Anything The Heart Wants Pt. 07

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Anything The Heart Wants – Part 7

Hot Day and Hot Nights on Cape Bonita. I Sleep with my Sister Andi.


Rob McCall IV

This is a multi-part story of a young man’s life and the joys of his adopted family. Time may jump a bit within the story. I suggest you consider reading the prior parts first.

All persons depicted in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age and consenting adults.

© 2022 RMcCIV

Andrea Tanner was driving home after another fulfilling day at the animal shelter, thinking about her life. She had taken what’s now called “a gap year” after high school before college because she needed to figure things out. Who she was, what she wanted to be, what might make her happy, and how to make some of her own money with a job. She had lucked out with the animal shelter finding something she loved and giving her happiness nearly every day and a little cash. The pay wasn’t great. It was minimum wage since the shelter existed on a shoestring via donations mainly, but it was money, and she got to work with the animals. For her, it was the best of both worlds. Getting paid and spending her day with what she now thought of as her “fur children.”

It was Friday, and she was wondering if Johnny had any plans. She hoped he didn’t, or if he did, they included her. At a stoplight so took a moment to check herself out in the rearview mirror. She shook her mop of slightly curly blonde hair. When she was a teenager, she hated her hair and craved long, straight blonde hair like all of the cheerleaders, but now she loved it. She knew it made her look cute and didn’t get in the way when working out like long, straight hair can, and all of the boys seemed to adore it too. She played with one of the ringlets as she looked. It was a habit of hers.

Andi also knew she had been blessed with big, beautiful eyes. Bette Davis eyes. Large and blue as the sky. She would frequently enhance them with light blue eyeshadow, a copper brown when she felt sultry, or a shade of green when going to parties or wanting to tart up. Her mom taught her how to use makeup when she was about 14. All the other girls at school had started to wear it, and back then it made her feel like a grown-up. Now, she wore it as an everyday thing or to be attractive and sexy. Because of her hair coloring, she usually added a bit of pencil to her brows and always carefully lined around her eyes as close as she could to make them pop even more. It worked.

Like her hair, she used to detest the freckles that danced across her button nose and cheeks. She was relentlessly teased about them at school, especially by her sister, Jess. But like her hair, she loved them now. They helped to give her a healthy glow when in the sun. A good thing living in a beach community.

Thinking about Johnny made her fumble for her phone. She knew she shouldn’t be playing with it while driving, but she wasn’t texting; she was looking for her favorite dic pic that Jess had downloaded when she hacked his phone. It was a bulging erection of his monster cock from a low angle, including his luscious balls, shaved package, and tight stomach. She found it at the next red light. She became flushed the moment she looked at it. God, it made her hot. She didn’t know why Johnny’s aroused her like this. It was magnetic. His cock was catnip for her.

She had seen, held, and played with guys’ cocks before. She wasn’t a virgin. Some of the guys’ cocks were hot, one was uncut, and his foreskin was fun to play with. A couple of them were good in bed and actually made her cum. (Not the guy who took her virginity, but they were both virgins, and he prematurely ejaculated almost the moment he put it in. Luckily, she didn’t get pregnant, and was now on the pill) Plus, being Jess’ sister, Andi had seen many, many more cocks watching online porn, and they got her hot. But not like Johnny’s. When she saw it, she had to have it. It was primal, a nearly uncontrollable urge of pure lust.

It was so big. Not grossly pornstar large like one of those cucumber-hung porn dudes, but human large. She didn’t know his size exactly. She thought it was 7-8,” but it was the width and the magnificent mushroom head that she thought about constantly, especially when Johnny was super excited and his glans became swollen and purple. She wanted that head in her mouth stretching her lips, and filling her with his seed.

Thinking about his cock began to make her pussy throb. Andi wiggled in her seat to ease the sensation, to no avail. She opened her loose-fitting work jeans and put her hand down her pants to her vagina. It was already wet. The light changed, and as she accelerated with the rest of the traffic, with Johnny’s cock on the console next to her, she started to softly tease herself. Not to rub one out but to lightly rev her engine. She was hatching a plan for tonight.

