Anything Ch. 1

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Big Tits


As I sat on the bench looking out onto the lake, I considered what I should do with recent knowledge I had attained about one of my coworkers. It was disturbing, yet somehow, alluring. I knew that if I confronted her with it, I would have her in a most precarious position. Yet, strangely enough, I kind of felt sorry for her. Let me fill you in on the details of her, me and what transpired. I’ll let you be the judge of my right or wrong doings.

Her name was and is Terri. To me, (and those who knew her well), she was self-centered, temperamental in a juvenile sort of way. Very childish. She would show up to work alright, but that was where we all stopped and Terri began. If things didn’t go exactly like she chose for them to go, she would run crying to the old man, the owner. (I should point out that we all work at a small format print shop, the owner, me and three female employees) Anyhow, back to Terri. Everything had to be about her. If anyone started a conversation about anything, she would butt in and change the subject to me, me, me, whether she had been in on the conversation or not. She claimed, (I found out later she had been lying), to work a second job, tending bar downtown. Always claiming that she “Made the gravy” the night before. “Rollin’ in the bucks” In short, she made a lot of money. (Money is the key to this story)

Well, Terri and I had our good days and our bad. She was a cross between a feminist and a woman using her feminine wiles to get men to do what she wanted. And not hard things mind you. Oh no, not Terri. If she needed a box taken down or couldn’t bring herself to grab the little step ladder to retrieve something, well, there went the puppy dog eyes. I fell for it enough to where she became emboldened. She wouldn’t bother asking, she would just stand by the shelf she needed stock from and exhale as if I was causing her trouble by not getting there fast enough. Then, there were the endless stories about how her and her girlfriend’s would whip the pants off of all the smart-assed guys who thought men were better than women at everything. “We kicked ass!!” she would exclaim. I really didn’t care if she did or not. I didn’t even care about the bravado with which she proudly pronounced the whipping. What wore me down was that she always had a story everyday after having worked at the bar the night before. It got to be monotonous after a while.

She also bragged about giving guys blow jobs in the restroom at the bar after hours. She would say, “If you don’t swallow, it isn’t a real blow job.” I always wondered if she meant that, or if she was just full of hot air.

While I personally thought she was a bitch most of the time, she had one attribute that drove me to stiffness on a number of occasions. I even snuck shots of it when I took my camcorder to work under the guise of making a tape for my Father to see. That attribute was her ass. She always wore tight spandex pants to work. Now mind you, she wasn’t fat by any stretch, (no pun intended). She was 5’7″ and about 140 pounds. Fat to some, perfect to me. She wasn’t stunning or beautiful, but she was in shape. Little grapefruit size tits that filled her sports bras well. (Yes, on occasion she would work weekends when we were closed and saunter about in her sports bra.)

Now, a bit about me. I’m just your workaday joe with a mortgage, wife and a couple of kids. Married for 18 years by the time this all came to pass. I’m average height, with a small pooch gut. Not exactly babe bait, but wouldn’t scare women off either. My cock isn’t the smallest nor the largest, again, just average, (okay, it’s 6 inches.) And as time bore out, I fell for Terri’s ass. She would bend over and I would feel my pants Kuşadası Escort begin to stiffen. I loved the way each cheek would jiggle with each and every step she took. And when she bent over, I envisioned walking up behind her and slamming my manhood straight through her clothing deep into her asshole. She caught me a couple of times, leering at her sweet bottom. She knew she had it and that she could turn me to melting butter with it. So when she felt or knew I was looking, she would wiggle it or do a slow swaying dance back and forth. And all I could do about it was look and desire. She, for me, was unattainable.

Then, one day while I was leaning over the counter looking at an order, she came along and grabbed my left ass cheek. She squeezed it and gave out a “WOOHOO!” I quickly stood up and looked at her. “I just had to do that.” she said with a smile on her face. Now I didn’t mind that she did it. In fact, I was flattered. However, this old man believes in “Quid Pro Quo”. So, I waited for the right moment and as she passed by, I gave her ass a grab. Her demeanor quickly changed. She became outraged and asked if anyone saw me do that to her. When the other two women said no, she became even further angered. She ranted and raved.


