Are You Ready?

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Big Dick

Are you ready?

He was a smug bastard, she knew that. Months of flirting had come down to this. Did she really want to do it? Of course. Did he turn her on? Very much. Was she ready? Fuck yes. He sat across from her in her living room, watching her, drink in one hand. She liked being watched, by him especially. She could see the desire in his eyes as he took in her beauty. She casually crossed her long legs, her short skirt riding up, exposing a generous portion of her tanned thigh. The move had the effect that she was hoping for as he shifted in his seat. The edge of her mouth curled into a knowing smile. He was smug alright, and she was about to cure him of that. She undid the last button of her business jacket, letting it fall open. The top two buttons of her silk blouse soon followed; her cleavage putting considerable strain on the remaining buttons. Something to whet his appetite.

“May I join you on the couch?” He had broken quickly. He must want me bad, she thought. Let’s see how badly.

“Please do.” She patted the cushion next to her. He rose and sauntered towards her. Oh he’s making a good show of it alright. She licked her lips slowly, an obvious ploy. When he was halfway across the room she raised her hand: “Stop there.” A flash of confusion crossed his face. “Let me see it.” He frowned, not following. “Your cock… let me see your cock.” The word left a deliciously vulgar taste in her mouth. It wasn’t one that she used often, but she was doing a lot of things differently türbanlı escort tonight. He smiled, then dropped his hand down to his crotch. He made a show of opening his zipper, going very slowly, as if teasing her. He reached in and fished it out. It stuck out straight, hard and unsupported. She had to admit that it was very nice, very nice indeed. “Stroke it.”


“Stroke your cock for me. Do you know how to do that?” He looked down and smiled. Then again he gave in quickly. His fingers began trailing over the tight skin. He put his hand around the shaft and began pumping up and down. While she watched she realized that she had never seen a man do this before. Yet another boundary demolished. His pace was slow at first, then began to quicken. Her legs parted slightly. Her right hand disappeared under her skirt and she began to slowly rub herself through her panties. Watching her play with herself increased his enthusiasm. She had to stop because she didn’t want him cumming yet. “Now take off your clothes.” He didn’t hesitate. She had never seen anyone get undressed as fast as he did right then. His shoes and socks went first. Shirt and tie next, practically flying off his body. Lastly his pants and underwear. He stood before her completely nude, his dick bobbing up and down, the hole in the tip now moist. “Lie down on the rug.” Again he complied.

His dick, still hard as stone, lay across his trim stomach. She slowly stood up and walked istanbul escort over to him. Her excitement was rising. She had never been this forceful, this in command with a man before. She stood over his face. “Pull my panties down.” He reached under her skirt, grabbed the waist band and pulled them down past her thighs and down to her calves. She lifted one leg so he could slip the panty over her foot. She kicked away the garment with the other foot. She lowered herself over his mouth. “Now eat my pussy.” When his tongue came in contact with her already damp lips she let out a moan. She went down to her knees and began sliding her pussy up and down his face, stopping to grind it onto his tongue, wriggling her hips to increase the contact. She reached back behind her and took his cock in her hand. He immediately grabbed her ass and started working on her harder, his tongue working it’s own magic. It stuck in between her lips and brushed up against her clit. She arched her back. “Right there! Keep going right there. Don’t stop. Don’t you dare fucking stop.” She rubbed his cock harder, squeezing the head in her hand and smearing it with its own pre-cum. She wanted it now. She would take it.

She rose again, but only to move back over his waist, and the object she wanted to use for her release. She pulled her skirt up over her ass and guided his cock in. If it looked good it felt even better. It filled her perfectly. “Fuck me. Fuck me, mutherfucker!” But she was the one doing the fucking. tesettürlü escort He was just holding on for the ride. She lifted herself up, then plunged back down again. Lifted up, plunged down, taking every inch. He grunted every time she came down onto him. She was so wet that is was running down his dick. Squishing noises filled the apartment. “Goddamn that’s a good cock.” She fucked him hard.

The intensity in her eyes was a side of her that he had never seen at work. This woman was a complete stranger to him. He was literally getting his brains fucked out.

She could feel it starting. An intense wave just growing and growing. If she had been an ocean she would of had a tsunami forming inside her pussy. Her grunts joined his. “I’m going to cum. Fuck, I’m going to cum hard!” The hoarseness of the sounds coming from her throat surprised and almost frightened her… almost. She didn’t care about anything. That she might be hurting him with her efforts never entered her mind. She needed to get off. She could feel him stiffening up. Oh no you don’t. Not before me, she thought to herself. She fucked him harder than she had fucked anyone in her life. It was a desperate race to orgasm. And she won. She dropped down on him one last time and exploded. “Ohhhhhh gooooooooooooood!!! Fuuuuuuuuuck Meeeeeee!!!” She wrapped her arms around herself and she rode the tsunami. Wave after wave drove through her. Her actions set him off, filling her up. She felt it, but was still basking in the glow of her own immeasurable orgasm to care. She collapsed on his chest as she sucked in air. Her lips kept a hold of his softening cock, enjoying the feeling and not wanting to let go. She looked up at him.

“I wasn’t ready for that!” He laughed out loud.

She laughed with him. She was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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