Avatar : The Legend of Korra and the Immortal Avatar Part 2B

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As a fore-note I do plan to continue LOK as well as A Tale of the Unnatural. I also plan to write the following FanFic’s:

Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Avatar: The Last Airbender (Raidens Past)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Started)
Resident Evil (Movie Series not game)
The Avengers (Iron man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America Movies jncluding the actual movie The Avengers)


As the sun began to rise on a new day , the light began to creep in through the window over a sleeping couple tangled in each others arms in bed.

Raiden slowly began to open his eyes as he began to wake up after the events of last night to find Korra sleeping beside him with her left legs over his, her arm over his chest and her head on his shoulder. He smiled as he watched her sleeping for a few minutes before he heard a door open. 

Quickly he looked up to find it was the door across the hall that opened, the door to Korra’s room,

“Oh where has that girl gone to now!” he heard Tenzin shout as he turned and his footsteps grew louder as they drew closer to my door. 

Quickly but quietly Raiden pulled the sheets up over their bodies to cover them as he pretended to sleep, not wanting to try to explain himself or get caught up in an awkward situation. The door to his room slid open as Tenzin stepped in 

“Raiden do you know where Kor-” he began before seeing her ponytail just below the quilt,

“Ohh, my, oh dear” he said as Raiden heard the door close over again and his quick footsteps became fainter and fainter as they drifted down the hall.

Sighing he pushed the quilts down slowly before gently untangling myself from Korra so he could go and clean himself up in the next room, she stirred slightly as he made for the next room, thank goodness she was a heavy sleeper. 

Raiden walked to the small bath in the centre of the room and ran the hot water for and few minutes as it filled the bath and he added bath salts and a soapy mixture on the floor beside it, soon Raiden had a hot bubbly bath going and was about to step inside when he heard footsteps behind him.

he spun round to see Korra walking towards him, naked, with her hair flowing beautifully down her back and over her shoulders as she rubbed her sleepy eyes,

“Hey did you sleep well last night?” she asked with a smile as they hugged each other and Raidne gave her a long passionate kiss as he smiled back

“Of course!, did you?” He asked sarcastically with a smile as she nodded and he pointed to the bath

“You know your going to need a bath before your speech to the city today” He said happily as he walked over to a metal bucket and filled it with water from a tap.

“What about you, if you’re going to be up there with me you are going to need a bath too” she said smiling as she looked over to Raiden, 

“I’m sorry, Korra but I won’t be up there with you” he said sadly

“What! Why not!” she exclaimed sadly

“I’ve already told you Korra, the less the people here know of me the better, besides I should take the time today to visit some old friends, you know I told you about Shiro and Nioro who ran a large shop in the slums, they supplied my ship personally when I was in the fleet” Raiden said persuasively as she rolled her eyes and slid into the bath as Raiden began to rinse his body.

Raiden soon finished and left Korra alone in the bathroom as he moved into the bedroom to get dressed, he through on some black shoes and trousers as well as a white shirt over a white hooded thick black jumper which Raiden left down whilst inside.

He peeked into the bathroom to see Korra as she finished and was just begging to dry herself off, he walked up behind her and smiled as he used basic airbending to blow a draft up around her which made goosebumps rise on her naked glistening skin.

“Hey quit it you!” she exclaimed as she wrapped a nearby towel under her arms that came down just below her hips enough to cover her private areas.

Raiden laughed and she looked at him angrily as Raiden handed her a towel and turned her around to help her dry hair using a combination of air and firebending to create heated air currents He controlled with my hands. It wasn’t long before he had dried her hair and it flowed beautifully down her back and over her shoulders which Raiden found unusual but pleasant as she almost always had her hair tied up, He smiled and said

“You should wear your hair down more often Korra it looks beautiful and it suits you” He finished as she turned round with a worried look on her face 

“what’s wrong Korra?” Raiden asked with worry in his voice at her distress 

“Rai, last night, well, you, you see we never pulled out so you kinda came inside me, and I’m just worried I might get pregnant, not that that would be a bad thing, be- between both of us but just, later you know, not right now, when were older” she said as Raiden looked to the ground sadly and walked to a corner where there were two wooden chairs which he pulled over to where she was standing

“Please, sit down” Raiden said sadly as he watched her sit down slowly unsure of what was going on

“Korra” Raiden began as he rubbed the back of my neck nervously Sex hikayeleri “There’s a high chance that you won’t get pregnant” he said as he was about to continue