I told her calmly that since she had grabbed mine, I thought she wanted to play.


She went into her office and started slamming things around, screaming and yelling.

I walked back into the production area and closed the door. What had I done. With all of the laws on the books, I was sure to lose my job. My head was spinning out of control. The old man wouldn’t stand for this. Then it dawned on me.

“Hey, wait a minute.” I said to myself, “She grabbed me first.” Surely if I told the old man that I had only answered her groping with some of my own, he would let it go. I calmed a bit. then, the door opened up. it was the old man, and he did not look happy.

“Listen Mike.” he started, “If you think this is some kind of game or something, you my friend, are wrong.”

The door to the production area opened again and in walked all three of the women.

“Oh great” I thought, “they’re going to see me get dressed down”

“She grabbed me….”

The owner cut me off by waving his hand in my face. “Consider this a warning. If it ever happens again, YOU’RE GONE!!”

I looked at the other two women and they were looking down at the floor. I asked them later why they didn’t come to my defense and they both mumbled it was none of their business.

As I settled back into my printing, I weighed my options. My mind started going a thousand miles an hour. I wasn’t a vindictive person, but right was right. If nothing else, we both should have gotten chewed out for horseplaying, but no. I got all of his fury and anger. Suddenly, as if a switch had turned on inside my brain, I became angry too.

“She’s going down.” I thought aloud. “I don’t know how yet, but she’s going down!”


Terri was gone on a vacation to St. Thomas with some of her friends. Things went a lot smoother without her there. And it was during that two weeks that I came across her Waterloo.

The three of us who remained to toil discussed how nice it must have been to go to the islands every year. Laurie, (one of the other women) wondered aloud how Terri managed to pay a mortgage on a house, drive a new car and also take these expensive vacations. We finished our cigarettes and went back inside.

After half the day was over, while sitting down for lunch, I happened to think about what Kuşadası Escort Bayan Laurie said.

“How does she do it?” I asked myself. “Even with what she makes here and at the bar, she surely can’t afford all that she has.” I knew I made more than she did. Then a light bulb went off in my head. Maybe this was a way to get back at her. My day suddenly got better. I was suddenly on a mission. A mission to find out where she got all of her money.

I called my wife and told her I was going to be working late that night. It was a lie, but I needed to be at the shop after everyone else left. I was so excited at the prospect of finding something out.

Eventually, everyone left for the day. We exchanged pleasantries and they took there leave of work.

I started first by looking through all of the old time sheets. I knew she posted a lot of undue overtime. However, they wouldn’t do me any good. Nothing provable. Then I looked over the invoices for our dealers. I had read somewhere about how some woman had doubled invoices and pocketed the difference. After an hour of looking through them, they came out clean as a whistle.

“Dammit!” I yelled. “What am I missing?”

Eventually, I became so frustrated that I just opened every file drawer looking blankly at sheet after sheet. Most of them I didn’t recognize. Just as I was about ready to give up, I came across a form I recognized. I had seen them before, years ago when I first started working there. They were mileage logs. They were used to keep track of mileage on vehicles used to make deliveries and doing company business. I saw some with the owner’s name, some with Laurie’s and voila….Terri’s name. With my energy renewed, I pulled the entire file from the drawer. I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down to go through the file. As I studied the file carefully, I came across just what I needed. With the use of a calculator and a cursorily made chart, I found out that Terri was adding mileage that wasn’t there. When I cross referenced her sheets to all others, I found that she had more miles than any other, to the same places. I spent the next hour rechecking to make sure that no one else had done the same thing. All of their mileages matched exactly. Terri’s were over by as little as five miles and as high as ten. By the time I left that night, I figured out that she had skimmed nearly Three thousand dollars from petty cash over a period of two years. My heart started to race. Finally, I was going to get her.


As I drove to work that morning, the rain dropped just enough to cause the intermittent wipers to grind with each pass. It was cold outside, gray and miserable. However, this was the day she would come back. The day I had been waiting for. I was probably the only man on the face of the earth that didn’t care if it was downpouring. The bitch was finally mine.

