Anymore? Ch. 01

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“No it wasn’t a fantasy; at least I don’t think it was. It’s still so vivid in my mind.” Lorna began to recount her story.

I met Clive at my first place of work, having just left school. He was 25 and was destined for greater things than the Bank. I was young and fresh, new to work, the Bank and to men in general. He said that I caught his eye as soon as I set foot into the banking hall on my first day. He was working on the counter and saw me immediately.

I think on my first day, as it was summer, I wore a white blouse, knee length skirt, high-heeled shoes and stockings.

From the start there was this white-hot, intellectual chemistry between us. Although I knew he was currently living with someone, I was unable to resist the thought that our meeting of minds may soon be a meeting of our bodies and hearts.

One autumn evening after work, Clive asked me to dinner; this inevitably led to coffee at his house. As we walked through his front door, I wondered where his partner was. He looked at me as if reading my thoughts and said. “She no-longer lives with me. As things were going so well between us, I felt she had a right to know. We decided amicably to call it quits.”

On hearing this, I fell into his arms for an embrace. I can still remember my shock at the pleasure that his strong arms gave, as they encircled me. I remember thinking, this is a man that will take care of me, a man who will teach me the things that I need to know.

Clive gently pushed me onto the couch and kissed me deeply, intently as though searching for my very soul. His left arm wrapped tightly about me, his right hand rested gently on my neck, cupping my face as he placed small kisses across my face; taking my earlobe gently between his teeth and nibbling it.

So tenderly, his hand moved down across the rising mound of my breast, until it was fully encapsulated. He squeezed it and then began caressing in circular motions, adding more pressure.

I was aware from the start of his kissing, that my nipples had expanded into taut erections. But under his ministrations, they continued to erect. They were so blatantly obvious through my bra and blouse, that I was sure Clive could feel them under the palm of his hand. My head was spinning with the ecstasy of the moment.

I was unaware of when he had undone the buttons on my blouse, but when I felt his hand upon my flesh I glanced down and gasped. My top was fully undone to my waist, both manavgat escort breasts, still encased in the bra, were on show. My chest was heaving hard, my legs slightly apart. A burning hot sensation emanated from my pussy, I knew I was thoroughly wet.

I began to rub my leg against his and looked at his crotch, where the hardness of his sex, was evident. His kisses had moved from my mouth to my neck, then onto my chest. With one deft flick, my bra catch was open. His left hand had not remained idle. As he slowly removed my bra, I remembered thinking…I hope he likes them, that they are large enough for him.

Clive looked up at me, checking that it was alright to proceed. I acknowledged this by pushing his head down, bringing his lips into contact with one of my swollen nipples. I was aware of an aching in both of these erections. They needed to be touched and played with, but most of all they needed to be sucked, kissed and teased. All came in time, along with my first orgasm.

I had known long about the details of sexual reproduction, but nothing had prepared me for this. I thought that to obtain an orgasm, the woman had to be penetrated by the man, or at the very least, the man must fondle the woman’s genitals. Here Clive had just kissed and caressed me lovingly. I could feel the excitement growing and the ache in my pussy became more and more intense. I began to squeeze my legs tighter together, but what the increased pressure did, was send me over the edge. “OOOOOoohhhh Clive,” I murmured, “mmmmmm, hhhhhuuhhh ooooohhhh.”

My whole frame was shaking and quivering, I was totally oblivious to the noise I was making. My skirt had rucked up so much that my stocking tops were in view, with just a small expanse of flesh above them. I looked and felt totally wanton and loved it. I wanted more, much more. Most of all, I wanted to release that monster of his from its cage and to set my eyes on it for the first time.

Clumsily my fingers fumbled with the zip to his trousers, but he held my hand and looked at me smiling. Slowly he slipped to the floor, kneeling between my now wide legs. Removing my bra and blouse fully, he caressed the whole of my body, paying particular attention to my nipples. As he held one in powerful suction, his hand roamed across my thighs as he enjoyed the feeling of my stockinged legs. I knew how much he enjoyed stockings and suspenders from previous conversations. This enjoyment was purely belek escort for him.

