As The Rain Fell

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“No.” Adrenalin shot through my veins. My eyes widened; my hands shook. I felt cold.

“No, no, no, no!” I tapped feverishly on the keyboard as I stared at my dark computer screen in panicked disbelief. A second, commandingly loud clap of thunder bested me. The power was out.

“FUCK!” I screamed at the computer, at myself, at nature, at no one in particular. I stood and paced, weaving my fingers into my hair and gripping my scalp, terrified. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…” I muttered. “OK, did I save? I think I saved,” I fretted, attempting to piece together a mental checklist, and attempting to soothe myself. “I’m pretty sure I saved,” I said with feigned assurance.

I’d been up much of the night writing. Snatching a couple of hours of sleep, I woke with her alarm and resumed. My editor was awaiting.

I stood still, hands still atop my head, and stared at my comatose computer, which stared blankly back. With the hum of the desktop’s fan, the a/c, the refrigerator and the other household consumers all silenced, the house was mystically quiet. The only sound was the patter of rain on the roof and the occasional surge of thunder.

“Well, since you’re sleeping,” I reasoned aloud, motioning in disgust toward my slumbering desktop, “I might as well catch some sleep too.” I turned toward the bed. “Can’t do anything ’til the power’s back anyway,” I mumbled under my breath, vexed, resigned. A distant roll of thunder concurred.

I lay on the bed. Exhausted, the house warm and close in this summer storm, bedding wasn’t necessary. I crossed my right foot over my left, laid my arms up, bending at right angles above my head, and, amid the falling rain’s white noise, was almost immediately asleep.

* * * * *

I stirred. I felt chilled, but my cock felt warm and swathed. Drifting between sleep and consciousness, I was certain I was in a dream. I shifted slightly on the bed and went back to sleep, enjoying the subtle swelling of my cock as I dozed. I felt a swirling and tugging on my unfurling sex which snapped me awake with a start. I drew in a sharp breath. I tried to bring my right hand to my eyes to brush the sleep away but found it immobilized. I tried with my left but found it similarly cinched.

“What the fuck?” I hissed, struggling against the binds, discovering my legs were also tied. I raised my head and saw you, eyes wide: Your mouth had fully engulfed my cock, your nose tickled my pubic hair as your golden locks brushed the front of my hips. Adrenalin roared through me, making my heart force more blood into my already burgeoned cock.

You lifted your mouth from my length, and looked at me devilishly, my glazed shaft nuzzled against your left cheek. With a stern smile you admonished, “Shhh…don’t make me gag you, mister.” You rocked your head up and down, my steely shaft sliding against your warm, soft cheek. You closed your eyes briefly, enraptured. You opened them, and looked at me vixenly. “You’ve been naughty today, sleeping on the job…” Your voice trailed off as you rose to your knees. “Now you have to pay the price.” My cock jolted at the implications, expelling a bead of precum that spilled from my bloated glans and splashed on my abdomen. You rose to your knees between my wide-stretched legs. My cock bobbed in time with my heart, hovering helplessly over my belly. I felt my scrotum tighten. “Well, OK…if I must…,” I resigned playfully to your demands. I relaxed, sinking into the bed. My eyes danced on your body, drinking in your eyes, feasting on your tits, craving your belly, your pussy, your thighs. I felt tumblings deep within my loins.

You smiled coyly as you bent back down, your eyes never breaking with mine. You ran your right hand along my left thigh from my knee to my hip; my scrotum contracted synchronously. Your hand crept along the front of my pelvis, your fingers slithering through my pubic hair. You caught the base of my aching cock in the crook where your thumb and forefinger join. Uprighting my shaft, you swallowed me wholly, surely, deeply.

My mind spun as your tongue swirled. I tried to lift my hips from the bed, wanting to feed more of my cock to you, to feel your nose in my pubic hair and your chin nudging my scrotum, but bound there was little I could do. You parried, letting me suffer, making me crave. You patted my hip, indicating that I should relax, that regardless how much I struggled, you were in control. Settling gecelik escort back into the bed, you patted me with a quick triplet of reassuring touches, conveying, “There, there, dear.”