As I turned into the parking lot, I noticed that Terri and the owner were inside talking. No doubt Terri was bragging about all the fun she had on her vacation. I just smiled, knowingly.

I unlocked the back door and entered the building. I wasn’t three steps into the place before the production door opened. Who else, but Terri. I decided while walking up to the door to cold shoulder her as long as I could. “Keep a straight face” I mumbled to myself. “Don’t fuck this up.”

“Hey Mike.” she said. I nodded in return, barely recognizing her attentions.

“Whoa.” I heard her say quietly, “someone’s got a bad tude today.”

It was then I realized that in all the glory of finding her out, I hadn’t planned exactly what to do with our little secret. She was slowly helping me make up my mind though. As she walked Escort Kuşadası past me, I asked her politely if she could see me at some point during the day, I needed to discuss something with her. In her usual condescending tone, she told me that she was busy, but would try to find the time. With that said, she left the production area. And you can bet, as I watched her leave, I came to my decision. I was going to confront her, make her squirm a bit and then spring it all on her. Her ass was mine.

I spent most of the day with the hardest erection I have ever had. Throughout the day she had to pass through the production area to get various items. Each time, she threw me patronising glances. I just looked at her, smiled and carried on. Then the moment of truth arrived.

“Alright, what do you want?” she asked as she came through the production door. I motioned for her to have a seat at my work bench. She sat down. I pulled out the file with the copies I had made. I sat it down in front of her.

“Open that and tell me what you see.” I said.

She opened it and began fingering through it. I looked at her face as she thumbed the pages. All at once, the color in her face left her. She began trembling. She looked up at me with tear filled eyes.

“Wha……what are you……..” she began sobbing uncontrollably. Tears fell from her cheeks. I sat back in my chair and folded my arms across my chest. She looked up at me. When she saw the smile on my face, she slumped down in the chair. All I could think about was using her ass every which way I could. Her sobbing slowed a bit as she wiped the tears from her eyes with her sleeve.

“Alright Michael.” she started. That was the first time she called me Michael. “You know what I did. I guess all that is left is for me to ask what you are going to do with it.”

I held out my hand. She looked at my hand as if she was too good to take it in hers. I shook my hand at her. She reluctantly placed her hand in mine.

“That’s a good girl.” I said. She glared at me with her usual “I’m better than you” look.

“Now, now. It’s not a good idea to think those thoughts. What you ought to be thinking about is what you stand to lose if you keep up this smug attitude. And most of all, remember who is holding all of the cards here.”

Her stern facial expressions gave way to pensiveness. She bit her lower lip and looked straight ahead. I knew I had her. I allowed her a few minutes to decide what she would do. Give in or fight. She turned her blank stare towards me. The rain came down harder outside. My cock grew harder in my pants.

“What do you want Michael? I can tell by the smile on your face that you have something in mind.” she said as she eyed my body up and down, her gaze slowing at my crotch.

“You and I are going to spend the better part of tonight together here.” I said.

“TONIGHT!! I CAN’T! I HAVE TO…….”she started. I squeezed her hand tight. She winced.

“MAYBE..” I looked around and decided to quiet my tone. “I don’t think you understand me Terri. I didn’t ask if you wanted to. I am telling, no I am ordering you to be here tonight with me. If you don’t, you may as well kiss this place goodbye and face some time either on probation or at a correctional facility. Your choice sweetheart.”

She looked out the window. “What time?” she asked as she stood up.

“Be here at six tonight. Everyone should be gone by then.”

She pulled her hand out of my grasp and walked toward the door to the front. I fought off the urge to grab her ass and fondle away. My cock was so stiff, I could have poked out an eye. I was loving it. I had brought down the bitch. As the door closed behind her, I looked at the clock. Three and a half more hours and she was MINE!

To Be Continued…

(Sorry for the long setup. I promise nothing but lewd, hot, sex from this point forward. Stay tuned as I put Terri through the rigors of her first ever ass fucking. And, just when she thought I was finished…)

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