Baaad Uncle Pt. 02

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19-year-old Emily is determined to become a model but her parents discourage her. She finds an ally in her uncle who agrees to help her pursue a career by photographing her and making up a portfolio.

Emily’s Story Continues

On our second Saturday to prepare photos for my modelling career, my uncle and I got to the big warehouse complex where the studio was situated a bit after one. My uncle immediately wanted to see what items of lingerie I had brought with me. “You brought a big bag; I hope it’s full of some sexy lingerie.”

His eagerness to see what I’d brought in the bag — and not just see — but hold up panties to closely examine them, made me feel a bit uneasy. Was he checking to see which pairs were the most transparent? It looked that way as he held each pair up to the light. “Are these all yours? You said you didn’t have that many.”

“No, I don’t Uncle Robert, so I raided mom’s lingerie drawer, she’s got much sexier stuff than me.”

My uncle’s eyes widened, “Oh really, so you’re going to be wearing some of my sister’s panties … ooh, how kinky is that? I like it!”

What was there for him to like about me wearing my mom’s – his sister’s – panties? I didn’t know my uncle that well … I began to suspect he might be a bit kinky.

“Here you are, how about these, put these on for the first photo.”

He had picked out a pair of my mom’s panties that were so transparent they were almost see-through. It made me more uneasy, especially after I asked him, “What bra should I wear then?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” he paused, scanning the array of bras I had brought with me and then looking back directly at me, “it might be better not to wear one at all.”

“UNCLE ROBERT!” I exclaimed, genuinely shocked, “who are these extra photos really for, is this a legit company that you’ve been talking to?”

“Yes, yes … of course it is honey, one of the top lingerie companies.”

“Well, why would they want me to be topless?”

“Oh no, they wouldn’t really, not for all of the shots. I just thought we might throw in one cheeky topless shot. Babe, you’ve got such great boobs, and as the saying goes, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it.'”

“I don’t think so. I mean, mine are not exactly small. I don’t think it would be a good look to have them see me topless. While I’ve always wanted to become a model, I know in reality that most of the successful models are really thin, almost stick-like, so these could be a problem … I mean being as big as they are. I shouldn’t highlight that.”

“They aren’t overly big honey, they look just perfect, beautifully so. It’s a good thing, men will love them,” my uncle endorsed.

I stared at him, watching him licking his lips. Was he salivating while staring at my breasts, fortunately still well covered for now by my halter top? But for how long? I still felt uneasy. My fingers nervously played with the pair of my mom’s panties that my uncle had selected for the first photos. Should I put them back in my bag, tell him I’m not happy with the way this is developing and walk out now? But what if he really does have a client who is agent for a major lingerie distributor? I’d be crazy to pass up an opportunity like that. Perhaps I should let this go just a bit further, see what happens.

“I’ll go back there and get changed,” I told my uncle. He looked surprised, had he thought he was losing me?

“Yeah, that would be good babe, I’ll just get the lighting and camera ready.

I went behind the screen and began removing my street clothes … the halter top coming off over my head, dropping my shorts, slipping off my conventional panties. I decided to leave on the bra that I had chosen to wear, it was the sexiest one I own and the cups are quite sheer although not transparent. Nevertheless, if my nipples become aroused, you can easily see the shape and size of them outlined through the material.

Then, recalling my uncle’s water treatment of last week and wanting to avoid a repeat of that at all costs, I surprised myself by reaching in and pinching and rubbing each nipple vigorously, arousing them myself so that they would show through the material of my bra. If my uncle expected sexy, I would show him sexy.

I picked up my mom’s sexiest pair of panties and hauled them up my legs. I checked myself in the mirror, there was no avoiding the fact that the transparency of them clearly showed the outline of my outer labia. I was embarrassed that my uncle would be able to see this most intimate part of my teenage body as I posed for the photos.

But I was determined to see this through in the hope that it set me on the career path I craved. I took one final look in the mirror, turning to see that the crease between my twin round arse cheeks was also clearly revealed in these panties. Drawing a deep breath, I came around from behind the screen, “So, where do you want me Uncle Robert?” hoping he wouldn’t draw the wrong meaning from my pointed words.

