Autumn Letter to My Love

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Written on a park bench, autumn equinox 2001, and dedicated to a woman I love.

I came to the park today to work on my novel. I love to come out here and sit on a bench overlooking the inlet and let new and fresh and exciting ideas flow from the trees and flowers through my mind and onto the page. My bench is about a mile along the trail from the parking lot, and just off to the side. It is autumn here and the park has put on its orange and yellow coat. This should be very inspiring to me.

Instead, I find that every golden leaf and every lavender flower reminds me of your face.

So, instead of writing about the wonders of the future, finishing my half-completed science-fiction novel, all I can do is fantasize about the things I would do with you if you were here now.

These birch stands are thick and deep. If you were with me, I would lead you by the hand back into them. We only have to walk a minute before we are out of sight of the trail.

“Don’t worry,” I say, taking your beautiful face in my hands. “These woods have seen it all, over the years.”

I kiss you deeply, feeling you melt against my body. Your hands grip the lapels of my trenchcoat. The crisp fall wind plays wildly with your hair. I stroke your back and kiss you until all thoughts of the rest of the world are gone.

We break the kiss and sigh into each other’s lips. We laugh when a butterfly flits between us. One more peck on the lips and then a devilish grin spreads across my face.

You know that look and you tremble with a sudden burst of anticipation. I slide your jacket off and fold it over my arm. I reach for the buttons of your tight sweater.

“Take it off, darling,” I command.

You help me with the buttons and slip the sweater off your shoulders. I let it fall to the forest floor. I unhook your bra and drop it to the ground. Your magnificent, full breasts are free and your nipples are hardening in the chilly air, but I see a shiver run through your body. I slip the jacket back over your arms but I leave it undone.

“Get your panties off,” I say as I pull up the hem of your skirt with my left hand and caress your breast with my right.

You reach under your skirt and grab the waistband of your panties. You yank them urgently to your ankles, then step out of them. I drop your skirt and warm (both) your breasts with my hands. I grab your nipples and pull you into another deep, soft kiss. I press my bulge against your mound to let you know how hot you’ve made me. I twist and tweak and rub your nipples until you moan into my mouth. I leave your sexy lips and nibble at your earlobe.

“I want to suck you,” you breathe.

“Do it,” I whisper. “Pull my pants off and suck me.”

You kiss my throat and run your hands down my sides to my pants. You fall to your knees and nuzzle against my throbbing cock with your cheek. You drag your fingernails down the front of my slacks. You kiss every inch of my bulge until I moan and give a little thrust against your face. You giggle and bring your talented fingers to my zipper. You trace your fingers around the outline of my cock then unsnap my pants and slowly ease my zipper down. My cock strains against the restraint of my underwear. You unsnap Gaziantep Saatlik Escort my boxers and let my cock out into the open air.

“Oooo,” I moan as you stroke my cock fully to life. It likes the outdoors and is quickly at full staff with the cool air kissing it.

The autumn air is quickly forgotten, though, as you take my cock slowly into your warm, wet mouth. Mmmm. I cannot recall a more pleasant or happy sensation. Your lips slide up and down the shaft, an amazing feeling. I rest my hands lightly on your head, not to guide you but to share in your thrusts. I stroke your hair and tell you what a wonderful job you are doing. I tell you that I’ve been waiting for you all my life. I tell you that I love you.

“Take my pants off,” I gasp, between grunts of pleasure.

You pull my pants and boxers down to my ankles, then yank them over my shoes and toss them to the side. I pull you to your feet and back you forcefully against a sturdy birch tree. The white of its bark matches the white skin of your breasts. I admire the view for a moment before taking you in my arms for another decade-long kiss.

My member presses against your mound through your skirt; you feel it throbbing against your sex. My hands find your breasts and stroke and tease them. You tease my ass with your fingernails, scratching me. I love it when you leave a mark. My tongue dances with yours as our lips caress each other. The wind blows a cloud of yellow leaves through the air around us. We are in heaven.

“Take off my tie,” I whisper, looking deep into your eyes so you know the secret meaning of the words.

You take a deep breath and give a cute little gulp before lifting your hands to my neck to comply with the request. You knew it would come to this. You hoped that this is where I was going, but also hoped that I would somehow forget. I push my cock against you as you loosen my tie. You pull the knot out. You pull the tie out of my collar and hold it for my inspection. I take the tie and nod to you. You unbutton my shirt as I let the silk tie gently slide over your breasts. I rub it over your nipples. I run it down your stomach. I lift the waistband of your skirt and stroke the tie through your bush. You finish unbuttoning my shirt and push it open, exposing my body to the elements.

“Put your hands behind the tree,” I say, as I step back to let you see me.

You reach around behind the tree and find that it is not very wide. You stretch your arms behind you and find that the tree is not too wide. I kick your legs open and you scoot down the trunk a little, leaning back against the sturdy birch for support.

I walk around the tree to the other side. I run the silk of the tie over your hands. I kiss your palms and fingers. I wrap the tie around your wrists and secure them tightly behind your back. I stand up, back away and gaze at you for a moment, letting the anticipation build.

I walk around the tree and stand before you, showing you how hard you’ve made me. I watch your chest rise and fall with your passion.

“Take me,” you pant.

I smile and fall to my knees at your feet. I inch your skirt up your legs, gasping with delight as I uncover your bush. I look closely and see a drop of moisture collecting between your lips. The aroma of your delicious pussy mixes with the fresh scents of the forest surrounding us with a wholesome and natural smell.

