At the Laundromat Ch. 02

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Laura’s story.

After that torrid session sexy, little, petite, college girl Tiffany and I had in the Laundromat’s restroom, we sat next to each other again waiting for our clothes to finish drying. While we were sitting there talking, she pulled up a pic on her phone.

“You gotta see my two roommates. See how sexy they look.” She held her phone up for me to see.

And there were these two gorgeous college age girls, one a blonde like me, and the other a brunette. And they were both in nothing but their underwear, white panties and white bras. They were standing face to face, their bra-covered tits lightly touching, their tongues extended, teasing each other. And, they each had a hand on the other’s crotch.

“Yes, they certainly are sexy,” I agreed. “Makes my motor run again just looking at them.”

Tiffany giggled. “And they’re players too. We have some wild threesomes together.”

“I can imagine. But don’t you girls every date boys? Or are you all just pure Lesbians?”

“I don’t know if any of us are Lesbians 100%, as we sometimes watch hetro porn together. But guys are too much trouble, and we’re having too much fun just playing with each other. We can have all the sex we want without having to worry about pregnancy or birth control pills. Besides, women’s bodies are just so much sexier… like yours.” She gave me a pat on the leg.

I giggled lightly. “Well thank you, and so is yours… sexy, I mean.”

“And, my roommates… wow! They love the mommy-daughter porn as much as I do.”

“Really?” I licked my lips.

“Yeah. And sometimes we role play mommy-daughter fun, but they’re both really horny to play with a real mommy.”

“Why, those naughty little girls,” I said with another giggle as I patted her thigh.

“So, why don’t you come over to our apartment tonight and have a sex party with us. You’ll really love my roommates.” She rubbed the inside of my thigh. “And, just imagine having three sexy daughters playing with you all at once?”

“I’m convinced. Just tell me where and when.”

“How about later this very evening?”

“Yeah! Love to.”

So, we exchanged e-mails, text addresses, and phone numbers, and she gave me the address and room # of her apartment.

By then, my clothes had dried so I gathered them up and said goodbye, “see you tonight at seven.”

By the time I reached home, I was so horny and dripping wet thinking about what Tiffany and her roommates might have in store for me, and what Tiffany and I had just done in the laundromat, that I was half afraid that the entire neighborhood could smell my wetness…not to mention my daughter who was still home, ’cause her car was parked in the driveway. Then there was the problem of Tiffany’s lipstick marks all over my sundress where she’d sucked on tits, and the material of my sundress was still all wet there causing my erect nipples to stand out almost as if they were naked.

As I opened the door, I was hoping to hell that my daughter Caitlyn would be back in her bedroom so I could quickly and privately slip into my bedroom and change clothes, and do “other things.” But as luck would have it our front room was arranged so that the couch was against the opposite wall facing the door.

And there was Caitlyn sitting right there on the couch where she couldn’t help but see me in my disheveled condition… and I couldn’t help but see her.

She was wearing only her bra and panties, both of her feet up on the couch, her knees pointed skyward, and her thighs splayed apart. She had her phone in one hand looking intently at something on the tiny screen, and her other hand… was inside her panties!

And that hand was moving up and down in a masturbating motion!

I was so shocked that I froze, instead of rushing to the safety of the hallway and my bedroom like I should have done, I should stood there with my mouth open. And I couldn’t take my eyes off my masturbating daughter!

She looked up then, and removing her hand from her panties she waved at me, her fingers glistening with her wetness. “Oh, hi mom,” she said as she parted her thighs a bit more making the very wet spot on her panties all the more obvious. A cat’s smile spread across her face while looking me up and down, love and approval written all over her face… and maybe a little something else as her eyes zeroed in on the lipstick marks and the wet T-shirt effect of Tiffany’s kisses and sucks on my tits.

She let her tongue slip out of her mouth, teasingly, while letting her thighs part a bit more, as she put her glistening wet hand back down inside her panties.

“H-h-hi sweetie,” I replied with dry mouth and already red-faced from having her see her naughty mom in such an obvious disheveled condition, but now totally discombobulated from my daughter’s antics. It was almost as if she could read my (dirty) mind as to what I’d just done with hot little Tiffany at the laundromat. Didim Escort Not that it took much imagination with those lipstick marks all over where Tiffany had sucked on me.

