At Long Last Ch. 01

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Leah paid for her lunch and turned to scope out the room. Business men and women crowded the tiny cafeteria, munching on salads and sandwiches and sipping bottled water. Finally her eyes landed on a table in the back corner, where her friend John sat waiting for her.

Leah O’Toole and John Hall were best friends. They had known each other since they met on the playground at age four, and had been inseparable ever since. They had been in the same class for most of their school years, attended the same college, and now worked in offices just a block away from each other.

Sometime in middle school, Leah had begun to really notice John. She doodled “Leah loves John” and “Mrs. Leah Hall” in the margins of her notebooks. She treasured pictures of the two of them together, and made excuses to be as physically close to him as possible.

Her efforts, it seemed, had been in vein. John liked blondes. Leah’s hair was flaming red. John liked the vapid, cheerleader types. Leah was class president and valedictorian. John thought of Leah as “just one of the guys.”

After years of pining for him, Leah was no closer now at 26 than she had been at 16. She had had boyfriends in this time, of course. She had dated a wide variety of men. She started out hoping they would make John jealous, but nowadays she mostly was hoping they’d take her mind off him for a while.

She set down her tray on the table and slid into the chair next to John, carefully brushing his knee with her leg. “How’s it going Lee?” John asked with a big, oblivious grin on his face.

“Oh, it’s been better,” she replied, tucking her long curly hair carefully behind her ear. “Charlie and I broke up.”

“Oh, no! When did that happen?” John asked, laying a comforting hand on her arm.

“Just this morning.” His hand felt so good against her bare skin. It was innocent little touches like this one that kept Leah completely enrapt. She leaned a bit into his touch and imagined that hand caressing her in the most intimate ways.

“Wow, you must be really broken up about this… Did you even hear what I just said?” John’s face showed a deep concern.

“I’m sorry, I’m a little out of it today I guess.” A scarlet heat began to spread across Leah’s cheeks, and she looked down at her food to try to hide it.

“It’s okay. I understand. You know, he was never really any good for you anyway. I always thought he was a bit of a jerk anyway you know. You could do better.”

Boy could I ever… she thought to herself. She fought herself not to get lost in John’s gorgeous brown eyes, and began to pick at her salad instead.

“Hey, I know what will cheer you up… A bunch of the guys are hanging out at Rick’s place tonight. He just had a new entertainment room put in, and he’s showing it off. You know how he is… always bigger, better, louder. Anyway, should be a good time. I was thinking about asking Marla, that hot new girl from HR, but why don’t you go with me instead? Maybe it’ll get your mind off things. Who knows, you might just meet someone new.”

But I don’t want to meet someone new… “Umm… sure. That might be fun,” she replied, trying not to sound too enthusiastic about it. Don’t get your hopes up girl. You know this isn’t a date. He’s just trying to make you feel better. “What time?”

“Great. I’ll pick you up at your place at 7. Listen, I gotta get back to the office so I can finish some stuff up. I’ll see you tonight.” John gave her a chaste, brotherly kiss on the head before heading out the door and back to work.

Leah quickly Mersin Escort finished off her salad, while daydreaming about what she’d like the night to entail. And why not? she thought to herself, it’s my turn. We’re both available. There’s no reason this time can’t be different. I just have to try a bit harder. She cleaned up her tray and purposefully strode out into the warm summer sunshine. I’ll just have to make him see me.

As she waited for the elevator to take her back to her office, Leah was forming a plan. She went back to her desk, finished all the work she had for the day in record time, and begged her boss to let her off work early, citing “feminine problems.” As soon as she was out of the building it was shopping time. She stopped by the lingerie store, her favorite makeup counter, and several clothing shops she would normally not even think of setting foot inside. Bags in hand, it was time to head back to her apartment and get ready.