You lunged, consuming me fully. Your nose collided with my mound, your chin nuzzled my balls as your lips sealed around my shaft and your tongue wound and lashed me. Desperate to run my fingers through your hair but thwarted by your restraints, I lifted my hips again yearningly. You again retreated, giggling throatily. You drew up along my shaft with a potent suck, halting at the head. Bulbous with blood, you encircled it with your tongue, massaging it. A groan percolating in my throat yielded to a breathy, exasperated exhale. You giggled again, and raked your fingernails down my chest. I wagged my feet, seeking freedom to no avail. I growled. I could tell you were enjoying this. Thunder again rolled over the house. You struck again, my cock sliding through your mouth and into the entry to your throat. The resonance from your humming traveled through my cock, reverberating in the inner mechanics of my sex. You bobbed your head, increasing your speed with each plunge, making my cock fuck your mouth. You made my cock so hard it felt like it was going to split apart. I breathed erratically through my mouth, speechless, as your mouth fucked me hard. I felt the makings of an orgasm spark within me. Suddenly, you lifted off; my beleaguered cock slapped on my belly.

“Uhn, uhn, uhn!” You chided me. “No, you don’t. Bad boys don’t get to come so fast.” Your tongue swiped your glistening crimson lips.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed, breathlessly. “You’re torturing me!”

“Hmm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mm,” you chuckled knowingly. “But I’m having fun.” You sat up on your haunches. You reached forward and circled your fingertip around my nipple and trailed down my chest and belly, through the thicket of my pubic hair—your purposed avoidance of my cock made it swell and flex, calling for your touch—before hooking a sharp right turn to continue down my thigh. Lifting your eyes slowly from watching your finger’s journey to stare deep into mine, you added, “You know how I like to have fun.” You planted your right hand on my chest as you swung your legs over mine. Your calves slide deliciously along my thighs as you climbed up my body. You stopped at my hips, clamping them between your knees. You knelt upright and, staring alluringly, seductively, unblinkingly into my eyes, cupped your breasts. Mouth agape, I stared unblinkingly back, not wanting to miss a moment as you caressed your breasts, sinking your fingertips into them, pressing them together, pinching your hard nipples, teasing me in every way imaginable with your magnificent tits. Nearly involuntarily, I flexed my cock, hoping to touch your hot pouting pussylips that hovered just above; it vibrated as it strained to touch you. A dollop of precum spilled, the crystalline essence streaked with ribbons of white. I needed to come.

You slid further up my body and widened your knees. Your pussy, sweltering and wet, kissed my belly. You dragged your body back down mine. Leaning forward, you steadied yourself with your left hand as you gripped both of your breasts with your right. Your eyes rolled into your head as your sodden lips and tumescent clit trawled along my belly. The smooth hemisphere of your ass collided with my cock, which felt foundry hot against your cool skin. Uncontrollably I bucked, my delirious cock sliding and bobbing against your glorious bottom, seeking unsuccessfully like a ship in a storm to find your body’s safe sexual harbor. You lurched forward; my cock again bounced on my abdomen. Tossing your hair over your left shoulder, you planted your hands on my upper arms, further pinning me. Your majestic tits poured from your body and swayed seductively just beyond the reach of my mouth. I jerked my hips, hoping the pressure against your pussy would break your concentration. You pressed back, grinding your scalding womanhood against my belly. Your moan quickly dissolved into a giggle. Dag, you’re still in control, I thought. You gripped your right breast in your hand, bringing it just within reach of my mouth.

