Aunt Toni

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For the longest time, I had the hugest of crushes on my Aunt Toni on my father’s side. Middle aged but still beautiful, she kept up her appearance, her short blond hair as perfect as the day I met her over 20 years ago, framing her perfect, lightly freckled face. With C cup breasts and an ass to die for, I spent many a night masturbating to her image, but never thought my fantasies would come true, until one fateful night.

Both I and my Aunt Toni had come to stay at my parents house for the holidays, and ended up having to share the same guest room. I was nervous, worried I might be unable to control myself around my hot older aunt, but I needn’t have worried. For how was I to know she would make the first move?

It was late at night and neither of us could sleep, I had placed a cot on the ground and was laying across it while my aunt was lying upon the bed, flipping through the channels, looking for something to watch. She stopped suddenly as she hit a porno channel, giggling as she did. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at the screen, before she spoke. “I just love a good porno…I’m not making you uncomfortable am I Rory?” I shook my head no, not daring to look at her as my hard on grew. “No, I’m fine Auntie.” I stuttered.

We watched it for a few more minutes in silence before I hear some movement and a soft, escort bursa wet, squelching sound. Looking up and behind me again, I saw the most amazing sight, my Aunt fingering herself, her pants off, slipping her finger past her panties and into her wet pussy. She didn’t notice me looking as her eyes were focused on the porno, I wasn’t sure if she didn’t know I noticed or if she just didn’t care, but she kept going, biting into her pillow to muffle her moans of pleasure.

I couldn’t help myself, I started to rub my own raging hard on now, straining against my pants like a beast wanting to get out of its cage. I couldn’t take my eyes off her sopping, dimly lit cunt as she continued to masturbate, falling onto her back as she got rougher. Her eyes no longer on me, I crept closer, wanting to watch with the utmost intensity as I pulled my cock free, stroking it rapidly now. I shifted against the bed, and upon hearing me she looked up, slowing her fingers, not stopping. I didn’t look away, I couldn’t, meeting her eyes as I panted softly, before she again resumed, motioning me closer to her. “Come here…” She softly commanded. I did as she asked, crawling onto the bed with her, unafraid to expose my raging hard on to her.

She licked her lips as her eyes focused on my cock, beckoning me closer, towards her lips, bursa merkez eskort my dick twitching with anticipation before I pressed it against her lips, her wet orifice opening to me as I slid it forward, moaning loudly as my cock was enrobed in her mouth. I moaned again as she began to suck, shifting my body so my own mouth was above her wet sex, gently pulling her fingers away to replace them with my tongue.

I went to work swiftly, lapping and licking her puffy lips, groaning as she sucked me harder, taking more and more of me with every passing moment, her lips clamped firmly around my hard shaft as my tongue began to bury itself inside of her soft folds. Neither of us could last much longer, as I came first, groaning as I filled her throat with my hot seed, what felt like gallons pouring into her open mouth, the taboo nature of the act keeping me hard as my tongue violated and assaulted her pussy, before she let out a muffled cry around my cock, wriggling with orgasmic joy.

We pulled slowly away from each other, panting and grinning at each other as she spoke. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long….and it looks like your up for more.” She said with an impish grin, motioning to my still hard dick. I nodded enthusiastically, “I…I want to fuck you Auntie” I said with bursa sınırsız escort a hint of desperation I lust. She just giggled again, laying back and spreading her legs, and then her pussy for my viewing pleasure. “Then come inside my nephew”

I didn’t hesitate, how could anyone turn down such an offer? I nearly leaped atop her, pressing my cock swiftly and roughly inside of her wet, lubricated canal, groaning with the fullness of the ecstasy as another of her orifices entrapped me, drawing me in, plunging into the hilt, her hands grasping at me before she kissed me deeply, our tongues entwining as our bodies locked for a few, wonderful moments.

I began to thrust as our tongues continued to dance, our eyes closed as I started to fuck my Aunt, the love of my life, the lust of my life, driving into her again and again, groaning and moaning as our bodies writhed and entwined deeper, heat and liquid shared between us, oozing and sloshing loudly as my hips movements grew stronger, before I pulled from the kiss.

“I want to cum inside you…” I whispered to Toni, my eyes swirling with lust, passion, and love, a slow smile played across her face. “Yes…cum in me…Cum in Auntie!” She pulled me close, driving her own hips powerfully against mine like the crashing of oceans, before I could hold it no longer, crying out her name as I filled her with my seed, her insides coated with copious amounts of sperm. We both collapsed, falling asleep.

In the morning we both got dressed, a sly smile shared between us, but no words. Ever since then, when we have time alone, we fuck like wild rabbits. Her belly has started to swell…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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