Aunt Jane

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My wife and I occasionally see my Aunt Jane. She has been a widow for several years and lives in an apartment by herself. We think she is a very nice lady and always thoughtful to do something for others. When I was a little boy and my parents and I stopped in to visit her, she would pat me on top of my head and give me a cookie. Now, on occasions while I’m on my way home from work, I stop in to see if I can do anything for her.

Friday evening while I was out running errands, I stopped by to see aunt Jane. After saying hello and a few words, I was ready to leave. She said for me to sit down as she wanted to talk. She asked me if I thought she was attractive. As long as I’ve known her, I always thought she was neat and clean, her hair was always dyed blond and looked very nice for her age. I didn’t know what to say except I wanted to complement her.

I told her, “You look so nice I think any man would be happy to ask you out.” She said she hadn’t had a date in a long time and there weren’t many datable men her age available. She told me she was getting on in years and knew time was getting short for her. She wished to experience sex again while she was still attractive to men. She said, “I’ve known you all your life. I used to change your diapers sometimes, and I knew your little penis would grow to be big and make women happy. I know you are much younger than I am and you are related to me. You are married, but I wish and hope you would like to have sex with me.”

That astounded me, I didn’t know what to say. I thought, Aunt Jane does look attractive for an older lady, and maybe I can give her the enjoyment of sex again in her life. But what about my wife? This lady who just asked if I would have sex with her is my blood related Aunt. Several thoughts were running through my mind. I doubt that my wife would understand if I told her I wanted to give my older relative the joy of sex again. I was about to answer her to say that it would be an honor for me to have sex with her.

Aunt Jane interrupted my thoughts and said, “Guess this comes as a surprise to you and if I have overstepped the bounds of our relationship, please accept my apology.” I responded, “It would be a big thrill for me to have sex with you. Are you suggesting right now or at some later time?” She asked if I could get away from home tomorrow afternoon. I said I would think of something to get out of my house. She commented, “I’m looking forward to your return. I would really like to have sex in my life again before I get too old to have sex for whatever reason”

Saturday afternoon I told my wife I needed to go to the hardware store and run a couple of other errands. When Aunt Jane answered the door of her apartment, she was dressed in a mini skirt, her hair looked as if she had just come from the beauty parlor, and I got a whiff of her perfume. For being a lady much older than myself, she looked pretty and sexy. We were sipping our drinks while we were sitting in her living room in separate chairs facing each other. Her mini dress had moved up high on her legs. She uncrossed her legs and I could see up her dress. She was not wearing panties. We continued sipping our drinks while making small talk. I didn’t know when I should make a move on her. I didn’t have to worry about that because when our drinks were finished, she got up, took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

I faced Aunt Jane, put my arms around her waist and moved my hands down to her ass. She wiggled up to me and planted a light kiss on my lips. I didn’t know if I should give her a sexy open mouth kiss or what I should do. I had never thought of having a sexy kiss with an older lady. My hands gripped her dress to slide it up so I could place my hands on her bare ass. Aunt Jane had a nice body, not too fat or too slim. Her bare ass checks felt good in my hands. I then lifted her dress up over her head and unsnapped her bra allowing her breasts to be released. I was surprised as I looked at her nakedness to notice her breasts did not sag and were nice and firm. I quickly undressed with her help.

As we laid down on the bed I nibbled on Aunt Jane’s delicious nipples. I could smell her perfume and decided I was a lucky guy to get to fuck this nice lady. I kissed her stomach while moving on down. I kissed the inside of her thighs to tease her before kissing her pussy. She pulled my head up to her pussy as if she could not wait. I let my tongue slide up and down my aunt’s pussy lips and then sucked on her clit. This was driving her wild. She told me she had forgotten how exciting sex could be. She was very wet. She was bucking up to my mouth and soon had an orgasm.

When Aunt Jane’s body subsided, she suggested I lie on my back and she would sit on top of me. Before impaling herself on my cock, she sat on my legs and jacked my cock. Aunt Jane seemed fascinated with looking at my cock. She commented, “This is a nice big one and it sure is hard. I haven’t seen or held one in a long time. While my husband was ensest porno still living, his never did get this big or hard. I’m so glad you came over to see me today.”