By the time John came to the door, the transformation was amazing. She had pulled her hair back from her face in a high ponytail, and then tousled it just enough to perfectly frame her face. The smoky eye shadow and crimson lip color brought out the green in her eyes. She was glad she had spent the extra money on the black, lacy push up bra. She unbuttoned her green silk blouse enough to show just the barest edge of lace, and more than enough to show off some pretty amazing cleavage. The black leather miniskirt was quite a bit shorter than she was really comfortable with, but it covered everything it needed to, while still leaving little to the imagination. Her long, well-shaped legs were complimented nicely by the black stiletto heels. It had taken her several trips around the apartment, but now that she was more comfortable in them, she added a sexy sway to her hips as she went for the door.

“Wow – you look… I mean… Umm…” Was all John could manage.

“Ready to go?” Leah asked, a coy smile on her lips. She was amazed that she had finally gotten a reaction from him.

“Oh, yeah. Uh… Sure.” As they walked down the hall toward the elevator for the parking garage, she could see that reaction had traveled all the way down his body as well. “So, you really do want to find someone new tonight, huh?” he asked, his voice a bit flustered.

“Not really. It’s a party, right? I just want to have a little fun. We’ll see what happens.” Leah had been had spent enough time around John’s dates to know how to play the part. As silence filled the elevator, she posed a bit for him, loving the feel of his eyes sliding over her. So this is how it feels. I could get used to this…

John held the door as Leah climbed into his car. She was careful to make sure she flashed the lace tops of her thigh-high stockings as she sat down. After he closed the door, it seemed to take a bit longer than necessary for him to make his way around the car to his side, but she didn’t glance back to see why. She had a pretty good idea without looking at all.

On the short drive to Rick’s house, neither of them said a word. Leah hummed a bit with the radio, energized by her new effect on John. Why didn’t I try this sooner, she thought to herself. She let her knee rest against the side of the gearshift so John brushed her skin every time he had to use it. At first his touch was tentative, nervous almost. She had never seen him behave that way around a woman before. In all the many times she had listened to his exploits, heard his deepest thoughts on women, dating and sex, and watched Mersin Escort Bayan him on the prowl, he had never seemed anything less than in control. She loved that she had unnerved him so much.

By the time he parked the car, John seemed to have regained at least a bit of his control. As they strolled up to the front door of Rick’s newly-renovated house, Leah made sure she was just a few steps in front of him. Strutting up the walk, she could feel his gaze on her. She rang the bell with a smile on her lips.

“Hey John, glad you could make it! And who is… Leah? Wow. You look great!” Rick stammered. “Uh, food’s in the kitchen, and make sure you check out the new home theater, just off the living room. You guys know your way around, right?”

“Yeah, sure. No problem buddy,” John said, clapping his friend on the back. Leah felt the eyes of several of the men in the room on her as they wandered through the party. Some of the women too. John laid a very possessive hand on the small of her back. I’ve really got him now, she thought to herself.

They mingled, ate, drank, and generally enjoyed themselves as the evening progressed. Leah delighted to hear the whispers of people who were wondering if they had suddenly become a couple or not. She heard Charlie’s name come up a few times, as well as many of the women John had been seen with recently. As time passed, she could feel John loosening up beside her. The whole night he didn’t leave her side but for a few minutes at a time. She had never seen him so attentive to any of his dates.

Meanwhile, Leah was taking every opportunity she could find to touch him, brush against him, flash him or otherwise turn him on. She “dropped” her napkin and bent over to retrieve it. When she stood up again, the bulge in John’s pants was unmistakable. “Excuse me a minute, I think I need to go find the ladies room,” she said in his ear, though the party wasn’t really loud enough for the closeness to be necessary.

Leah disappeared down the hallway toward the downstairs bathroom, feeling eyes on her every step. She was certainly the best dressed woman in the house that night, and all the men seemed to know it. She noted angry glares from several girlfriends as she sauntered past. When she got to the bathroom, she paused just a moment and then headed back to John’s side. “Hey John, it looks like someone’s in there. You know where the upstairs bathrooms are, right. Would you show me? I get so lost in this house.”