“What do you mean?” she asked curiously as Raiden stood up and began to pace the room ” What’s wrong Rai” she asked as she stared at him anxiously

“I… Part of the sickness I held was not curable, The sickness itself was cured but it still left its mark, I…. The healers told me and my family although at the time it seemed unimportant, that I may never have any children, a lot of my seed… all. Of my seed is infertile, well not all of it but… Alot, well, to be specific, there is a one in a million chance, literally. It may be almost impossible for me to sire a child with anyone Korra, I, I should of told you earlier, I’m sorry” Raidem said as he stopped pacing and looked to the floor as my body faced her.

Raiden heard her stand up and walk towards him. He looked down and saw the bottom of the pink towel as he felt a soft warm hand cup his right jawline and lift his head slightly so he looked down into her eyes, 

“That’s alright, I don’t care Rai, you don’t need to be sad or anything” she said with a half-smile as they kissed again lightly on the lips.

“No” Raiden began beneath his breath as she looked into his eyes again, “There is more Korra” he said as he gently took her hand from his face and turned again walking away to stop a few feet from her 

“Do you know of the story of how Aang, myself and our companions made it through the cave of the two lovers?” Raiden asked softly as he turned his head to see her out of the corner of hiseye.

“Yes, you all became trapped in the cave and as you ventured on your were attacked by a wolf bat that scared Appa and he accidentally caused a cave in that separated you all into three, You on your own, Aang Katara Momo and Appa, and Sokka and the Nomads. Then as you all journeyed onwards Aang received a vision he only told you about when you all met up again on the other side with you coming out last holding hands with a ghost that was only a blurred image to the others” she recited in a shortened version as Raidem nodded his head.

“It wasn’t a ghost by the way Korra, when I was trapped alone, a spirit of Justice, Vengence, Love and Knowledge spoke to me not individually but as one voice they told me about a woman I would meet in the south pole in 65 years then an image of her appeared before, to my understanding around the same time Aang received his vision” Raiden sighed and looked down “The woman was you Korra” Raiden said as he turned to her and she had a puzzled look on her face

“She led me outside of the cave to where Aang and the others were, heh, I was really happy even after Katara said Aang got a vision and became really sad all of a sudden, so, I went to talk to him and as I sat down beside him he told me that Roku, Kyoshi and Kuruck appeared to him and told him to warn me that although my relationship with you would blossom and become brilliant, I had to accept the fact that eventually, you could move on to someone else, and only now do I realise what they mean for It will happen in republic city” Raiden finished sadly as he looked at her as she soaked up all this information

“Rai I would never, ever leave you for someone else, you mean too much to me!” she exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him warmly as he smiled at her naivety.

“I’ll meet you after your speech okay, I have to go, I think Tenzin has breakfast ready for us both though” Raiden said as he followed her into the bedroom

“Okay, see you later” she said with a smile as he kissed her lightly on the lips and left the room picking up a black trench coat and throwing it over his shoulders before moving down the hall.

Raiden passed the dining room to see Tenzin eating by himself with food laid out on the table and decided to stop in and tell him where he was going,

“Tenzin I’m sorry I can’t stay and eat with you but I need to meet some people in the city today” Raiden said to him as he slowly looked up and Raiden turned round to walk out the door to leave

“Wait Raiden” Tenzin said forcefully 

“You must be careful with Korra, Raiden, and I’m not talkin about pregnancy, I know of your affliction, I’m talking about the curse that accompanies you” he continued sadly as Raiden realised what he was getting at

“I haven’t told her yet Tenzin” Raiden said sadly as he turned to face him

“You must tell her soon!” he exclaimed as concern racked his eyes

“I will later, she already has too much on her mind” I said sadly

“If you don’t tell her soon it may already be too late for you Raiden!” he exclaimed in frustration

“Tenzin, I, its already too late, the connection had been made years ago, in fact a year into our relationship it happened, the emotional bound was fixed back then” Raiden explained 

“You know your judgement on not only your own safety but on that of her possible different love interest may be clouded because of this, I don’t want you making a stupid decision that sacrifices your life because you can’t deal with the emotional and mental pain of her moving on!” he shouted in anger and concern

“My judgement won’t be clouded” Raiden replied angrily as he left the temple.


