Audrey , Priscilla

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Asa Akira

All she could focus on was running, running away, nothing else, which of course meant she’d get lost eventually. It was more freezing than she thought she could bear. She couldn’t stop shivering and her teeth were clacking. She started to run faster to warm herself up more effectively and tripped on a big root. She twisted her ankle so badly; she couldn’t force herself to keep going. She lay down and tucked her head and hands into her lap.

Trudging through the snow, Francis was tired of looking for the damned wolf just so it would stop eating his stupid sheep but if he didn’t do it now, the wolf would take advantage and kill as many as possible, which was just not what he needed. He spotted a still figure far off in the distance and ran toward it almost positive it was the wolf but didn’t ambush just in case. As he neared closer to the figure, he realized it was a young girl deep in slumber and her lips were blue. He reacted quickly, scooped her up, removed her cloths, and held her against his bare chest under his jacket. It was a few miles to his cabin and she could freeze to death if he didn’t act now. Her skin felt very cold against his. He ran the two miles because he was in extremely good shape and used to carrying animals he killed for food.

When they arrived at his cabin, Francis laid her down in front of the fireplace, which was already lit and put his coat over her body. She was still asleep, which worried him because she was bouncing around against him while he was running to the cabin. That should have woken her. He made some hot tea hoping the aroma would wake her and he was right. He came over to her with the tea and still lying down, she gratefully took it. He realized for the first time that she was incredibly beautiful.

“What is your name?” she asked.

“I am Francis… and you?”

“Audrey. I think I hurt my ankle. That’s how I ended up on the ground.” She blushed.

“Why were you out in the forest in the first place?”

“I was going for a jog.”

“In sub freezing temperatures?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Do you live here?”


“Oh me and my family were renting a place somewhere around here. So are you Amish or what?”

“No I gladly use whatever’s available.” He replied. He was starting to get impatient and a little suspicious.

“Why don’t you live out in civilization?”

“How’s ‘I don’t want to talk about it’?”


“I should call your parents or at least report your presence to the police.”

He walked toward the telephone and Audrey jumped up forgetting about her broken ankle yelling “No! Please don’t!” She fell onto the ground moaning loudly in pain. Her body was now exposed.

“Why am I naked?” she exclaimed, grabbing for the jacket.

“I removed your cloths because it’s the most efficient way to transfer body heat and you needed it to survive and you seem to be healthy enough to be a bitch now so your welcome.” He explained, annoyed.

She felt bad and apologized.

“It’s okay.” He lifted her up. She was getting cold again from being away from the fire. He felt her shivering subside against his warm body. He laid her down in front of the fireplace again.

“Now we need to do something about this ankle maybe some ice…”

“No!” she exclaimed three times.

“Why do you have to be so stubborn?”

“I’m too cold. The last thing I need is ice!”

“You’re still cold? You’ve been in front of the fire for five minutes now.”

“It’s not doing much and it’s almost out. Is there anymore wood?”

“That was the last of it I’m afraid.” He looked at the pathetic girl shivering and in pain from her ankle.”

“Maybe a hot bath would be good for you.” He suggested.

She smiled with her eyes closed and moaned pleasurably.

“Yes please!”

He drew a bath and carried her to it. She held on tight to his neck as he removed the jacket off her back. Normally she wouldn’t let a strange man see her let alone hold her when she was naked but she was too excited about the bath to care. She had goose bumps everywhere and her nipples were hard as rocks. Francis couldn’t help but stare at her luscious, curvaceous body as he lowered her into the steaming bath.

“So…I’m going to get ready for bed just tell me when you’re ready to get out. Okay?”

“Okay.” She smiled and relaxed and lowered herself even more.

Francis went to his bedroom and after he changed into his pajamas, he tried to masturbate his lust away bit the lust remained even more than before. He got an extra pair for Audrey since her cloths were wet and filthy. He flossed and brushed his teeth and got into bed to at least warm it up.

“Francis! I’m ready!”

He picked her up, leaned her against the wall and wrapped a towel around her. She started to fall but he caught her in time. He carried her to his bedroom and laid her down on the bed.

“I don’t think I’ll be needing the pajamas. Remember? You said the best way to transfer body heat didn’t involve cloths?”

