A(r)mbush Ch. 2

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The lights dimmed and the stage was emptied for the “Ambush” special. Ted had told me that the place had filled up and there was a huge crowd awaiting the hairy woman. Surprisingly I was feeling a little strange in revealing my extremely bushy armpits and pussy It was certainly a new experience for me. Ted did my legs and even combed the unruly tufts in my bushy underarms. It had certainly grown very thick and jet-black since I had first stopped shaving and the coarse thick hair was spilling out of my bushy armpits. I was to wear a jacket and pants, which I was to strip on stage.

The music was loud as I waked on there was a moment’s silence as I walked in fully clad in jacket and pants and as I lowered my pants the crowds whistled at the shaggy hair, which spilled out from the sides and on top of my g-string. It might have looked quite gross but the men were lapping it up as they whistled I still had my coat on as I unbuttoned to show I was nude underneath just moving the lapels to show my over sized breasts. Somebody shouted “Take it off and show us your bushy underarms” another screamed “lift your arms and show us the jungle in your underarms.” Obviously the pre show publicity had worked as the men were dying to se my unshorn armpit locks. I ignored them and put my hands on my pussy hair. The hair on my pubic mound was very shaggy as I pulled at he long bristly hair and then turned around and showed them the hair in my anus.

There was a lot of antakya seks hikayeleri whistling as I suddenly allowed the jacket to fall of my shoulders. My arms were pressed to the sides as some men gasped as they could se dark hair peeping out of the sides of m underarms. One man screamed “Raise your arms you bitch I want to see your underarm air” He got up and started unzipping himself to show his massive erection. The bouncers moved in and he quickly tucked his pecker in. Evidently he didn’t want to miss the show. The lights on stage dimmed and I raised my arms as the spotlight turned away from me.

When it was back on stage it was focused on my raised arms and my bushy armpit jungle. There was a collective gasp as the lights lingered on my hairy armpits. On the ceiling glass I could see that my underarm hair was really bushy. In the months I had stopped shaving the coarse jet-black armpit hair made my armpit look like a virtual jungle. As it stayed focused on me with my hands tucked behind my head the men started clapping and cheering. I walked off stage without collecting my usual tips. I was to be presented to Shane and his friends.

In Tom’s special room they awaited m arrival. I was completely nude. He put his finger into his mouth, indicating his desire for me to suck his cock. I unsnapped his jeans, and pulled the zipper down over his hips exposing his ten-inch cock. I stared at it and slowly I brought my lips to the tip and licked the pre- cum fluid from the tip of his cock. The others watched in silence as I took his cock and balls into my hands, and then slowly guided his cock into the back of my mouth. My mouth slid up and down his shaft, his musk scent was intoxicating to me. Then he first touched my bushy armpits and pulled the long hair and then grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth. Deeper and deeper he thrusted his cock into my mouth, till he began forcing it down my throat.

Suddenly I was aware of the other men standing around me, watching Shane fuck my mouth. They al wanted to Ambush me.

I sucked on Shane’s massive monster. I kept it deep into my mouth but the other men anted a piece of my hairy body. Two of his men had lifted my arms and rubbed their massive pricks into my underarms

“Go ahead, bitch,” Shane said, “Let them all suck your hairy underarms. Four of them took turns to lick the long bushy hair in my underarms. They were obviously armpit lovers. As hey finished licking the matted hair in my unshaven pits they moved in front of me and made me suck their schlongs. Though I am no innocent babe it was my first experience with so many men together. I turned to the first man and put his cock into my mouth and began sucking. The second man was uncircumcised I stroked it and played with the foreskin. Then I put it my mouth and played with it with my tongue. I continued going from man to man sucking while they took turns in putting their rods in my hairy underarms too. The luxuriant hair in my bushy armpits was slick with sweat and precum juice too but I soldiered on as I was promised a good amount of money if I could service all six of them.

Suddenly my face was confronted with a massive dong. It was as big as my forearm and I was sure I couldn’t take it in my mouth. Its mushroom like purple head was hard enough to swallow as he slapped it against my face. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. I took his huge member into my hands but as much as I tried couldn’t fit more than the tip into my mouth. I licked his balls hoping that Shane would rescue me and sure he did being the leader impatiently pushing his cock in my mouth. The giant resumed putting his massive prick into my bushy armpits.

My relief was short-lived as Shane told him “Fuck the bitch put your dick into her hairy pussy I gasped as he crawled up onto the table and between my legs and every one watched as he positioned himself and he slowly inserted his monster phallus into my wet hole. I felt my cunt being stretched and filled liked it had never been before. The largest cock I’d ever seen was impaling me. Waves of pleasure surged through my body as he mauled me. Shane had started pumping my hairy armpits He shouted “Aaahhhhhhh I am cuming I am going to fill your hairy underarms with my cum” as he sprayed his cum in my bushy underarms. Soon there was jism flying all over but the monster kept at it. He soon came in my hairy pussy as my body trembled and shuddered to a climax. I was “ambushed” but it was a worthwhile experience.

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