Aunt June Ch. 07

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We lay there for several minutes in the afterglow of making love. Yeah, it was lovemaking, not raunchy sex or outright hard fucking. Maybe someday, but that would take time. Mom was so fucking tight that her slow strokes had brought me to a climax and my orgasm had triggered her own. She lay on my chest, my dick still in her pussy, slowly shrinking, allowing our fluids to seep out. Her tits pressed into my chest and her head was on my shoulder; I could feel her breath on my skin. I have never felt so alive in my entire life. This woman, this wonderful, sweet and beautiful woman, who had given me life, nurtured me and cared for me had now made love to me. And I had given her a release, an escape from the hunger she had felt for so long. A need neglected and ignored. But no longer.

“How do you feel baby?” she asked me.

“I feel fucking fantastic Mom.” I said. “How about you?”

“Oh sweetheart,” she purred. “You don’t know how badly I needed that, needed you. I am so happy right now.”

I caressed her shoulders, back and ass. I could feel my cock slipping from her pussy and the wetness that followed. “Mom, I have always loved you, and always wanted to make you happy.” I said. “And I’m a smart guy, but right now… I just can’t find the right words to describe just how wonderful I feel.”

Mom smiled and kissed me, long and deep. Then looking into my eyes she said, “I feel the same way Tommy. I have crossed a line into what was forbidden territory and instead of feeling guilt or shame, I feel happy and content and excited and young again, and yes even naughty and daring and dangerous. I never thought that I could love you more than I did, but now, now, somehow… I do.”

We heard the music change from the romantic smooth instrumentals to a more up tempo modern jazz. The patio door opened and Aunt June came out to join us. Still naked, she had a goblet and poured herself a drink and stood there admiring us and smiling.

“You guys are just adorable!” she said finally. She came over and bent to kiss us each. Looking at Mom she asked, “Well Faye, how was it?”

Mom smirked and replied “How the fuck do you think it was? Didn’t you hear me scream?”

“Oh Faye! I think half of the county could hear you scream!” she said. “In fact the Taylors called to see if everything was okay.”

“Oh fuck!” Mom said for they were our nearest neighbors and lived a quarter of a mile away. Our privacy was ensured however by the thickly wooded countryside.

“I said it was a mountain lion and they believed me… I think.” Aunt June giggled. She sipped her drink and sat it down. “Now you two, we need to get a little more serious. Faye get up and lay on the other chaise. I need to check you out, make sure that you’re not bleeding.”

This spooked me but apparently Mom was unimpressed. “I’m fine June, really. I think I would know if I was bleeding.” Nevertheless she did as her sister asked.

“Wow!” Aunt June commented,” you still have cum seeping out of you!” She used a small penlight and a tissue to check for traces of blood in the fluid, and then gently probed Mom’s vagina for blood or pain which might indicate a tearing injury. Finally she pronounced the all clear.

I had finally realized how much fluid there was on the chaise and flipped the cushion over. Aunt June came and sat with me.

“Tommy, I know this is going to sound really crazy, but hell, the last twenty-four hours have been a fuckin’ circus. Any way, I love you, and I love Faye, and I am truly happy that you two were able to make love tonight.” She paused to sip her drink. “But in order for her to take you as comfortably as I did, she is going to need to stretch her vagina, and the way to do that is for the two of you to have sex every day. Slow, careful and well lubed sex.”

Mom and I looked at each other and laughed. “Yeah, I think we can manage that.” she said.

“So, Tommy,” Aunt June continued, “When you guys screw, be gentle with her for several days. She will stretch for you but it will take time. Maybe a week, maybe more. When you need to really fuck good and hard, well you have my pussy to pound.” she grinned and kissed me.

Wow, how the fuck did this happen? I not only get to fuck Aunt June, the sexiest woman I knew of, but my Mom too? And they were both okay with it! Shit!

We lay beneath the moon for a bit and watched the bats chasing mosquitoes. We could hear the frogs and birds and it was all so peaceful and nice. June and I were kissing and cuddling and after a bit Mom got up said she was going in to shower. June and I lay there for oh, maybe another ten or fifteen minutes kissing and caressing each other. Then she got up and dove in the pool.

I sat and watched her. The moonlight from above and the pool lights lit the scene softly. She swam a few laps using the breaststroke and then a few on her back. At last she came over to the side and patted the edge of the pool.

“Come here baby, and talk to me.” she said.