“I Kadıköy Escort remember but I didn’t think you’d be comfortable with it.” He said defensively.

“Well I’m not but my body temperature is important to me too. Please hurry I’m freezing!”

He quickly removed all of his cloths and she couldn’t help but drop her jaw and gasp at his size. He was also very hairy and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that. She was so used to the clean-cut guys she dated back home. This man was the complete opposite. He was somewhere in his twenties or thirties and just more…full grown… than she was used to.

He got into bed and hesitantly snuggled up against her. He felt her shivering go away almost immediately. She fell asleep rather quickly while he had a hard time. He hadn’t been with a woman since he came here running away from what was haunting him. Her soft but firm, plump body was driving him insane. He couldn’t help but lightly run his fingers along her perfect smooth cheek and let his hand wander down over her delicious curves under the blanket.

The next morning Francis rose to the sound of moaning coming from Audrey. He looked at her to see what was wrong and realized she was having a nightmare. He shook her until she woke up still unsure of where she was, thinking she was still dreaming, she relaxed with the recognition of Francis’s deep, gravely voice. She breathed a sigh of relief and let him pull her into his arms.

“Oh I’m so glad it’s you.” She said without thinking her face level with his chest.

He looked down at her pleasantly surprised. He brushed her cheek with his huge rough hand with his thumb on her lower lip. She felt tingles all over and drew in a quick breath. She felt nervous and pushed him away, which didn’t work physically but still got the point across.

“What are you doing!”? She demanded. Angry that she found it difficult to resist the touch of this uncivilized, grueling, burly man, she tried to get out of bed, forgetting that her ankle was broken. Francis remembered and held her still. She was sobbing partly due to the pain and partly due to the confusion in her head.

“I’m so sorry for pushing you and screaming at you. I don’t know what’s wrong with me right now!” She continued to sob.

“It’s okay. You’ve been through a lot. I just really wish I knew what was troubling you. I want to help.” He reached his arm out to comfort her but then pulled it back figuring she would get worked up again.

Francis was having a difficult time with Audrey. Ever since he saw her, he’d been having offensive, disgusting thoughts and was doing everything in his power to be a gentleman. He wished so badly that he could read her mind.

He left her at home that day to find that wolf that was eating his sheep. He searched for a while and finally found it across the stream. He strangled it and walked home with it around his shoulders. By that time, it was nightfall. He heard Priscilla’s screams and started sprinting.

When he entered the bedroom, he saw two men on the bed; one holding down Priscilla’s arms and the other sitting on her thighs with his hand on her mouth. Francis could see her struggling and immediately yanked both of the men off of her at the same time. He took them into the other room so Priscilla wouldn’t have to see. He threw one across the room, broke the neck of the one he was holding, then walked over to the other and broke his neck. They both lay there dead.

Priscilla-who was still clothed-sat in astonishment. She was speechless. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. This man had just killed two men with his bare hands in ten seconds flat. She could hear the bones breaking.

Francis slowly walked back into the bedroom to find the beautiful trembling Audrey. She was so afraid. She was now sitting up in the bed and staring at Francis in shock and fear.

“Don’t be afraid of me, please. I did what I had to.”

“Well I thank you but how can you expect me not to be afraid of you now? After what you just did, I don’t even know you that well. I don’t know what’s going on in your head.”

“You sure do like to be in control, don’t you?” He asked.

She glared at him and looked away turning red, thinking about the lack of control she had over her body, which she absolutely hated but that was beside the point. She just had the most horrifying experience of her life. She was sure those men were going to kill her or at least hurt her but for some reason, she was still pre occupied with something else.

That day before she was attacked, she was looking around the cabin and found a bunch of papers in a file drawer in the study. They looked like codes with writing all around them that she didn’t understand.

“Are you working for the military or something? Because I came across some papers today in your study.” She was looking down but snuck a nervous look up at him.

“That’s cute. You ‘came across’ them as if you weren’t looking for anything.”

“I was bored okay? Anyway, I Kadıköy Escort Bayan want to make sure the person I’m staying with isn’t a freak and now I’m not so sure.”

“We really don’t need to talk about this okay? You should get some rest.”

