Aunt Robyn Cums Again

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The strange path that Robyn Feinberg’s life had traveled in the last year was on the verge of another twist.

A month earlier, her nephew Davey, who was now her lover and master had officially moved in. He had decided to stop going to school for the time being, although he only needed to complete 3 semesters to receive his degree.

Davey took over the first guest room as his own. Robyn had hoped he would share her bedroom, but Davey had insisted on this arrangement. He decided that when and if he wanted to, he would “visit” her room or she would “visit” his.

Robyn was disappointed but, as she was now accustomed to doing with her nephew, smiled and went along with his wishes.

One Saturday morning, after he’d visited her room for an intense and satisfying sex session the night before, Davey made an announcement.

“I have to run some errands today, and I need you to do something for me.” He said as they finished breakfast. “Someone’s coming to stay with us for a while, and I’ll need you to pick her up at the airport this morning.”

Robyn was taken aback — had this been a “normal” situation or relationship she may even have been upset. But this was part of the normalness she’d agreed to accept with Davey.

“Ok.” She smiled after a pause. “Who am I picking up?”

“Her name’s Sarah.” Davey told her, “She’s a friend from school. She’ll be the latest of my conquests and I need to finish breaking her in.”

His last statement caused Robyn to feel a slight twinge of jealousy.

“I think you’ll like her!” Davey added with a smirk.

Davey gave her the flight details and a description of Sarah and what she’d be wearing. An hour later he left to take care of his errands.

The municipal airport was a short distance from Robyn’s house so she left only 40 minutes before the flight arrived. She parked and went to the waiting area of the arrival terminal.

She had no problem at all picking Sarah out of the small group that departed the plane. She was exactly as Davey had described and wearing the exact outfit he had chosen for her to wear — like Robyn, she was a Plain Jane; her designer attire didn’t look like something she might have chosen herself.

Sarah Carr was Davey’s age, 22, short (only 5’4″), average build, had a pale complexion with freckles, long red hair and pale blue eyes. Despite the new clothes and make-up, she still looked every bit the “geek” — she reminded Robyn of herself in high school and college.

They greeted each other sheepishly and made uncomfortable small-talk as they collected her luggage and loaded it into the car.

“So, how long have you known Davey?” Robyn asked on the drive home.

“Since freshman year,” Sarah replied through a thick-southern drawl. “We were in some of the same classes. I’m an Accounting major — I was Davey’s tutor for a while. That’s how we kinda, um, well…”

She blushed and trailed off, but Robyn knew exactly what she meant.

“So, Davey tells me that you and he are….?” Sarah asked after a long uncomfortable pause.

Neither woman could look at the other — they both stared straight ahead.

“Y-yes.” Robyn finally answered. She was embarrassed and humiliated that another person, other than her sister Stacey, and someone she’d known for less than an hour was aware of her relationship with Davey.

They both sat silent and motionless as she eased the car into the garage.

“So, how much did Davey tell about me and him?” Robyn finally asked.

“Quite a bit, I think.”

Another long uncomfortable pause drifted between them.

“And do you know the other …?” Robyn continued.

“Kathy and Saudie….? We’ve met. We’ve all….been together…sort of. He had me watch them….” Sarah answered, staring at her hands in her lap. “And he told me about….your….his…”

Robyn was most shocked by this revelation — Davey had shared the involvement of his mother, her sister Stacey, as well. She was overtaken by a brief sense of regret.

Now both women were red-faced and embarrassed and staring at their nervous hands in their laps.

“We better get you settled.” Robyn finally said to break the silence.

They took her bags to the second guest room and Robyn left her to wash-up and change while she went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Her thoughts and feelings were jumbled. She was outraged that her nephew had revealed their secrets, and started to wonder what he was up to. She assumed that like her, Davey would be more discrete about the nature of their relationship. Robyn felt betrayed and angry.

Just then an all too familiar ring tone sounded on her smart-phone — it was Davey. She almost didn’t answer, but decided to pick up on the third ring.

“Hello.” She answered rather coldly.

“Robby!” Davey chimed. “I’ll assume you were able to collect my little Sarah. So, what do you think?”

“She seems OK.” She replied.

“Are you girls playing nicely?” He joked. “If not, you will later!”

“We’ve been talking.” She said.

There Ankara bayan escort was a long pause.

“Oh, I see.” Davey answered realizing what she meant. “Sounds like you might be a little upset with me, Robby.”