Maybe he didn’t see words of double entendre görükle escort the way my friends and I did — was it a teenage thing? Or, perhaps he was just being polite, “Over here honey, I’ll have you standing to start with, your bum resting back against that chair.”

I arranged myself as he directed and he moved behind the camera. It was a big one on a tripod and the size of the camera obscured his face … I considered that a good thing to help me disregard thoughts that I was so intimately revealed in front of my uncle. But then he spoke, “Thrust your pussy forward Emily.”

He seldom called me by name, it was most often babe, honey or sweetie.

“Is that really necessary Uncle Robert?”

“It is if you’re promoting intimate lingerie and that’s what this potential client does, honey.”

I hoped that he was telling me the truth. The afternoon wore on, I must have gone behind the screen around half a dozen times to change panties. Fortunately, none of the others revealed my pussy lips and my arse crease as vividly as that first pair.

When my uncle declared he had as many photos as he needed to complete the portfolio and to fulfil the additional requests of the lingerie distributor, I asked to look at what he had shot today. He told me to wait while he removed the disc from the camera and downloaded the latest pics to his laptop.

I thought about returning behind the screen to change back into my street clothes. But in spite of the unease I earlier felt when my uncle appeared to be gazing lasciviously at my exposed body, it was exciting to be photographed intimately, just as I imagined it will one day be by a professional photographer. My adrenalin was pumping.

So, I remained wearing only my sheer bra and a pair of my mom’s sexy panties. They were silk and I liked the way they felt against my pussy and arse cheeks. I watched my uncle connect a cable into the USB port of his laptop. There was only one chair at the table where he had set up his laptop and he promptly sat down there. I stood beside him, leaning forward to watch the screen, waiting for the photos to pop up.

“Sit here honey, you’ll be a lot more comfortable. There’s over a hundred shots to scan through so this could take a while,” my uncle suggested as he man-spread his legs, indicating with one hand that I should perhaps perch on his right thigh. I hesitated to be that close to my uncle, feeling so exposed with bare skin everywhere but my boobs, arse and pussy. I carefully eased my butt down onto his clothed thigh, perching closer to his knee than his pelvis, my knees together under the table at which we sat.

A slide show began running of all the pics he had taken in the previous two hours and I watched fascinated at my near nude body on the screen, seeing it from so many angles, front and back. I began to imagine I was watching myself as a real model.

“So, what do you think babe? Your uncle takes some pretty good photos, eh?”

I was impressed … yes, at his picture-taking technique but I was also blown away by how I looked. So often I wondered if my modelling ambitions were a silly pipe-dream, but as I watched me posing intimately from every angle, I began to see a new me … I could see the model I wanted to be emerging on the screen.

“Oh Uncle Robert, this is amazing, you’re making me look really good.”

“You’re the one that has always looked really good babe, I have just captured the images.”

Carried away with the excitement of seeing so many images of me looking like a real model, I experienced a euphoric and emotional moment and I turned my head to plant a grateful kiss on my uncle’s cheek. Was I doing this in slow motion, did I give him time to see what was coming? As my face closed and my lips pursed to plant a soft kiss on his right cheek, he turned his head too and my lips landed on his lips.

“Oh!” I gasped at the surprise that I was kissing my uncle. Not open-mouthed, mind you, but nonetheless it was not what I had intended. I withdrew quickly and turned back to look at the screen to avoid my embarrassment, asking “Can I see the shots from last week while I am here?”

After the lips-to-lips kiss that should only have been a peck on the cheek, I felt him place his right hand in the middle of my back so he had to use his left to punch up a few keys, “Sure honey.” Up sprang a similar slide show of the photos from seven days ago.

Again, I was excited to see images of me on the laptop screen. But not so distracted that I didn’t notice my uncle’s right-hand slide from the middle of my back further around my body until his palm settled on my bare belly, below my navel, just above the low waistband of the tiny pair of my mom’s silk panties that I wore.

I tried to ignore the warm presence of his hand on my cool bare skin — way closer to my intimate parts than I would have liked – as my eyes scanned the images that rolled over every 3 or 4 seconds. Was my uncle intentionally being patient, waiting until I was totally absorbed eskort bayan in watching me on the screen, before moving his left hand to my left hip and the hand on my belly to my right hip? Grasping both sides of me, he re-positioned my perch a bit higher along his thigh.

