Avery and Jenna Pt. 01: Daydream

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Avery and Sara sat across from each other in the French class. They had both received detention for talking during class, which was utter bullshit. They got in trouble the first time because he was giving her a shoulder massage in class, and she was moaning out loud. The teacher forced the two apart and still they continued to talk, which left her no other choice. Sara was dressed in a black leather jacket, which looked way too old for her, and a leather skirt which looked ever older. Underneath her jacket was another story. Avery knew what was concealed under it. He wore a pair of navy blue Fubu jeans, and an orange shirt to match them. She sat working on schoolwork while Avery read a book. As he sat reading the book called “The Silent Blade”, the French teacher walked into the class.

“I have to go run some errands, so you are both free to go,” she said packing up her things. Sara was overjoyed by this, and started packing as well. The teacher walked out of the classroom. Before Sara could finish packing all of her things, she noticed Avery not moving or even acknowledging the fact that they were free. She continued to look at him until she realized he had a set of headphones on. She now noticed just how loud Avery was playing the music. She could tell it was Ludacris’s “Ho”, a song which she knew a great deal about, considering all the joking and comments people made about her in reference to the song.

“Avery?” she said trying to get his attention. Nothing. He sat there quietly, reading his book and listening to his CD player. She called him again, this time louder. Still nothing. She figured he was just ignoring her, so she put her backpack on, and started for the door. Avery, sensing movement near him, quickly looked to see her leaving.

“Where are you going?” he asked, taking his headphones from his ears.

“Madam said we could leave,” she replied. “I guess your music was too loud or something.” Avery placed his headphones to partially cover his right ear, and placed the heavy backpack bag on his shoulder. He looked at the page that his book was on. Page 276. He burned the page number in the back of his mind, and then closed it, and then placed in his backpack.

“I have to call my mom,” she said moving the hair from her face. Her hair was beautiful, but naturally curly. It was true that she could do nothing with it. Avery’s hair was cut almost to the scalp, the way he liked it. He sometimes dyed it, but he always took the color out after about three or four days.

“Well, I have my own mode of transportation,” he shot back jingling a pair of keys in his pocket.

“You have a car?” she asked. The sound was half surprised, half excited.

“Yeah. I got a car,” Avery said trying to calm her down.

“Will you give me a ride?” she quickly asked.

“Where do you live?”

“South Plantation. It’s not that far from here.”

“That’s, like, half an hour in the opposite direction that I’m going. But, yeah. Okay, I’ll drive you.”

“Thank you,” she said, flashing a cute little schoolgirl smile. Avery glared at her with demon eyes.


Sara followed him to the parking lot where his car, 2000 Nissan Altima, tan paint, twenties, and clean insides sat waiting for him. Sara’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

“This is your car?” she snarled. Avery put the key in the door, and turned it.

“Is it okay with you?” he said jokingly. She started laughing. He opened the door for her, and then closed it. He ran to his side, and opened the door. He got in, and put his seat belt on.

“I got to lay some ground rules on you. One, you do not touch my god damn radio. Second, you do not eat in my car. Three, drinks are allowed, but if you spill a drink in my car, I will make you lick it up, okay?”

“Yes, I got you!” Avery started the car, and drove from the parking lot. He sat at a red light peering at the clock. It read 2:34. Sara was brushing her hair. Avery started to play Boyz II Men, just to listen to some music. He was probably more frustrated now than before. He was just trying to get her home, and then go home, where he could be happy. As he continued to drive, he noticed Sara unzip her jacket. Sara had recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday. Avery had known her for four years and had watched her develop both physically and mentally into a brilliant young woman. She had a blue tube top underneath, and her large breasts were practically begging to be freed. His posture changed to hide his growing erection. The more she continued to fool around with her top, the harder he got. As she began to zip her jacket back up, she noticed his posture. Her nipples grew instantly at the sight of his long erection. Her pussy lips began to drool. She turned away from him, as to hide her breasts. Avery noticed her movement.