She looked at him incredulously.

“So that’s why you’re hiding out here! You’re a military spy! So are you a genius or what?”

“Certifiably yes.”


She was not as popular as one would guess by looking at her. There is such thing as too beautiful. It’s called intimidating. To make friends, she always had to initiate because people were afraid to talk to her but once she initiated, it was okay. The truth was she preferred to be alone sometimes. Not all the time but the second she hinted at losing interest in someone, they completely gave up probably because of the potential embarrassment. It’s not that easy pretending to be consistently friendly when you have a secret.

She wasn’t doing anything horrible. It was just something she preferred to keep a secret.

She lived in Oregon all her life. She lived in a small town called Fort Worth. Her house was near a huge forest. When Priscilla needed to escape from her family, which was often, she would go walk in the forest, sometimes jog or run. On rainy days, she resorted to the public library, which was also often.

One fateful day, her parents found condoms in the big trashcans outside. She purposefully put them there so they wouldn’t be discovered but they were found because her dad had been searching for them for hours. He suspected she was having sex because she was glowing more than usual and seemed like she was hiding something.

The guy was no one special. He was the bank teller who happened to be young and good looking. Priscilla knew no high school boy could give her what she wanted so she sought after Rick the bank teller. Of course it didn’t take long to get him once she made it obvious. They usually had sex at his place but this one time, they did it in her car so when she got home, and she threw the condom in the big trashcan so it wouldn’t be discovered in her car. That stuff doesn’t fly with her parents.

When her dad found the condom, she thought quickly and ran outside, knowing he wouldn’t beat her in front of the neighbors. She didn’t care if her neighbors heard the yelling. This was for her personal safety. He screamed at her for about one minute and then told her to come inside. She refused.

“I’ll scream!”

“No one will care especially if they know what you did.”

He started pulling her inside. She started screaming. He didn’t stop what he was doing so she did the inevitable.

He screamed with pain and rage combined crouching down covering his crotch.

Priscilla ran like the wind to the forest. She didn’t stop running until she was deep in the thick forest. She lay down and cried trying to figure out what to do. What was she supposed to do? She just kicked her dad in the balls. How could she ever face him again?

It became late and she eventually fell asleep using a dirt pile as a pillow, which actually wasn’t that bad. Because she forced herself to stop thinking about reality, she got a full night’s sleep. She awoke to the sound of birds singing in the trees. She realized she really liked waking up that way. It felt so natural.

She stood up and stretched.


Priscilla turned abruptly to see a girl who looked about her age and just as beautiful in her own way. She was Asian but she wasn’t sure from which country. After a few facial contortions, Priscilla finally managed a hello back.

“What are you doing here?” Priscilla asked.

“I needed to be alone.” She spoke with a strong accent.

“Me too. I haven’t seen you around town. Where are you from?”

“I’m from Los Angeles. I’m here visiting a friend.”

“Oh I live here but I would love more than anything not to. That would be cool if I could go back with you.”

“Are you interested in modeling? Because that’s what I do.”

“Yeah! That would be so fun!”

“It is very fun but it can get hard. People are all over you. You do have a lot of alone time but when you’re doing your job and making appearances, that’s when people are all over you.”

“That’s actually kind of perfect. I like to be alone but I also like a lot of attention not both at the same time of course!” Priscilla was kind of nervous. This girl was so beautiful. She wasn’t more beautiful than Priscilla but still, she wasn’t used to other people being as beautiful as she was.

“Well I know for a fact that my agent will take you on. You have so much potential! You could be big. Would you be doing this for the fame or the money?”

“I just want the whole experience, which I guess includes fame and money. It’s like a whole other world. That’s why it attracts me.”

“What is your name?”


“I’m Sun. Yes it’s my real name. I’m Korean.”

“You’re gorgeous!”

“Yes even as a Escort Kadıköy gorgeous as you, I think. Come on.”

Sun grabbed her hand and led her across the forest the opposite way Priscilla came.

On the way to Sun’s friends house, Priscilla told her why she ran away from her house.