Robyn said nothing.

“You aren’t upset with me, are you Robby?” He asked sternly. “I wouldn’t like to think that you are upset with me in any way.”

“N-no.” She lied feeling intimidated by his tone. “I’m not upset, just a little concerned.”

“Where is Sarah now?” he interrupted.

“She’s in the guest room, getting settled. We were about to have lunch.”

“Fine. Call me when you’ve finished eating.” He snapped before ending the call.

Robyn’s hands began to shake. Davey’s abruptness had overshadowed any thoughts or feelings she might have been having. She did not want Davey to be angry with her.

Sarah entered the kitchen just as Robyn began setting the table. She had changed into her normal “Sarah-attire” — faded jeans, a navy blue t-shirt with a sci-fi movie logo, and blue low-top Converse sneakers. They sat in silence and ate the sandwiches Robyn had prepared.

“So, do you like the things that Davey does to you?” Sarah asked.

Robyn almost jumped at the interruption and mention of Davey’s name — she was lost in thought and concerned about what he might have planned for her.

“Actually, yes.” Robyn finally offered reluctantly.

“Me too.” Sarah offered shyly. “Sometimes I feel….bad about what he does…..about what I let him do. But when it’s happening….I love it. And I can’t wait for him to do it again.”

“I know.” Robyn nodded.

“Does he….?” Sarah searched for the words, “Tease you, too? You know, make you wait for it?”

Robyn nodded again. For reasons she didn’t understand, knowing that there was someone else who shared her feelings and experiences was comforting. She decided that maybe she liked her new house-guest after all.

They cleared the table when they were done eating and went into the living room.

“Davey wanted me to call him.” Robyn said hitting the speed-dial button.

“You’re both together?” He asked coldly. “Put me on the speaker.”

Robyn depressed the speaker button and placed the phone on the coffee table between them. Both women gave their undivided attention to the voice that emitted from the small device.

“Hello, Sarah Anne!” He said sweetly, “Hope you had a good flight, and my aunt is making you feel welcome.”

“Oh, yes!” Sarah answered gleefully. “She’s been great! Lunch was good and the room is very nice and…”

“I understand the two of you have also been talking.” He interrupted. “Comparing notes, I guess?”

Both women were silent and nervous now, unsure of where he was going with this.

“No matter.” Davey continued. “It makes sense, anyway. I don’t want any secrets between myself and any of my ladies. Are we clear with that, Sarah?”

“Y-yes.” She stammered nervously.

“Is that clear with you, Robyn?”

“Yes.” She answered immediately; she felt relieved that he didn’t seem upset, but concerned that he hadn’t called her “Robby”.

“Good.” He continued, with some of his usual “cheerful”, smugness returning to his voice. “I should be there in a few hours. But before I get there, I want you both to get much better acquainted.”

There was a brief pause.

“I want of you to both fuck yourselves.” He commanded clearly. “Right now — in front of each other.”

There was another pause.

“Enjoy yourselves!” Davey laughed. And he ended the call.

A few seconds later Robyn depressed the speaker button to cancel the dial tone. Her hands were shaking again.

She glanced at Sarah, who glanced shyly at her. Neither of them could look the other in the eye. After what seemed like an eternity, Robyn slowly got up from the couch and went to her purse. She retrieved the small, black mini-vibrator that Davey had given her to masturbate with whenever he ordered her to. When she returned to the couch Sarah was not there, but returned from the guest room a few seconds later.

Robyn shyly placed her vibrator on the coffee table in front of her.

Sarah’s eyes went wide — she slowly placed her vibrator, the same model as Robyn’s, only in red, on the table as well. Sarah’s was also a gift from Davey.

Robyn stood and began to strip from the waist, removing her shoes and pants, and reluctantly, her panties. Sarah did the same. Robyn noticed that her guest’s pubic hair was also shaved into a neat little patch.

Sarah was the first to reach for her vibrator. Robyn heard the familiar soft buzz and reached for hers as well. For several minutes the dual buzzing was the only sound in the room, followed shortly by soft but heavy breathing from both women. Robyn was the first to let out a low moan. Sarah looked over at the older woman — Robyn’s head was thrown back and her eyes were closed tightly; small beads of sweat formed at her temples as she bit her lower lip. Her thick thighs quivered, as her hands worked Escort bayan Ankara the mini-vibrator against her clit. Robyn’s nipples were now prominent through her bra and thin sweater. Sarah felt a growing urge to reach over and pinch them.

