Aunt Pat

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I sat at the bar in the kitchen looking across the room at my Aunt Pat as she talked to my Mom. I trying to appear both calm and relaxed outside because inside I was on fire. My aunt stopped by on her way home from work and had expected Mom to already be gone. Mom sat at one end of the table and Aunt Pat at the other. From where I sat I could see both of them in profile but, they could only see each other from the waist up. Aunt Pat was wearing very conservative knee length black skirt and white silk blouse. It’s a good thing Mom couldn’t see Aunt Pat from the waist down. When Aunt pat sat down in the chair she had pulled her shirt up to a point exposing the darker area at the top of her panty hose. Then she crossed her legs which hiked the skirt even higher. I knew two things were certain, she was wearing pantyhose that had the crotch cut out of them and that when Mom left in a minute to go to the city and meet Dad for dinner my Aunt Pat was going to fuck my brains out.

My name is Matt and at the time this happened, I had just completed my junior year at a local college. I was 21 and still live at home.My Aunt Pat is my mothers older sister. She’s 46, married with 2 children, weighs about 155 pounds, stands 5’4″ tall, wears the sexiest underwear you’ve ever seen (when she wears any), loves to tease, has multiple orgasms, has the wettest pussy I’ve ever felt, gives both great hand and blow jobs, likes to fuck in odd places and positions and has absolutely the best pussy in the world.

How does a 21 year old nephew know all this you ask. Well it all began back in early April during spring break. I went down to Cancun, Mexico with a wild bunch of kids from school. On my return I put my camera case on the bar when I came in from the airport. It hung around there for a week or two. Aunt Pat is a photography nut. When she came over one afternoon and Mom asked her to take the film out of the camera and develop my pictures. Now this was no big deal to me. They were just pictures taken of a bunch of students cutting up and having fun.

About a week later Aunt Pat dropped by on Wednesday evening and asked for Mom. Now she knows Mom goes to the city every Wednesday to meet Dad for dinner so she knew Mom would not be home. I was in the den watching television when she arrived. She was wearing a white pleated skirt and a blue blouse. I greeted her and we walked back into the den. I sat back down in the recliner and Aunt olgun porno Pat remained standing by the coffee table as if she was only going to stay a minute. She engaged me in chit chat for a moment and then said she had to go but be sure to tell Mom she stopped by.

As she turned to go she said she almost forgot she had brought my spring break pictures. She reached in her bag and pulled out two envelopes. She handed me the larger of the two. I opened the envelope and looked quickly through the pictures. While I looked at the pictures, Aunt Pat moved directly in front of me and was standing about 4 feet away from me between the recliner and television set. The only light in the room was from the lamp on the table next to the chair and the light coming from the television. When I looked up after viewing the photos I could see right through the skirt. The background light gave me a great view of her inner thighs and the U shaped curve of her pussy. Aunt Pat then handed me the second envelope and said I may want to keep these private and not let Mom see them. I could not imagine what she meant.

I opened the envelope and removed the pictures. They simply were pictures of me and my friends at the beach. Aunt Pat gave me a minute to look at the pictures and asked if I saw what she meant. I said no and with that she came over and sat down on the right arm of the recliner. She leaned over real close and told me to take a good look at my bathing suit in the top picture. When I did not only did I see what she meant but remembered the incident leading up to the photo.

The picture was of me and a big blond girl from Minnesota with huge tits just about hanging out of her top. The two of us were horsing around in the water and she was letting me cop a feel of her breasts while she copped a feel of my Dick. The picture was taken with my camera just as we exited the water. What it clearly showed was that not only was my bathing suit see through when wet, but that I had a hard on. In my drunken state either I didn’t realize or didn’t care. Don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t have a big Dick. It’s just average size, but it could be seen clearly pointing straight up.