After saying that, Aunt Jane raised up and impaled herself on my cock. She was moving all around and up and down on me. I was really getting hot and about ready to cum. She leaned over to kiss me. I immediately held her face. Our lips opened and our tongues were searching for sexual bliss. Aunt Jane’s kiss was just as sexy as kissing a much younger girl. She broke the kiss to raise back up so she could move up and down on my cock. I exploded in her pussy as she gasped and had a violent orgasm.

Aunt Jane continued to sit on me as my cock was becoming small and was swimming in her cum filled pussy. I said we should get up because I must go home before my wife suspects something. She told me she really enjoyed the time we spent together and hoped I could come back to see her soon.

I arrived home to greet my wife with a kiss. She sniffed and said, “I smell perfume, where did you get it?” I knew I had been had, should I tell her? I told her not to get mad because I did love her. I then I told her about my affair this afternoon with Aunt Jane. I said I felt sorry for her and wanted to make her happy. She didn’t have a man and had no sex life. I commented that we had done little errands and jobs for her during the past years and I thought I was just being nice to her. My wife looked a little mad, but then smiled and said she had a confession, too.

My wife looked directly at me and said, “I never did tell you before, but now I must. My brother, Tony, and I experimented with sex when we were back in high school. We didn’t just jump in bed all of a sudden, but over a period of time, we started playing around with each other at home or when we had sufficient privacy. We went through the process of saying, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Over the months this progressed to where I would suck him off and he would suck my clit whenever we had plenty of privacy. I was afraid to go any further because I didn’t want a baby. About the time I was a High School Senior, he obtained a pack of condoms, so we had to try them out. I didn’t see him much after he graduated from High School. That ended our sexual relationship. Now that he was recently divorced, he has been hitting on me again. I told him it was not right for me to have sex with him because I’m now married and have a husband I love very much.”

My wife continued, “Today, just after you left, I took a shower. As I was stepping out of the shower, the door bell rang? I quickly put on my robe to answer the door. Guess who it was? My brother, Tony! When he came in he said I looked so very pretty and sexy in my robe. One thing led to another and soon we were kissing. He peeled back the robe from my shoulders and I let it fall to the floor. He didn’t wait to go to the bedroom, but took me right here on the couch. His cock felt so good and I soon had an orgasm. His cock was buried in me when he shot his load. I hope my birth control pills are effective because he did not use a condom. It all happened so fast I can hardly believe I let him fuck me. But he did and I enjoyed it.”

There it was out in the open between us, my wife had fucked her brother while I was with Aunt Jane. Guess we both are open minded about sex and it was alright with me. I told her I was going back sometime to give Aunt Jane another thrill. She agreed, but I had to agree for her to invite her brother back again. He is divorced and she felt sorry for him that he does not have a mate for sex. If Aunt Jane needs sex so does her brother. She said his cock was about the same size as mine, but he used it different and she really enjoyed having sex with him.

My wife said, “You are my husband and I love you very much, but I feel obligated to have sex with my brother since he doesn’t have a wife or girl friend”.

I called Aunt Jane to make a date with her on Sunday afternoon. She said she would be ready for me as she would be home by herself. My wife called her brother to see if he wanted to come over. He quickly agreed he would be at our house at one o’clock. She told him I would probably be here for a little while before leaving them alone. She informed him that I knew about their affair and it was alright with me.

Evidently my brother-in-law, Tony, was anxious to be with my wife because he arrived a little before one o’clock. As he walked in, he looked up and down her body as if he was undressing her. He acted as if he could hardly wait to actually do it. He gave her a pretty bouquet of flowers and said, “To a beautiful girl and a very sexy girl”. She threw her arms around his neck, and gave him a long sexy kiss. I felt a little pang of jealousy as I hadn’t given her flowers since her last birthday. My cock was getting hard just watching them.

Tony said to me, “I’m glad to know this is alright with you. I’ve escort porno had the hots for my sister for a very long time, even before I was divorced. I’ve always wanted to see her naked again and have sex with her. I can hardly wait to get in bed with her now.”

