Are You Kidding Me?

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“Are you kidding me?” I told Niki! Whoa! This was too much to handle.

“Now James, I know it sounds kinky and weird, but would you do this for me? Puulllleeeeeaaaaassseeeee?”

“But Niki …”

“Please James? I would be forever indebted to you. Puleeaase?”

Shit! How can I refuse her?

“Niki …” I replied with a worried look, “this is going to be embarrassing. Really embarrassing.”

“Oh James!” she smiled and pranced around and clapped her hands. “Thank you! Thank you!” she screamed before she launched herself at me and gave me a quick, hard kiss before I could back down.

“Wait! I haven’t said yes.” Or at least I don’t think I said yes.

“Jaaaammeeesssss, please? For me? Just this once?” she said as she looked at me with her sad puppy dog eyes. She knows that I can’t resist her when she does that.

“On one condition.” I grimaced.

“Yeah?” she asked; smiling now, but with a little uncertainty mixed in.

“That you tell no one that I’m doing this for you.”

Niki smiled at me and said in a soft, low voice, “I won’t need to. They’ll all be jealous of me. And they’ll all just take one look at me, and know that you did this for me.”

Niki then molded herself to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, burrowed her small, firm tits into my chest, and proceeded to give me a kiss that melted my lips and gave me a hard on that threatened to burst my jeans! As our lips finally parted, Niki reached down and gently stroked my erection through my pants, “And they’ll all want what I have.”

“I am so gonna be toast!” I groaned. Niki smiled broadly and gave me another one of her scorching kisses.

Niki was taking an evening art class and had her final project to do. It was one of those continuing education classes which were usually populated by a post-college crowd who normally worked during the day and took an occasional night course or two when it struck their fancy.

As Niki explained to me earlier, the class that she was taking was more like a ‘thesis’ sort of class where the instructor guided them but left it up to the students to come up with their own project ideas, and establish their own expectations. The instructor’s role was to just evaluate progress and assign a grade based on whether the project and its outcome lived up to their own interpretation of what that program level demanded. In this case, Nikki had to demonstrate her knowledge of the material being used and exhibit her creativity and imagination in the process.

“Ok. But first, explain to me again what we’re going to do?”

“It’s actually pretty simple. I’m going to make a mold of a certain part of your body. You know, (and she burst out laughing), your ‘thingy’ to be precise. Then I’m going to do a plaster casting using the mold. It should be pain free.”

“My thingy?” I laughed and turned red. “You’re going to make a mold and casting of my ‘thingy’?”

“Yes, your thingy!” She laughed back at me with a salacious grin on her face. “Ok, your dick! Your rod! Your sword! My rocket to heaven! Ok?”

“And how do you know that it should be pain free?”

“Well, it’s supposed to be painless. It’s just a rubber latex mold that I’ll backfill with plaster later. You’ll only feel a little warmth when I first encase you in it. I think you’ll really like how it feels … at least that’s what others tell me.”

“What others tell you? You tried this with other guys’ thingy’s?”

“No! No! You know what I mean. Other people have used rubber latex before and told me that it gets just a tiny bit warm when the chemicals are mixed together.”

“So you really don’t know, then?”

“Ok, … well, … yeah. I really don’t know. But it’s supposed to be painless. Ok?”

“Then, I have one more condition.”

“One more?”


“Ok, what is it? And stop being so difficult.” Niki said as she jabbed me in my stomach.

“This will be my last condition and I think you’ll like it.”

“So tell me already.”

“You do one of us.”

“Huh? One of us?”

“Yeah, one of us, when we’re … you know … together…joined.”

“Together? Joined?”

“Yeah, together, as like, …when we’re doing it.”

“Doing it as in when we’re making love?”

“Yeah.” I said with a smile.

Niki at first frowned, “James, bahis siteleri I think that’s something I want to keep private between you and me. I don’t feel like sharing that with anyone.”

“I agree. I didn’t intend for you to submit it for your class. But I think it might be a special, private thing for only you and me. I won’t think of it as art, but as something that reminds me of how special our relationship is.”

Niki gave it a little more thought before vocalizing her answer, “I think it will be hot if it turns out right.” She was smiling just a bit.

“How do we do it?”

“Well, it’s going to require a bit more of the rubber latex than I have so we need to pick up a little more of the stuff.”

“Ok, that’s simple.” I replied. I figured a quick trip to the art store would fulfill that need.

“I think the most difficult part of that job will be to keep us joined until the rubber latex has hardened enough.”

“That doesn’t seem to be too difficult to do, does it?”

“I think having you in me that long without either of us coming is going to be the haaarrrrddddd part.” She laughed.

“Hard? Hard? I’ll show you hard!” with that I started to lower my zipper. Niki shrieked and laughed as she grabbed for my hands to keep my zipper closed.

“I know that’s hard, but that’s not what I meant! You pervert!” she laughed.

“Yes I am and you love that, don’t you?”

