Asian Adventures Ch. 05

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This is a series about the erotic encounters of an American businessman in various locations in Asia (with a few in other places with Asian women). While there are some similarities to actual events, this is a work of fantasy and fiction. Names have been changed – as always – to protect the innocent. Hope you enjoy!

Asian Erotic Adventures – Chapter 5

** Luscious Lily **

** 1 – Screwed up travel plans **

This trip had begun badly, my original flight having been delayed to the point where I would have missed my connector to Kuala Lumpur. The airline clerk was helpful, finding me an alternate flight through Osaka and a corresponding connector to KL, although that portion would be in coach. Not ideal; but it would work, and as it turned out I was seated next to a delightful young Malay girl with whom I would remain in contact for some time.

I arrived at almost the same time as originally scheduled and checked into my hotel, meeting one of my engineers in the bar for a late dinner and drinks. The customer meetings the following day went well, the dinner ran very late into the evening, and I collapsed on my hotel bed around midnight. Three hours later I received a call, shattering a deep sleep. It was my admin from the states. The airline had canceled the rest of my itinerary because I wasn’t on the original flight! She had me on a flight to Singapore; but getting to it would require that I get up right then and head to the airport. She promised that by the time I arrived in Singapore she would have things fixed for the remainder of my trip. I got up, called the concierge to arrange transport to the airport, had a quick shower, and threw my things into my carry-on. I arrived with only moments to spare, and made it on the plane.

When I got to the hotel in Singapore there was a message for me from my admin. The arrangements had been made; but my return would be delayed. Instead of returning on Friday as planned I would have to wait until Saturday; but she had already extended my stay at the hotel. There was another message from the local Cathay Pacific office, letting me know that their agent would be delivering my tickets personally, and they had arranged a limo for my Saturday departure. Okay. Not so bad. Just another night away from home.

The weeks’ visits to suppliers and the local office went well. Friday morning I went to the office just to hang out with the gang, as I had no meetings planned that day. Marty, one of my engineers, suggested I might like to have dinner with he and his wife, and she had asked to bring a friend. It sounded like a relaxing evening and I agreed. I headed back to the hotel at noon and took a well-deserved nap, rising with a wakeup call with time to shower and make myself presentable. I headed down to the lobby and was picked up by Marty on his way from the office. “The girls will meet us at the restaurant.” he told me. “And by the way, I think you’ll like Lily. She’s been a friend of Su’s at Compaq for years, and she’s a really pretty girl.” he added.

** 2- Friday dinner **

We arrived at the open-air restaurant right on the beach, and it was packed. Marty gave me a wink and walked to the casually-dressed hostess, whispering something in her ear. She checked a list and nodded, leading us to a table amongst the crowd. We ordered beers and waited, watching the hordes of happy people celebrating the end of another work week. Through the crowd I saw what had to be one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen – just a quick glimpse. Our eyes met for just a moment, and she smiled. I could feel my cock surge and was glad I was wearing loose khakis and my lap was both hidden by the table and covered with a napkin. The next thing I knew there were soft hands covering my eyes and the fragrance of a woman wafting into my nostrils. “Guess who!” the voice said, followed by a giggle. I heard Marty and Su laugh, then the hands uncovered my eyes and lightly gripped my head to turn it. It was that beautiful face I’d seen in the crowd. “I’m Lily.” she said, flashing that incredible smile again.

I was almost too stunned to speak. “I-I’m…”

“Rob, I know. Su has told me about you. And about your messed up travel arrangements.” she said, sitting down next to me.

“She insisted on coming with us to dinner.” Su said. “She is such a flirt.”

“I am not a flirt!” came Lily’s retort. “But hey, a real man can be difficult to find around here some times, and…” she reached over and lightly caressed my forearm.

I laughed and covered her hand with mine. “You ARE a flirt!” I told her.

She got a coy look on her sweet face. “Maybe just a little; but it’s okay isn’t it?” she asked.

“It’s fine Lily. I can flirt too ya know.” I replied, giving her hand a squeeze. “Besides, you’re kinda cute.” I added, giving her a discrete wink.

“Cute huh?” she said, pouting. “Just cute?”

“Heh. Well….” I said. “Okay…you’re gorgeous honey, now what would you like Maraş Escort to drink?” I asked, watching her smile return. She really was absolutely gorgeous.