“That’s terrible but I can relate. My family back in Korea is very religious. I did run away to a friend’s house still in Korea. I was sixteen. I was at the farmer’s market one day and was approached by an American Model scout. I was so happy. I knew it was my chance to go to America. I had been taking English since I started school so I could communicate with her somewhat easily. She asked me how old I was. I knew that would involve my parents so I lied and told her I was eighteen. She believed me I think just because she wanted to. She knew she wouldn’t find another girl like me. I left my friend a brief note telling her not to worry about me, packed a bag, and flew to America with the scout, whose name was Natasha. I still see her occasionally but she’s not my agent. My agent is Bruce. They are completely different jobs. One is looking for the model. One is looking for jobs for the model. The first is harder than you think. Many people surprisingly say no to modeling. I guess when someone already has their life planned out, they’re afraid to do anything that would change it, even if it were amazing. I was the opposite of that. I had no idea what I was going to do a week from that day. I was still looking for my identity. Have you ever thought about modeling before now?”

“Yes I have. At school, no one talks to me. They’re so afraid of me. It’s miserable. I thought to myself, these looks aren’t doing me any good. I have no friends. I’m not happy. I should do something productive. Living in Oregon though with little money, I just didn’t know where to get started. I couldn’t afford to fly to L.A. I knew I could just ask a man at the airport who was going to L.A. to buy me a ticket, he probably would if he thought he would get something out of it but I didn’t want to go that far. It’s also dangerous to do something like that even if you didn’t have sex with him. He might track you down. You don’t know. Basically there was no safe and affordable way for me to get to L.A.”

“Well you could make a profile on the internet. That always costs money too though. Mmmh.”

“Well of course I want you to go with me but I wasn’t planning on leaving for another three days but it’s okay. When we get to my friend’s place, I’ll call Bruce and ask him what he thinks. Okay?”

“Okay. I can live with that.”

When they arrived at the house, an attractive but burly young man was sitting on the porch. He looked like he was waiting for Sun. When he saw Priscilla, he was stunned and it showed on his face. Sun and Priscilla laughed quietly to each other.

“You had me so worried Sun! Hi I’m Stan. Priscilla? Hi. Nice to meet you.”

“Let’s just focus on the task at hand and call Bruce. Stan, Priscilla is interested in modeling so we’re going to call Bruce and send him a picture. Okay? We can talk about our differences later.”

Stan just grimaced and stayed seated on the porch.

The house wasn’t anything special. She sat on the couch, while Sun got her camera phone.

“Okay I want to call him in front of you just incase he wants to talk to you but he probably won’t. He mostly cares about looks.”

“Okay cool” Priscilla found herself becoming extremely nervous. Her palms were sweating and her heart was beating quite fast.

“Bruce? Hi! I have a new model! I know that’s not my job but you will hate to have missed this girl! Okay hold on. Priscilla pose!”

She gave a sweet shy smile.

“That’s too shy! You know how to be sexy come on!”

She gave the same look but with a look of seduction snuck in there.

“That’s better! Bruce what do you think? I knew it! Today? Well I guess that’s okay.” She looked a little sad but immediately the emotion turned to happiness. She hung up.

“I’m good!”

“Thank you so much Sun!”

“Thank you for being gorgeous! Okay we’re going to leave for the airport in three hours! Bruce already arranged the flight! What do you think? Are you ready?”

“More than I will ever be.”

“Well I need to tell Stan. He’ll be so upset. I only got here two days ago…”

“Well you don’t have to go. I could just go by myself for a few days. That’s fine. You should be with your friend.”

“Don’t you need some moral support?”

“Well yeah it would be nice but maybe not having it for the first few days will make me tougher! It’s only a few days. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay I’ll call Bruce back and see what he thinks.”

“Bruce is it okay if just Priscilla comes? I want to stay here for a few more days like planned and you don’t really need me right? Well besides for moral support? Just hook her up with Angelina. I’ll be there on Wednesday. Okay bye hon. Don’t worry I will…”

“Alright Priscilla, you will go alone. Of course Stan and I will take you to the airport and see you off yeah? Angelina who is also a model will be there for you in L.A. along with Bruce. Is that okay?”

“Yeah! I’ll miss you though. I can’t believe after knowing you for an hour, you’re the best friend I’ve ever had. I’m sorry if that’s dramatic but it’s true.”

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