Auntie Maureen fucks her nephew Ch. 02

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Auntie Maureen and I continued to fuck and suck and do more and more kinky things together. I met her daily and even when she had her period I would fuck her in the ass and she would suck me off.

She began to mention her daughter, my cousin, Kerry and more and more often would say things like, ‘I wish I had tits as large as Kerry’s, you should see her erect nipples’.

I didn’t give much thought to what she said until I was round aunties house one day when Kerry walked in. At once, that remark by Auntie Maureen came back to me. She was right, from what I could see Kerry did have large tits, much larger than Auntie Maureen.

We sat and chatted for a while and then Auntie Maureen said to me, ‘Kerry has said she would like to join us for one of our sex sessions, what do you think’.

I smiled and said, ‘Great, when can we do it’.

Auntie Maureen replied, ‘Well how about tonight, why not come round about 7.30.’

I replied,’ Fine, I’ll be there and look forward to it.’

Just as I was about to go, Kerry said, ‘Here’s just a glance at what you can look forward to’. She lifted her T shirt and exposed two wonderfully huge breasts with large erect red nipples. I reached forward to touch them and she simply said, ‘Later’.

I went home and showered. It was wonderful enough fucking my auntie without her daughter joining in. The thought soon got my cock hard.

I rang their doorbell at exactly 7.30. Kerry opened the door and let me in. Her face was well made up with lots of red lipstick. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I followed her in and loved the look of her stocking clad legs, high heel shoes and short skirt.

I followed her into the lounge and was surprised to see Uncle Peter sitting there. Auntie Maureen got up and walked over to me. Put her arms round me and kissed me passionately on the lips.

As we broke away from the kiss she said, ‘I hope you don’t mind but Uncle Peter wants to watch us’.

He looked at me said, ‘I really don’t mind’.

I was shocked at first, but when I saw how sexy Auntie Maureen and her daughter looked, most of my doubts evaporated.

Auntie Maureen said, ‘Let’s go upstairs’.

Auntie Maureen went first, followed by Uncle Peter, then Kerry, then me. I could clearly see up Kerry’s skirt. She had no knickers on.

We all went into a bedroom. There was a huge bed one end of the room with several full length mirrors and a couple of arm chairs.

Auntie Maureen said to me, ‘Sit on the bed while we get Uncle Peter ready’.

I watched as Kerry and her mother undressed him. As Kerry pulled her father’s underpants down she said, ‘Mummy, daddy’s cock is hard can I make him cum now’.

Auntie Maureen replied, ‘No, not yet, he can watch us and then we’ll all make him cum. I’m sure it’ll really turn him on watching us suck and play with Roberts cock and then watch us all fucking each other’.

Uncle was now totally naked. His erect cock, about 6 inches long stood out straight in front of him and he was slowly stroking it. Auntie Maureen said to him, ‘You can stop that, you’ll cum, when we decide and not before’.

Auntie Maureen undid her blouse and took it off. She had a black bra on that was only a series of straps that supported her tits. She undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She had no knickers and on and stood with a pair of black seemed stockings and suspender belt and 4 inch black high heel shoes.

Kerry then undressed and wore identical clothing to her mother. Her nipples were already red and very erect. I could see her pussy lips were quite damp.

Auntie Maureen went to a cupboard and bought out a number of items. The first was some lipstick. She walked over to her daughter and outlined the aureola of her tits and then coated her erect nipples liberally with lipstick. I wanted to jump up and suck them.

As I watched Kerry repeat the performance on her mother’s nipples I decided to undress. My large erect cock soon stood out to attention in front of me.

Kerry came over and grabbed it and started stroking it slowly. I wanted to feel those lovely red lips clamped tightly around it but Auntie Maureen soon interrupted.

‘Kerry, lets get Daddy ready first then we can do whatever we want.’

She led her husband over to an armchair and before he sat down she handed Kerry a large black butt plug. Kerry knelt down and held it on the chair while her mother lowered her husband onto it. Auntie Maureen lowered him slowly so that the butt plug eased gently inside Uncle Peter’s ass.

Uncle Peter’s mouth dropped open with pleasure and he closed his eyes as he felt the lovely sensation of his ass being penetrated by the long black plug. In his mind he imagined it was a young virile cock that he was impaling himself on.

His cock grew larger as he clearly loved the feeling. He reached out and started rubbing his cock again.

Auntie Maureen spoke very sternly, ‘Stop that, you’ll cum when I say so and not before’.

