Ava’s College Wrestler Pt. 10

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It’s early December inside the university gym. There is a practice wrestling meet on Saturday afternoon. Fernando (20 yrs.) stands at 5’10” and has worked hard to maintain his lowest weight of 157 lbs. He’s serious and very competitive on the mat. Coach Dave brought him to this meet who easily, won his wrestling match.

Inside the locker-room. Fernando stands naked under a hot shower who faces the wall. His long black hair, falls over his face. His hands lather up with body-wash and he rubs down the front of his body. His hair runs down from his chest to his thick crotch. He leans over as the water rinses off his solid, brown body.

Fernando whispers to himself in his Spanish language, “Soy un ganador” (I’m a winner).

Ava (29 yrs.) is a true blonde (40-24-36) who watched Fernando from the gym bleachers. She had followed him and his coach earlier, from their hotel room. She also checked into a room a few doors down from them.

Ava had earlier called the Hotel manager and said she has Fernando’s iPhone. She also asked him to send Fernando to her room.

One hour later. Fernando walks up carrying his toddler son who is asleep over his shoulder. He knocks on Ava’s door and waits. She opens that door and is wearing a white sarong plus a white bikini top. Her pink nipples, poke hard, through bahis siteleri the thin fabric.

Fernando’s eyes grow big as he glances over her incredible body. Ava smiles as her tits jiggle in front of him.

He says nervously, “H-Hi, I’m Fernando. The manager said you had my iPhone. I have it inside my back pocket.”

“I know. I’m Ava. I just wanted to meet you. Congratulations on your wrestling match earlier” she says.

He smiles, “Thanks. Nice to meet you. I have another match tomorrow.”

She asks him, “Are you gonna get a baby sitter?”

“A baby sitter? Why?” he asks with a smile. His eyes glance down at her tits and back up again.

She answers with a sly remark, “When you visit me here tonight.”

The door closes and Fernando laughs.

It’s late Saturday night. All the lights are on inside Ava’s Hotel room. The big screen TV is playing ESPN soccer and the volume is turned off.

Ava and Fernando are both naked on the bed. She’s laying on her back with her butt-cheeks on the edge of that bed. Both of her legs are spread open. He is standing plus leaning in-between those legs. His hands are placed on each side of her waist. Strands of his hair falls over his face. His 7-inch cock is buried as deep as it can inside of her blonde pussy.

Fernando sounds like canlı bahis an angry animal as he thrusts short and hard. His eyes never leave her golden crotch. Her own eyes watch the dark hair over the front of his body.

He grunts in Spanish, “Joder (to fuck)..! Mmm.. Mm.. Mmm.!”

“Uhhh.. Uh-Uhh.. Uh.. Uhhh.!” she responds.

Her massive tits flop up and down after each forceful thrust.

He says, “Mmmm.. Mmm.. Chica.. Bella (beautiful girl).!”

“Uh-Uhh.. Don’t.. S-Stop.. Uh-Uhhh.!” she says.

His thick black crotch hits her blondeness again and again. Both of her hands grip the bed sheets.

Fernando keeps grunting, “Joder (to fuck).. Mmm.. Mm.. Joder.!”

Ava pinches her jiggling tits, “Feels.. Uhhh.. S-So.. Uh-Good.!”

He breathes hard as he thrusts in a few more times.

His body stops and Fernando throws his head back. He explodes, “Uh-Uh-Uuuuuuuuhh! Uuuuuuhh!”

He pulls out his cock and lays down onto the bed next to her. They both keep breathing.

“I never had a true blonde before. That was so hot” he says.

She replies, “Really?”

Fernando smiles and shakes his head “no.”

Ava leans toward him and her tits flop over. Her left hand begins stroking his chest hair.

“You’re a beautiful Spanish male. I wanted you when güvenilir bahis I saw you, on the mat” she states.

He smiles, “Gracias (Thanks).”

She answers, “De nada (you’re welcome).”

They both laugh as her hand moves down to the hair on his hard abdominals.

“My God, you’re beautiful” she says.

Ava then climbs in-between his legs and takes off the condom. Her hand drops it onto the floor and then she begins to stroke his cock back-to-life.

Fernando flinches because he’s still sensitive, “Uh-Uh-God.”

The next morning at 8:00 am. Fernando is asleep under the bed covers.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Someone’s at the door.

Coach Dave yells on the other side, “Fernando, it’s coach!”

Fernando suddenly lifts up his head, ‘Fuck. Coach.”

He throws off the bed covers and looks around. Ava is gone and he climbs out of the bed naked. He staggers to the door and looks into the peep-hole. It is coach and Fernando quickly opens that door.

“Hey coach, come in” he says while walking back into the room.

Coach asks, “Is she still here?”

“No. Where’s my son?” he asks.

Coach answers, “He’s with my wife at the gym. Come on, you gotta weigh-in before your match. Are you strong enough?”

Fernando puts on his jockey shorts, “I’m okay coach. Besides, it’s just a practice meet.”

Dave bends down near the bed and picks up a large, large bra.

He asks, “What the hell is this?”

They both look at each other and start laughing.

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