With that my wife took her brother’s hand and led him to the master bedroom. I followed and said, “I’m going to be here for a few minutes before I leave.” Tony quickly undressed and then helped my wife undress. She laid back on the bed and lifted up her ass while he pulled her jeans down her legs to remove them. He removed her shirt and bra leaving her dressed in only her panties.

I watched as my wife again laid back on the bed, lifted up her ass allowing her brother to slide her panties down her legs. Then he smelled of her panties and handed them to me as if they were a trophy he had won. I watched as he immediately began to eat her pussy. She wiggled her butt, smiled at me and gave me a wink. My cock was about to burst out of my jeans watching them.

She motioned for him to come on up to fuck her. Their lips locked in a kiss while she aimed his cock at her pussy. She pulled her legs back up high allowing him to penetrate her to the fullest. I watched his cock go back and forth in her. My cock was jumping and felt as if I could just about shoot a load in my pants. Their kiss was so sexy it looked as if they were trying to devour each other.

I didn’t know if I should join them or leave. My wife broke the kiss long enough to look at me to say, “You should go on over to see Aunt Jane. Take your time over there because I’m going to enjoy sex with Tony all afternoon.” I leaned over to give my wife a goodbye kiss while her brother was still moving his cock back and forth in her. Tony said to me, “You are a real buddy to let me fuck your beautiful sexy wife like this”. I continued to watch them as I slowly walked out of the bedroom. As I started out the door, I heard Tony moaning as if he was cumming. I looked back to see his body stiffen as he pounded her pussy. I knew he was shooting a load in my pretty wife. I reluctantly left to go see Aunt Jane.

Aunt Jane greeted me at the door with a kiss. Again, I could smell her perfume and she looked very nice. She handed me a drink as we sat side by side on the couch. We made small talk for a little while, then the conservation turned to sex. She thanked me for coming over yesterday to fulfil her longing for sex after a long dry period. She felt like a woman again. This time she wanted to try different positions.

When our drinks were finished, we went into the bedroom. She was wearing only a dress which I quickly moved up over her head. I shed my clothes and got on the bed with her. She said, “Yesterday, I didn’t have a chance to take your cock in my mouth. Today I want to look at your cock, feel your cock with my hands, and take it in my mouth. I haven’t had the pleasure of having a cock in my hand and mouth in a long time.” I suggested we move into a six nine position so I could kiss her pussy, too. It was very light in the bedroom for me to see her pussy because the sun was shining through the window.

Aunt Jane commented again about her desire to see my cock, handle it and to love it with her mouth. She would deep throat me, then take it out to look at it and jack me a little, then back into her mouth again. She was playing with my cock as if this was the last time she would ever see one again. I was really getting sexually worked up as I was licking and sucking her clit at the same time. I couldn’t hold back and cum in her mouth. While I was continuing to cum, Aunt Jane kept working her mouth up and down on me. I couldn’t tell if she swallowed all of it, but I knew she had some tissues handy to clean up.

While we were resting, I wondered what Tony and my wife were doing right now. I’m sure he was fucking her. Thinking about my wife being fucked by her brother caused my cock to harden again. Aunt Jane and I rolled over together with me on top. I started putting the head of my cock in her. She pulled her legs up allowing me to fully penetrate her pussy. I fucked her slow for awhile, then she wanted me to fuck her faster and hard. This bought the expected response of an orgasm for her. I yelled that I was cumming and emptied a load in her. I laid on top of her for awhile making small movements until my cock felt as if it would fall out. She grabbed some tissue to catch my cum as I pulled out.

We went into the kitchen to make another drink. I decided to call my wife to see if her brother was still there. When she answered the phone, she was slurring her words. I ask what she was doing. She answered, “Tony and I just came out of the bedroom for another drink” I asked her how many drinks did they have. She responded, “Several”

Then I heard a squeal and asked her what was going on. She said, “We’re here naked in the kitchen and Tony just goosed me in the ass. Now he has a finger in gizli çekim porno my pussy. Oh, Oh. Hold the phone” After a minute or so, she came back on the phone and said, “Some of Tony’s cum was dripping out of me on to the kitchen floor. I’m now down on my knees wiping it up. Oh, Oh, Tony is now down on his knees behind me.”

