Aunt Patty, At Last

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My Aunt Patty was my mom’s older sister. She and Uncle Charles had no kids, so they were always doing things for all their nieces and nephews. We lived closest, and reaped the most benefits. Best of all were the visits to their lake house!

It was always great fun going to the lake to swim, fish, and ski. Their house was a simple place. A big common room with a kitchen and bathroom on one end. Everyone slept on foam mattresses. Modesty was never strong in our family. While it was common to see the women in panties and tee shirts, still I always felt Aunt Patty was teasing me.

Patty has brown hair and eyes, a nice slim body with small breasts. The loose swimsuit she wore hung down and clearly showed her tits every time she bent over. She was always bending over in front of me.

This made her the object of many of my fantasies starting about age 12. Once when I was 14, I had left my watch in the bathroom. I walked in on her standing there nude. I apologized saying, “Sorry, I forgot my watch.” As I turned to leave she said, “Oh here it is,” and held it out. Though I just wanted to stare at her, I walked over and took the watch she held out. My reaction made me turn and leave quickly.

Just wearing a pair of cutoffs she could not have missed seeing my erection. Beside the bulge, the head was poking out of my shorts leg.

That made me miss what may have been my golden opportunity. It was later that day that I began thinking; she knows she excites me, I should try something with her. Even though Ankara escort she was twenty-six years older than me, she was a fine looking woman of 40.

That was the end of August. All winter I fantasized about what could happen the next summer. Then in March, Uncle Charles got transferred, the lake house was sold, and they moved to another state. Sex with Patty was still in my fantasies for several years. Another of the lost opportunities we all dream about.

Time marches on; and fifteen years later they returned to the country to fix up Uncle Charles’ family home. I work in the city, but I took some time off to go help work on the house. I never expected it would be so rewarding.

There were just four of us working on the house, my dad, two of my uncles and me. I had just finished some work in the attic. In just boots, cutoffs, and toolbelt I was covered in sweat. I got a cup of water and sat down.

My dad and uncles were just leaving to get some more materials. Patty and I remained at the house. She came over to refill my cup. As she bent over, Uncle Charles big shirt clearly showed her tits.

Standing there still bent over she said, “This reminds me of the days at the lake.” “Just what I was thinking,” I replied, then asked “What makes you say that?”

“I remember when you were a boy and I showed off my tits,” looking down she said, “your cock head would poke out of your shorts just like it is now.”

“I used to think you were showing them off on purpose. I dreamed about reaching Ankara escort bayan up to touch your tits,” I said as touched her nipples through the shirt.

“Sometimes I did,” she said, I paused. “Would you like to more than just look?”

Without waiting for my reply she said, “Now take off my shirt, and my shorts too. It’s about time you finally get to see me….. and touch me.” Then she began unbuttoning my shorts.

Quickly I stripped her. She is looking good for 55. I almost attacked her little titties. Sucking, fondling, pulling her nipples I was so excited. My dick was oozing in her hand.

She stopped me saying, “Let me help you with this.” Kneeling down she took my dick and began sucking, tonguing, and tantalizing me with her mouth.” Cupping my balls, scratching with her nails, she had me almost ready to cum, and I warned her.

She began to work harder, pistoning my dick in and out of her mouth.

“I’m cumming…uggghhh” I warned. Squeezing my balls she drank my cum as best as she could while three, four, five thick streams of hot cum squirted in her mouth.

She swallowed and paused only long enough to say, “I’ve got to get you hard again. You got work to do with this still.” Soon my 6″‘ soldier was up and back to its almost 4″ diameter.

Patty turned, bent over and said, “Stick that stump in here. I’m wet and ready.”

Stepping up behind her she lined my dick up. The big purple head spread her dark red glistening lips. I was surprised at how violently she Escort Ankara thrust back slamming her ass into me. Grabbing her hips for balance we began a wild, noisy fuck.

The slap of my balls on her ass, the squishing sound of her pussy filled the empty room. I reached around to rub her clit as she moaned in ecstasy. Shortly she began to spasm with an orgasm and I felt a flood flow from her pussy. Pulling out I could see several lines where her juices had run to her knees.

Looking back she said, “Stick it back in fuck me till you fill my pussy with your cum.” Sliding back in she said, “Next time we can do it better, right now I just want you to pound my pussy.”

Sweating we stood there locked in thrusting passion till I felt my balls tighten. It seemed like we had been fucking for an hour and it almost was.

“I’m ready to cum,” I said, then there was the sound of a vehicle pulling in the gravel driveway.

With her hand working her clit, and her teeth clinched she said, “Don’t you stop…uuuuuggggghhhhh, ooooohhhhh, aaaaahhhhh…”

My first shot changed her protest to a groan, then a moan as her orgasm began. Her pussy could not hold all the cum we both poured out. Those last few strokes were noisy, sloppy, and precious fulfillment for me.

Turning to face me it was a sight to behold. The matted bush, cum literally dripping out of her pussy. I was dying to bury my face in between her legs, but realizing someone would be entering momentarily stopped me.

She took her shirt and wiped my crotch. Kissing me quickly she said, “Go see who’s here. And don’t worry, we’ll do this again.” And she swayed into the bathroom as I pulled on my shorts.

I guess you never know when your dreams may come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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