She hadn’t planned to, but Andi started rubbing her clit a little harder. Her body demanded it, squirming in her seat reflexively. şişli escort Her pussy involuntary jumped as she rolled around her now swollen clit. It was another ten minutes before she’d turn off onto her street, so she slid a finger into her crevice. It was surprising how moist and open her lips were. She slid a second finger in and started finger fucking herself, making sure that she stroked her erect clit while going in and coming out.

She couldn’t believe how hot and moist her open lips were. She moved her fingers out and caressed her labia, pinching and fondling. Then slipped back in. It was clinging to her fingers. She could smell her arousal overwhelming her car and rolled the windows down. She inserted two fingers back in as far as they would go plunging in and out. Her hips jerked uncontrollably, her ass writhing in the seat as she finger fucked the squishy folds of her vagina.

She knew she was close as she pulled in front of the house. A gasp escaped her lips. “Oh Jesus, she moaned under her breath. Her legs opened a little wider, and she shoved a third finger in, leaving her thumb on her screaming clit. The car was filled with the sloppy sounds of her fingers moving in and out of her soaking sex. Some of her juices started to leak out and roll down her taint, puddle on her tiny brown hole and onto her jeans, soaking them.

Andi’s head spun out of control as she gasped and began to cum. Spasming on her hand, digging down into the driver’s seat as far as she could, and biting her tongue not to scream out loud and wake up the neighborhood.

She kept fucking herself until the gigantic orgasm stopped, threw her head back against the seat, and slowly rubbed her overly sensitive clit back down to earth.

She took her hand out of her jeans, put the three fingers in her mouth, sucked them clean, buttoned up, pulled herself together, looked down at the pic of Johnny’s dick, and said, “That one was for you,” and climbed out of the car leaving the windows down just in case. She wrapped her sweatshirt around her waist to hide her wet jeans and went into the house.

Chapter 2

Being back in Cape Bonita, living in our compound of two houses, I would sleep most nights in my dad’s and my house. Margie was nice enough to give me my own bedroom in their house to make me feel at home, and sometimes during the day, I’d hang in it or study. Of course, I’d spend a lot of the day over at the girls’ house eating meals, gaming with Jess and sometimes Andi, and enjoying either Netflix or TV together on their 60″ flat screen, but most nights, I was at my house with my dog Brownie. He had become very attached to the girls while I was at school, but I’m happy to say he was still my dog.

I still had the tents set up in the living room, and Brownie and I would frequently sleep in one. I found it comforting, and it somehow made me feel less lonely. It was cozy being in the tent, and it reminded me of the good times of my childhood and life with my late father. I missed him terribly and wished he was alive to see what I was doing today at school. I think he would have been proud of me, especially my grades and other accomplishments. I’m sure he would have liked most of my friends, and I’m certain he would have been delighted in what wonderful young women Andi and Jess had become.

I was laying on my bed in the girls’ house in my boxers, reading “The Catcher In The Rye” for Modern English Lit 102, American Writers of the Twentieth Century. Despite its short length, I struggled to get through it because I found it so boring. I didn’t care about its main character Holden Caulfield, his teenage angst, his alienation, and narcissism, but I had to reread it – it was also required in high school – and write a paper comparing it to “Lord of the Flies.”

Now that was a book I enjoyed. So riveting in its exploration of human nature. I have always been fascinated by human nature and have studied it my entire life because of my dad’s business interests.

For example, mirroring and mimicking. When you are talking with another person — it doesn’t matter where or when. It could be on the street, in a house, at school, or in a meeting across a table – someone is always in the lead of the conversation.

Do you play chess? One of the keys is “who has the tempo?” In other words, whose moves are leading the game and forcing the other to respond. A conversation is the same way; the person responding mirrors and mimics the person with the tempo in body language, facial expressions, and arm movements. You mirror and mimic. Watch the next few times you talk to somebody, and you’ll notice it.

If you consciously mirror and mimic the other person and then, on purpose, slowly start to change your body language, arm movements, and facial expressions, the other person will begin to mirror and mimic you. And you will now be in control of the conversation.

It is vital in business, especially in sensitive negotiations. My dad taught me that before he died, and I mecidiyeköy escort try it occasionally, like talking to a teacher about a grade or occasionally in a social situation, and it works! Try it. It works.