“Oh yes … but you’re my pervert. Right?”

“Most definitely. I’m your pervert.” And with that, I grabbed Niki and kissed her at length.

She sighed as our kiss broke apart, “my pervert …”


Niki got her additional art supplies the next day after work and set about getting our bathroom ready for her little project. We had a quick dinner then retired to the bathroom where she began to lay out her equipment and supplies. As she had me strip, I noticed that she had a pair of scissors and her razor and shave cream out.

“Um, does that mean what I think it means?” I asked.

“Yes,” she beamed with a wide smile. “We can’t have a bunch of pubic hairs messing up our mold now do we?”

“Shit.” Was all I could say while a huge smile made its presence known on Niki’s face.

“Oh, quit acting like a small kid and get your big dick over here so I can get you hard and prepped.”

“Well, at least you said that it was ‘big.'”

My dick looked like a limp noodle; the thought of having a sharp razor dragged around my pelvic region and scrotum just took the starch out of the thing!

“Promise you’ll be careful?” I asked a little sheepishly.

“Why would I want to hurt the thing that gives me so much pleasure? For sure I’ll be careful. Now let’s see how to do this sort of thing…” Niki said as she reached for a bottle of baby oil.

“How to do this sort of thing?” I echoed her. “You mean you haven’t done this before?”

“Only on myself. But then I don’t have balls like you so shaving you will be a little different.”


“Stop complaining. You’re going to enjoy this. I know you will.” Niki said as she began stroking my dick to a firm hardness. “See? I told you so.” She said with a smile.

“No fair. My dick has a mind of its own when it comes to you.”

“I’m glad it does.”

“Ok, go for it, but please be careful. I only have one dick and one set of balls.”

“Ok you big sissy.” She said as she reached for her scissors and began to trim away most of my pubic hair. Leaving behind a thin layer of stubble, Niki moved to my balls where she did the same thing. Stretching my ball sack, she took almost all of my pubic hair off with her pair of shears.

Niki laughed as she reached for some baby oil and gently coated my pubic area and balls with the stuff. She even massaged my hard cock with some of that oil. Then just before I could cum, Niki grabbed my cock at the base of my erection and began shaving my pubic area. I held my breath as she slowly but carefully left the area around my cock and balls naked without any hair. Periodically rinsing her razor in a small bowl of water, Niki shaved my pelvic area several times, trying to get rid of all of my stubble, before moving on to my balls.

“Ok now hold still. I think this is going to be the tricky part.”

“Tricky part?” I gasped. “You want me canlı bahis siteleri to hold still when you have a razor to my balls and I’m aching to cum?”

“Oh, shut up already you big baby.” Niki grumped before she turned and looked at me with a gleam in her eye. “I know just the thing to take you mind off what I’m doing.”

“And what will …SHIT!” I yelled as Niki took the head of my cock in her mouth and twirled her tongue around its head and stroked my length at the same time. I think I forgot to mention that she gives the most abso-fucking-lutely greatest blowjobs on the face of this planet! She brought me close to cumming again then clamped her hand around my cock at its base to hold off my orgasm.

“Shit!” I moaned.

“Don’t want you going limp after all my hard work, now do we?” she giggled.

“No chance of that, you minx.” I was hard as a steel rod waiting to be thrust into her furnace for some tempering!

“Now hold still…” Niki was a model of studiousness as she focused on wicking away the stubble from my balls without nicking me.

After she finished, Niki took a warm wash cloth to my genitals and gave me a warm sponge bath. I couldn’t help it as I returned to a rock solid state in an instant. My balls ached for a release that wasn’t going to happen for awhile.

“Ok, that was the hard part. Now I need you to sit on this sheet of parchment paper so we don’t mess up the floor.” With that, Niki laid a large sheet of the stuff on the floor of our bathroom.

So I sat down on the paper.

“Ok, now scoot down on your back and spread your legs.” Which I did for a second or two, before raising my head up so I could see what she was doing. My curiosity will probably kill me one of these days.

Then Niki began coating my dick and balls with more baby oil. Her soft hands got me rock hard again.

“Wow, you don’t know how good that feels…” I moaned.

Niki smiled as she continued to massage the oil into my genitals, “Well we don’t want the latex to stick to you now do we?”

After another minute of making sure that I was thoroughly oiled up, Niki got up and prepared the latex mix including the adding of the hardening agent. Then donning a pair of rubber gloves, Niki dipped her hand into the latex mix and began applying it to me.

The mix felt warm as Niki smeared it on me. First covering the area around my dick before proceeding to my balls. As she did so, precum began to slowly leak from the tip of my hard cock.

“Shit, you’re leaking.”

“Can’t help it. You’ve gotten me really excited.” I said through gritted teeth as Niki continued to rub the latex mix around my pelvis region and my balls. She grabbed a nearby paper towel and dabbed the tip of my cock until my precum stopped flowing for a moment. As quickly as she could, Niki grabbed more of the latex mixture and slathered it on the tip of my cock and then applied the remaining batter like goop to the rest of my genital areas, building up the thickness of the mold by layers.

