At the Water’s Edge Ch. 02

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In the first chapter, Nancy found his ad in the Personals section of her campus newspaper. His requirement was very specific:

“Serious older disciplinarian seeks college freshman for bladder control training and discipline. Must be Lolita type 18 or older. Should look 15 or 16 years old – a hint of ‘baby fat’ a plus…”

If you don’t remember Nancy, she had just started her freshman year at State University. She was a natural blonde and she had turned 18 three weeks before the start of the fall semester. But the turn-on for many men is that she looked much younger. The little darling was barely five feet tall and she was carded regularly every time she went out for drinks with her new college roommate. Maybe it was because she giggled a lot, or perhaps because she still had some of the plumpness of a 12 or 13 year old. Maybe if she exercised more, she could get rid of that little bit of the baby fat that turns some men on to girls of a certain age.

She met the man for breakfast, and while he was very sexy, he was also very strict. That was what she wanted, someone who was very strict. She didn’t want to, but he made her drink several very large glasses of Diet Coke with her breakfast. The last one was just soda, no ice, and she had to force herself to finish it. It seemed like it took half an hour for Nancy to finish the third soda, and then when she was finally finished, she asked very politely if she could be excused to go to the bathroom.

“No, you’ll just have to wait until we get home.”

Nancy started to squirm in her seat. After what seemed like an eternity, Denis ordered the check, and took his time paying for their breakfast. Nancy’s bladder was very full and she started to shred a napkin to take her mind off her discomfort.

“Sit still, and stop fidgeting,” Denis ordered.

“Please, Sir, I have to go.”

“Not until we get home!”

“I’m sure I can’t wait.”

“You’ll just have to learn to control yourself.”

Nancy was in agony. She guessed it would be at least a 10 or 15 minute drive to wherever he was planning to take her, and she knew she couldn’t hold it that long.

“Please, dear God, let me go to the bathroom here in the restaurant.”

“No, and be quiet about it. You’re getting to be very tedious.”

Nancy thought that at any moment she would lose control and wet herself right there. She squeezed her legs together and tried to make the pain go away. She would die of shame if it happened in the restaurant, sitting there in the booth. Finally Denis stood up and started for the door. Nancy followed, trying to control herself and walk fast at the same time.

Please, not here in the restaurant, she told herself with each step. They finally got to the car, and Denis intentionally fumbled with his car keys.

“Please, Sir, I can’t hold it any longer.”

He walked around to her side of the car. The little girl was starting to tremble.

“Please, don’t make me do this. Please don’t make me wet myself, please, not here, not like this, not in public…”

A tear started to form in the corner of one eye; it was all very touching. He could see the patch of darkness starting in the crotch of her cutoffs, as the little girl slowly lost control. And a moment later the pee started to run down her legs and form puddles on the parking lot ground.

Standing in the restaurant parking lot, Nancy trembled as the warm piss ran down both her legs. This was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her, something she had dreamed about for years. She was so aroused. What made it more exciting was that a couple standing close by saw it all happen.

The couple stared at her in disbelief – a pretty teenager peeing in her pants in a restaurant parking lot on a Saturday morning. If they weren’t looking, Nancy was sure she would have put her hand down the front bilecik seks hikayeleri of her cutoffs and fingered herself to an orgasm. G-d, she was so close. And what did her “father” tell them?

“She’s under a doctor’s care, the poor thing. It’s a mental condition. My daughter is only doing this to attract attention. If this keeps up, I’m sure the doctor will have to adjust her medication.”

None of this was true, but it didn’t matter. It was all part of their little game, and Nancy was sure it would evolve into something more complex over time.

“Please, Daddy, I’m sorry. Please take me home. I promise this will never happen again. Please, I don’t want to be here any more.”

Nancy was crying real tears as she begged to go home with him. So Denis reached over and wiped the tears from her eyes, and then opened the car door.

“Get in the back,” he ordered. “You can kneel on the floor, on the plastic bag. You’ve made enough of a mess already, and I don’t want you ruining the leather seats.”

Nancy was dejected and totally humiliated by what had just happened. At the same time she was totally aroused, ready to cum, wanting an orgasm so very badly.

“And keep your hands away from your cunt, you little slut. I don’t want you to cum until I decide you’re ready.”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied automatically.