Anyway, “The Lord of the Flies” is so primal that none of the kids achieve civility. It reminded me of attempting to navigate life nowadays. I guess that’s what I’d write about. Holden’s inability to emerge from his shell to interact with the world and the kids on the island in “Lord of the Rings,” attempting to be adults but ultimately caving into the basic animal instincts of our species.

And that’s when Andi knocked on my door and barged in without a welcome.

“Hey! I’m in my boxers,” I said, looking up at her.

“You look pretty, gosh darn fine to me,” she said. “Nice ass, bro.”

I would have tried to hide, but there was no place to go. “What?!”

And she strode into the room, pulled my boxers down before I could do anything, kissed and licked my ass cheek and actually spread them for a quick lick of my asshole, reached around and gave my cock a tug or two, snapped my boxers back on and said,

“Yep, nice ass. Mom says it’s time for dinner. Come on, food is waiting. Throw on some clothes and get that cute, tight heinie downstairs,” and she slammed the door.

I was stunned and laying there with a really hard cock that wouldn’t go down and had no relief. I went into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth, hoping I’d get soft. It worked.

Dressed and at the dinner table, I had the comfortable feeling of being home. Mom had cooked a wonderful meal of roasted chicken with mixed vegetables, that curly pasta, my favorite, with olive oil and garlic, and a huge green salad. We all dug in, and it was delicious.

I attended a guest lecture at school by a man named Breck, who said our lives are defined by the roles we all play at the family dinner table. I don’t know if he is correct, but sitting there, mom was at the head of the table, tender, loving, and in command, the undisputed leader of the family. Jess was to her right with her sleeves up to her hands as she held her fork, geeking out, quiet, reserved, and mostly only talking when questioned and expected to. Andi, of course, was totally sure of herself as the shining star, talking up a storm and leading most of the conversation. I was sitting there quietly, as usual, observing and commenting when it made sense or I had something to say.

I have always been a conversational “counter-puncher.” If it is a subject like sports and my favorite teams, I take the lead, and on matters that I am passionate about, I do the same, but my comfort zone is to listen and react, which is what I would do at our family dinner table.

“Mom,” Andi said. We have this two house compound, but Johnny’s house is vacant most of the time. As you know, he has tents set up in the living room and spends most nights there alone. We are going over there and tent camp tonight, Netflix together, and then he’ll be in his tent, and I’ll be in mine. I just wanted you to know.”

And she kicked me under the table.

Well, that was news to me, but okay, whatever.

Mom nodded okay without a moment’s thought, and we moved on.

In my new campaign to ease Jess out of her shell, I said, “Jess, ever since I’ve been home, I’ve been wondering. When you sit in your room, are you going to class, doing homework, gaming, hanging in chat rooms, or surfing the web? I assume you have virtual friends around the world online. Right?”


“That was a compound question. Which of the questions are you doing?”

“All of them.”

“Really! All of them. Amazing. What about real life?”

“I have a real life.”

“Living your life online is a real life?”

Jess looked at me with fire in her eyes. Emotions I had never seen before.

“Johnny, you are a clueless fuck.” She turned to mom and said, “I apologize for my French.”

She turned back to me. “I bet I have a rich and fuller life online than you do in your so-called real life. And I bet I have more friends and they are worldwide and do more interesting things than you have ever done. And she looked at me defiantly.

“Well, yes. I guess that might be true. You have me there. But let me ask you this, has a guy ever gotten into your pants?”

There was a shock reaction around the table. Margie looked at me in a chastising manner, and I got another kick under the table from Andi.

Mom looked at me and sternly said, “Wait a minute! This is our dinner table, and this is no way to talk and no way to talk to your sister! Understand!!!”

Andi, who was always under control and perfect – I was sure she would end up a CEO or even the President of the United States one day – looked at our mother and said in a low and serious voice, “Yes, mom. We know. Don’t you see that Johnny and I are trying to help Jessica? I know you do. So, with love, stay the fuck out of this.”

She turned to Jess and said, “So?”

“Yeah, escort istanbul I guess you’re right.”

I looked at Jess and said, “Jess, I know why. You are scared, but if you are willing to trust me, your brother, I am telling you that you have no reason to be. You are Einstein smart with lots of interests, personable and funny when you want to be, and really attractive if you take off your baggy armor. So fess up, Jess. Have any of those virtual guys ever actually slept with you or had sex in anyway? It’s okay. You can tell us. We all love you and want the best for you.”