So, with my cheeks burning from both embarrassment and excitement, and trembling all over from more sexual heat than I’d ever felt before in my life, I finally made it to my bedroom. I pulled the door closed, tore my dress off, pulled my sopping wet panties off and then couldn’t resist holding them up to my face to sniff them. Which only made me all the hornier. God, I wanted to masturbate so bad, but I was afraid I’d make so much noise in my way too turned on state that my daughter would hear me.

But what the hell? I’d just caught her masturbating right there on the fucking living room couch. And, wasn’t she deliberately flashing me? As I was trying to resist the urge to masturbate, Caitlyn knocked on my bedroom door.

“Mommy… uh, I mean, Mom?”

“Y-y-yes, dear?” I croaked with my dry throat. (It’d been years since she had called me mommy.)

“Don’t worry about dinner for me. I wanna go visit some friends of mine. We might go to a movie later.”

“Okay dear. Have fun, but be home by midnight.” Not that I knew if I was going to be home by midnight.

“I will, mom. Bye, bye.”

“Bye sweetie.” Breathlessly I waited until I heard the front door slam shut, and then the purring of her car’s engine as she started it up and drove away. Then I grabbed one of my sex toys, flopped down on my bed, completely naked except for my pumps.

I held my soaked panties up to my face again and breathed deeply, inhaling the sexy aroma of my own horniness deep inside me making my pussy even hungrier. I licked the crotch of my panties imagining it was Tiffany… no, imagining it was my own daughter the way she was sitting so sexy on the couch in nothing but bra and panties… and her own panties showing some wetness.

What the heck was she looking at on her phone? Porn? Was she really playing with herself before I walked in? It sure looked like it, her hands in her panties, her fingers glistening with wetness when she waved hello at me… and the tell tale wetness on her panties. Yeah, she must have been looking at porn on her phone. And then her deliberately flashing me.

And so now, as I began licking the crotch of my wet, sex-smelling panties, I imagined that I threw all moral restraint to the wind and fantasized that I was licking my own sexy daughter’s panties–with her still in them and her smooth thighs wrapped around the side of my face. Such a naughty mommy am I.

My pussy was so on fire that it needed some immediate attention. I turned on my rabbit, and put it to work on my hungry cunt. I was so fried from my naughty thoughts that I was soon in a writhing, gut-wrenching, moaning orgasm.

After showering, I got a bite to eat, then got myself dressed up as sexily as I could. A white garter belt, beige hose, and silky white panties. Up top, a white bra with holes for my nipples to stick through and a diaphanous pink blouse, dressy, but with material just thin enough to allow the whiteness of my bra to show, and my erect nipples to poke out. Then I slipped on a dressy, red business type of skirt short enough to come only to mid-thigh.

I would sometimes dress up like this for my masturbation rituals, I would look in the mirror to see how sexy and slutty I looked. Then I’d fondle myself while imagining it was another woman fondling me.

So, I looked in the mirror now to make sure I’d packaged myself just right–because tonight I wouldn’t have to pretend that someone else was fondling me. Satisfied with the look I applied a touch of lipstick to my lips, a touch of powder to my cheeks, then stepped into a pair of four-inch bright red heels to match my sexy skirt. Blew myself a kiss into the mirror and headed for my car.

And on the drive over to Tiffany’s apartment I kept replaying the fun Tiffany and I had had at the laundromat while fantasizing what her two hot roommates were going to be doing with me. You know what they say: “Once you’ve tasted the kitty you’ll always want more, and boy was I horny to taste more Tiffany while wondering what her roommates would taste like while sitting on my face.

Tiffany met me at the door of her apartment dressed in a school girl’s outfit, white blouse stuffed into a skimpy plaid miniskirt. Her red hair done up in double pigtails with red ribbons tied around the tail end of them.

“Hi mommy,” she said giving me a hug and a light kiss. Pulling away she looked me up and down. “My, my you look nice.”

“And so do you sweetie.” I ruffled one of her pigtails.

By then her two roommates who had been sitting on the front room couch got up to greet me. Sarah, the brunette had her hair done in a double pony tail, each tail about shoulder length. Goldie, the blonde had done the same with her hair. Both girls were dressed exactly like Tiffany. Their school girl skirts so Didim Escort Bayan short a hint of their white panties could be seen.

“Hi mommy,” both girls said almost in unison.

“Hi girls,” I said as I gave each of them a hug and a chaste kiss on the cheek.