The ride to Denis’s house only took 10 minutes. Kneeling on the floor with her head down, Nancy couldn’t really see where they were driving. And Denis managed to make enough turns in the first few blocks so that Nancy lost all sense of direction. Finally, he pulled into a driveway. The garage door was already up, and he closed it as soon as they were in the garage. He quickly opened the car door for Nancy.

“Get out of the car and follow me. First we need to get you out of your wet clothes, and then I need to punish you for that little exhibition back at the restaurant.”

“Please, it wasn’t may fault…” Nancy started to explain, but Denis slapped her across the face before she could finish the sentence.

“Next time you’ll have to work harder at public bladder control. If you don’t make any progress today, here at home, I’ll take you back to the same restaurant next Saturday and make you wear a diaper under your jeans, something big and bulky and very uncomfortable, because you can’t be trusted, and we can start your training all over again…”

Nancy had wondered what that would be like, diaper play. Lately she had started to fantasize that she was forced to wear a diaper in public, under her skirt or jeans. In the fantasy, she was always in a public place, usually at a party. She would lose control and wet herself, and then she would have to wear the wet diaper for at least an hour until “Daddy” took her home and changed her.

Sometimes, to increase her sense of humiliation, “Daddy” would make her lift her skirt to show everyone the diaper, and then mention casually that she would be spanked as soon as she got home. It only took a few flicks of her clit at that point to bring her to a thundering orgasm.

Nancy was staring to get frightened. She was at this stranger’s house and she didn’t have the faintest idea where she was or how to get home. Suddenly she could feel the anxiety in her bladder, the need to pee again.

“Please, Sir, I need to pee again.”

“You can’t pee here, in my garage, not now…”

“Please, Sir, it wasn’t may fault…” she started to say, and he slapped her across the face a second time. Nancy was shocked. No one had every slapped her face before.

Nancy didn’t want to be humiliated again in public, not like that. “Please, Sir, I’ll try my best. And I really do have to pee.”

“After I spank you, I’ll teach you how to pee standing up squatting over the bowl. Now follow me into the house.

Jeez, that would be so humiliating.

He led Nancy out of the garage and into the house, down a hall, and into a room she would become very familiar with over time. The entire floor was white tile, with drain holes in the floor in several locations. In one corner was a double stainless steel sink, and along the same wall a toilet. And Nancy turned red when she realized that whoever used the toilet to pee, or to do something even more private, could be observed by everyone in the room.

There was also a very large glass enclosed shower, big enough for three or four people. On the other side of the room there was a small antique work table with a thick wooden top and heavy cast iron legs, and an antique armoire. Later, Denis would tell her the table came from a sewing factory and the armoire was English, late 19th century .

There was also a kitchen table and two chairs, and a raised narrow bed with a white cast iron frame. The bed was already made up with a rubber sheet and a pillow in a rubber case. Later she would remember seeing the pole on the wheeled base, adjustable for height, used to hold the bottle of fluid for bladder discipline.

“Take off your jeans and throw them in the sink. You can wash them later, and if you behave I’ll let you dry them before I take you home.”

Nancy dawdled and Denis raised his hand to slap her again. Most of her sex had been in the back seat of cars, or basement family rooms with the lights turned off, and Nancy wasn’t used to undressing in a brightly lit room.

“Please, Sir. don’t hit me again, not on the face. I’m sorry I’m taking so long.”

The little girl started to push down the zipper, and then worked the pee drenched cut offs over her slim hips.

“In the sink, and then bend over the punishment table.”

While he was talking, Denis went to the armoire, and came back with a paddle. It was pained black, about 2 inches wide and almost 2 feet long.

Nancy tossed her cut offs in the sink, and then realized he was talking about the table with the cast iron legs, and she was about to get a spanking.

“Push down your tube top. I want to see your pretty little titties when I spank you. Since this is you first time, I won’t put clips or weights on your nipples.”

Nancy was even more terrified. Sometimes in bed, she would squeeze her nipples while she masturbated, but she had never been forced to wear nipple clips before. The tube top wasn’t very big. It just covered her little titties, and showed her belly to best advantage. Nancy pushed it down, and then got up on her toes to position herself across the table.