“Are you okay?” he asked, trying desperately now to hide his hard-on, which was now on fire.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Just a little cold,” she said. They were both on fire, not just from how sexy they looked to each other, but from the knowledge that one another was turned on. Avery celebrated his eighteenth birthday the previous year. Sara knew how Avery felt for her and while she was flattered to be the object of his affection, moldova escort she knew nothing would ever come out of it. Sara could feel her chest burning up through the jacket, although she had claimed she was cold. She unzipped her jacket, and took it off. Her naked skin made Avery nearly bust a nut right there. She saw him adjust again in the seat. She smiled quickly at him. Finally, they came to a stop light.

“I guess we’re both kind of horny, aren’t we?” she asked, looking down at her nipples.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. I’m a guy, I’m weak. When I saw you unzipping your jacket, I couldn’t help it,” Avery said, adjusting his position so that his erection could be seen by nearly anyone if they looked hard enough. Sara tried for a few moments not to look at it, but the sight of other cars did not entice her like Avery’s raging hard-on. She gave it her full attention then, admiring its length and large diameter. Her mouth began to water at the sight. Although she had only given a few blowjobs before, her mouth foamed over like she was an experienced cock sucker. She tried hopelessly to avoid it, but her inflamed nipples and swollen pussy lips got the best of her. Just before she could dive onto it, the light turned green, and she flew back into the seat. Disappointed, she turned away. Avery saw her turn away. As the second light came up, an idea came across his mind. When he stopped the car, he looked at her, and started to run his fingers through her hair.

She leaned toward him, trying to stay comfortable, but allowing him to play with her hair. Her eyes were closed, and her facial expression was that of absolute bliss. He looked at her lips, full and gratifying. He licked his lips, took a chance, and touched her lips with his. Her response wasn’t exactly what he expected; in fact, it was better. She pushed her lips forward a bit to meet his. Finally, their mouths were united, tongues wrestling with each other. Somehow, her hands reached the back on his neck, and his hands were around her waist. Just when nirvana was about to be attained, someone behind them honked the horn loudly. With their mouths still together, they looked at the light. It was green. He left her to drive away. Silence filled the car. Avery had no idea that she would like that so much. Sara was bewildered. Of course she loved to make out with guys, but with Avery it was different. She couldn’t make herself say something to him. She just stared down at her lap. Nothing more was spoken. Reality hit Avery that the music had stopped. All noise had ceased.

When they reached her house, he stopped. Sara hadn’t moved once since they kissed. Avery mimicked her head motion.



“What just happened in here earlier?”

“I don’t know, but I liked it.” They looked at each other again. It wasn’t the same lustful look they once shared for each other. It was one of love and compassion. He took her hand, and kissed it.

“I hope this isn’t the last time we have a moment like this,” he said, rubbing her hand against his face. It was like every nerve in her body was in her hand, because she could feel everything in his body. She could feel his lungs rise and fall, his facial hair beginning to grow in, his brain beating with his heart, the blood pulsing through his veins, and his jaw moving with the words he spoke. She left her seat with lightning quick movements, and sat on his lap. The action caught Avery a bit off guard, but he quickly adjusted to meet her weight requirements. She took control, and received his hands in hers. She kissed the back on his left hand, and repeated the treatment to his right. Then, the same gravity defying, heart stopping, time ceasing moment happened again. Their eyes had met. It was almost like their eyes had grown lips, and were kissing. They weren’t moving. A person would have thought the two of them were dead, had it not been for their chests rising and falling with their breathing, which was also at one accord.

She took his large hands a second time, and spread the palm so that his hands were completely open. She wrapped her hands around his, and moved forward. The tissue on her chest was soft, large, warm, and a little damp from her sweat. They continued to look at each other, their eyes not moving. Besides their involuntary breathing, the only thing that was moving were their hands, again and again over her breasts. She took control again, and moved them up her top. Now, it was complete flesh on flesh. Sara’s nipples grew once again. A bead of sweat carved its way through her cells, down the front of her chest, in between her tits. It splashed on Avery’s hand, and evaporated. The car windows were slowly fogging. More beads of sweat left Sara’s body. Soon, Avery had sweat of his own to add to the pool they had started in the car seat. They never broke eye contact. After what felt like an eternity, Avery’s asthma started up from the lack of oxygen in the car. His cough fell downward, and the moment of bliss had finally passed. He took his hands back from her. She moved back to her seat, and collected her things.

“Thanks for the ride, Avery,” she said, quickly leaving the car. Avery sat in awe for a few moments before he realized what had happened. His neck gave out, escort istanbul and his head hit the steering wheel. He turned the car back on, and drove away.