With that Ankara escort she found 2 straps and strapped his arms to arms of the chair. Uncle Peter was now unable to touch himself.

Auntie Maureen said to Kerry, ‘Just give Daddy a little taste of what he can expect when we are ready to let him cum.’

Kerry knelt down in front of her father and lowered her lipstick coated lips over his cock. She clamped her lips tight around it and started sucking it. Uncle Peter was in heaven as his daughter sucked him. Suddenly Auntie Maureen said, ‘OK that’s enough for now, he can watch us enjoying ourselves first.’

Uncle Peter pleaded, ‘Oh please, let me cum, let my little girl suck me off, let me cum in my little girl’s mouth. Or release my hands and let me wank myself off as I watch you, oh please’.

Auntie Maureen relented and said, ‘OK then. Kerry let daddy cum’.

She lowered her mouth down over his cock yet again and clamped her lips tight around the tip. Auntie Maureen reached for the vibrator control of the butt plug and turned it on. The look on Uncle Peter’s face showed he was in heaven as the vibrator buzzed away deep inside his anus and his daughter sucked on his cock.

Auntie Maureen suddenly halted things and said to me, ‘Lie down on the floor with your head near the foot of the chair, now Kerry as you lean down and suck daddy’s cock Robert can lick your pussy and I can lower myself down on Robert’s cock. That way we all get pleasure’.

I was the first to lie down and Kerry slowly positioned herself over my face. I could smell her pussy juices as she lowered her pussy against my lips. I poked out my tongue and it shot inside her wet pussy.

Kerry than lowered her mouth over her fathers cock and started sucking it. Then I felt Auntie Maureen lowering her wet pussy down onto my erect cock. At last all 4 of us were getting sexual pleasure.

Auntie kept raising herself up on my cock, nearly letting it come it and then plunging herself down as hard and as deep as she could. I thought that Auntie Maureen was facing her daughter but actually had her back to her and facing the other way. Suddenly I heard another buzzing sound and felt my ass being tickled by a vibrator and realised that Auntie Maureen was slowly inserting it into me. I have to admit I loved it.

I felt Kerry lowering her head up and down on her fathers cock. She was also getting much wetter. My tongue and lips were alternately sucking and licking her pussy. Her juices were making my face very wet. I adored the taste of my cousin’s pussy juices.

Auntie Maureen now had the vibrator deep inside my ass and was obviously enjoying fucking me in the ass while she rode frantically up and down on my erect cock.

Soon Uncle Peter was calling out, ‘Oh, I’m cumming, suck daddy’s cock, make daddy cum in his little girls mouth, oh please, it’s heaven, let me cum’.

Kerry was almost cumming too as I sucked her clit, She wanted to taste her fathers cum again. It had been a few days since she had last done it and loved the taste of it. She clamped her lips tighter, reached up and squeezed her father’s balls and sucked him to orgasm.

Kerry always adored the feeling as her father shot his hot spunk into her mouth. He always managed to cum with such force that she loved the feeling as it hit the back of her throat. She swirled it round her mouth to savour the taste before swallowing it all.

She remembered back to all those years ago when her mother showed her what to do to her father and how she first disliked the taste of her fathers cum. But after a few times she soon got addicted to the taste and even when her mother and she both sucked her father it was always Kerry who insisted that she got the final mouthful.

Kerry was about to cum and ground her pussy down harder against my face. My lips found her clit and I sucked hard on it.

Kerry shouted out, ‘Oh fuck, I’m cumming, oh fuck, its wonderful, suck my cunt, oh God, yes THAT’S IT.’

She was right, that was it. I never realised someone could produce so much cum. I felt it flood all over my lips and face. It tasted wonderful. Kerry lifted herself off and went round to her mother.

Auntie Maureen too, was almost ready to cum. Kerry took the vibrator from her mothers hand and carried on fucking me in the arse with it. Then she knelt down and sucked her mother’s lipstick coated nipples. This was all that Auntie Maureen needed as the extra feelings finally pushed her over the edge to the orgasm she needed.

However, Auntie Maureen, once again was not satisfied with cumming once and continued to ride up and down on my cock until she bought herself off another two times.

Now Auntie Maureen lifted herself off. She took the vibrator from her daughter and carried on abusing me anally with it. Kerry immediately lowered her mouth over my cock and sucked me deep into her mouth. It took her less than a minute to make me cum. She felt my cock twitch with pleasure and she clamped her lips and teeth tight Ankara escort bayan around my cock and I pumped wad after wad of hot spunk deep inside my cousins welcoming mouth.