It Sikiş hikayeleri took Raiden an hour or so to reach the slums in the city and another 30 minutes to find his old friends store. The store sold weapons for non-bending soldiers and policemen as well as supplying the united fleet with speciality supplies. The shop was simply Surplus Supplies And was ran by a kind 123 year old man called Chong, whom Raiden had known for a long time since Chong was a teenageer and the were friends.

Raiden walked into the store and looked down each end of the street before entering the shop.

When he entered the shop, it initially took him by surprise, the shop was covered in cobwebs and the glass was thick with dirt and grime.

“Hello!” Raiden called out cautiously as he heard whispering and shuffling in a small back room behind the counter and to the right.

“Mr Chong?” He called out again as he moved over to the doorway quickly 

“He’s coming!” Raiden heard someone whisper anxiously 

“Yeah just focus on that chest think about what could be hidden in there” Someone said in a hushed voice reply as he stepped through the doorway.

Instantly a powerful fire ball was launched at Raiden and sent him flying back through the shop crashing through the rotting shelves and display cases to smash into the brick walk on the far side next to the door. 

“What the hell are you doing!” Raiden heard someone shout through his dazed state 

“Just deal with the locks while I deal with him I’ve told you time and time again I must help my cousin in her pursuit as the Avatar and since  haven’t got a clue where she is what is in the chest is my only lead so open it!” the man shouted as he continued walking towards Raiden with a sword drawn

Raiden stood up groggily but just in time to recover himself and redirect the stabbing blow that the man sent at him with his sword. Raiden used the palm of his hand to knock the sword out of the way and brought his hand up to strike the man in the throat taking him off guard and sending him reeling back.

“You certainly recovered quicker than I expected!” the man said as his partner called out

“Mezra! I thought you were dealing with him, hurry up!” he shouted as Mezra kept his eyes locked on Raiden.

Mezra advanced and used his sword to channel a fire blast at me but Raiden quickly side stepped and brought up a small wave of murky brown water around his legs to freeze him in place as Raiden charged at him, but, what he did next caught him off guard.

He bent the water away from his feet and used it like a whip to knock out Raidens feet from under him as he fell forward towards the stone floor, quickly he used earthbending to fall through it like cotton wool.

Mezra spun round as Raiden disapeared through the earth, trying to figure out where He would appear

“I see you have some tricks of your own, but it doesn’t impress me!” he shouted as Raiden reappeared in the next room where his partner was.

Raiden quicky performed a butterfly kick with the additional force of airbending to balst Mezras partner into a nearby wall knocking him out cold. Then hei dissapeared into the ground again using Earthbending as Mezra ran in to see his partner out cold.

Raiden reapeared behind Mezra as he had just released a ball fire from his hand aimed for Mezras back, it roared through the air towards him as he turned round in the blink of an eye and deflected it using his sword just in time but he slid across the ground from the force of it.

Raiden ran forward at him as he slid across the and leapt into the air delivering. A scissor kick like fire attack that struck him under the chin sending him into a backflip to land hard on his chest knocking the air out of him.

“Who are you!” Mezra exclaimed angrily as he pushed himself up off of the floor using his sword

“Guardian Raiden guide and protector of the Avatars including Korra” Raiden replied calmly as He went to help him up but he waved me off

“I Can get up myself!” he shouted

“Fine, who are you?” Raiden asked as he looked at Mezra

He was tall about 6ft 6in, he had cool blue eyes and thin short light blonde hair, he was kind of wiry or scrawny too

“Im her cousin, I got a message from the White Lotus asking me to bring her back To the south pool” he said proudly

“It seems your mission is no longer needed, Korra has been allowed to stay here in the city with Tenzin, but I have a new mission for you” Raiden said to him as he looked at me confused,

“What do you mean?” he asked cautiously as he stared at me

“Your my partner now friend, your going to help me protect her, you dont let anyone hurt her, understand!” I said forcefully to Mezra as he nodded 

“Sure, alright” he said calmly as he watched me move over to the crate

“Whats his name?” Raiden asked as he fished a key out of his pocket and unlocked the chest

“Deks, hes a non-bender, but hes been a good friend to me” Mezra replied as he moved towards Deks and slapped him on the side off the face

“Come on get up” he said to his friend as he was stired from unconsciousness 

Inside the black metal case under many piles of papers (History texts, reports on shipments etc.) lay a Erotik hikaye long glass case, inside was a titanium, steel alloy katana with a red and black banded handle and a black hilted with a golden edges

“Dude, thats worth alota money, you gona sell it?” Deks said curiously as he eyed up the sword

“No” Raiden replied flatly as he turned to Deks and Mezra

“It was my fathers, he gave it to me, I plan to keep it and use it, so dont get any ideas” Raiden said forcefully to make a point as he took off his trench coat and hooked it to the sword sheath on his back.