I sat down and dangled my legs in the water. “What do you want to talk about?” I asked. June spread my knees and moved bursa eskort in close. She grasped my flaccid penis and began to toy with it. I could instantly feel the awakening. She kissed it and licked it.

“Oh now this is so fucking amazing. I can’t believe this little guy can grow so damned big.” She giggled again. “Talk to me Tommy. Do you really think we can make this work? Can we all three fuck and suck and keep from getting jealous? Is this going to tear our family apart? Because as much as I love you and need you and as much as this has meant to me… I will move out if I have to.”

“No!” I said. “I have waited too long for this chance. I gave my virginity to you. I truly love you and I will not give you up so easily. Yes, fucking Mom was completely unplanned and unexpected and very, very special. Yes, I want to keep pleasing her, but I love you June! I don’t know what will happen, but let me tell you what I hope will happen. I want to love my Mom for as long as she needs me. If her heart heals up and she finds a guy, great! But if not, then I want to keep loving her for as long as she will have me. But you, oh my god June! You I want to do so much more with! I want to hold you tight and kiss you all over! I want to learn everything about sex that you can teach me, I want to make you scream and giggle! I want to give you orgasm after orgasm until you collapse into a quivering puddle! I want to go out to eat with you and go to movies and concerts and I want to bring you home, strip you naked, and make love to you! I want to shower with you, I want to sleep with you and then I want to wake up with you. I want to give you morning wood and afternoon delight as often as you want it…”

Suddenly June released my dick and pulled me into the pool. As we submerged, her mouth met mine in a fierce kiss, her arms around my neck. We bobbed to the surface and I thought she would never release me! At long last she paused and begged me,

“Fuck me Tommy, give me that big cock!”

“Not yet,” I answered. “I want to eat your delicious pussy first!” She floated on her back and I began to kiss her thighs, labia and mound, finally zeroing in on her nub. Sadly the water diluted her flavor but I relished her reactions as I licked up her slit and teased her clit. After a few minutes she was begging for my rigid cock.

“Please Tommy, fuck me baby, fuck me good!”

Standing in the shallow end I pulled her to me and pushed my swollen glans into her. She gasped and wrapped her legs around me as I slid in. This time she was so hot and so wet that I slid all the way into her in one slow steady thrust. I held it there for a few heartbeats savoring the feeling of oneness.

“Oh god June you are awesome! You feel so damn good!” I said softly. “I love this, it is so much better than I ever imagined!” Slowly at first I started to thrust in and out of her, gradually picking up speed. Her tits were bouncing so seductively, first towards her face and then towards her waist. After a bit she grabbed them and tried to contain them. As she floated on her back with the water supporting her, she began to moan quite loudly. My thrusts became more vigorous and the water splashed wildly. Oh god it was great! I pounded her pussy so hard that she started grunting “oof!” each time I thrust home. She moaned and groaned and grunted. She begged and whimpered for me to cum. Finally she came and her orgasm clenched my raging cock deep within her vagina! But I needed to finish, I needed to cum. I kept trying to screw her, to thrust, to move, to find my release… I was so close but now I felt it starting to slip away…

I released her and fell backwards grabbing my dick. “I’m not done!” I moaned.

“God Tommy!” she exclaimed, “My pussy is trashed! I can’t take anymore right now!”

“Suck me then!” I begged.

“No!” she replied splashing past me and out of the pool. “Hurry!” she said, “Come here!” I struggled to follow her, gripping my cock tightly to keep from losing my hard on to disappointment. June got the tube of lube and liberally coated my cock; then she handed it to me and knelt on the chaise on her hands and knees.

“Wha?’ I was puzzled for a moment.

“You want me to teach you about sex? Well here’s a lesson Tommy, anal sex is great but you gotta use a lotta lube!” She said. “Well? What the fuck are you waiting for?”

I squirted lube on her anus and tried to push in.

“No!” she admonished me,”You need to use your thumbs and stretch me!”

I put my thumbs back to back and slid them in. June was panting and trying to coax her sphincter relax. Gently I started stretching her anus open. Oh holy shit! I was amazed at how much she stretched! I pushed my cock against my thumbs and then slid them out of the way. June grunted. I pushed forward not really knowing what to expect. Her sphincter was so damn tight around my cock, but she was taking me! All of me! Easily! “Oh fuck!” I said aloud.

