’s so tight,” I said as she feels the head of my cock touch between her legs then as it presses her open, the large head forces it’s way inside her, ” Oh God, it hurts…please go slow John.” She whimpers. I push harder driving the thick shaft further inside her, stretching her tight canal wider.

My long thick cock filling her deep up inside. I pull back leaving the head inside her, then I thrust hard driving my long thick cock all the way inside her, stopping against her cervix. ” OMG…TAKE IT OUT…JOHN.” She screams. She squeezes her legs together feeling me there. The head of my cock, is big and wide, my shaft is thick the size of soda can, the feeling of being stretched wide open for the first time is overwhelming. My hands roaming over her body as I thrust in and out her. Megan tries to relax, her stomach is cramping from the full feeling in her pussy. She lets me do anything I want to her. ” Ohhh God…John is so big, damn I’m so tight with HIM in me.” She moans. It feels so good as I slide deep inside then draw myself out. Megan begins to meet each stroke, undulating, pressing back against me as hard as she can, rocking her hips letting me fuck her harder and deeper. Letting me squeeze her nipples hard, biting and kissing her neck as I slam into her.

Holding her, fucking her, digging my fingers between her legs, squeezing her roughly as we fucked. I press my face into her hair, scratching her with my rough beard stubble, whispering, ” Like it, like being fucked by an older man. You’ll be feeling THIS . . . ” I begin to lift her from the floor with each thrust. Megan is holding her mouth open, eyes squeezed shut, ” Uh. . . Uh . . .Uh.” I’m thrusting into her so hard now. “. . . While you’re sleeping tonight remember me. Like it? Tell me you like it. .” Then I raise her up off the floor, holding her up with my cock, cradling her in my arms letting her rise and fall as I impale her over and over. Until she is standing just on tippy toes then plunging down again, harder and deeper. I’m growling, ” Oh fuck.” Megan feels me trembling. ” Oh my Baby . . . ” I’m trembling and thrusting inside her, slamming her body up and down on my cock. Using her. Her clit is sliding along my length with the full weight of her body. She feels her first orgasm rising over her.

” Oh God John. . . Come on.” Megan feels a wave of pleasure washing over her as her cunt contracts in spasms around my cock. Megan can barely speak, ” Hurry!” ” Hurry up. Come on John, just cum in me.” I’m fucking with abandonment, long hard strokes. She coos. ” I want it. I want you in me, cum in me. Come on! Just . . .cum!” Megan hears me growling, ” Tell me. . . How you like it. Tell me you want me to fuck you.” ” My legs are so open for you . . . letting you fuck me . . . Oh fuck. Fuck me John. I want you in me. . . cum in me.” Megan is reaching back now scratching me with her nails, drawing her long nails up my thighs and around my cock, digging in with her nails. Scratching me leaving red scratches. Megan feels my cock throbbing as it explodes sending, wave after wave of cum filling her. It came with such a force that as I filled her, she feels a second orgasm rising up over her and she fell down on the counter. “O h god! I’m cuming! Harder. Yes Oh . . .” Megan is panting, whimpering, crushing her pussy against me, losing all sense of where she is, spasming around my cock.

When Megan recovers from her orgasm, she is sitting on the floor. That cold floor pressing on her pussy, she feels herself leaking on the floor. Her clothes spread around on the floor. I’m kneeling on the floor kissing her hair and neck, as it tangles around her shoulders. We are sweating, a sheen of moisture covering our bodies, just this tangle of flesh on the floor, the heat between us, the smell of sex. Megan turns kissing me softly, feeling my hand hold her by the small of the back. We kissed, opening our mouths, our tongues touching. She looks in my eyes. Filling me with her tongue. I whisper, ” Sweet love, I’m just getting started.” My hand comes down over her mouth as I whisper roughly to her ” You said anything I want, remember?” I crooned into her neck, ” Get on your knees, baby.” Megan and I went to the bedroom.

I love that fearful look in her eyes as she lies with naked breasts pressed against the satin sheets and looks over her left shoulder at me kneeling behind, fully ready again. Her round ass is so sexy. The back of her thighs gradually merge with fleshy cheeks, each curving symmetrically together to form a line, an erotic crevice, to be explored fully in only moments. I feel the heat of her skin when I place the fingers of my right hand on the top of one beautiful cheek. With my thumb under it, almost touching her inner thigh, I squeeze gently feeling the firmness of her under the soft padding. I do the same with my left hand on her other cheek before gently lifting and parting them, revealing the long pouting lips of her pink pussy, drooling slowly cum tinged with blood. Parting further, I’m rewarded with the beautiful sight of her puckered hole clenched tightly against all intruders. I lean close, tongue outstretched, and prepare her with quick short flicks that will make her gasp in surprise, when I stop, whimper for more. Megan is gasping with each flick of my tongue against her tight virgin rosebud.