“Grab the front legs,” Denis ordered. “I don’t want you to fall on your ass while I’m spanking you.”

Then he started.

The first six or so were even across her ass, both cheeks. Then he steps to the left a little, so that the end of the paddle landed on her right ass cheek. Slowly, gradually, her ass turned pink, and then a bright shade of red.

“Please, Sir, don’t spank me so hard, please don’t mark me.”

Nancy wasn’t sure what she more afraid of right then, getting bruises on her ass or losing control and wetting herself for the second time. But all she could do was to ignore the pain of the spanking, and concentrate on controlling her increasingly troublesome bladder.

“Why shouldn’t I leave a nice bruise on your pretty little ass? It will be something you can take home with you today, a remembrance, something like a party favor?”

Denis continued to paddle the little girl’s tight little ass.

“Please, if my roommate sees any marks when we’re changing for bed at night she’ll ask all kinds of embarrassing questions.”

The older man was just starting to raise a nice purple welt on the little girl’s right ass cheek. And it was nice to know that his little girl liked to show off her hot little body to her college roommate.

“Then you’ll just have to tell her what happened. You’ll just have to tell her what a piss slut her new roommate is.

Nancy was totally crushed, totally defeated, totally humiliated by what Denis had just said, of the piss slut she was becoming. She had never thought about it before, but for as long as Nancy could remember, piss did turn her on.

As a child, when she played western games, she was always the rancher’s wife, captured by Indians and tied to a tree and then whipped or branded. And whenever she “played Doctor” with the older girls, she was always the patient, always the one to have her temperature taken “the old fashioned way” with pencil or a plastic straw, and once, very painfully, with the end of a candle pushed up her tight little butt. One girl always made her pee in a cup, and then hit her with a stick on the ass when she refused to drink the warm yellow liquid.

“Please, Sir, I’m sorry for what I did in the restaurant. And I will try harder to control my bladder, but please, let me pee, please…”

Denis gave her three more with paddle, lower down, very hard, on the backs of her legs. With some luck, she would still be a little red when she got home, and her roommate would want to know how she had spent the morning.

“That’s enough for now. Get up and stand over the toilet facing me. Put the seat up and put your hands in back of your neck, and then bed your knees a little. I want to see your pussy when you make a little fountain.

Nancy was very good at following orders, so she did exactly what she was instructed. She still wearing the yellow tube top, pushed down below her breasts, and she was very aroused, her nipples were very hard, from the spanking.

Nancy squatted over the toilet for a minute, in that obscene position, but nothing happened.

“I thought you had to pee?”

“Please, Sir. I’ve never peed before a grown man before.”

That was technically true. Nancy had been forced to pee many times in front of her little friends as a young child, and before going away to college, had recently taken to spying on her father while he was peeing.

“Do I need to put you over the table and spank you so more? Is that what you want?”

“Please, Sir, not that…”

“Then maybe this will help…”

Denis went to the utility sink and turned on the water. He adjusted it to a slow, steady stream, so that it sounded like someone pissing. Then he walked back and stood in front of the little girl for a moment. She was so pretty, standing in that position, with her hands clasped behind her neck, with her knees bent and her pussy open. Quickly he slid his finger into her tight little snatch. As expected, the little slut was wet, and he went in very easily.


“My little piss slut likes that?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And this?” As Denis pushed back the hood of her clitoris and started to tease the little pearl.


Then he lowed his finger and started to tease Nancy’s little piss hole.

“Time to make a fountain, my sweet.”

Nancy couldn’t hold back any longer. She let go, and her warm piss flowed into the cup of his hand. Then he directed the flow first against the inside of one thigh, and then the other.

This was too exciting. Nancy had drunk almost a gallon of soda at the restaurant, and even with her mistake in the parking lot, she still had a lot of pee in her. Then Denis did something unexpected. He put one of his wet fingers back into her tight little pussy, as he pressed his thumb against her stiff little clit. Slowly he fucked the little girl with his finger, at the same time moving his thumb in a tight little circle.

Her pussy burned from the piss, and her clit was on fire. The trembling stared in her legs and sensing what was happening, Denis reached up and squeezed her little nipple with his left hand.

“Ahh, dear Jesus, I’m…” The orgasm overtook her and Nancy never finished the sentence.

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