The four of us enjoyed friendly banter and the usual small talk over drinks and fresh calamari as we waited for the sun to set. The crowd grew larger; but I wasn’t paying any attention what with this stunning young woman sitting next to me, being more attentive to me than I probably deserved. She was wearing a delightfully snug black velveteen suit, molding to her slender curves as if it were painted on with an artist’s airbrush. Her eyes were bright, sparkling each time she smiled – which was often. And she seemed genuinely interested in me, a big – and very pleasant – surprise.

Dinner was the somewhat traditional ‘drunken prawns’ and ‘peppered crab’, two classic Singaporean dishes prepared perfectly at this popular seaside trove. Steamed veggies and rice, of course, rounded out the meal. By the time we had all finished eating, all of the small talk topics had been exhausted and we began to consider our options for the remainder of the evening. Su had noticed the bond forming between Lily and I, and proposed a very satisfactory close to our evening as a foursome. “Hey Marty, I’m pretty beat after a busy day, and I’d just like to get home and relax.” she began, tossing the ball to anyone who could catch it.

Lily reached over and squeezed my knee under the table. “Well… since we brought my car over here, I could give Rob a ride back to his hotel and you two can just head home.” she offered.

“Great idea!” Marty responded. “It’s been fun, and I’ve got this check.” he added. Then he looked at me and winked. “So… when will you be back, boss?” he asked.

“Not sure; but definitely for the next QBR in KL.” I replied. “Perhaps sooner.” I added, glancing over at Lily. “If I can find a good excuse.”

Su had taken care of the bill while we talked, and the four of us headed out, taking the longer path by the beach to get back to the car park. It was a beautiful and balmy evening, and a light shower earlier had cooled things off. The goodbye’s were quick, and I climbed in to Lily’s Mitsubishi for the short trip back to the hotel. She surprised me when she turned into the parking garage rather than dropping me at the lobby entrance, but I said nothing.

Lily looked over at me and gave me an affectionate swat on my thigh. “I hope you didn’t think you were going to get rid of me so early?” she giggled. “Oh no, big boy. You’re leaving tomorrow, and I’m going to spend as much time with you as I can.” she added, pulling into a spot near the elevator and turning the car off. “Okay?” she asked, waiting for my response.

“Sounds wonderful!” I replied, my mind racing at the potential. “Care to have a drink in the lounge? They have a really good singer.” I suggested as we both got out of the car.

“Yeah, sounds like a perfect start.” Lily replied, taking my hand as we walked to the elevator. Alone in the privacy of the express car which would take us more than fifty floors to the rooftop lounge she pressed her body against mine, running her fingers up and down my back. “I want your last night in Singapore to be memorable, okay?” she asked. Then she tilted her head back and offered her sweet lips, her tongue slipping out to coat them with moisture before her hand pulled my head down to meet hers. We kissed for almost a minute – until the bell rang signaling the car’s arrival at our destination. We broke the kiss and she smiled once again. “I love a man who knows how to kiss.” she said softly, letting one hand roam down over my butt before the doors opened.

** 3 – Instant Lust **

The hotel lounge was a perfect setting for a little pre-lust warmup, and we sat at a cozy table looking out at the lights of Singapore and the harbor beyond. The ‘club’ was called ‘Fifty Two’, as it was at the very top of the hotel’s tallest tower – fifty-two floors above the ground. The view was remarkable, and as promised the live entertainment was excellent. A lovely Filipina sang soft pop and love songs for the intimate crowd, even coming to our table for her rendition of ‘Lover’s Leap’. Lily and I sat close, remaining in contact with each other as we sipped our Singapore Slings. After only one of the powerful drinks we were ready for a bit more intimacy, bidding the singer good evening with a wave.

We took the dedicated ‘executive’ elevator down to the 44th floor where my room was located, in the corner with picture windows on two sides. Inside the room Lily wasted no time, giving me little kisses as her fingers unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off. In a flash she was down to her black lace camisole and panties, pressing her hot little body against mine as we did some more kissing. Then she stopped and looked into my eyes. “I need to call my roommate to let her know I won’t be coming home tonight… if that’s okay.”

“Of course!” I replied, watching her climb onto the bed. Maraş Escort Bayan I gazed at her perfectly shaped backside for the first time, wondering how far we would take the pleasure. She made the call, telling her friend she was with ‘Marty and Su’s friend Rob’, and she would be home ‘sometime tomorrow’. After some conversation in Tagalog (Lily was also a Filipina) she hung up the receiver and looked up at me. “Now… where were we…” she giggled. “Oh yeah…” she added, jumping up and pulling off her underwear. “Gotta get clean!”