I rose as best I could, pinned and bound, struggling to bring my lips to your mighty breast. You held it, grasped it, shook it tauntingly before me, just out of reach of my covetous mouth. You looked down on me with your istanbul eskort spacious blue eyes in playful pity. You relieved my strain and presented me with your taut nipple. My lips sealed around your pomegranate berry tip and I drew you into my mouth, my tongue lashing your nipple like a perturbed serpent. Your body slackened. I felt your spine cave as you ground your pussy against me. A languid moan bubbled in your throat. Suddenly you whipped your torso across, wrenching your right breast from my mouth and smacking me with your left. Lest she feel neglected, I caught your breast in my mouth and ministered to her. You leaned forward, pressing your tit into my mouth, feeding it to me, and I devoured all I could, licking, lashing, pressing your nipple to the roof of my mouth with my tongue, sucking, devouring. I inhaled deeply, filling my lungs with the robust, sweaty scent of your femininity as I feasted on your sweet salty skin. I groaned as I delighted in you—the feel of you, the scent of you, the taste of you, the sound of you.

You slowly rose up, extracting your breast from my mouth. Your nipple and areola glistened and glowed red. I left marks. You paused. “Please…,” I appealed breathlessly.

You slipped your hands around your breasts again. “I want you to watch me…,” you wooed. Ice rocketed through my veins; my cock chattered. I watched drymouthed as you swiped the pads of your thumbs across your rampant nipples. You let out a moan and arched your back, jutting your opulent breasts forward. I consumed you with my eyes: your golden locks, your florid breasts, your silky condensed milk belly, your smooth radiant mound, your firm statuesque thighs. Your hands drifted from your breasts to your belly, gliding sinuously down. The heat from your pussy seared my persecuted erection. A drop of your honey seeped from your turgid pussy, splashed on aching cock and slid glacially around its girth. My cock vibrated uncontrollably, expelling a bubble of cum that you’ve pent up within me. It scalded as it pooled in my waistline. Your hands continued on.

Your right hand halted atop your mound. My eyes widened as your middle finger slinked between your crimson lips. Your hips bucked, your eyes closed and your head tipped back as your finger dragged across the tip of your bulging clit. Your finger ventured further, playing, penetrating, while pulling your palm over your clit. You got lost in the feeling your fingers elicited from your body, while I got lost in watching. I labored to lift my hips off the bed in the hopes that I could touch my beseeching cock to your torrid pussy, to have your lips kiss my shaft, to feel your fingers nudge against my cock as they plunged, penetrated and played in your pussy. More of your essence drizzled onto me. My hands and feet went numb; my balls were drawn fully into my body. I needed you to make me come.

You extracted your finger, spreading your labia as you did. Your inner lips were aglow; your clit obtruded from beneath her hood. I breathed erratically through my mouth. “Fuck…,” I exclaimed breathlessly. You lightly caressed your clit, then sank two fingers back into you, caressing the inner sanctum of your sex in a way that, at that point, I could only wish to do. Your head tipped back again. You sank the fingers of your left hand into your left breast as your fucked yourself wantonly with your right hand. “Oh my gosh…,” I uttered under my breath. You giggled coquettishly, snapped your fingers from your pussy and, one by one, fed them to me seductively. I licked each clean, savoring your smoky, spicy flavor.

With a devious chuckle you trundled up the bed, hovering your pussy over my face. Slowly, purposefully, excruciatingly, you parted your knees until your molten womanhood settled on my mouth. I kissed you deeply, passionately on the lips, parting yours with mine and sinking my tongue into you, exploring, tasting, relishing. You spread your legs wider, pushing your mound against my mouth. I inhaled sharply as you ground your pussy on my face, my lungs filling with the heavy, heady scent of your arousal. You leaned forward, planting your hands on the wall, giving you the leverage to push against my face more. I couldn’t breathe; I didn’t care. I plunged my tongue into you, caressing your entry. I sucked your petals between my lips and flogged them with my tongue. I grated my mouth against your mons, striving to pin your clit otele gelen escort between my jaw and your pubic bone; I moaned, hoping the resonance would further inflame you. I bucked my hips, pistoning my cock into the phantasmic pussy that I cried to be in.