We had all cum once except for greedy Auntie Maureen who had managed it 3 times. I looked up and saw that Uncle’s cock was hard again as he watched his wife and daughter get sexually satisfied.

Auntie Maureen stood up and wandered over to a cupboard and bought out yet more toys. I knew one of the things she was going to get. Her favourite toy – the double headed strap on dildo. She walked over to her daughter, knelt down and strapped it round her daughters thighs.

Then she strapped a single dildo round herself. We all knew what she wanted. I leaned against the bed and Auntie Maureen got behind me and slowly eased the big black strap on inside me. I sighed with pleasure as it slowly eased inside me. Then Kerry got behind her mother and with a little difficulty eased the smaller of the dildos into her mothers ass and the large one deep inside her pussy.

Auntie Maureen cried out with pleasure. ‘Oh that’s heaven, fuck mummy’s ass and cunt’.

Kerry started slowly abusing her mother’s ass and cunt but it wasn’t enough for her. She wanted it hard and rough. ‘Harder, faster, fuck me harder’, she cried.

As Kerry did it harder, so Auntie Maureen did it harder to me.

Uncle Peter started saying, ‘That’s it Kerry, fuck mummy harder, make mummy cum just like you make daddy cum’.

Kerry reached out her arm and could just reach her father’s cock. She started wanking it. It always pleased her to be able to satisfy both her mother and father at the same time. She wondered if she should ask her mother if it was OK to wank her father off but she knew that her mother wouldn’t care what she did while she was getting the fucking from her daughter that she so enjoyed.

Auntie Maureen had reached round my front and was rubbing my cock as she fucked me in the ass. She could hardly concentrate on pleasing me as the pleasure her daughter was giving her was so intense. I felt her first orgasm soon hit her and she plunged the strap on even deeper inside. Auntie Maureen was wanking my cock even harder and soon I was cumming all over Aunties’ hands.

She lifted her fingers to my mouth. I sucked them deep inside my mouth and licked my spunk off making sure I licked behind the long red finger nails making sure they were completely clean.

Auntie Maureen was almost about to cum again. I turned round and faced her and sucked her lipstick coated nipples deep inside my mouth. The size and hardness of them along with the lovely taste of the lipstick was sensational.

Auntie Maureen was about to cum. She cried out, FUCK MUMMY’S ASS AND CUNT. MAKE MUMMY CUMMMMMM’.

Her voice got quieter as wave after wave of orgasm envelopped her body. As I continued sucking her nipples I felt her whole body tremble and shake violently as her daughter brought her to 4, maybe 5 or maybe even 6 huge orgasms.

It was clearly Kerry’s turn to cum now. I was hard yet again and Auntie Maureen needed to recover. I led her over to her father and turned her round so her back was to him. She parted her legs and I eased her down onto his cock. She swooned as his six inches of hard cock slid easily inside his daughters pussy. She rode up and down slowly at first but as the pleasure took over she speeded up. I knelt in front of her and just like her mother I sucked her lipstick coated nipples deep inside my mouth.

They were much larger than her mothers and it was almost like sucking a small cock. Kerry was soon very excited as she fucked herself on her father’s cock. Suddenly she raised herself higher and the cock popped out. She reached for it and this time she lowered herself down so that it went deep inside her ass.

She said to me, ‘Lick my cunt for me, make me cum as daddy fucks my arse’.

We soon got into a slow rhythm as Kerry raised and lowered herself up and down her fathers cock and I went with the movement sucking and licking her clit.

Soon Uncle Peter could hold back no longer and he came. I felt him shake as he pumped his hot cum deep inside his daughters ass. I continued sucking Kerry’s clit and then I felt Uncle Peter’s spunk trickling out of her ass all over my face. This was the first time I had tasted another mans cum. I hoped it wouldn’t be the last.

The combined taste of Uncle Peters cum and Kerrys cunt juices was sensational and I sucked harder and soon bought Kerry to yet another heaving orgasm.

Now we all lay down on the bed and recovered. Poor Uncle Peter was still strapped in his chair but the vibrating butt plug was still giving him pleasure.

Auntie Maureen was the first to recover and went and got 4 Viagra tablets. She popped one into Uncle Peters mouth and then the rest of us swallowed them She said it would be a few minutes before they started working.

Auntie Maureen lay down on the bed and started rubbing the strap on dildo against her pussy. Escort Ankara Kerry and I watched intently as she got more and more excited. Her legs parted and she started thrusting the big black dildo deep inside her pussy.