I was out of the rest of my clothes in seconds, following her delicious little bod into the bathroom. My dick bounced wildly, already erect from the teasing kisses and the sight of her slinky curves. Lily got the shower going, climbing in and holding her hand out to me. “Come on, let’s get this out of the way!” she laughed, pulling me into the glass-enclosed shower. We quickly lathered up and rinsed off, our hands finding all of the right places to fondle and rub in the process. We dried each other quickly and practically ran back to the bed, jumping on and groping wildly as we resumed the passionate kissing we had started earlier in the elevator. Her fingers lightly stroked my cock as mine grazed the moist folds between her thighs. Tiny mewls escaped her throat as our kiss became even more intense. Then she pulled away, her eyes molten pools as her fingers gripped my erection more tightly. “I need to taste you..” she said, quickly kissing her way down my chest and over my belly. “Mmm… so nice to know I have a big friend…”

I watched as she opened her mouth, glancing up at me before she wrapped her lips around the head and flicked it lightly with her agile tongue. “ohhhhhyeah… ohhhhyeah…” I moaned, running my fingers through her silky curls as she started stroking up and down with her lips. Her fingers gently squeezed my balls, one of them reaching below to tickle my anus while she suckled my organ. My hand roamed down her back to fondle her firm bottom, then continued down the back of her thigh to the sensitive spot behind her knee. She moaned and scooted her body closer to give me access, allowing me to more fully explore her lithe form. Her oral skills were a delight, with tiny clenches of her lips as she wrapped her tongue around my cock. My fingers found her wet center and I slipped one into her tight hole, sliding it deep inside the hot and willing opening. Her moans grew louder, her mouth taking my penis deep now.

Without a word, Lily lifted her left leg and swung it over my body. My head was filled with the musky fragrance of a woman’s lust, her sweet pussy only inches from my face now. My hands quickly found the silken skin of her buttocks, my fingers dipping between them and tugging lightly to expose her little wrinkle. Her tiny star was a beautiful light tan color with pink highlighting the edges – an exquisite and desirable little orifice. My tongue found her sensitive labial folds and worked its way up and down in her wet slit. I felt her throat clenching around my cockhead as she went all the way down, sucking hard as I flicked my oral digit over her sensitive nub. As our passion grew I slipped a finger into the wet tunnel of her pussy, drawing her juices out to deposit a generous amount on her pretty sphincter. Lily squirmed just a little at the contact; but her tight ring began to relax with the contact. I knew she would ultimately allow anal play, and was in no rush. Our mutual pleasuring went on for nearly an hour, her body beginning to tremble as I lapped the length of her juicy gash. When I knew the time was right I clamped my hand on her backside to hold her in place, a fingertip pushing a few millimeters into her tight ass while my lips sucked hard on her clit. Her peak arrived instantly and waves of sweet lust coursed through her petite form, shudders and spasms of pure passion taking over as she sucked me to my climax moments later. We held on tight to each other as our mouths devoured each others’ nectar. Loud muffled grunts and squeals accompanied our mutual release.

We lay there for several long minutes as our breathing returned to normal. I periodically lapped lightly at her still leaking slit, enjoying the succulent juices of her body as she maintained her oral contact with me. I had let her muscles squeeze my finger from her bottom, and watched the little wrinkle puckering slowly a few inches from my eyes. That view kept the interest of my cock, which remained erect in her gently suckling mouth. We finally released our respective grips and Lily rolled to her side before wiggling around to face me on her side. A tiny giggle escaped her as her fingers grazed my chest, and she leaned close to give me a sweet kiss. “Mmm… wow… that was…. Um…”

“Hot?” I finished her sentence, returning the kiss and wrapping my arm around her to pull her close.

“Yeah… really hot..” Lily said. “I’m so whipped right now… wow, what an intense climax that was.” she added, her fingers Escort Maraş gingerly wrapping around my meat. “And he’s still ready to go, huh?” she asked suggestively.

“He’s pretty much always ready for you.” I replied.