She hung her head in shame and muttered, “No.”

Thankfully, Andi chimed in. “Okay, well, unlike Johnny, who is surprisingly square and clueless for someone so cool,” and she winked at me. Believe it or not, real-life relationships and interactions are actually better, especially when it comes to your love life. Look, a dildo and a computer screen can be fun, but don’t you want to meet a real guy? You know, someone with a real penis?”

“Yes, I think that would be intellectually interesting and possible physically arousing, triggering different and stimulating sensory perceptions. I’d like that. At least give it a try,” and Jess looked straight at me.

“I tell you what,” I said, turning to Jess and then Andi. “Let’s start this experiment with the three of us going out for coffee tomorrow. Whatcha say?”

Jess’ begrudgingly said, “Okay.” At least it was an okay and a place to start.

“Great!” I said. “Around 2 o’clock?” and the plan was set. We were going to get Jess out of her room. Kicking and screaming, but out of the room.

Chapter 3

I was over in my house making popcorn with salt and butter, having put Brownie into the back of the house, when Andi came in. She was wearing a robe, which was unusual for her, but when she knew she had my full attention, she dropped it on the floor, and I understood why because she was wearing a short, scanty, translucent, pink babydoll nightie. It had ruffles at the top and was open down her neck, showing her magnificent cleavage, which didn’t really matter since the transparent nightie left nothing to the imagination. Her magnificent tits were entirely on display, and I could see she had given herself a fresh shave downstairs.

She looked over at me and saw the bulge she had instantly caused in my PJs, posing like one of those sexy models you see in ads. She sauntered over, grabbed my cock, gave it a quick tug or two, and said, “I want to watch “Bridgerton Season One.”

“But we’ve already watched it and Season Two.”

“I know, but it gets me hot. Let’s skip to the last episode.”

We grabbed the popcorn, a couple of napkins, and the bottle of white wine Andi brought over from the house and went into my tent. I poured us both a glass of wine in Dixie cups for safety, sat down on the sleeping bag with my Apple laptop, and went to Netflix and clicked it on.

Andi snuggled into me as we watched the show, and as the romance got hotter, so did she. Her breathing started to become faster, she was pressing into me harder, and her hand kept snaking down towards my crotch. Not touching, teasing.

It was difficult not to notice how aroused she was getting, so I paused the show, turned to look at her, and said, “Andi, what is going on here?”

“I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you, brother right here in this tent. And when we are done, I’m going to fuck you again until I am satisfied. And if you’re a lucky boy, who knows, maybe tonight I’ll let you take my anal virginity. So Andi, like, always so self-assured

That got my attention. I had never had anal sex and, like most guys, fantasized about it endlessly.

But first, I had to wrap my mind around the idea that I was actually going to fuck my sister.

We both wanted it. I knew that, and she had cracked the seal open with the handjob on the beach, but put my penis inside my sister? And then her hand found my cock, and my smaller head decided for both of us.

She took my computer, put it down, reached into my PJs, grabbed my cock, and started to caress it. She turned to me and pressed our lips together, squishing and squirming her breasts into my chest. My shirt and Andi’s nightie were off in no time, and she was rapidly taking my PJs off too.

I pulled my naked sister into me. Her large breasts pressed against my chest, and I kissed her again.

Andi moaned as she rubbed her sensitive nipples against my chest and slowly slid down my body to my throbbing penis. She took the head of my cock into her mouth and started sucking, rolling her tongue around my enlarging glans and the sensitive ridge.

“Oh fuck, Andi,” I moaned as I watched my sister’s head in my crotch, sucking my cock.

Andi started to give me a slow, world-class blowjob. She loved my larger-than-most penis and had said it many times. Apparently, tonight was the night she had decided to demonstrate that.

Andi pulled back and admired my pulsing tool in her hand. I was already leaking a ton of pre-cum, and she went back down to lick off the sweet, clear liquid and then opened her mouth to take the dripping crown of my dick back inside. She started to jerk me off with her hand and mouth, sucking and stroking and giving me a serious blowjob.

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