Pouring warm lubricant between her ass cleavage, I watch a slippery bead of clear lube roll slowly over her anus before mixing with our cum dripping to the sheets between her parted thighs. I think more is necessary for the pleasure that is sure to come. Inching forward on my knees, I rest my long thick hard cock in the valley between her cheeks. The first sensation is the heat of her skin against the sensitive underside of my cock. I feel her fingers gently touch my balls as she reaches under her body and gently presses them against her wet pussy lips. I hear her moan, urging me to take her gently. Pressing her cheeks together around my dripping cock, I slowly slide back and forth along her ass, making my body shudder as shivers of pleasure shoot up and down my spine. I watch my cock head, covered in excess lubricant, emerge from between her cheeks with each thrust as I ” titty fuck” her ass cheeks. I need to pace myself or I will cum before I’m thrusting deeply into her tight virgin ass.

With the helmeted head of my cock positioned against her ass hole, I lift my hips to change the angle of penetration, pressing on my hard cock with my thumb, watching as she slowly yields to the steady pressure. She breathes deep and holds her breath with her eyes tightly shut and teeth clenched tight. I don’t know whether it is the unrelenting pressure, unstoppable slipperiness of the lubricant, or sheer force of will, I feel the tight muscle around her anus gradually yield as the tip of my cock slowly slides into her ass. I pause to let her body adjust to me. Looking down at her ass, I part her cheeks wide and am rewarded with a wonderful erotic sight. The head of my cock is entirely engulfed by her, with the now stretched skin of her anus tightly gripping my hard shaft.

Pushing with my hips I watch my cock slowly disappear between her beautiful cheeks. Two inches in, I pull back slowly only to stop just before popping out. I slowly push back in, three inches this time, four the next, then five, then finally my full length deep into her ass. The sensation is wonderful for me, but painful for her. Her ultra tight ass grabs at my cock from all sides at once, and the stimulation is relentless as I slide slowly outward and back again and again. I feel her every twitch and spasm no matter how minute.
Megan grimaces with each thrust, her hands are fists gripping the sheets tight. She reaches up fingering her engorged clit, the spasms become stronger and stronger, squeezing my cock tighter within her. Her animal moans of fear mixed with pleasure urges me deeper and faster. My long thrusts in and out of that beautiful ass is so erotic. My balls lift and tingle in anticipation of the orgasm to come, while my cock and pelvic muscles clench tight.

Her body shaking as she arches her back and cries out. My balls slap against her pussy as I slam deeply in and out of her ass. I watch her body shaking around my cock, grasping it with erratic spasms. I feel my balls contract and a euphoric sense of pleasure radiates from my cock. Her body bucks in violent shudders as she cries out in pleasure. I feel her juices gush against my tightening balls and inner thighs. I plunge deep and squeeze hard, pausing, trying desperately to maintain control. Her ass clamps hard around my throbbing shaft pushing me past the point of no return. I feel my cock and pelvic muscles spasm uncontrolled. I am cumming.
Euphoria. My cock thrusting deeper, my body jerks as my cock spurts cum deep inside her ass. One, two, three spurts, then continued spasms diminishing in intensity. Her body continues its orgasmic contractions, milking every drop of cum from my cock. Aftershocks continue to ripple through our bodies as the waves of pleasure slowly recede. After several minutes coupled like that, I realize that my cock is buried very deep in her beautiful ass, and that its firmness may be causing some discomfort at this point. I slowly pull my hips back, sliding outward and hear her sigh contently. She clenches for only a moment or two, sending renewed shudders through my body. I know sensations she is feeling is a mixture of pain and pleasure.

I look down and see my cock emerge from her ass slowly, leaving a trail of white spunk against her soft skin. I watch as she pushes gently as a gob of cum drips from her ass and runs downward along her pussy lips before dripping to the sheets below. I crawl up her body slowly and lower my chest to her back, feeling the warmth of her skin against mine. Her eyes closed, I place each of my hands on the back of hers as our fingers entwine. I watch her lips form a smile with eyes closed, and kiss the side of her neck gently. I whisper ” Stay the night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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