Avery sat in his computer chair, trying to collect whatever thoughts he had in his mind. He began to sign online. He wasn’t going to check his email, because he didn’t want to see Sara there, or he might go crazy. When the computer said he had mail, the lump in his throat nearly choked him, like earlier that day. He clicked it, and sure enough, there was one e-mail, and it was from Sara. He gathered what wits he had left, and clicked it.

Hey Avery. What’s up? Listen, I don’t exactly know what happened today in the car, but like I told you earlier, I did like it. So then, where do we go from here? I don’t know the answer to that question, either. You kind of ruined the moment earlier by coughing. It’s okay, though, because I doubt if one of us hadn’t done something, you would have been touching me until my mother came home. Well, I hope to see you again tomorrow in class.

Luv Always,


Avery leaned back into the chair. He didn’t know what to think. He could still feel some remnants of her lips on his. He touched them for no particular reason. Thinking nothing of it, he logged off, and went about his runs.


It was a cold night, a little cooler than usual. Not many cars occupied the road. In the distance, you can hear the roaring of a motorcycle engine. Avery rode on the motorcycle, breaking the speed limit. He had nothing in particular on his mind. It was a month removed from Tony and Sara’s kiss and it had devastating affects on their relationship. He had given up on Sara permanently, and he had no plans of looking for another girl again. Sure, he had met quite a few girls his Senior year, some of which he found very attractive, but he felt that friendship was more important to him than having a girlfriend. Realizing a few things, he remembered why he had given up on Sara.

As their Senior year in high school progressed, Sara had developed a crush on him. Avery was too blind to see that, and while he was trying to get her off his mind, she wanted him. As the school year grew to a close, things happened that would change him forever. Instead of asking Sara, like he should have, he asked a girl named Jenna to be his girlfriend. Jenna was nineteen, older than Avery. Of course, she turned him down. Realizing that he really loved Sara, he tried things with her, and received no answer. Later, he would learn the answer. She had also given up on him and grown close to Richard, the guy every girl swooned over. Feeling abandoned, he bottled up his feelings, and tried to hide in the comfort of a pair of headphones. The last attempt came a few weeks later. She replied to him that things could work, but it would require change that neither one of them were ready to make. Once again, feeling abandoned, he drowned his feelings in a pair of headphones. This e-mail, however, gave him a sense of closure. What he had tried to attain he been done. She would always be his, just not in the way he wanted. He let it go, trying to save whatever part of his heart he had left. Others would come, but none of them had as much impact on him as Sara. She was his first true love, and she was also the one that got away. After enough growth had occurred, he made a promise to himself. If he ever felt the way he felt for Sara for another girl, he would not let her slip through his fingers. Of course, it would be hard, but his heart had grown stronger since then.

There had been many examples of how trying to date a close friend had failed him. Though Avery waited until it was eighteen to begin dating, he found himself attracted to so many women that he practically asked out any girl who gave him the time of day. He thought long and hard, and finally remembered one very painful one. Once, he asked his friend, Dianna, and she had turned him down. Dianna had the same birthday as Jenna and was a close friend of hers. In fact, that’s how Jenna and Avery met. His asking Dianna out ruined the friendship. There were some attempts to get them to talk again, but they all failed. There was a deep void that developed between them since that time, and it didn’t seem like it was closing anytime soon.

Soon after Dianna, Avery sought solace in Erin. After he could open his heart, perhaps even one last time, he let Erin know how he felt about her. Erin was an eighteen year-old blonde beauty with brains to match. Sadly, her parents would not have it because he was black, and they didn’t like the idea of their daughter dating a black guy. Despite that difference, the two continued to love and care for each other. Occasionally she would stay after school with Avery and listen to him sing. He remembered the kiss he had given to her recently. It was her first kiss, which she enjoyed a great deal. But for Avery, it was just a kiss.

Strong friendship played a role for Avery and Hally. They had been friends since 7th grade when she first moved to the area. She would never date Avery because he was such a good friend to her. He loved, cherished, and valued her friendship. She was the kind of person that you could tell anything to, and she wouldn’t bulgar escort go behind your back, and tell someone else about it. He felt lucky to have her. Now, in Senior year, Hally had just recently turned eighteen, and held a small party. Avery attended, only to leave minutes later noticing both Sara and Jenna were in attendance.