Not wanting to tear my gaze away from the screen, but feeling compelled to as he moved me closer to his lap, I turned to look quizzically at him, prompting his response, “Sorry Emily, my leg was cramping, just needed to move you to free it up.”

His explanation sounded plausible so I again looked to the screen, although I thought I detected some movement of his left hand from out of the corner of my eye. What was he doing, his hand was just to the left of my thigh? Was he adjusting himself in his pants or was it my vivid imagination? If he was adjusting, was it because his cock had become erect … and if so, from what? From us both watching these sexy photos of me on the screen or was it the presence of my near naked body perching on his thigh with his right hand back on my bare belly, resting way too close to my pussy? Or had he been hard for hours while taking all those photos of me clothed so intimately? This was my uncle, for god’s sake … but I guess he’s still a full-blooded male, probably in his late forties by now. I recall my mom, in her sex-ed talks, always saying that men never lose their lustful desires. If he was having erection problems, maybe the cause was the combination of all of the above.

I lost concentration on the rolling pictures on the screen for a moment. I began to contemplate how it might be perceived if anyone could see us now. We may well be an uncle and his niece, sitting here looking at pictures he had taken, but would others view it as a sexual scenario. This was my mom’s brother, a man nearly thirty years older than me. I admonished myself for even daring to think such a thought, how could my teen mind even consider this as sexual or assume he may have an erection?

There were many more photos from last weekend, possibly double what my uncle had taken today, so it took quite a while for these to spool through on the slide show in front of us. Eventually, the screen show finished and up popped a menu showing quite a few file names. I was so fascinated now by watching the fabulous results of two Saturdays spent posing that I was eager to see more, “Any more Uncle Robert?”

“No honey, that’s it.”

“But what are all of these?” I asked, my hand moving to select another of his photo files at random.

I clicked on one, prompting my uncle to say loudly, “No, not that one babe.”

Immediately, up on the screen came the same setting as in the photos we had just been watching, and is that me laying back on the chaise lounge, “Looks like there is more, you’ve been holding out on me, Uncle Robert.”

I quickly realised that, instead of stills spooling through as a slide show, we were now watching a video, “Oh, when did you shoot this, I don’t recall you doing any video of me?”

“Err, I didn’t honey, I found it on two of the cameras — the video cameras.”

“What do you mean found it? That’s me, you must have shot it.”

“No, I … um, I … err, came across this when I was doing the editing. It appears that you were quite a busy girl while I was gone last week. I’m not sure, but perhaps I accidentally left the camera rolling when I went out for a while.”

“What do you mean I was a busy girl?”

“Well honey, since you’ve put it on, I guess that we can watch it together. I have seen it a few times already but you’re so good in this that I’m up for another screening.”

It only took a few minutes before the young woman on the screen — me — began to play with herself. I was wearing black stockings with black garter belt and a flimsy pair of panties. It all came back to me in a rush … it looks like the cameras were rolling after all when I was feeling so horny while trying on the lingerie from the drawers at this studio last week. I remember laying back on the chaise lounge, posing intimately for the camera and the mirror I had placed alongside it, assuming that the camera was not rolling but pretending it was.

Had my uncle intentionally left the cameras rolling, hoping to capture just what I was now seeing … myself being incredibly intimate with my own body? Recalling the three orgasms I had enjoyed, this was going to be extremely embarrassing, if we let it run any longer. In the too close presence of my uncle, I was beginning to watch myself use my fingers and soon I would move on to the dildo and a butt plug … did I want him to see this with me? Damn, didn’t he just say that he had already watched it several times while he was editing?

What should I do? Should I switch it off and jump up, scream and yell at my uncle for having a video of me doing such sexual things? Surely I should get away from this intimate situation … me very scantily clad and so much bare skin, perched on my uncle’s thigh altıparmak escort — almost his lap – his right hand still flat against my naked belly. If he didn’t already have an erection, surely his watching me doing what I recalled I had done next would give him a big one? Oh, I am so embarrassed to have been caught on video doing what I did.