“Mmm… mind if I ride for a while?” Lily asked, not waiting for an answer. She threw her right leg over me and reached between her now widely splayed thighs, guiding my penis to her slippery folds. “nnnNNnnnmmm…” she moaned, pushing her hips down to take my shaft inside her pussy. Even with all the slickness from her natural lube, her cunt was wonderfully snug and very warm. “Ohhhhmmm… He feels soooo good…” she whispered, her hips moving in a slow, natural rhythm. She gradually took the entire length inside her, then clenched her vaginal muscles around my organ. I consciously twitched my dick in her pussy, my hands gently stroking her sides before roaming upward to capture her firm little breasts. “Ohhhh… I think he likes it…” Lily whispered in my ear.

I teased at her nipples until both were standing proudly, then ran my hands down over her hips to fondle her firm ass cheeks. My mouth found hers again and we kissed hungrily, our bodies again melding into a single passionate entity. Her pussy was incredibly hot, a seething cauldron of sexual energy as she stroked up and down my cock. Lily’s soft mewls grew into low moans as she ground her clit against my pelvic bone on each thrust and tilted her hips to push my hard cockhead against her g-spot. I grasped her hips, holding her still for a few moments. “Don’t cum yet honey… Let’s enjoy this a while…” I whispered to her. I sensed her tension subside, and let her resume a slow rhythm as she rocked back and forth on my organ. We went through this cycle a half-dozen times before I felt a sharp spasm inside her and knew I wasn’t going to stop it this time.

“oooOOOHHHGAWD… CUMMMMMMINNNNGGGGGG” Lily squealed, pounding her juicy cunt hard onto my willing cock as her body released once again. I let her thrash wildly until her spasms began to subside, then – without losing penetration – I rolled us both over and reached down to pull her knees up. Her eyes were still glazed over from her orgasm as I readied myself….

“My turn to ride honey… Gawd you’re so fucking hot…” I grunted, leaning down to kiss her again as I began driving my shaft deep into her pussy. Our lips met and devoured each other as skewered into her receptive tunnel, grinding my pelvis against hers with every inward stroke. My hands reached down to cup her outthrust bottom, squeezing the luscious cheeks as I reached a finger to lightly tease her anal wrinkle. It was thoroughly coated with her juices, making it easy to slip my fingertip inside. Lily moaned softly at the contact, and I felt her sphincter relaxing as my finger probed lightly in her ass. My hips were moving of their own volition now, pounding my hard meat into her cunt as her fingernails raked my back. We were both climbing passion’s long grade to ecstasy again, our bodies writhing as one.

“Ohgawddd…baby…FUCK ME…” Lily begged, sucking hard on my neck as she thrashed her hips. My finger probed an inch into her asshole and held there. “ohhplease.. PLEASE push your finger inside me…” she pleaded. I obliged, gently easing my thick digit all the way into her snug nether port, marveling at the silky-smooth skin and the rubbery tightness of her rectal chute. Her muscles clenched and spasmed around my finger as both of us closed on the peak. “yiayiayiayIAyIAYIAYIAAAAAAGAWD…” Lily squealed, her entire body engulfed in a shuddering wave of pleasure as I fucked hard into her depths. I slowly eased a second finger into her butt, sensing the willingness of her bottom to accept the two intruders. “FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEEEEE.” she howled, drawing blood on my back with her nails.

I couldn’t stop myself this time, my cock now engulfed by a wet furnace that seemed to be sucking on my organ. Her vaginal and anal muscles spasmed and clenched at my intruders in both openings, her climax turning into a marathon of intense lust as I emptied my balls into her belly. I slammed into her over and over again, another blast of my seed drenching the walls of her channel with each thrust. She was still twitching and trembling as the last of my load was squeezed out of my cock. Both of my fingers remained deep in her asshole as we held each other in the afterglow….

“Oh… my… GAWD….” Lily moaned, her fingers now gently stroking my back and sides as we recovered.

I opened my eyes and smiled into hers. “Indeed.” I replied, twitching my organ inside her. She responded with a clench inside both of her openings, wriggling her hips lightly. I let her muscles push my fingers out of her snug little backside, easing my penis from her cunt at the same time. Then I rolled over next to her and kissed her softly. “You are incredible honey.” I said softly.

“Well thanks; but I think maybe it’s you, lover.” Lily replied, giggling softly. “I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked like that before. I mean holy SHIT that was hot!” she added. Then she reached down and gently touched my now-sensitized organ. “And if he’s up for it, I want him in my butt later… if that’s okay I mean.” she added softly, looking down.

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