She said, ‘Suck my nipples for me. I want you to both satisfy me. Do anything and everything to me. Make me cum and cum and cum’.

Kerry and I sat either side of her and each took a lipstick coated nipple deep into our mouths and sucked on it.

We watched in amazement as Auntie used both hands to force the dildo further and further inside her. Then she started fucking herself with it. It went in and out so fast she was really abusing herself, but she didn’t mind. She enjoyed the feelings she was giving herself.

After a while she said, ‘Pass me the double headed one, I want it in my cunt and ass at the same time’.

Kerry went to hand it to her mother but then decided to insert it for. She held her mother’s legs apart and positioned it in front of her cunt and ass holes and slowly inserted the double header. Auntie Maureen sighed with pleasure as her daughter started fucking her faster and faster.

Then she said to me, ‘Let me suck your cock, Kerry, wank your cousin off into my mouth, Mummy wants a mouthful of spunk’.

Kerry let go of the dildo and Auntie Maureen took over fucking her two holes herself.

I sat astride Auntie Maureen with my cock directly in front of her mouth. She opened it and I slid my cock inside. She clamped her lovely red lips tight around it and I started fucking my cock in and out. I felt her teeth and lips gripping it tight.

Kerry put her hand round it and started wanking me into her mother’s mouth.

Uncle Peter was now excited again and was saying to his daughter, ‘Wank your cousin’s cock, wank him off into mummy’s mouth, fill mummy’s mouth with his spunk’.

With Auntie Maureen frantically sucking my cock and cousin Kerry wanking it I didn’t last very long. As Auntie Maureen felt me about to cum, she opened her mouth wide and allowed her daughter to wank me off and make me cum deep into her mother’s mouth.

Soon Auntie Maureen’s mouth was full of my cum and her daughter leaned over and kissed her mother. Her tongue delving into her mother’s mouth and transferring my cum to her own mouth.

Auntie Maureen still hadn’t cum and was now fucking her 2 holes so furiously that I wondered if she was going to hurt herself. But suddenly the look of pain was replaced with a look of pleasure as the orgasm started slowly building up until she had yet another huge mind blowing, body numbing orgasm.

The viagra was now beginning to work on all of us. Uncle Peter’s cock was hard and mine was starting to also.

Cousin Kerry said, ‘I want a double fucking in the arse and cunt while I suck daddy’s cock for him’.

Auntie Maureen was up for that and strapped the double headed dildo around her waist. Kerry leant over her father’s cock and opened her mouth and took it deep inside. Auntie Maureen got behind her daughter and positioned both dildos until they slipped easily inside her daughter’s ass and cunt.

Auntie Maureen told me to strap on the other single dildo so she too could be fucked in the ass and cunt while she did the same to her daughter.

I strapped it round my waist. It looked odd with my white cock sticking out and the black dildo below it. I moved up behing Auntie and eased the dildo into her cunt and my cock into her ass. I was amazed at how easily it slipped in.

Now all 4 of us were connected sexually. As I fucked forward into Auntie Maureen, she did the same to her daughter who then took her father’s cock deeper inside her mouth.

We tried to keep up a steady rhythm but as we all got more and more excited it was impossible and we all just did what we could for our own pleasure.

The viagra really had an effect on all off us. I know my cock was as hard and large as ever although I had already cum several times. I heard Uncle Peter call out as he came into his daughters mouth and even then Kerry kept on sucking him until her mothers fucking had bought her to yet another orgasm.

Kerry withdrew the double headed dildo from her ass and cunt and turned round and sucked her mother’s nipples and held her as I fucked her faster and faster.

Auntie Maureen was soon approaching her orgasm as I felt mine about to start. I thrust my cock as deep into her ass as I could and shot wad after wad of hot spunk deep into my auntie’s ass. Her orgasm followed immediately afterwards as her daughter sucked her mother’s nipples deep inside her mouth.

Now we were all exhausted and I thought it was all over but Auntie Maureen had one more idea. She wanted Uncle to watch as she wanked me off into her daughter’s mouth. She said, ‘Do to Roberts cock what you do to daddy’s when you push his foreskin back with your lips’.

Now she released the straps holding Uncle Peters arms down. His hand went immediately to his cock.

Kerry lay down on the bed and I knelt astride her chest. My balls rubbing against her tits. My cock was right in front of her mouth. Auntie Maureen came behind me and inserted the vibrating butt plug in my ass and turned it on. Immediately it made my cock larger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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