“Doesn’t mommy look hot all dressed up like this?” Tiffany said to the other two girls as her hand ran across my chest “accidentally” rubbing across my already throbbing aching nipples erupting through the holes in my bra and tenting my blouse.

“Yeah, hot!” Sarah said, joining Tiffany in rubbing her hands all over me.

“Fuckin’ awesome!” Goldie said, also joining in.

And then there were three pairs of hands caressing me, teasing my nipples, fondling the hem of my skirt, my buttocks, driving me crazy.

“And all my little sweeties,” I said, “look so cute and sexy in these short little school girl skirts.” I fondled the hems of their skirts copping feels of firm, young asses in the process.

Soon we were in a mass feel-a-thon with me in the middle, three pairs of hands copping feels all over my body, and my own hands, going crazy, trying to fondle this and that.

As I was just about ready to lose all control and drop to my knees to munch on sweet, young pussy, Tiffany pulled away and said, “before we all lose it here, mommy we have a routine all worked out that we want to role play with you. The three of us are going to lie down on the floor in front of the couch, reading a comic book. Then you are going to enter and sit on the couch right in front of us. There is a magazine on the couch that you can read, or pretend to read, while the three of us play a game of trying to sneak peeks up mommy’s skirt while pretending not to, and you can intentionally flash us now and then while pretending not to realize what kind of a show you’re putting on for us–to kind of pretend that we’re in a porn movie.”

“Sounds like fun,” I said as I looked her roommates over, and feeling very pleased once again from what I saw.

“So,” Tiffany went on,” Just wait here a moment till we get situated. Then come on in and sit on the couch right in front of us. Then, after you’ve flashed us a few times”… she giggled a little here while her roommates continued to look me up and down with obvious lust in their eyes… “then things’ll start getting hot and we’ll just go from there.”

“You’re making he hot already,” I said.

All three girls giggled as they left me by the doorway and went to take up their positions on the floor right in front of the couch.

“We’re ready, mommy!” Tiffany called out.

I took a deep breath, strode across the living room and took my seat on the couch right in front of them, making sure I crossed my legs real slowly enjoying the thrill as three sets of eyes looked up from their comic book to gaze up my skirt.

The magazine they had for me to “read” was a catalogue for women’s underwear and lingerie. I thought that was quite appropriate given Tiffany’s panty fetish and wondered if her two roommates had the same fetish. Given that they wanted to start our little role playing game being in a position where they could look up my skirt I figured that yeah, they too probably got a thrill out of seeing a pair of panties on a sexy woman–especially when one had to look up a skirt to see the panties. The forbiddenness of it, if guess.

Not that I didn’t find the same thing to be a turn on as well. So, I figured it was about time to give them another glance. I s-l-o-w-l-y uncrossed my legs and just as slowly recrossed them while pretending to read the magazine.

And, as I glanced over the top of the magazine I was thrilled to see that with the first movement of my left leg lifting up from my right thigh as I began to uncross my legs caught their attention. All three pairs of eyes lifted up from the comic they were reading to catch me flashing them.

I did that a few more times enjoying the reaction it got from them. In the in between times I tried to look at the sexy catalogue they’d given me. The models were all gorgeous and the poses sexy. In fact, in some of the poses there would be two or three models together in a scene that almost suggested they had sexual interests in each other. So, I was having trouble trying to decide whether it was more of a turn on to look at the classy pics, or the three girls on the floor.

The girls on the floor easily won out.

I noticed that all three girls where squirming and practically humping their cunts against the floor as they oooed and ahhhed over whatever they were looking at in the comic book and commenting on how sexy this or that was.

About that time Goldie whispered to the others “wouldn’t you just love to be doing that with our mommy?”

“Fuck yeah,” Sarah said. And all three girls giggled.

Then Tiffany said “I don’t know what makes me wetter, looking up mommy’s skirt, or looking at the pics in this comic book.

About time I got into Escort Didim the action. I set the magazine aside and as the girls looked up at me again, I re-crossed my legs for them, nice and slow, enjoying the looks on their faces. Then I said, “maybe you’d better show mommy what your reading there.”

“Yes, mommy,” Tiffany said, as giggling, she sat on the couch next to me pressing her sexy little girl’s legs against mine. She handed me the comic, front cover up.