John got up from his seat on the couch and took her hand. That’s new, she noticed. He led her up the stairs and through the master bedroom to a spacious, tidy bathroom. Leah could hear the muffled sounds of the party below, but they appeared to be the only ones upstairs. Perfect, she thought. As he turned to leave, she caught his shoulder and turned him back toward her. “Stay,” she murmured. As she drew him into the bathroom after her, he gave her a puzzled look but didn’t comment. She closed and locked the door, then turned to face him.

“Leah,” he began, “Are you sure you want to do this?” He seemed to be restraining himself, and his voice shook a bit with the effort.

Putting a finger against his lips she shushed him. “I’ve wanted this for years John. I’ve wanted you. I’m tired of waiting. Tonight I intend to take what I want.” She removed her finger and kissed him deeply. Pressed against him, she could feel how rock hard he was. It brought a small moan to her lips, just thinking about it. John seemed to enjoy that. He loosened up, and gave himself Escort Mersin over to the kiss. He pressed her back against the door and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel him pressing hard against her most intimate of parts now, and wondered if he could feel how wet she was through all the cloth.

With his hands under her ass, he lifted her and set her gently on the counter. Since her skirt was now bunched around her waist, the marble was cool against her bare skin, and it sent a little chill down her spine. “Hold on,” John stammered, “Let me catch my breath.”

“Ok, I can do that.” Leah began slowly unbuttoning John’s shirt. As she did, she kissed his chest and licked and teased his nipples. He let out a long, shuddering breath.

“I had no idea you felt this way, Leah…”

“I know.” She pushed him back a few steps so she could slide off the counter and kneel before him. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. Carefully, she removed him from his underwear. He was truly magnificent to behold. He was much bigger than she had ever imagined. Long, thick, and rock hard, she could see his pulse throbbing along his penis. She stole a glance up at him, and saw him looking down at her. There was a tenderness in his gaze, but also a need. He had been waiting for this moment from the second she had answered the door. He moved a little closer, so the head of his massive cock rested on her cheek.

Obediently, she turned to kiss it. His skin smelled so good. He tasted of vanilla. She look her time, kissing, sucking and licking all around it. She massaged his balls with her hands as she began to draw the length of him into her mouth. He was much bigger than any of her boyfriends had been, but she worked at it slowly and managed to somehow take his entire length within her. As the head of his cock delved deeper into her throat, he let out a soft moan. He began getting into it, rocking back and forth, plunging himself into her, gently at first, then harder and more urgently.

Leah moaned with delight. John entwined his fingers in her hair and held her in place as he fucked her mouth. His head fell back and he gasped as hot cum poured down her throat. She sucked it down greedily, pleasuring in the taste of him.

Gently he drew himself back out of her mouth. Even going soft, he was quite large. He bent down and lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist again. He began to kiss her sweetly, gently. His tongue plunged into her mouth, caressing and probing. “They’ll notice we’re gone,” he said, gently pulling her head back so he could look into her eyes.

“I don’t care. I’ve waited for this for so long, John. You don’t know what it’s been like…” She could feel the tears of frustration from all the years of wanting but never having. She bit them back and fought to stay in the moment. You have him now, so don’t screw it up, she chided herself. “I need to feel you inside me. I need you to really fuck me!” She was almost frantic with desire.

He put his hands on either side of her face and drew her closer. He kissed her, just as deeply as before, tenderly, lovingly. “Can you wait just a little longer? Those are our friends down there. I know you’re not thinking about it right now, but you don’t want to be labeled a slut. You’re not a slut. I couldn’t bear it if they talked about you that way, any more than you could. You’re going to go back downstairs with me, and we’re going to say goodnight to everyone. Once we’re back at your place, I promise, I’m all yours. By then I should be ready for you again. Do we have a deal?”

“Deal,” she said reluctantly. She knew he was right. They had been away from the party long enough to start plenty of rumors already, but continuing would only make it worse. She had waited this long, why not a little longer?

to be continued…

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