I lean in and kiss your mound. I run my tongue through your bush, then down to your thigh. I plant kisses on the insides of both thighs, then, suddenly, lick your pussy from bottom to top. You squeal with delight and hunch your hips toward my face, eager for more. I do not disappoint you. My tongue works between your damp lips. You give in to your desire and your pussy swells to meet me. Your clitoris is erect and begging for attention. I bring a hand down over your bush and pull your hood back with two fingers. Your clit is pulsing and hard. I wet my tongue and lick up one side of your clit and down the other.

“Come on, baby,” you beg, frustrated at my teasing. But your begging only makes me tease you more.

I flutter my tongue across your labia, then drive it deep inside you. I work it around until I’m sure I’ve licked every millimeter of your vagina. I lick my finger and slip it between your lips to massage the parts of your pussy my tongue can’t reach. I plant wet, quick, little kisses on the tip of your clit, making you jump and squeal. You are gushing wet, now, and my finger slides easily in and out and around and around, looking for those little spots that make you scream. I finally give you what you want and take your clit between my lips, giving it a nice, wet kiss. I let my tongue play over it in time with my probing finger. You are moaning in a good rhythm, now, and the sound is making me crazy.

I stand up and pull a condom from my coat pocket. How had that gotten there, you wonder. Had I planned to fuck you all along? I tear it open and slip it over my erection (and remember to put the wrapper back in my pocket–no littering!) I approach you and place my cock between your cunt lips. Your eyes sparkle with lust. I smile and kiss you, my lips still wet from your pussy. As our tongues meet once again, I thrust into you. The head of my cock inches into your vagina. You lift one leg and wrap it around my ass to allow for a better angle. I reach down with my hand to hold your leg, helping you out. I thrust farther into you. You are tight, but very wet. Your lips stretch around my hardness and it feels so good to both of us. There! I’m all the way in. Our pubic hairs mingle together like old friends.

I grip the tree and keep kissing you as we start fucking. I go as fast as I can, but this position requires steady thrusting. I tease your nipples with my fingers and tease your mind by asking if it feels good. You can only moan your answer. I lick and kiss and bite your neck, ears and lips. I have something else to tell you, though.

“Shh!” I whisper urgently. “I think I can see someone on the trail!”

Your pussy grips my cock suddenly, but I keep fucking you.

“Keep going,” I say, running a hand through your hair. “But don’t make a sound.”

“Mmmmph!” you grunt, biting your lip.

You relax back into the fucking. Are you afraid or excited that there are people nearby? I pick up the pace and slide a finger between us to flick your clit. Your eyes roll back in your head. It’s too much. You want so much to scream my name and beg for your come.

You let out a loud gasp, then catch yourself. I’m pounding you hard now and it’s hard for you to keep quiet.

“Oh, God,” you whisper, much louder than you wanted to. You try to keep from gasping and moaning, but you can’t stop it.

“You need to come, don’t you?” I tease.

“Yes, I need it.”

“Those people on the trail might hear you if I let you come.”

“Oh, fuck.”

“Do you think you can be quiet when you come?”

“No,” you admit. “I want to come. Please.”

“Just hang on, baby. It looks like they might move away, soon.”

“Fuck me!”

That one was a little too loud for your comfort.

My finger goes to work on your clit, flicking it back and forth as my cock grinds in and out of your pussy. I’m so close myself. I can feel your vagina pulsing around my cock. Your juices are running down our legs. You’re having trouble holding back.

“Pretty soon, darling,” I whisper, loving to watch you struggle with your passion. “Hang on a little more.”

You are holding yourself on the edge of bliss. It would be so easy to just slip over, but then the tourists from Maine, or wherever, would hear your screams. You can’t see them, but in your mind, you picture them standing on the trail, cameras at the ready. If they hear you, they’ll come running up, snapping pictures of your nude body. You don’t know if you are afraid or excited at the thought. It’s too much to bear.

“I’m going to come, darling,” you say, so ready to give in.

“Almost. Just a little more.”

“Oh, God! No!”

“They’re gone, baby. Let it out. Come right now.”

“Oh, yes!”

You really let yourself go and fling yourself over the edge into the abyss. Your pussy flutters with the unbelievable pleasure. Your body convulses and thrusts back at my relentless cock. You scream my name. You grunt loudly with each heavenly contraction.

“That’s it, my love,” I urge. “Let it go. Here you go, now. Nice big come. Fuck it, baby. Keep coming now. Oh, yeah, that’s good. Oh, baby, here I go, too.”

I feel your pussy gripping my cock and I let myself go with you. My knees tremble and my arms stiffen. I look deep into your eyes and let the feeling build for a moment before it bursts through my cock, through my body, through my soul. I grunt along with you and fuck my twitching, coming cock into you with quick strokes.

Our orgasms ebb and we fall into a gentle kiss. The sweat from our faces mingles. The cool fall air intrudes, once again, as I slip my damp, softening cock out of your soaking-wet pussy. I reach around the tree and untie your arms. You wrap them around me, stretching them out as we kiss so they don’t get sore.

You squeeze the last of my come into the condom, then slide it off and wrap it in your panties, slipping them both into the pocket of your jacket. I slip my boxers into my own pocket. We steal kisses and little caresses as we dress, going without our underwear for the short journey back.

As we hike back to the car, we leave only the aroma of our loving behind to tell what happened that day. We stride slowly down the trail, exchanging knowing and passionate glances. What an excellent way to welcome in the autumn.

But my novel is nowhere near being finished, darling.

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