Robyn opened her eyes and turned her head to Sarah. Their eyes locked — now neither could look away. Sarah turned her body to face Robyn — she wanted her new hostess to see her pussy, to see her playing with herself. Robyn did the same. Both women moaned aloud now; Robyn’s voice was low and heavy, Sarah’s high, fast and wispy. The sound of wet lips and the smell of engorged pussies filled the room.

Robyn stretched her right leg along the length of the couch; her toes made contact with Sarah’s left hip. Sarah in turn draped her thin left leg over Robyn’s. The trembling fingers of Sarah’s left hand began massaging Robyn’s foot and calf — she needed to touch her.

This sent Robyn over the edge. She submitted to a loud, screaming orgasm that sent her juice squirting out onto the sofa cushion.

“Oh, yes!” Sarah encouraged. “Cum for me, baby! Cum for me!”

Sarah was very familiar with helping women reach an orgasm. While serving as the assistant to her high school girls’ volleyball team, she had become the toy of three of the star players; they used her to celebrate after a victory — or abuse her after a defeat. Sarah spent a large portion of her senior year eating pussy or being fucked with a dildo. Davey was the first and only man she’d ever been with.

After catching her breathe, Robyn turned to Sarah, who was now trying her best to also reach an orgasm. Both of her hands worked frantically on her pussy.

“Please, please…” Sarah pleaded. “I wanna cum so bad….please…”

Robyn crawled across the length of the couch to her young guest. Their lips locked in a long, passionate kiss. Climbing behind her, Robyn pulled Sarah back onto her breasts, whispering into her ear and cupping the young girl’s small, perky breasts in each hand. She fumbled for her nipples and pinched them through the fabric of her t-shirt and bra.

“That’s it, baby!” Robyn cooed. “Let it go….think about how good it’s gonna feel. Think about how much Davey wants you to cum!”

It took longer than she expected, but Robyn finally encouraged an orgasm out of her new friend. They laid there for several minutes in silence, holding each other.

After resting for a while, they finally rose to collect themselves and prepare for Davey’s arrival. Two large, dark, wet stains stood out on the tan couch cushions. The room reeked of the smell of pussy.

Not feeling the need to fully dress, they both returned to the kitchen — bare-assed. Settling at the table with beverages, they now talked openly about their current situations. Davey arrived an hour later, carrying two large shopping bags.

“Now that’s what I call a welcome home!” He exclaimed admiring the exposed asses and pussies that greeted him. “I gather you both got to know each other a little better?”

They both nodded, smiling slyly at each other. After dinner, Davey led them to the living room with the shopping bags, meticulously laying the contents out on the coffee table. They included various lubes, a 10″ strap-on dildo, a 12″ black dildo modeled after a porn star, wrist and ankle cuffs, two collars, a 6″ leather-studded paddle, blindfolds, a butt-plug, a swing and an adjustable spreader bar.

“Wow!” Sarah chimed. “You’ve been busy!”

“I know!” Davey agreed. “I had to travel at least 150 miles and go to three different stores to find everything.”

The ladies studied and admired the objects, playfully poking each other with the dildos, or taking turns to swat each other on the ass with the paddle.

“That’s for when you’ve been naughty!” Davey smirked, taking the paddle and rubbing it across Robyn’s ass.

“Have I been naughty?” Robyn asked, playfully bending and swaying her ass from side to side. Davey smiled and gave her a quick, hard swat on her right cheek. She gasped but remained bent at the waist.

“Maybe you have.” He smiled.

“Me too?” Sarah asked, mimicking Robyn.

Davey obliged and gave her a quick, hard swat as well.

“Strip and stand behind the couch.” He ordered them.

Both women removed the rest of their clothing and stood behind the sofa. Sarah found it hard to look away from Robyn’s large naked breasts — she wanted to suck on her nipples, but restrained herself. Robyn in turn took notice of Sarah’s smaller (C cup), but perkier nipples.

Side by side, Davey had them stand several steps back, bend completely at the waist and extend their arms fully to touch the top of the couch. Their breasts dangled, Robyn’s only inches from the floor.

“Stand on your toes and spread your legs.” He said.

They both stood on their toes, causing their calf and thigh muscles to flex; both took steps to spread their feet just past the width of their shoulders so that Robyn’s right foot gently grazed Sarah’s left. Both women were wet and Bayan escort Ankara waiting.