I glanced at the title. Mommy has fun it said, and the pic on the front showed an attractive, voluptuous woman sitting naked on a couch. Two younger looking girls also naked were sucking her tits while the “mommy” played with their pussies, and the two girls played with hers. I flipped a couple of pages which revealed similar “art” work, along with some captions. An illustrated lesbian incest comic book, it was.

“Why, this is a lesbian incest book! You naughty little girls. Looking at this stuff.” Turning to Tiffany I continued: “I bet you got all hot and wet looking at this stuff, didn’t you?”

Tiffany giggled and squirmed in her seat. “A little, I guess.”

The other two girls smirked.

“And she’s also been looking up your skirt, too, mommy,” Goldie said.

“Well, Mommy better check to see just how wet you got, you naughty little girl you. Stand up again. Right in front of me, you little hussy.” I uncrossed my legs giving the other two girls a nice view, and placing both feet on the floor I spread my thighs just enough for Tiffany to squeeze herself in between them.

“Yes, mommy.” Tiffany giggled as she slid back off of the couch to position herself betwixt my thighs.

I fondled her thighs for a moment, then slid one hand around the back and up under her skirt to fondle her tight little butt while my other hand went up under her skimpy little skirt in front until it landed on her cunt.

“My, my, my, how wet we are!” I said as I rubbed the palm and heel of my hand on her wetness while my thumb teased that little bulge in her panties just about the wetness.

“Ummmmmmommy!” Tiffany said as she squirmed and toyed with her nipples.

I pulled her panties down, and had her step out of them. I held them to my face, sniffed, and rubbed them across my mouth. “Yeah, they’re wet alright.”

I licked the crotch of her panties, making a big show of it. “And you taste like you’re really horny, you naughty little girl. So, I guess that mommy’s just going to have to give her little girl a nice hard spanking.”

“Oh, goody, goody,” Tiffany giggled as she climbed back on the couch and began to crawl onto my lap.

“But, first, before I teach you a lesson, I’ve gotta see if this dirty magazine had the same effect on your sisters.” I looked at the other two. “Sarah and Goldie. Stand up and come right her before mommy so I can see if you’ve been naughty too.”

“They’ve been looking up your skirt too, mommy, same as me,” Tiffany said, as laying across my lap she began humping her crotch into my thigh.

“Well, we’ll see about that,” I said. With Goldie and Sarah standing up close to me, their legs touching mine, I fondled their upper thighs a bit, and then stuck my hands up their tiny skirts to feel their cunts.

“Yes, wet, wet, wet, both you,” I said as I palmed their wet spots and rubbed my thumbs on their tell tale little bumps.”

Removing my hand from Goldie’s crotch I ordered the two girls to face each other, then said, “Okay, Sarah, you be a good little girl now and take Goldie’s panties off her.”

As Sarah pulled Goldie’s panties down, I used both my hands up Sarah’s skirt to fondle her ass and her soaked panty-covered cunt. When she had Goldie’s panties all the way off, I commanded: “Okay, Sarah, now mommy wants you to hold Goldie’s panties up to your face, and I want you to sniff her crotch and rub the wet spot all over your face.” And I continued to tease her cunt while she sniffed and licked Goldie’s panties.

“Okay, now,” I said, “Sarah, keep sniffing Goldie’s panties while Goldie takes yours off. Goldie, get to it.”

As Goldie bent over to obey my command I withdrew my hands from under Sarah’s skirt and transferred them to up Goldie’s skirt. When Goldie had completed the job I ordered Tiffany to stand up again… “between my legs, but facing away from me.”

As she obeyed my command, I squeezed my thighs, pinning her.

“Now Sarah and Goldie, Mommy wants you to rub each others’ panties all over Tiffany’s face because she’s been such a naught little girl.”

And as Sarah and Goldie rubbed the panties all over Tiffany’s face I snaked my arms around Tiffany’s body to tease her hard little buds of nipples, keeping her in a state of agitation.

“Okay, Tiff,” I said after a bit. “It’s past time for your spanking for being such a naughty little girl.”

“Oh, yummy, yummy!” She giggled as she tried to drape herself across my lap.

“Just a second,” I said, “I’ve got something special planned for you.” I scooted forward so that my ass was almost on the edge of the couch. This move hiked my skirt all the way up exposing my own wet panties totally.

“Goldie,” I ordered, “lay down on the floor with your butt between my feet and your legs in the air.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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