But for some weird reason, I couldn’t bring myself to switch it off. I had enjoyed playing with the sex toys and my body and recall how, at the time, I almost wished that the cameras were rolling … never believing that they were. Now I had this morbid fascination to watch how it evolved. I would prefer to watch it on my own but I couldn’t see me convincing my uncle to get up and leave me alone now. I should have at least tried, but I didn’t, and I guess that would be my undoing.

As the scene of me on the screen became even more uncomfortably sexual and my breathing heavy, I felt something hard bump against the outside of my left upper thigh. Was that my uncle’s hand? No, it wasn’t his hand because I felt that land on my left knee. No, oh no, I know what it is. It has to be the head of his erect cock … and it would have to be erect given what I was doing to myself on the screen. Any man should be aroused by that, even an uncle.

Thankfully, a peep down there confirmed that it was still contained in his trousers. I recalled how I had thought I caught sight of him appearing to adjust himself about fifteen minutes ago. I guess I was right in that assumption … had he moved his cock in such a way within his underwear that now it pointed along the inside of his right thigh on which I sat, even if then it wasn’t as hard as it feels now?

That left hand of his that rested on my knee was pulling my left leg outward, toward him. Without subtlety, was he attempting to ensure I could feel his hard-on or was he trying to part my legs so that his left hand could explore higher between my thighs? Oh, this is getting out of hand, what am I going to do? I had enjoyed watching myself on the screen when it was just me in model pose for still shots … but now there was this video of me being acutely sexual!

I should really stop the video now before we get to the part where I cum … I think I wanted to. Yet, strangely this controlling part of me sat there fascinated. I had never seen myself cum and I was curious how I would look … even if I had unwanted male company watching with me. I was seeing me in a new light, like I was a porno star with the ability to turn men on. I don’t consider myself sexually experienced but maybe I am … could I turn men on?

It seemed to be working with this one, the man whose thigh I sat perched on, the man whose right hand hugged my naked belly and whose left hand was softly stroking my inner left thigh as his erection nudged the outside of that leg. Oh, I so wished that the male whose thigh I sat on was my ex-boyfriend Josh. But he’s not … he’s the brother of my mother. For God’s sake, I need to stop all of this now.

Torn between watching and stopping, my conscience at last overrode my curiosity and made the right decision. I brought a hand up to close the file on my uncle’s laptop. But his hand was quicker, the hand that had been hugging my naked belly darted to cover the button, “Let it run honey.”

“No, please stop it Uncle Robert, it’s embarrassing. You were never intended to see it and here you are, with it saved as a video file on your laptop. Not only should we stop watching it, but I want to see you delete it. You’re my uncle, you shouldn’t be looking at me doing stuff like this.”

“You’re a very smart girl Emily. I think you knew that the video was running, you must have seen the red record light from where you were laying on the lounge. You made this for me, you wanted me to see you playing with yourself, acting out a masturbation for the cameras … for me to see.”

“No, you’ve got it wrong. I didn’t do that, I would never, I wouldn’t want you to see me doing that.”

“Look, watch this, here’s the best bit honey … this is where you cum big the first time. Oh shit, look at that, you are having such a good time.

My uncle turned the volume up so he and — me reluctantly — could hear me cumming.

“How often have you watched this Uncle Robert?” I asked above the din of my loud moans coming from his laptop.

“Every night since I discovered the raw footage from the two cameras last weekend and edited it together into your very own little porno movie.”

“Do I want to know what you do while watching it? I suppose you jerk off?”

“I have done honey, a few times this week.” He paused, tearing his avid gaze from the screen to turn his head to look at me up close, “Oh, if the truth be known, every night sweetie, every single night. And since you asked, I can tell you I cum strong, a lot of cream is spilled, much more than I can usually muster. You do that to me, you have become an inspiration to me babe.”

“Oh, that’s disgusting, don’t talk like that. I don’t want to know that you’re doing that while watching a video of me. You should be ashamed to admit it, I’m less than half your age, and you’re my uncle. I can only imagine what mom would say if I told her that her own brother was perving on a video of me and pumping his cock while he watched.”

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