As he sheathed his sword Raiden turned back to the chest as a red envelope caught his eye. Raiden took it out of the box and opened it, inside was a letter

To Raiden,

If you are reading this then I am dead, hopefully I passed away peacefully. Inside this chest you will find every piece of information on the city, its people and everything in between, illegal operations gang movements even this new Anti-Bending revolution, it is all in the chest. As well as your fathers sword that was sent to me upon your ‘Disappearance”. I hope you stay safe Raiden, do not throw your life away for nothing!

P.S. You should really look into the Equalitst Revolution led by a man named Amon, he is very ambitious, an very dangerous, from what I have gathered he is planning to take the city. Stop him, before it is too late!

From, your friend Chong

Raiden folded the letter up and placed it in his pocket as he turned to Mezra.

“Change of plans Mezra, go to the park in the city, there you will find a speaker, he is promoting the Equalists, I want you to infiltrate them, but whatever you do don’t bend when you’re with them, they don’t like benders”

Mezra looked at him with a puzzled expression

“Why, I thought I was going to help you protect Korra?” he asked inquisitively

“You will be by helping me with this, Chong thought they were dangerous and I accept his judgement, just do this please” Raiden said to him sternly as he turned to Deks

“Deks I need you to find out anything you can about the movements and actions of the Equalists, if one of them goes to the toilet I want to know if e flushes or not understood” Raiden said to him forcefully as he closed the chest and picked it up

“Sure” Deks replied flatly as they both followed him outside

After whistling a tune to which Articus followed straight to them and he strapoed the chest to his back behind the saddle and mounted him Raiden turned to the both

“Deks I want a report from you every hour, Mezra I want a report from you every 12, okay” Raiden said as he looked at them and they nodded

“Good luck” Raiden said to them both before riding off back to the Air Temple

As Raiden returned to the air temple he immediately went to his room carrying his chest. He placed the chest in his room by his desk and took out a large stack of papers and letters that covered his whole desk in a mountain of work. He turned on the radio as he took out a blank piece of parchment and a quill with an ink pot.

As he listened to the radio Raiden sifted through the papers. There were letters from Chong, reports on his fleet, reports from Chongs mercenaries in the city reports on equalist movements and activities and reports in the Council and police force.

Raiden went trough hundreds of papers and finally finished around midday at 3:15PM as he hear Korra’s voice down the radio, he smiled at this as he listened to her speak, it was a short and simple speech lasting only 10 minutes.

He looke out his window into the night sky smiling as he saw a fire nation messenger hawk fly towards him. On its leg were strapped to messages one from Mezra, the other Deks


I have infiltrated the Equalists, Amon is nuts at what he makes you go through to get in.



Hey Rai, I just found out about a huge shipment of scrap metal, wiring and batteries, things to make some sort of weapon I think. They’ll be here in two days arriving in the cities by the sewers Already have a plan on how to eliminate it,


Raiden smiled as he read the letters, surprised by their efficiency.

Raiden turned to the radio on the desk, pressig the large grey button on the front making it crackle to life. Instantly Raiden heard Korra’s voice.

Raiden listened to her speech, chuckling a how nervous she was as he spoke and he reflected on memories of old, family, friends and allies all dead and gone like autumn leaves as he awaited Korras return.

Soon Korra and Tenzin returned from City Hall and they all had dinner together. They made small talk about each others day, but Raidrn kept his Anti-Equalist operations secret for he did not want any of them ti become involved on the dangers of it.

Tenzin explained to Korra what they would be doing as part of her Airbending training and Raiden made plans to find the few contacts Chong suggested in his letters, the fire bending twin sisters Minori and Ninori, mercenary earth bender Fjori and the assassin water bender Melorkka. With these contacts he would revive his old order the Templars, whom he was used to protect the citizens of Republic City against any and all threats in secret, but, who had also fallen apart thanks to Raidens disappearance and Yakones treachery, who was a former member and had destroyed them from the inside.

They all were looking forward to what tomorrow would bring as they retired to their beds, although some did not retire to their OWN bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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