I redoubled my onslaught on your pussy, licking, sucking, drinking, feasting on you with abandon. Your honey trickled over my tongue and down my throat, warming me. I gorged on you. I felt your legs quaking. Your breathing became arrhythmic. I looked up: your tits swayed, your knuckles were white as you dug your fingers into the wall. Your orgasm was imminent.

I longed to caress your ass, run my hands over your hips and grip your tits as I licked, kissed and sucked an orgasm out of you. But, alas, only my mouth could attend to you. I thrust my tongue in and out of you, dragging its broad flat plane to and fro over your electrified clit, massaging your entry, exploring you with its tip. I struck a steady rhythm; you jerked your hips in concert. A moan percolated deep in your throat that soon turned to a cry that soon turned to a scream. You mashed your pussy against my mouth. I felt your sex contract and convulse against me; it was now you who was kissing me passionately on the lips. I maintained my rhythm, licking and massaging you through your orgasm, gulping your honey as it flooded my mouth.

You abruptly dismounted. Your nectar that ran over my cheeks cooled quickly. You scuttled down my body. I could feel the close heat of your pussy blanketing my desperate cock. With ease, your pussy engulfed me. You took me fully, deep, and remained motionless. I could feel the waning spasms of your orgasming pussy along my shaft. You began to move, slow and steady at first, but gaining momentum rapidly. You fucked me with such ferocity that it short-circuited my orgasm that I was certain would have erupted the moment your pussy swallowed me. My cock was steely hard, my glans angrily tumescent. My cock felt more like it would burst than come. I bucked my hips as best I could, meeting your every thrust, plunging my cock deep into you, fathoming you, as your clit collided with my pubic bone. My breathing was frantic. Sweat gathered on our brows. Your tits swung turbulently. Your chest flushed. Your nipples screamed to be sucked. You’re so fucking sexy, I thought. Suddenly an, “Ah! Ah! Ah! AH! AH! AAAAAH—!” blasted from your open mouth. Your second orgasm snuck up on you and rocked you violently. I could feel your hot liquid femininity pour over my scrotum as your pussy churned and clenched around my cock. We both stopped and enjoyed the sensation. You bit your lower lip and shut your eyes tight as your rode out what must have been an astonishing orgasm.

You sat up, wiped your matted hair from your face, and began rocking gently on my unduly hard cock. Your fingertips dallied on my wound scrotum, cupping, caressing. Sparks ignited within me where your fingers touched me. With a provocatively throaty chuckle, you leaned forward. As your warm tits poured onto my chest, you brought your mouth to my ear.

“Hm-mm-mm-mm-mm,” you chuckle, followed with a protracted, satisfied, “Mmmmmmm.” You paused, inhaling. “That was…fantastic,” you intoned breathily. “But now it’s your turn.” I began to shake. You ran the tip of your tongue along my ear. “Cum for me,” you whispered commandingly.

I resumed lunging and parrying, feeling every glorious inch of your molten, silken pussy. I accelerated. You rose up, lifting your hips off of me, steadying yourself with your palms on your knees. I fucked you abandonedly. I was delirious. You clenched your muscles, constricting your entry as my cock slid in and out of you. I could feel the temperature difference as the room air cooled my cock before your pussy scalded it as I sank back in.

“There you go, baby,” you gently cooed. “Cum for me. Mmmmmm…,” your voice trailed off as my cock pistoned in and out of you. My body started to tremble. My orgasm began to explode within, shattering me, sparks shooting from my loins to my extremities. My cock distended; it felt like it was going to split in two. My cock and I both roared, crying open-throated as my orgasm forced my soul through the tip of my cock, while hurling my white hot semen deep in you. You settled back down on my hips, your pussy tenderly swaddling me as my cock pulsed and spasmed. You tightened your muscles again, heightening the sensation of your pussy around my frazzled cock. You leaned forward, your breasts grazing my sweaty chest, and unbound my hands. Lying atop me, my freed arms embraced you as your pussy continued to embrace my cock, and we laid there, silently, catching our breath, as the rain fell steadily on the roof.

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