Aunt Pat then remarked that I must have had a good time with that tall blond after the picture was taken. That was when I noticed she had changed position on the arm of the chair and her hip was pressing against my shoulder. porno I looked down and the skirt had ridden way up on her thigh. Her perfume was intoxicating. She changed positions again and let her left leg fall slightly over the arm of the chair and touch my leg. Her right leg was slightly dangling off the right side. This caused her skirt to hike up even further. I was becoming both aroused and nervous. Aunt Pat asked if I liked women with big breasts or if I preferred smaller ones like hers. I just looked at her, I was stunned. She then began rocking ever so slightly back and forth on the arm of the chair. She then placed her left arm on my right shoulder and placed her hand on the back of my neck. Her lightly squeezed and massaged my neck with her fingers then began very lightly scratching my neck with the ends of her manicured fingernails.

I sat there in my stunned state for a few moments. The pace of her rocking began to quicken. I turned slightly on the chair and placed my hand on her leg just above the knee. The panty hose were smooth and soft. I squeezed softly and meeting no resistance looked up at her. She had a wicked little smile on her face and winked at me. My hand moved up her leg very slowly. I savored the feel of her inner thigh as she parted her legs for me to gain access. I looked back up at her and saw she had closed her eyes. The pace of her rocking had quickened and the length of the strokes had expanded. She was humping the arm of the chair and from the look on her face was about to come. As my fingertips lightly caressed the soft flesh on her upper thighs and felt the softness of her pubic hair she exploded in an orgasm. She moaned for several minutes as the wave of pleasure subsided.

Aunt Pat very quickly reached down and in what seemed like one motion unzipped my pants, reached inside my underwear and pulled my rigid Dick out into the open. Without a word she was sitting on top of me in an instant. For a split second I thought about the fact that she was wearing panty hose but suddenly realized when my Dick came in contact with her skin that there was no crotch in the pantyhose. She reached down and guided my Dick into her as if she’d done it a thousand times. She then proceeded to slowly ride up and down on my Dick. I cannot describe the feeling of intense pleasure. It was slow, hot and the sexiest experience I’d ever had.

Aunt Pat came within 45 seconds. Porno 64 I watched the passion on her face and found it an incredible turn on. After coming a second time she grabbed me around the shoulders and literally pulled me backwards off the chair and onto the floor. She put her legs in the air, bent her knees a thrust her whole body upward each time I thrust downward. Her 3rd orgasm was the most intense so far. She screamed my name, grunted and groaned and actually shook to the point I thought she was going into convulsions. I Got up on my knees and unbuttoned her blouse. She pulled her bra up and revealed good sized breasts which were very soft to the touch. Her nipples were pink and soft but protruded in an aroused state about 1 inch in length. The circles on the ends of her breasts were about 3 inches in diameter and a dark rosy color.

As I bent over, kissed and caressed her breasts she began to come for the 4th time. I could hold back no longer. I put her legs as high into the air as I could get them to allow me to enter her as deeply as possible and began a series of deep hard thrusting motions which she met and matched with equal force. She wanted me as deeply in her as I wanted to be. About to be overcome by orgasm, I laid down on her fully, grabbed and squeezed a butt cheek in each hand and drove my passion home like never before. She screamed, called my name and told me she was coming for what seemed like forever. When I exploded in orgasm it was like never before.

This was the best sex I have ever experienced. My Aunt Pat said the same. We talked for about an hour afterward. Part of the conversation was Aunt Pat questioning whether I could handle what just happened between me and my Mothers sister. I had many questions about her ability to have multiple orgasms since I had never encountered a woman who had them before. She said she thought it might run in the family because she had as a child heard my grandmother having multiples while having sex with my grandfather and both my mother and her other sister Ruth had confided in her that they had multiple orgasms during sex.

Since that night I have had a sexual encounter with my Aunt on at least a weekly basis. We have fucked in places you wouldn’t believe. She has given me blow jobs or quick hand jobs when time or circumstances didn’t permit otherwise.

I have also successfully seduced and fucked my Mother, Grandmother, Aunt Ruth, Chris my Aunt Pat’s Daughter, Joan my Aunt Ruth’s Daughter and Becky my 28 year old sister. I will write about the circumstances of each seduction.

I know I’m a dog, but, I’m a sucker for a woman who has multiple orgasms and when you find a gold mine, why not mine it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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