“There! All done. Now keep still for a couple of minutes while the latex sets.”

“Easier said than done.” I replied as I tried to keep my erection from fading. However the earlier eroticism of the project was gone now and my hard on began to wane.

“You’re growing soft!” Niki cried as it was apparent that I was beginning to wilt.

“I need some motivation!” I fired back.

“Like what?”

“Take off your shorts and panties!”


“Just take them off and get your delectable pussy right here so I can eat you.”


“That will give me the motivation I need to stay hard.”

Niki had her clothes off in a second and was dropping her pussy down on my face as I reached up with my tongue to lick her hairless slit and clit. I could feel my erection resume its pole-like stiffness as Niki gasped and moaned, feeling my tongue caress the petals of her flower.

“It’s … worrrr …rrrrr… kkkkinnngggg …” Niki gasped breathlessly as I continued to torture her pussy, slowly licking her labia, occasionally dipping into her channel to taste her secretions, while slurping her clit on every other pass. It didn’t take more than five minutes or so before Niki began moaning deeply as an orgasm washed through her body.

After she returned to canlı bahis her senses, she slowly dismounted and flopped down besides me. Turning to face me, she grabbed my face and licked her essence off my face before kissing me with her all of her heart and soul.

“You can do that to me anytime you want.” She whispered before she kissed me again then laid her head on my chest.

About this time I began to wonder how long more I needed to remain erect so I asked her, “hon, is this thing hard enough so we can take it off?”

“Oh yeah, let’s see.” She said as she began to inspect her handiwork. “Looks like its set well enough. I’m going to try to peel it off now.”

So Niki began to slowly peel off my latex covering, beginning with the edges. It was very ticklish as Niki peeled the latex carefully off of my pelvic region. She then peeled off the portion around my balls. Then, with the portion surrounding my dick being the last part still stuck on me she asked, “Are you still hard?”

“A little, I think.”

“Ok, let’s see now …” Niki said softly as she grabbed the latex mold with her hands and slowly twisted it one way then the other, loosening it before she backed it off my dick, which was now rapidly regaining its hardness. As she lifted the mold off of me, my hard cock grabbed her attention.

“mmmmmm, we can’t let this go to waste now can we?” she whispered as she set the mold aside then straddled my hips. Centering my dick between her labia, she slowly descended until she was completely impaled on me.

“yyyeeeesssssss…” she hissed as she bottomed out. “fuck … I love you in me …” she moaned as she began to post up and down on me. “cum in me baby … yes … oh … yes … fuck… “

We made love all over the floor for more than an hour before I painted the insides of her pussy with my cream.

We cleaned up a little and Niki took the latex mold and cleaned it of all of the oil residue and pre-cum left inside. She set it aside to dry while she got the powdered plastic mix ready and mixed a little pink grout stain in. Then she poured it into the mold, squeezing the mold several times to make sure that she got all the air bubbles out.

“We’ll let that sit for a couple of hours to let it get hard.” She paused then burst out laughing, “… let it get hard. I should have been a comedian.”

Over the next couple of days Niki made 25 plaster copies of my dick. Then mounted them on a piece of plain oak that she had talked me into sanding smooth then staining it white. She titled it “Fantasy Forest” and submitted that as her final project.

From what she told me, the entire class erupted with cheers and laughs when she unveiled her project and submitted it for grading. She was more than a little upset when she received a B as a grade. Her teacher was not impressed.

In the meantime, Niki was going to make good on her promise to make a mold of us joined. So several weeks after her semester ended, Niki and I were once again sitting on the floor on several pieces of parchment paper after we had gotten done shaving each other.

I was inside of her and our legs were scissored together so that our pubic areas were flushed against each other. You could just see the top of her clit and labia and the top of my dick as it disappeared into her pussy.

Niki’s hands were unsteady as she tried to pour the latex over ourselves. I had donned a pair of latex gloves earlier and helped Niki to make sure that the liquid latex covered us fairly well. Then we had to let it set for a while.

” … oh fuck …” Niki was moaning as she poured and I spread it over our groins, while rubbing her clit to keep it engorged so that it would be prominently featured.

“shit … don’t touch my clit … holy … don’t touch my clit …” She was yelling as I made sure that the liquid latex covered us well.

She trembled as she mashed her pelvis against mine and orgasmed. I reached around her waist to hold us together and in the process rubbed her G spot with my dick which made Niki orgasm again.

That casting came out fairly well even if we did end up fucking as soon as Niki could get the mold off of us. There was latex and cum all over the floor afterwards.

“Lust” and “Fantasy Forest” sold for astounding prices several months later at the class exhibit and auction. Niki was over joyed and all of her classmates were eyeing me up. Made me feel like a slab of premium grade bacon. Yeah baby! But Niki made sure that she was glued to my arm the entire evening. Possessive you think?

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