Since the beginning of Senior year, there were three new transfers that Avery thought about. First and foremost, there was Jessica. Her parents came from Cuba. She was one of the most popular girls in school. She was eighteen, spoke multiple languages and held parties at her house almost every weekend. She generally seemed to want to be his friend, but Avery has been unreachable because he was afraid he would end up liking her. She had the face and body to be a model, though she barely reached five feet. She had that wondrous Latina brown skin, one of Avery’s favorites about a woman. He did want to get to know her, but for some reason, he felt like there was something deeper and darker inside of her that he didn’t want to know about. Next was Kirsten. Kirsten was a tall brunette with long, slender legs and a tight waist. She transferred from Illinois and was older than most students in their grade. She had an hereditary autoimmune disease that held her back from school at least a year. Approaching graduation, she was nineteen years old and well on her way to turning twenty. Avery had a short-lived crush on her before he realized he knew very little about her.

So, he wrote her a note, and told her that he’d get to know her a little better. Of course, she had a boyfriend. He learned a valuable lesson then; never hit on a taken woman. It was okay, though, because he really wasn’t trying to get her to date him; he just wanted to know her a little better. Although they do have a small, yet sturdy friendship, he felt there was something not being said by both sides. Something that each of them share that he couldn’t seem to figure out. The last of the girls was Susie, another transfer from another part of the state. As graduation approached, she had just recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday. Avery did not attend, despite being invited. He really liked this girl at one point, although she had a short lived dating relationship with Richard. What she really saw in him is beyond him. He did ask her out, and she turned him down because she didn’t want a boyfriend at the time. Finally, he let it go. There were all sweet, young, beautiful women that Avery would love more than anything to get to know, but his hormones were raging. He didn’t know if he actually had feelings for any of them or if he was just being persuaded by his manhood.

All these thoughts swam around Avery’s head as he drove down the empty road. It was very unusual for the road to be so empty, he thought to himself. As he looked around, he saw three guys pulling on a woman in the shadows. He quickly pulled his bike into the parking lot, and downed off the engine. Two of the men went to attack him, while one started away with the girl to a car. Avery acted quickly, though, using his eight year advantage in martial arts against them. One tried to punch him. Avery caught his fist in his hand, and pounded his fist into the guy’s stomach. He felt to his knees, gripping his abdomen. The other tried to punch him, but Avery moved out of the way, and kicked him in the jaw, sending him collapsing backward. Afterward, he ran for the last man and the woman. He could now see that she had curly brown hair, but he couldn’t make her face out. The man threw her to the ground, and pulled out a knife. Avery readied himself for it. Almost like lightning, the man lashed out toward Avery. Even faster, he grabbed his arm, knocked the joint upward, forcing the knife to fall from the man’s hand, and then threw him over his shoulder. The man nearly fell unconscious from the punishment. When Avery turned around, he saw it was Jessica. He looked again at the man, and it was her Brock, her boyfriend. Seeing these things made Avery tense. He gave Jessica one last look before he left.

What was going on? He figured he would never know. The driveway was dark and empty as he pulled into it. He silenced his bike, and opened the door. His mother was out at work. Inside, it was just the same as outside, dark and empty. He turned on some lights, and walked upstairs. On the way, he greeted his dog that lay asleep on the steps. He reached the second floor, and let down the stairs to the attic. He walked upstairs, and found that it was the some as downstairs and outside, dark and empty, except for his bed, television, library of video games, DVDs, and books, his laptop, and his computer, which for some reason always remained turned on. He walked over to it, and turned on some music. He had only one thing on his mind, and that was the incident with Jessica. He wondered why Brock was being so forceful with her. Perhaps they were drunk or had some kind of fight and Jessica overreacted. She was known throughout the popular ranks as being a bit of a drama queen, but figured she would spread some light on the subject. He knew that the next day was an A day, and he saw her third block. He dropped the subject for the time being to concentrate on the computer. Once he signed online, he heard “you’ve got mail”. He clicked the mailbox, and it revealed only one message from someone he thought would never e-mail him again. It was from Sara. It didn’t have a title. Not caring for it, he just closed out the box, and signed off-line. Sighing, he lied down in his bed and went to sleep.

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