“Damn right baby!” she replied. “Now you need to be very careful in anal sex, a cock your size can cause tearing and bleeding here too but I have bursa escort bayan enough lube and I’m loose enough that I don’t think we’ll have a problem, just don’t pop out…”

“This is loose?” I asked.

“Oh hell yeah!” she answered. “I’ve been letting Faye stretch it out with butt plugs for ages now.”

“Oh god June!” I moaned, “This is amazing!”

“Well you wait until I take you in my ass while a pushing a vibrator up my pussy!” she teased. “That will be fucking amazing!”

I slowly began to stroke in and out of June’s ass. Her tight asshole was like a cock ring that she could control. As I thrust in, she would relax and as I would pull out she would squeeze me just tight enough. Soon we were relaxed and in a rhythm. It felt so awesome and very quickly I felt my orgasm returning.

“June, I’m going to cum soon, what do I do?”

“Well you can cum in my ass if you want or you can pull out and spray… What do you want to do Tommy?”

“I want to see it,” I said. “I want to cum on your titties!”

Now in watching porn some of my favorite scenes were where the MILF would take a big load of cum on her tits and the thought that I was about to spray my load on these beautiful tits was enough to bring me to the edge. I thrust two more times and pulled out. June turned and sat on the chaise hefting her tits up and pressing them together as I pointed my cock at her juggs. I pumped my fist up and down my shaft and then, there it was. I came. I came and I spurted my cum onto her wonderful tits. My first thick rope of jiz shot out with so much force that it hit her cleavage and splattered all over her chest. My cum kept spurting and soaking her breasts until they were covered in it. Finally I milked the last dribbles out and onto her tits and gazed down at the image which would be forever etched in my mind.

June sat there, naked on the chaise in the moonlight, holding her breasts up for me as my cum slowly started to run down their slope and into her cleavage. And she was smiling. Smiling and looking into my eyes and giggling.

She stood up and took me by surprise as she hugged me. She pressed those cum soaked tits against me and wriggled laughing. She wrapped her arms around my waist and we toppled over into the pool.

After about ten minutes of play we decided to head indoors. Mom was out of her shower and heading for bed with a cup of chai. June and I went to her room and showered together. I had never expected the pleasure I would discover in just this simple act. Yet I found it very enjoyable. I took the shampoo and washed her hair, scrubbing her scalp with my fingertips as she purred. Then I rinsed her hair and added the conditioner. I took the loofah and body wash and I scrubbed her all over. I explored her entire body and discovered all the wonders of a beautiful female form. I washed her breasts and played with them for a bit and then her belly and crotch, Her legs got lots of attention as I squatted next to her and gave each a thorough cleansing. As I scrubbed her feet, she giggled. June turned and I bathed her wonderful ass and paid close attention to her anus.

“So what did you think of your first anal experience?” June asked.

“That was quite a surprise!” I answered. “I’ve seen it in porn but never really considered it. I mean, I figured that a pussy and a mouth would be enough to keep me satisfied.”

“Well Tommy,” she replied, “It might be but we have fucked so much in the last twenty-four hours, and you are so big and thick, that my pussy is bitching about it. I also happen to really like anal sex from time to time.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Oh yes baby, you see I can get pleasure from my sphincter and from the pressure of your cock pushing against my vag from behind. Somebody told me there was a nerve bundle between the vag and rectum, whatever; it feels good.”

“Hell, I liked it!” I said. “I couldn’t believe your ass could stretch that much and that fast! You really surprised me! You said something about you and Mom…”

“Tommy,” she replied, “The things she and I do are going to have to stay private. I hope you understand…”

“Yeah, I understand; it’s okay.” I said. I scrubbed her back and then she rinsed herself off.

“Okay Tommy, your turn!” she said grinning.

Now I never expected that being bathed would be or could be a truly sexually pleasing experience, but, oh my god it was good. June lavished me with attention and care, from my head to my toes. She scrubbed me thoroughly and smiled and cooed the entire time. She was very attentive to my cock and balls. And very gentle. She was so loving and I was thrilled to my core when I realized that this was just the first of many, many showers to come. As she washed my penis she raised a question.

“Tommy, we have had a very busy weekend and Faye and I have to go to work in a few hours; my sheets are soiled from last night… Do I need to use a guest room or the sofa? Or can I sleep with you without sex?”

“Oh wow June!” I chuckled. “I never thought I’d hear görükle escort a woman say that to me! Yeah, I’m beat and yes, I would love to sleep with you.” And you know what? We did sleep together. It was really very nice to feel her body next to mine, her head on my shoulder. It is an awesome feeling.