Changing nipples, his hand slipped under my bottom and swiftly removed my panties; dragging them down my thighs like a curtain clearing a theatre stage. I could see the glistening wetness on them, an involuntary shudder running through me as yet another devastating orgasm approached.

Clive knew what was coming and tenderly blew onto my pussy. The effect was like an electric shock. I’m sure I screamed this time as I came. “OOOOOOoooohhh yyyyesss, uuuuuuuhhhmmmm. OOOOohhh Cliveee mmmmmm.” Without giving me any time to recover, Clive began to nibble and kiss at the insides of my thighs. Moving ever higher, parting my legs ever wider. I could see that my Pussy lips had expanded dramatically in my excitement and wondered what his view of my sex was like. I could smell the musk of my sex as without warning, Clive’s kisses moved from my thighs to my pussy.

I couldn’t believe the urgency and passion with which he licked and sucked me. I lay back unable to do anything more than let my whole body be overtaken with the thrill of what he was doing as yet another orgasm approached. God, I wanted him. I wanted him more than ever. It was a feeling that I had not known before, but knew what it was when it finally came.

Eagerly I pulled him from his kneeling position to one of standing in front of me. My legs were on either side of his; that great bulge directly in front of me at face level. With my hands cupping his backside, I pulled him to me and rested my cheek against his hard-on.

To my surprise, it throbbed and pulsated. I had to see it. Quickly undoing his zip and button, I pulled down his trousers. As if straining at the bit, his enormous cock sprang out at me, standing at 90 degrees, pulsating. The foreskin almost totally pushed back to reveal the glossy, swollen red glans.

Gasping involuntarily, I flicked out my tongue and ran it across the shiny head, surprised at how hard it felt but also so smooth. I ran my tongue round and around inserting the tip occasionally into the little hole in the end. He tasted sweet, and now it was my turn to make him come.

Opening my mouth wide, I slipped the head between my lips and sucked; my tongue, continuing to play with the bottom part of the shaft. I found that this made the shaft even harder and larger.

As I took as much as I could in my mouth, escort bayan antalya I rubbed the remaining part of his cock with my hand, his excitement building as more and more droplets of his come emerged from the tip of his penis.

Taking his balls into my hand, I gently played with them and then rubbed his shaft again. Occasionally I would remove the head from my mouth to lick the entire length. I could tell I was having the desired effect. His breathing was coming in pants and I could taste even more of his come.

Pulling from my grasp, he knelt on the floor before me, his proud tool ready to do my bidding. Sitting as I was, I had a good view of proceedings. I just had to see. Clive placed a hand on each of my legs and tenderly pushed them wide. Slowly he edged forward until the tip of his cock began to brush my pubic hair. The sensation was terrific.

With my legs as wide as they would go, my swollen pussy lips were open to him too. His tool gently edged toward my hole.

Thoughts that he might be just too large were replaced with; “God get it in me!” Ever more slowly he edged forward as the head of his penis, unguided by human hand, pushed its way between my eager and hungry lips and slid down the very wet cleft into my vagina.

My eyes remained fixed on this intrusion into my body, my chest heaving, nipples throbbing almost painfully.

Clive’s cock slipped easily deeper and deeper into me. I felt a slight resistance and slight pain, at his size I presumed, but this was immediately replaced by such pleasure, at having this rock hard, throbbing shaft inside me, that immediately I orgasmed again. My legs encircled around his and held him tightly. My nails bit into his arms, my head lay upon his chest listening to the throbbing of his heart, his sweet cock pulsing in rhythm.

He then gently pulled out of me and began the thrusting again, slipping easily between my lips as he rode me to another orgasm, this time taking himself along too.

As I writhed upon his manhood, he quickly withdrew; my feeling of loss and emptiness immediately replaced by wonder as with a hand on his cock, he rubbed the shaft back and forth for no more than four times before it erupted with white, hot, sticky come.

I watched as it struck me in the chest and stomach, rivulets running down my breasts and onto my nipples to drop from the end; his final spurt hitting me on the chin.

Instinctively I flicked out my tongue for a further taste of his sperm. It was so sweet that I ran my hands over my breasts and put them into my mouth licking off his come. I then bent down, took his now semi-hard cock into my mouth and finished every succulent drop. This was the end of my first sex lesson, with many more to come.

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