I listened as she continued, “Tony, you’re trying to get it in the wrong hole, aim it a little lower for the other hole, the one with hair around it. Now you’ve found the right spot, go ahead, give it to me” She spoke to me again, “We are on the kitchen floor where he just shoved his cock in me.”

My wife was still slurring her words I was hoping she wouldn’t be too drunk because I wanted to fuck her when I got home. I then heard her say, “Tony, this kitchen floor is too hard on our knees, lets get up and go to the bedroom. Tony, say something to my husband”. I heard him in the background say, “Hi, ol’ buddy, your wife is so very sexy. Man oh man, she sure can fuck. I think she could fuck my brains out and still keep going. You are a real buddy, I mean a really good buddy to let me fuck my sister all afternoon”. He was slurring his words and I knew he was fairly drunk from the way he talked. She cut in to say, “If you are still on the phone, I’m going to let Tony fuck me until I wear him down and he can’t get another hard on.” Then she hung up. Listening to that conversation gave me a very big hard on.

While that conversation was going on with my wife, Aunt Jane and I were naked sitting on the couch with our drink She continued to fondling and look at my cock as if she hadn’t seen one before. I asked what position would she like to have sex with me now. She would like it doggie style as we haven’t done it that way yet.

Aunt Jane stood up facing the back of the couch, then got on the couch on her knees. I stood behind her and was the right height to enter my cock in her juicy pussy. I started back and forth movements allowing my cock to come nearly all the way out and then plunge in again. She held herself steady with one hand on the back of the couch leaving the other hand to rub her clit. I was not pounding her hard so she could steady herself. Since I had already cum twice with her this afternoon, I could easily hold my next climax.

In a little while, Aunt Jane had an orgasm. Then she put both hands on the back of the couch so I could really bang her. I fucked her fast and hard for awhile and then slowed down. I told her I wasn’t ready to cum as yet and if she didn’t mind, I would keep fucking her. She said she liked the feel of my cock in her and wanted me to fuck her like this for as long as I wanted. I looked down to watch my cock go slowly back and forth in her pussy. I could see her ass just above my cock. I thought about pulling out and sticking it in her ass. I didn’t know if she would like that. I began to think I wasn’t going to cum again. For an older lady, she really liked sex.

I kept watching my cock go back and forth in Aunt Jane’s pussy. I began to think of my wife and her brother. What if he is fucking her right now just like I’m fucking Aunt Jane? I began to visualize this pussy in front of me was my wife’s pussy and my cock was Tony’s cock. My mind concentrated on watching Tony fuck my wife. This brought me to the brink of a climax. I yelled that I was cumming and emptied my load in her.

I kissed Aunt Jane goodby after agreeing to meet again soon. I was anxious to go home to see if Tony was still there. I wanted to fuck my wife after he had been with her all afternoon.

I saw Tony’s car in my driveway and was wonder if I would see them in the bedroom. I walked in to see them sitting naked together on the couch with another drink in their hands. They acted rather giddy as they greeted me and I knew they were very drunk. I noticed there was a thick bath towel on the couch where they were sitting. Evidently my wife knew she would be leaking her brother’s cum and didn’t want to soil our couch. Smart gal! My wife was slurring her words and said, “We had a good time, didn’t we lover?” I told them I thought she ought to go to bed. Tony struggled to his feet and with both of us assisting my wife, we walked her to the bedroom. We poured her in the bed and covered her a little. She was out like a light.

I told Tony he was in no shape to drive home, but I would drive him home and he could get his car later.

While on the way to his apartment, Tony became very talkative and slurred his words. He said, ” I really love fucking my sister, I mean really. She is an extra good fuck, some of the best I ever had. You’re lucky to have her as a fucking good wife. Oh, let me tell you, she can really suck a cock.”

I asked him how may times my wife sucked him. “Oh, let me think, she sucked me dry two times if I remember correctly. Man, she really knows how to suck a dick.”

I asked him why they drank so much. “Oh man, she wanted to get real wild, extra wild I think was the words she used. She wanted me to fuck her in all different of positions. She even thought about letting me fuck her in the ass. I was able to get the head of my cock started, but she yelled for me to stop. She thought she could take it being drunk and relaxed, but decided my cock was too large and it hurt.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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