The alarms went off way too damn early for our liking, but hey, Monday calls and we answered. June and Mom bustled about getting ready for work. Our housekeeper arrives each weekday morning at six and already had a hearty breakfast laid out for us. I usually wait to eat until after my run but today I grabbed some bacon before heading out. I did my usual ten miles on the bike and then ran two miles after that. I bombed the pool and showered before dressing and eating breakfast.

Since I had been otherwise occupied all day Sunday, Mom’s SUV was still a mess. They had driven June’s car to work so that I could clean this one up. I got out the shop vac and did my best. It was quite a mess. We had left the doors and windows open but the smell was still awful.

As I worked I thought about the weekend, all that had happened and wondered about what was to come. I was really stoked! I decided I wanted to do something special for Mom and June. So I hit the kitchen and took a look at our freezer and pantry. I came up with a good idea and ran with it. When they got home from work I was waiting.

“Hi baby!” June almost jumped from her car to give me a hug and kiss. Mom followed her and we kissed too. Gone were the parental pecks and in it’s place was a sensuous deeply personal kiss. Her eyes were bright and happy. As we entered the house I spoke up.

“Hey I’m fixing dinner tonight so you two go change and grab a couple of drinks, I’m ready to start cooking!”

This was met with approvals and after another round of kisses, they went up to change. Ten minutes later they came back downstairs and I got my own surprise. Mom was wearing a pair of impossibly tight black yoga pants that, honestly looked like they were painted on, and an electric blue sports bra. Her tits were beautiful and pressed together made for some very impressive cleavage and her huge nipples looked like they were trying to poke through the fabric. June was wearing light and breezy summer dress. It had a halter style top and a very full and flowing skirt that reached mid thigh. Her legs looked awesome!

“So what are we having for dinner?” June asked as she took glasses from the cabinet. Mom was already perusing the items on the counter top.

“Seafood Stir fry!” Mom exclaimed, it was just about her favorite and one of the dishes I could do well. “Prawns, scallops and crab! Oh goody!” I looked at her from behind and was really amazed at just how perfect Mom’s ass was. How had I not noticed this before? I felt a strong urge to just bend her over the counter and fuck her right then and there…

As if reading my mind, June whispered, “Dinner first, desert after.”

I grinned at her and she smiled back. “You look really good, you know that?” She giggled in reply.

I cranked up the heat under my wok and in no time at all we were sitting down to enjoy dinner.

“Oh Tommy!” Mom said, “This is delicious!”

“Thanks Mom.” I replied, then added. “I worked really hard on the seat and you can drive it tomorrow. Right now the fumes are a bit much.”

“Aw, thank you baby!” she said smiling. I sat my drink down.

“Mom, I have to say that it is really great to see you smiling so big and bright. You look happier, prettier and sexier than I can ever remember.”

She actually blushed. “Tommy, you are right. I am happier and I feel prettier and, well, my sexual appetite has returned and I have the two of you to thank for that.”

June chimed in, “You aren’t the only one with a sexual appetite! I am so horny I just want to rip his clothes off, throw him on the table and fuck him till he screams!”

I smiled at her, “Dinner first, desert after…”

“Really?” Mom asked, raising one eyebrow. She nabbed a large scallop with her chopsticks and placed it in her cleavage. She then stood up and leaned over towards June. June pressed her face into Mom’s tits to fetch the morsel and then licked all of the sauce off. The entire time, Mom was looking at me and smiling.

“Oh fuck…” Was all I could say.

“What a wonderful idea!” June said and pushed her chair away from the table and stood. She kissed Mom long and deep and they walked arm in arm into the living room. I upended my bowl and scoffed the rest of my dinner before following them. Hell, I’m going to need my strength!

When I reached the living room, June was on the sofa with her dress pulled up and Mom was on her knees on the floor with her face in June’s pussy. June held out her hand and I joined her, kissing her long and deep, our tongues probing… She pulled the halter top open enough to let her tits out and I caressed and kissed them. Finally taking her nipples in my mouth and sucking on them, first one and then the other. June sighed and moaned. I looked down at Mom and she looked up at me the rose up to meet me. We kissed and I could taste June on her lips and tongue. Mom reached into her sports bra and handed me an small single application plastic ampule of lube and gave me a wink. Then she hooked her thumbs in her waistband and pulled those yoga pants down before returning to June’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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