Davey said nothing and left them both standing that way for several minutes. He noticed the strain it put on their legs as they began to tremble slightly.


The sudden hard crack he laid across Sarah’s ass caused her to jump slightly, and almost fall forward into the rear of the couch. She gasped aloud; the sting of the blow sent a shudder up her spine and her eyes watered.

The sound of the swat scared Robyn as much, if not more, than Sarah; she jumped as well. Now she fretfully awaited her turn.

There was another long pause. Davey said nothing and didn’t move. Neither woman knew who would receive his next blow.


Robyn’s knees went weak. The anticipation of the swat across her ass was almost as bad as the swat itself — she felt the juices in her pussy flowing; she tingled all over.

Again Davey kept them waiting. He wanted them to adjust to the stings he’d laid across their asses. He wanted them to get nervous wondering who would receive the next blow. He wanted to admire the matching, red paddle marks on both of their asses.


Robyn received the second.


And the third — the last one made her cry out; her voice echoed around the cavernous living room. Tears formed in her eyes, as the sting and the strain on her legs became more than she could handle. Another swat might make her cum.

The remaining 2 swats went to Sarah. After the second swat she begged for him to stop. That only made him strike even harder on the final blow. He tossed the paddle down on the floor between them — forcing them to stare at it.

“It’s OK, ladies.” He whispered, leaning between them and simultaneously rubbing and squeezing both of their still stinging backsides. “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?”

“No.” they whimpered in reply.

Slowly his hands found their cracks, and their assholes, and finally he ambidextrously finger-fucked both of them.

“Better?” He whispered. “Is this what you’d prefer instead?”

Their heavy breathing and moans were the only reply. After several minutes, he could feel the muscles in Robyn’s cunt beginning to tighten — he pulled his fingers from both.

“Oh, please…!” Robyn begged.

“Don’t stop, baby…” Sarah also pleaded.

“Get on your knees.” He ordered. Both women dropped to the floor and turned to face him. They needed no further instructions when he unzipped his pants and withdrew his cock. Their heads almost collided as both sought to swallow him first.

First feeding Robyn, then Sarah, Davey fucked each throat while the other kissed and sucked his balls. Extending his cock between them, he allowed them to lick him from either side; their tongues met and they stole brief kisses.

“Stand and bend over again.” He told them. Both quickly resumed their previous positions, delighted that he made no motion towards the paddle that remained on the floor. Taking his time, Davey removed his clothes, while the ladies held their positions.

Without a word and in one swift stroke, he slid his rigid cock into Robyn’s pussy. Gripping her hips, he slammed fucked her so hard that she found it difficult to maintain her balance. Her enormous tits flopped and swayed loosely from her chest. He noticed that Sarah seemed transfixed by his aunt’s breasts.

“Get down there and suck them.” He told Sarah. Sarah crawled beneath Robyn, grabbed both her tits and began sucking and licking the nipples; nibbling and pulling at them. Robyn moaned out loud.

Feeling her cunt muscles tightening again, he quickly withdrew. Robyn’s legs quivered as she sobbed and begged him to continue. Davey only smiled and told Sarah to stop her worship of his aunt’s breasts, leaving Robyn moaning and swaying her hips.

Davey led them over to the coffee table, where he bound Robyn’s wrists with the cuffs, and extending the spreader bar to its full length, attached her ankles to either end; the cuffs were then connected to a snap-hook in the center of the bar. He placed her upright on the couch, unable to close her legs or touch herself. Robyn’s clit throbbed and the muscles of pussy continued to clutch. She badly needed release. Davey called Sarah to stand in front of him. He lifted her and lowered her onto his cock, placing his arms under her knees and grabbing her ass. Sarah gripped his shoulders tightly as he steadily began to pound her. Robyn, helpless to do anything, watched as the cock she wanted so badly in her hunger pussy was plunged into another pussy.

Davey, a shrewd observer, had learned something about both women. Robyn reached orgasms quickly and often, sometimes experiencing four or more in each of their sex sessions. Sarah, on the other hand, took much longer to cum and could only reach one or two intense orgasms before she was completely spent. He also knew that Robyn had slightly possessive feelings toward him. The jealousy that he knew she must be feeling right now was intended — it was his punishment for her being angry with him that morning.

He remained in constant eye contact with Robyn as he intensely fucked his new conquest. Ten or fifteen minutes later, Sarah’s orgasm brought tears to her eyes. Robyn’s eyes filled as well.

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